WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Preview

So yesterday out of boredom, I went to the BBW store in The City if they were doing the infamous Fall Preview..and indeed they were indeed...

One lone pitiful stand ALLLLLLLLLL the way in the back of the store!

So as you can see, the store had everything that the Fall Preview was supposed to have...for the most part...

No Pumpkin coffret and I don't remember seein that Apple Buttered Rum Body Care...not that I was remotely interested in that.

So first off, the 3layered fall candle...ewww, just eewwwwww!!! Why?!Sweater Weather, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple, three scents that just don't go together! At least last year's 3layer candle was all pumpkin scents. What made BBW think of this random combo?! They could've made so many other BETTER choices...

Sweater Weather/Autumn/Fresh Balsam or Autumn Day as they're all fresh outdoorsy scents
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin/Heirloom Pumpkin/Pumpkin Apple since they all have spice
Leaves/Pumpkin Apple/Heirloom Pumpkin
Pumpkin Cupcake/Pumpkin Caramel Latte/Pumpkin Pecan Waffles or Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

The combinations are endless!!! But whatevs, they made their choice and folks are already clamoring and wetting themselves over this mess!

Then of course there is Leaves, autumn in a jar! And it smells fallgasmic as usual!

And then there's Pumpkin Apple returning since making it's debut last fall! I wasn't a big fan of it then and I certainly am not now. It just smells so generic and waxy/plasticy..like melted apple-cinnamon scented crayons. The wf bulbs are better; kinda smells like a mix of Spiced Cider and Pumpkin Carving.

And last but not least...Green Apple Orchard...oy friggin vey...

When I first heard about this SOB, I was excited..I LOVE green apple scents. I thought it would be a nice crisp juicy apple similar to Apple Crumble or Spring/Garden Party. Then I saw the notes - amber and sandalwood; I thought to myself "Dammit, they done missed this up!" I thought this might be a repackage of the old New York, New York destination candle as that had amber in the notes which by all accounts smelled like a dirty rotten apple core that fell out of the garbage on to the street and was bakin in the noonday sun somewhere in Brooklyn. I decided to hold off judgment til I smelled it for myself...and I did...and I HATED it! It's the strangest and weirdest thing I ever smelled. It just smells wrong! You barely recognize the so-called green apple note! Combined with the amber and sandalwood notes, it kinda smelled like old shampoo/condition or body wash! As one of my Facebook friends said the other day, "This went wide, but Tailgate didn't?! " I dunno know what BBW was thinkin when they come up with this mess, it's really bad!

The highlight of this shitshow of a preview was the soap...Weekend Apple Picking..OMG..holy f***balls! This is soooooo good! It's like apple Jolly Ranchers...and I don't even like apple Jolly Ranchers! I LOVE this soap! It rivals my all time favorite fall apple-y soap, Warm Apple Cider. It's currently on sale for $3 so get while you can!

So yeah that's about it. I didn't wind up buying anything..though in hindsight I should've bought some soap. Ah well, it'll be around and I'm sure it'll be on sale again. It would've been nice if the candles were on sale cuz I sho'nuff would have bought some Leaves. All good though, I'm just gonna wait patiently til the Artisan candles (hopefully other fall candles as well) make their debut in stores up here and I get that wonderful email saying that there's a 2/22!


  1. So excited for fall! Reading your post made me even more excited. I need me some weekend apple pickin' soap!!

  2. Right?! I don't normally hype up soap but weekend apple pickin is the bomb diggity!!! I hope the other soaps are equally as good; crisp morning air and golden mornin citrus is callin my name!!!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I am one of your biggest fans and I hope you don't get discouraged by the recent mess that BBW has pulled (((hugs)))

    1. Awww thank ya darlin, thats super sweet! I really appreciate that!

  4. This post made me LOL, and put a huge smile on my face....love your sense of humor.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Awww! That's what I like to hear! I like makin people LOL lol


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