CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: La Margarita de la Isla

Ever had a scent that first you absolutely loved but after awhile you somehow lost your enthusiasm for it and found yourself kinda over it? That's kinda how I currently feel about ol Island Marg.

IM is one of those rare Slatkin era that have stood the test of time - a true Slatkin diva; a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or J-lo of candles amongst all the Ariana Grandes and Rihannas and Taylor Swifts that is BBW scents nowadays. Like Leaves or Autumn or Winter, IM is one of staple scents that heralds the upcoming new season; when you see IM, you know summer is right around the corner - it's summertime fun in a jar!

For the past couple of years, IM was my summertime jam! I would always start burning the beginning of May around Cinco de Mayo (obvi); for me May unofficially starts the summer season for me and back when I lived in New Orleans it was already Satan's balls hot anyway. I couldn't wait for May to come around so I could plug in my wf bulbs and light up the candle and take in all the fruity citrusy salty goodness. Without fail, IM started my summertime off right!

Then something happened... Last year I had my IM bulbs and candle ready to go but for myself not as excited about it. I actually ended up burning/plugging in something else instead. I found myself completely and utterly bored with IM!

There was the whole Lime Granita Margarita debacle last summer - LGM was testing in stores but when the Poptails collection got released nationwide, BBW switched LGM with IM...while still using the description notes for LGM. It ended up being a WB exclusive yet was still sold alongside IM. All that kinda annoyed me and turned me off to IM a little.

It's not that IM is a bad scent, it just overkill- too much a good thing. Like this year, it was in the Taco Bell collection and now its coming back in the new Summer Sips/Poptails collection this upcoming summer... Why?

My biggest complaint is that IM just doesn't smell like a margarita; it's way too sweet and fruity. And speakin of fruit, this candle has all kinds of fruit notes mixed in - mango, plum, kiwi, mango, mandarin, tangelo (the old notes also mentioned blue iris and sandalwood). But every year this scents comes out, it's always missing one key initial note..LIME! How can you have a margarita without lime?!

That said, that's why lately I've been gravitating less towards IM and more to LGM cuz you actually smell lime. I daresay LGM smells more like an actual margarita than IM does...although with its unmentioned unexplained spearmint note, LGM itself smells like a mojito..but I digress.

Yeah, methinks I'm gonna be taking a break from IM after this year. Perhaps I'll come to appreciate it again in the near future but for now I'm over it. Vaya con Dios, La Margarita de la Isla mio!


  1. OMG did you see this??

    1. Yeah I already knew about that; I'm not into bodycare really so I'm kinda indifferent. Now if they are bringing candles and/or wf bulbs of Cucumber Melon and such, then I'll get excited


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