THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peach Cilantro Twist, Nectarine Green Tea, Pomegranate Spritzer

So as y'all already know, my bf and I went to the GSP test store in Paramus and I bought 3 of the still testing Summer Sips candles. With my candle collection still in storage, I 've only had these three lovely wax babies to keep me company. So since I bought these, I've been burning each one off and on. I didn't really feel like writing single review post on each candle so I'm gonna do them all at once. I'll start from least to most favorite

Pomegranate Spritzer
Product: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: April -

Description: A fun and fizzy blend of lush pomegranate and juicy guava that adds sparkle ot any and every event

I was super intrigued when I heard about this bad boy as I LOVE pomegranate scents and BBW hasn't really done one in years. So when I saw it the store, I had to get it. My excitement kinda wore off once I started burning it. After a couple of burns, I found myself not liking it as much. In fact, out of the three I've been burning this one the least.

Performance-wise, it burns like a dream. The flames were nice and high, the wicks had plump mushroom tops and the wax melted into a deep and even pool. And the throw has been super strong (one good thing about these candles is the throw is FAN-F****ING-TASTIC, it'll knock you out for sure!) Now let's talk about the scent. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a repackage/repackage with a twist of good ol long gone Pomegranate Lemonade. If it isnt a repackage then its very similar. There is a tart yet kinda artificial pomegranate note with the guava note right behind it making it both sweet and kinda creamy. I also get a lemony effervescence in the background like lemon soda. Now the first time I burned it, I loved it! My bf and I agreed that it smelled more a like rich pomegranate sorbet as opposed to spritzer. Then something happened to the scent. During the next couple of burns, my nose got a hit of something off and pungent. This is gonna sound super strange but just bear with me. I swear I picked up something herbal that smelled like the off oily smelling sage note from the old Snowed In candle. That weird herbal note mixed with fruit made the blend smell like really old off poutpouri. It was really really weird and I was not diggin it at all.

Nectarine Green Tea
Product: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: April -

Description: Now and Zen- Take a break with this soothing blend of Japanese green tea and ripe juicy nectarines.

I think this the one candle I was the most excited about! I LOVE the taste and especially the smell of green tea! Moreover BBW hasn't done a green tea since..well..never! Well that's not true, there was White Tea and Pear AGGGGGGGEEEEESSSS ago! Anyhoo, I digress. As soon, as soon as I smelled this in the store, I was in love! 大好きです!!!

Again performance-wise it's a dream. Nice big flames..mushroom tops (which snapped, crackled and popped)...deep and even pool..amazing throw..yada yada yada. Let's get to the real, the scent! A lot of people were concerned if not completely turned off by the green tea note; green tea is definitely an acquired taste or rather in this case smell I'm here to tell you, it's not that bad! The green tea note isn't nearly as bitter and astringent as you'd think. It's definitely sweeter, if not almost artificial smelling. You know how Lipton has lemon tea powder, well for awhile they had artificial green tea powder..that's what it smells an artificial sweetened green tea. I'll take further and say that it kinda reminds  me of Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream..which if you've never had it, get it, it's damn good! Anyhoo, the juicy nectarine note blends soooo well with the green tea note, it perks it up making a little tart, a little citrusy and a little sweet. It's such a relaxing and refreshing spa-like scent; this is a candle you'd want to burn while you're doin yoga, or getting a massage or facial. It's perfect for chillaxin at home on a weekend afternoon. For those of you on the fence about this one, just try it; it's at least worth of sniff!  

Peach Cilantro Twist
Product: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: April -

Description: capture all the fun of a backyard bash with this fresh and fruity blend of early summer peach, fresh garden cilantro and a hint of juicy mango.

When I heard about/saw this candle, one word caught my attention...CILANTRO!!! I absolutely LOOOOOVE cilantro; I use it all the time either chopped in Hispanic or Asian food, tossed in salads and muddled in cocktails. And don't even get me started on cilantro in Vietnamese pho! Anyhoo, I was excited to have it blended in a home fragrance. Now when I smelled it in store, I loved it but I wasn't exactly blown away by it...until I started burning it. OMG I was in friggin love!!!!

Performance-wise, I did have one teeny tiny issue. During the first couple of burns, the wax was havin some trouble completely melting away; it did kinda canyon a cople of times. But now it seems to have corrected itself cuz the wax pool is now consistently deep and even.   And throw is from here to friggin Madagascar, absolutely stellar! Now let's a rap a taste about the scent. This HAS to be Mango Cilantro from back in the day or at least a repackage with a twist of it. Now on cold sniff, I got little to no peach action, which truth be told with I was ok with I'm not the biggest fan of peach scents. But the more I burned it, I started picking up more and more peach...and I was really digging it! The mango and peach notes blend soooo well together; both notes are super fresh and juicy and a little tart but still sweet. The cilantro is more muddled as opposed to fresh springs; the cilantro adds a nice zesty, green almost borderline soapy accent to the blend and it's really nice! I think hands down this may be my favorite of three, it's that damn good!

In conclusion, I'm definitely lovin these candles a lot! I would definitely buy more Nectarine Green Tea and Peach Cilantro Twist in the future but for now I'm content with what I have. These candles are perfection in every way - these are perfect examples of what a real BBW candle should be like. They smell FABULOUS, the burn action is AWESOME  , the throws are  AMAZEBALLS, the scent lingers for hours post burn, deep even wax pools, no drowning wicks, the wax doesn't melt down too fast - just PERFECTION. If all of BBW's candles performed like these, they'd have a lot more satisfied customers! BBW would be absolutely INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE not to release wide cuz they are without a doubt the best line of candles they have released in some time!

WALK 'N' SNIFF (TEST STORE EDITION): Garden Party & Summer Sips

So ladies and gentlemen...I've been to Promised Land!!!!

*deep breath

Yesterday I went to the test store in Garden State Plaza in Paramus!!!

* girly scream * does flips, somersaults and toe touches

It was AMAZING!!! When I stepped in, I swear I heard an angelic choir and there heavenly lights. It was like I found the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant!

The store had friggin' EVERYTHING!!!!

It had all of the Destination candles, except Magnificent Milan and Café Italia

It had the 4 new random floral Fresh Picked - Majestic Rose (old ancient dusty old lady perfume), Lily of the Valley (Lilac Blossom 2.0), Golden Sunflower (Villa Bergamot mixed with Sage&Cedar) and Farmstand Freesia (NOT Garden Freesia, just straight up freesia)

It had the one Aloha Hawaiian candle that didn't go wide, White Orchid Lei which I thought I would like cuz there's melon in the blend but it smells strange, like Tropical Starburst with a hint of random floral.

It even had some Sweet Shoppe candles, no Lavender Marshmallow unfortunately but for some reason there was a surplus of Honeycrumb Cake (which to smelled like graham crackers) and Pink Lemonade Cake (ugh, did not like that all, like Summertime Soda and Frosted Cupcake's bastard child) as well as one lone Lemon Drop

Oh, and the store also had the Coastal Cool candles which, *sigh I just wasn't a big fan of. Truth be told I didn't even bother sniffin all of them cuz a)the ones I did sniff were soooo light and b) I hated fidgetin around with those friggin awkward flimsy paper plastic lids. Of the ones I sniffed, I did like Pacific Ocean Highway which smelled very similar to Oakmoss & Vetiver.

But let's get to the heart of the matter...Garden Party and especially Summer Sips

So I'm not gonna waste your time or mine talkin about the rereleases, Spring, Lilac Blossom, Honeysuckle and especially Watermelon Lemonade but rather the new stuff...

Garden Party
Omg..OMG..this is one of the best floral scents BBW has come out with in a long time. As you know, I'm not a big fan of the springtime floral scents, but I'm in love with this one. Garden Party is like Flower Shop's little precocious Shirley Temple lookin sister in a frilly dress and ribbons. You totally get hint of roses (think tea roses) as well as fresh pear blossom. It's so friggin nice, I really hope this becomes a springtime staple from now on, it's that good.

This is definitely First Bloom from last year and the year before without a doubt. Compared to other floral scents, this one is more subdued. It's a nice pink floral scent but its also very fresh and almost watery, makes me think of water lilies. Personally, I think Bloom/First Bloom smells like the pink Dove bar soap, but that's just me

Hmmm..I dunno what to think of this. First of all with the name "Sundress" you would think it would smell light, floral and feminine, like Party Dress in the winter. Yeah, not so much. It's kinda cologney; actually it smells like a mix of Villa Bergamot and Paris Daydream. And it's soooooo light to the point of bein nonexistent; I had to whiff hard I almost sucked the wicks out. This, to me, was a fail.

Sugarberry Spritzer
From what I've heard this isn't goin wide...Goood cuz it shouldn't, it ain't all that! I'm not goin into details about it cuz I already wrote a review about it

Pink Petal Tea Cake
From what I heard, this is gonna be the Mother's Day candle..better than the Tokyo Petals rumor. People are gonna be either intrigued or turned off by the "pink petal" aspect but honestly I don't get much rose action. I do on other hand get strawberries, like a strawberry shortcake.

And now the part that you've been a-waitin for, Summer Sips biiitcccchhhessss!!!

Pomegranate Spritzer
omg...OMG...This is sooooo good. First off, let's not beat around the bush...this has got to be Pomegranate Lemonade from back in the day without a doubt. It kinda reminds of  Pink Sangria which smelled very similar to Pomegranate Lemonade. Now to me, this doesn't smell so much like a "spritzer" (although there is some effervescence) so much as it smells like sorbet, so yummy!

Peach Cilantro Twist
Again, let's not beat around the bush...this is Mango Cilantro without a doubt! It's soooo good! To say this is called "Peach Cilantro Twist" there's not much "peach" action...I mean it's there but it's totally overpowered by the mango note. And there is definitely cilantro, like fresh muddled cilantro...which kinda makes it smelled a little soapy as it often does..but don't let that deter you. This is sooo fresh, juicy and summery. I predict that this is going to be THE fan favorite and will fly off the shelves.

Nectarine Green Tea
Now a lot of people are turned off by this bad boy strictly because of the "green tea" which I say *SLAP* SNAP OUT OF IT!!! It's not that friggin bad! Now if you're expectin this to smell like bitter, acrid matcha green tea, you're either gonna be disappointed or relieved. It's more like sweet artificial green tea, like green tea ice cream. The nectarine note is really nice juicy and refreshing. And there's something else chillin in the background; it could be my nose trippin but I swear I smell pear/pear blossom. The candle as a whole is very different and unique which is why I love it!

Clementine Crush
Yep you guessed's Sweet Clementine from Winter Market Fresh Picked. It's super sweet, like marmalade. I didn't like it in the winter and I don't like it now

Mango Coconut Cooler
This is an assumed panty dropper in the candle community, strictly because of the name. People hear "mango" and "coconut" and they lose their shit! Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with this one. In fact I'll take it further by sayin that this scent is kinda unnecessary. I mean we already have a "mango scent" with Peach Cilantro Twist, why have another one? And it's not like it's that great, personally I think it smells strange. Its not sweet nor juicy but just strange. Almost shampooey. Something better could've replaced this - Coconut Lime Verbena, Island Colada, Coco Lobo, etc...the possibilities were endless. However just because of the name, I could see this one flying off the shelves.

Sparkling Berry Fizz
When I first heard about this one, I thought for sure this was a repackage of Sugarberry Spritzer. Rest assured it isn't. This is kinduva mix of Wild Berries and Champagne Toast. You get a strawberry/blueberry/raspberry kick and the effervescent bubbliness of Champagne Toast as well as that damned black currant note..which to me always smells like cough syrup or cough drops. Eh, this cute, nothing spectacular but cute

Pink Apple Punch
Now I first heard of this, I was excited cuz I love me some apple scents.And besides Spring and Drenched Apple Flower from back in the day, you dont see too many apple scents during springtime. Unfortunately there's little to no apple action goin on in this candle. In fact I am almost positive this is Passionflower from back in the day; you smell everything but apple in this bad boy. And you wouldn't guess from the name that it would be floral, but yes my dears it most certainly is which makes me think it is indeed Passionflower

Pineapple Lychee Smoothie
This is yet another panty dropper in candle world again strictly because of the name. While I was not a fan of this one, I will say that it does smell true to its name, it really does smell like a rich creamy smoothie. The pineapple isn't as juicy and fresh as Pineapple Palm Grass but it's nice. And there is a faint hint of lychee, which at first intrigued me but kinda turned me off a bit after I sniffed. But I'm sure it's gonna be a hit.

And if you're interested if whether or not I bought anything, I did indeed. Behold...

And here for your enjoyment, my Youtube vid


Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: March -

Description: The luscious lemon scent of the plant that grows on country roads in Provence inspired a sunny blend of verbena blossoms and lily if the valley leaves

So first of all I have some news. I made this announcement on Facebook but haven't talked about it here on my blog. So recently, a couple of days ago to be exact, my bf and I moved from my hometown of New Orleans to Newark New Jersey. Quite a jump to say the very least but both of us needed a change and an adventure and there are more opportunities up here for both of us than down there. We're only about 20-30 minutes away from NYC by train/subway and , what has me even more giddy with excitement, we're about 30-40 minutes away from Garden State Plaza in Paramus which means.... *fanfare



So get ready for all kinds of fun posts and reviews in the nearby future!

Now to back to your regularly scheduled program...

So let's be real, the Provence (not Providence) candles are a B..U..S..T BUST! This candle and French Lavender are the ONLY worthwhile candles in this entire line. And much like with FL, I was beyond thrilled that there was a straight up verbena candle as verbena is one of my all time favorite scents. And as soon as I sniffed it in the store, I had to have it!

Performance wise, this has been one of the best burning candles I've had in awhile - PERFECTION in every way. The flames have been dancing their little asses off! And the wax pool, so far, has been consistently deep and even. And the, the throw is beast. It's pretty damn strong; it's not strong enough to give anyone a headache but it will certainly fill room with lemony goodness!

Now let's rap a taste about the scent... *sigh

To the average untrained nose, this just smells lemony. Some have compared LV to Limoncello and Lemon Drops, even goin so far by sayin that not only does LV smell similar to both scents and could be a repackage of either scent...



I'll admit because they're all lemony, on first sniff one could be tricked into thinking that they smell similar. But that's like comparing Apple Crumble or Autumn to Leaves cuz they all have appley notes. I'm here to tell you that LV is NOT a repackage of nor smells exactly like Limoncello or Lemon Drops. First of all, LV isn't nearly as tart or acrid or mouth puckering as Limoncello or especially Lemon Drops because unlike those two LV doesn't have a lemon note but rather a lemon-like note i.e. verbena. Also LV has different kind of sweetness to it; it doesn't have the candy-like sugariness of Limoncello or LD. It has lily, which is a very subdued, fresh slightly powdery note. It sorta calms LV down and keeps it from bein a bam in-your-face lemony scent and makes more fresh, slightly floral and springy.

Now there is one lemony scent that I think LV smells slightly similar to and unfortunately most folks didn't get to smell it cuz it didn't go wide. It's Lemon Cucumber from this spring's Fresh Picked (I'll be doin a review on that bad boy soon) While LC is way more tart and fresh than LV, the lemony aspect to me is a little similar. And both, as well as Fleur de Provence, smell like yellow/green Fruity Pebbles..not that I'm complainin cuz I love me some Fruity Pebbles!

Now as y'all know, lemony scents fall into two categories - candy or cleaner. LV is definitely cleaner. I could see a dish soap or floor cleaner or detergent or air freshener  smelling like LV. With that said, lately I've been burning it while I cleaned or packed/boxed stuff; I don't think it's a candle that I would burn all the time but on days that I need a little pick me up i.e. when I'm cleaning. It's just so fresh and sunny and happy smelling, if that makes any sense.

In conclusion, LV is pretty nice! Is it a scent fabulous enough to throw a parade for? Eh, not really but it's still very nice. And I stand by my opinion that LV, along with FL, is one of the best candles in the Provence line. For all of yall lemony lovers, this bud's for you! It's a nice candle to burn on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and it's perfect for a day of spring cleaning. Just try it, I promise you won't regret it!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: French Lavender

Product: candles (eventually the bulbs too)
Area used in:  main bathroom, living room and bedroom
Time Period: end of March -

Description: Never-ending fields of lavender are the essence of Provence and are recreated in a transporting blend of wild lavender heightened by hint of vanilla

So as you all know, recently BBW was practically giving French Lavender away; not only was it being sold for $10 online and in stores but BBW Insiders posted/shared a coupon code that let you get one for free! I myself took advantage of both options by buying one $10 one and getting another for free. However, this "too good to be true" deal seemed in the eyes of a discontented few to be truly too good to be true. A lot of folks flat out didn't like it! Not only were folks complaining about French Lavender's smell but others with no intention of buying it or bought it to be exchanged seemed to have carte blanche to bash lavender scents in general. I briefly talked about all the lavender hate in my last post

Y'know what..screw the haters! As I said in my last post, lavender is the bomb! French Lavender is AMAZING...C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!!! It is by far the best lavender scent that BBW has ever released! In true "Le Mis" fashion I'll gladly be the Enjolras of lavender lovers everywhere, wave my lavender flag in the air and yell at the top of my lungs...


Performance-wise, FL was fan-friggin-tastic. The flames were nice and high and wax always melted into this deep and even sea of violet colored loveliness! Now about the throw... *sigh...many many people have been complaining about how weak the throw is. Unfortunately I kinda have to agree, I do wish the throw was a bit stronger. Although with that said, the scent lingers for a surprisingly long amount of time and travels quite a bit. I had it burning in my bedroom and again in my bathroom and after I blew it out, the scent had traveled throughout the apartment and lingered in the air for several hours.

Now let's rap a taste about the scent. Now when I first about FL and saw that vanilla was in the notes, I and many others assumed that it was a repackage of Lavender Vanilla. I happy as hell to say that it isn't..thank goodness! It's just straightup lavender! Now back in '12, there was a straightup lavender candle called Lavender  that was in test stores but was never released wide...FL may be a repackage of that. Anyhoo, the scent is very straightforward - it's fresh ,unblended ,astringent ,herbal lavender buds! It really is like walking through a field of fresh blooming French lavender and it's beyond amazing. Now I know unblended straightup lavender is not everyone's cup of tea; most prefer it with vanilla or chamomile so that it's less astringent and more sweet. One of the complaints about FL is that it is too astringent and harsh on people's noses...PUSSIES! Others say that after burning it, that it smelled to minty...not surprising since lavender is a relative of mint! Personally, I am beyond happy to have a straight up fresh unblended un-vanilla'd lavender scent and FL has easily become one of my all time top favorite BBW scents!

At the end of the day, haters gon hate! Don't let "Les Miserables" deter you! If lavenders not for you, that's fine..just avoid it! However if you really love lavender, then you must get this candle! I stick by my opinion that this is the best lavender scent BBW has ever had!


RANT OF THE DAY: Lavender Lovers Unite!

So with the recent giveaway of French Lavender, multitude of lavender haters have come out of the woodwork! Not just hatin on French Lavender itself but of lavender period!

Well ya know, eff the haters! Lavender is friggin AWESOME!!!

I am comin out of the closet as an out and proud lavender lover! *cue Diana Ross' "I'm comin out!"

I LOVE French Lavender and (with the exception of Lavender Vanilla), I love all of the lavender scents that BBW has released...candles, rooms sprays, bath/shower gels, pocket backs, etc! I love lavender tea, lavender syrup, lavender home fragrance..I just love lavender period!

I think BBW should have more lavender. In fact I'll even take it further should have a whole line of nothing but lavender goodness!

Remember back in '12, there was a line of "Eucalyptus Mint &..." candles testing but never went wide... EM& Apple, EM&Rain, EM&Herbs, EM&Guava, etc etc? Well, why not do the same thing but...wait for it...with LAVENDER?!

BBW, y'all already have the candles for this possible line...

Lavender (aka French Lavender)

Lavender Vanilla (either the core version or even Lavender Marshmallow)

Lavender Chamomile (the old aromatherapy version)

Lavender Spearmint (aka Lavender Market)

Lavender Verbena (aka Fleur de Provence)

And of course y'all could add some all new lavender blends, such as...

Lavender Bergamot (basically Black Pepper Bergamot but without the black pepper)

Lavender Rain (how fresh and delightful would this be)

Lavender Sandlewood (a staple aromatherapy blend)

maybe add some fruit for yall sweety lovers

Lavender Lemon (the two go really well together, Yankee has one)

Lavender Strawberry (again, the two go well together; two words... strawberry lavender jam...that's my jam!!!

Some candles, some wf bulbs, room sprays, lotions, was LAVENDERTASTIC! I personally would buy the hell outta this! I'd have LAVENDERGASM!

BBW, get up on it!

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Fleur de Provence ~ Lavender Verbena Bouquet

Product: candle
Area used in:  main bathroom
Time Period: March -

Description: A very French blend of lavender buds, verbena and vanilla that conjures up a walk through a field of flowers. Escape to the South of France!

When I first heard that BBW was releasing a new lavender candle, I almost crapped my pants I was so excited! And then when I heard that this new lavender scent was blended with verbena, my other top favorite scent, I fainted cuz it was just too much for me to handle. Lavender and verbena - it was too good to be true. So I waited and waited with bated breath to see if it would go wide. And of course it didn't...which was bullshit cuz this was sooooo much better than the new Destination candles that went wide , i.e. Sydney Harbor and especially Tokyo Petals. How disappointed was I?! I HAD TO HAVE THIS CANDLE! So I decided to do a Customer Relations phone order..and Mon Dieu, they had it! And it finally arrived, it was love at first sniff! Ah, l'amour toujours!

I haven't burning this candle with reckless abandon  as I would like cuz it's so test scent-y and who knows when or if I'd be able to get another but the few times I have burned it, I loved every minute of it. Performance-wise, this one of the best candles I've had so far. The flames have been dancing sooooo high, practically doing a Can-can! Sometimes the flames have been a little too high that it kinda freaked me out - folks have had candles turning into mini bonfires or getting so hot that the glass have been exploding. Knock on wood, that hasn't happened to me with this or any other candle for that matter. Anyhoo, the wax pool has been for the most part deep and even. Occasionally, the wax would canyon but eventually the wax would all even out. And the throw has been spectacular, not too strong but not too weak but just right. As much as I love verbena and especially lavender, they are both super potent scents  and I don't think I could've withstood the throw if it were any stronger than what it already was.

And the smell...MON DIEU...I love this scent a lot! The lavender note in this is perfection - herbal and astringent the way lavender should be. And it blends perfectly with the verbena note ; it adds this almost lemon-y like zest that goes sooo well with the lavender (lavender and lemon or lemon-like notes are a perfect match). The description says that there is vanilla in this...thank god I don't smell that; I don't know why BBW likes to put vanilla in everything! There's something in this blend that I just can't put my finger on and I think Touchthefiretwice said this in his review nose picks up a lime-like note in the background, like a lime slice covered in sugar. Then again, that could be just the way the verbena note mixes with the vanilla. Who knows, still I'm not complain'. Now I 'm just gonna throw this out there...when I first sniff this, I thought it kinda smelled like Fruity Pebbles , specifically the yellow/green ones. Same thing with the most recent lemon-y scents, i.e. Lemon Cucumber and Lemon Verbena. Again, not that I'm complainin cuz I love em some Fruity Pebbles.

I personally think this one of the best lavender blends that BBW has produced in awhile. This could (and should) easily replace Paris Daydream. It's very spa-like and aromatherapy-ish - it's perfect to burn while relaxing in a bubble bath. If you're a lavender lover like me, then you've gotta give this one a try. If you see it on Evil-bay (and it's reasonably priced) or it pops up in a outlet or during SAS, get it! You won't regret it!

SHOP 'N' GO: Spring Haul Part Deux (FreshedPicked/Aloha Hawaii/Provence)

So despite me proclaimin that I'd be on a strict candle ban lately, I gave in to the siren like temptation of 2for 22 sales and have bought a few candles from the various spring collections.

On the every first 2for 22, the Fresh Picked candles were in demand. I went into the store simply to get my sniff on with no intention of buying anything...year right? I wound up buying 3 candles

Then as y'all know there was yet another 2for22 sale for the release of the Aloha Hawaii candles. Again, I went in only to sniff but would up buying stuff. I bought...

  • Rainforest Sugarcane
  • Island Waters
  • 2x Black Sands
So why 2 Black Sands? Here's why... So as yall know I had a Spring candle and wf bulbs
 that were makin my bf and I sick. So I went to the store (the same day I bought these Aloha Hawaii candles) and exchanged the bulbs. But I totally forgot to exchange the candle. Moreover I picked up a Black Sands instead of an Island Waters by accident. I was dealing with an exceptionally chatty SA who was annoying the piss outta me and I couldn't concentrate. Anyhoo I didn't realize that I picked up the wrong candle til I got home and my bf pointed it out. So I went back to the store the next day and exchanged Spring for Island Waters. I kept the 2 Black Sands cuz my bf really really liked them.   

Lastly, I totally the resisted and ignored the most recent 2for22. However the day after the sale was the day with the infamous BBW Insider Free French Lavender coupon so I had to get on that. So my best friend and I decided to go together coupons in hands.

  • 2x French Lavenders
  • Lemon Verbena
I didn't want to take advantage of the coupon deal; I could've made more cheap purchases to get more free candles or go my other stores but I didn't feel like doin that. So I bought a $10 French Lavender and used the coupon to get a free one; honestly I was happy with two. I also exchanged that stank dirt smellin Snap Peas for Lemon Verbena.

Now for your viewing enjoyment is my haul collective video!