Products: candle
Area used in: living room,

Time Period: mid-September - November

Description: Indulge in the fragrance of a beloved baked treat with a blend of freshly picked apples, cake donut and a hint of cinnamon

So when I heard about this scent, I (like many others) had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I thought it was a little bizarre that BBW  didn't release the insanely popular Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts from last fall. But on the other hand, I myself was excited that there was another apple-y/cider-y scent in this year's fall lineup. Based on the description, I (and probably many others) assumed that CD would be a mix of Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with a dash of Spiced Cider but alas no, not so much...

Let's get to the real... CD is a repackage of Apple Crumble...period, end of story! I even did a scent comparison between the two to make sure I wasn't trippin and sure enough they smelled almost exactly the same. Once again I had mixed feelings; on the one hand, I love Apple Crumble but on the other hand, I was annoyed that CD wasn't anything new.

Performance-wise, this candle was just ok...very blah.  The flames danced high for a hot second then they got all shy and grew small and stubby. Despite the stubbiness, the wax (so far) has been consistently deep and even. I'd say that the throw is medium-ish, very guest friendly.

Now on to the smell, like I said earlier, it's a repackage of Apple Crumble...or rather a repackage with a twist. There's something different about CD and not particularly in a good way. The apple note in CD isn't nearly as fresh, crisp and juicy as it is in AC. BBW shouldn't have even mentioned freshly picked apples in the notes; it is more of a warm cider smell than a freshly picked apple smell. Like AC, the cinnamon sugar is faint and overpowered by the vanilla. Unlike AC, CD has a more cloying sweetness to it, like a glaze. Littleballadeer said in her review, she said it smells like Apple Crumble mixed with Hot Buttered Rum...and I totally get it. I dunno if that truly is that case, but there's no denying that there is a sticky ooey-gooey almost caramel-y sweetness that AC doesn't have and is what keeps CD from being a dead on dupe.

CD in essence is..cute. It's a cute little scent, cute label, cute color. I only burn this in the morning on the weekends (it's replacing Espresso Bar for the time being). It's not bad that I would want to bring it back and exchange it but it's definitely not a repurch and I certainly won't miss it once it burned down. Honestly folks, don't waste your time and money on this candle, AC is sooooo much better! If you were fortunate to stock up on AC during the Summer Semi Annual Sale or last fall, you're good!

BBW.... real yourself and we fans a favor and please re-release Cinnamon Sugar Donuts as well Apple Crumble next fall!!! Cider Donuts is not what's up!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Leaves (Sweater Weather vers)

Products: candle & bulbs
Area used in: living room,
Time Period: mid-September - November

Description: Celebrate the brilliant colors of autumn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries

OH Leaves, how do I love thee...let me count the ways!!!

Leaves, without a doubt, is one of my favorite scents of all time; second only to Black Pepper Bergamot! One of the many highlights of fall is finally getting to burn this candle. Leaves was a part of my fall haul back at the end of August and I've been waiting patiently for the equinox for fall to officially start so I could light this bad boy!

My bf LOVES Leaves as well and has been his staple scent for fall for awhile. It was him that got me hooked on it. He had several leftover Leaves wallflower bulbs and one candle hidden away that I was love at first sniff!

Real talk...Leaves IS Fall, period..end of story. It is autumn time in a jar! Now some people prefer Autumn over Leaves as their quintessential fall scent...and I get it. Autumn is very fresh and outdoorsy and very, for lack of a better word, autumn-y. However, Leaves has that certain uumpph and je ne sais quoi that in my humble opinion Autumn just doesn't have. It has all the ingredients of fall - apple/cider, spice, nectar and berries; it really doesn't get any better than that! After sniffing it, you really do get the feeling of being in a park with leaves fluttering in the autumn breeze and you're walking down a path strewn with fallen foliage covered with dew and you can hear them crunch under your feet. It's simply fall-tastic!!

Leaves is pretty darn strong. As soon as you open the lid..POW, right in your face! The throw is pretty strong but it's a nice strong; you feel wrapped in it like blanket. The fragrance filled my living room within a few minutes and I just laid back and let it totally envelop me. Performance-wise, Leaves is FABULOUS, A+ all the way. The candle sports thin ropey wax covered wicks which burn like a charm. The flames dance very high and the wax pool is consistently deep and even. It's so lovely at night; light this up, pour yourself a cup of tea or, even better, a hot apple toddy (on the equinox, I made an iced apple toddy cuz it's still quite hot outside), put on some comfy pajamas or grab your fav blanket, put on a movie or grab a book and enjoy a perfect fall evening!

Like I said earlier, Leaves has all the ingredients of the perfect fall scent. With that said, you would think this would smell very potpourri-ish/Michael'scraft store smelling but it really doesn't, it's more sophisticated. And maybe my nose is playing tricks on me, but this year's version smells a little different; the fruity notes smell more juicy and vibrant. Anyhoo, there's something in this blend for everyone's taste; fruity sweetness, fragrant spice and fresh outdoorsiness. The dominant note is definitely apple, a very fresh, crisp and juicy red apple with a faint dark berry (blackberry?) note trailing behind it. I read online that mandarin is also in the blend. There is a faint but sharp brightness that you can't get from just apples and berries so maybe there is mandarin is in it..I dunno. The spice note is the last thing that hits your nose; it's a spicy cinnamon/cinnamon bark note similar to Cinnamon and Clove Bud but not nearly as red hot and potent. Please don't let that turn you off cuz the cinnamon note is honestly very pleasant. Once again, maybe my nose is playing tricks on me but I swear I smell a little cardamom. And (this gonna sound funky) but there's a damp musty smell to Leaves..I'm guessin it's from the nectar which has a "nature" smell to it. This is what gives it that "strewn leaves wet with dew or fall rain" vibe to it.

My bf and I had a gang of bulbs left, so we didn't have to buy any during the fall haul. I really love the bulbs; I think they smell more fresh than the candles. And they are pretty strong and don't really fade or grow stale like most bulbs. My bf also has a very old Leaves room spray and that sucker is powerful. Needless to say, our apartment is full of Leaves goodness!

For some reason, BBW once again has released two versions of Leaves and I don't know why. Most people usually go with the brown version cuz the throw is usually stronger and the brown wax just looks prettier. Last year's brown version had a funky burn; I'm glad to say that this year it burns like a dream. I  say leave the White Barn version right there on the shelf where it belongs.

I could go on and on about Leaves; I don't have to tell y'all how amazing and fabulous it is for most of you reading this blog already know. For those of who have never had Leaves before, get it..NOW! It just isn't fall without it!


I'm so excited!!! My lil blog here has over 10,000 views. I'm pretty damn excited! I honestly created this blog as a hobby/therapy; I don't have many folks that I can talk about BBW with. I'm very glad folks are checking me and listening to what  have to say. With that said, thank you everybody!!!

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RANT OF THE DAY: Happy First Day of Fall!!!

Well today is the Autumnal Equinox AKA First Day of Fall!!!! Finally!!!

Fall is my all time favorite time of the year so needless to say I'm excited that it's finally here. Granted I live in New Orleans where there's no changing color of the leaves and you never know if the weather is gonna remain summery balls of Satan humid hot or plummet into the 60-50s or have a possible tropical storm/hurricane but it's all good. That's what I have BBW for - to get me in the fall spirit.

With that said, I thought I 'd share my BBW fall staples, scents that for me really captured the essence of Autumn....

First are my four all time fall favorites

  • Leaves IS fall in my opinion, just utter autumn-y perfection
  • Cranberry Woods captures the mystery of a dark autumn night in the woods; a little sweet, a little tart, a little spicy..something for everyone to enjoy
  • Spiced Cider is so yummy. It's just not fall without a good ol fashioned apple cinnamon scent. What I like about SC is that it has that nice juicy red apple/spiced cider scent without smelling too Michael's craft store-y
  • *sigh of contentment My baby, my number one...Black Pepper Bergamot...what more can I say?! Interestingly enough, while BPB is considered a fall scent, last year I didn't start burning this really until the end of fall thru the end of winter and this year will be no different. I honestly think this is good enough to be an all year round scent

These next two are scents that have recently joined the fold
  • Sweater Weather is PERFECTION! I think this and Autumn perfectly captures the outdoorsiness of fall more than any other scent. With SW, you really do get the feeling of walking around on a brisk autumn afternoon in your sweater
  • Apple Crumble is just deliciousness in a jar. During fall, I'm all about apple confections as well as apple-y scents in general. With AC, you get the best of both worlds. It's sweet without being cloying and it's so warm and inviting. It's a shame that this was repackaged as Cider Donuts cuz I think it's good enough to stand on it's own
Both of these need to be released as fall staples in the future

The next two are honorable mentions 

  • I think Autumn and Leaves rival each as everyone's top all time favorite fall scent. The candle sets off my sinuses every time I smell it in the store. I had the room spray (with the cute winking owl on it) last year and it choked the hell outta me. This year I decided to get wallflower bulbs; I gotta say that I'm digging it. The scent is fresh and outdoorsy, there's apple in it which makes me happy.
  • I'm not a big fan of pumpkin scents. I had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin last year...HATED IT!!! Though I smelled Pumpkin Carving in the store, I didn't love it enough to buy the candle. I did however buy the wallflower bulb and I must say I really like it. It's a nice sweet but not too sweet authentic pumpkin-y scent without the added spice.

  • Ya know, I always say that I'm gonna try Cider Lane but I never do cuz I can never get past the cold throw; it's just funky to me and I know I'm not the only one cuz I've heard others say that too. But everybody and their grandma swers that it smells so good once it' lit. I promise, next year I'll try it!


Products: candle & room spray
Area used in: living room, bedroom, main bathroom
Time Period: September -

Description: Cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of sweater weather

As everyone knows, this was an infamous and popular test scent last year. Everybody went nuts over this candle; you were instantly one of the cool kids if you were able to score one of these rare bad boys. I never got around to trying to get one of these last year which is why I was beside myself with joy when BBW decided to release this candle wide this year. Once again, everybody was hyping this candle up this year so I had to get my hands on it.

Now, I'll admit at first sniff....I didn't like it! I smelled the candle, then I smelled the lid and I thought to myself "UUUMM, what's all the hype about?!" At first sniff, the cold throw reminded me of Comet or Ajax bathroom cleaner. Then I smelled again and I was starting to dig it. Some time later, I decided to burn was love at first light!!!

First off, the label is sooo cute. Soooo much better than last years'...


Now let's get to the real....

The burn on this bad boy is FABULOUS!!! Absolute PERFECTION!!! This candle burned like a BBW candle should burn! The flames were dancin all kinds of high! The wax always melted consistently and pool was always very deep and even. Speakin of which, despite always being very deep, the wax hasn't gone down nearly as fast as most BBW candles have been; I'd let this burn for hours and I'd be surprised how high the wax was after hardening.  Now I was gonna give this candle high marks for the wax not changing colors but I noticed today that the wax did indeed change color but it's very slight.

Now on to the scent. Some people have described SW as being a repackage or being reminiscent of Eucalyptus Spearmint..... to which I say "hell naw!!!!" The two are absolutely nothing alike! First of all, SW has absolutely no mintiness to it whatsover! Secondly, the eucalyptus note in SW isn't nearly as strong as it is ES; ES dropkicks you in the face it's so strong. In the past, I compared SW to Snowed in as the two had similar notes. After smelling SW, I can say without a doubt that the two smell nothing alike.

I've also have heard people call this scent cologne-y........ *eyeroll

Anyway, SW is the epitome of fresh and clean scents and probably one of the best herbal scents that I've smelled so far. You can't describe this scent without using the word fresh. The eucalyptus note and the juniper berry note are both done perfectly and they blend so well together. I can't really say that I get the sage note; despite ordinarily being a pretty potent note, it's totally overpowered by the eucalyptus and juniper. Usually I'm not a big fan of scents featuring eucalyptus cuz it's almost always super strong, like Eucalyptus Spearmint. But I gotta say, the eucalyptus note in SW is really pleasant and inoffensive. With that said, the throw is medium-strongish; I'd call it guest friendly. What I like about SW is that has a refreshing cooling effect to it; you really do get the feeling of walking in a park on cool brisk autumn afternoon. This is perfect to burn during the evening wrapped in a warm blanket on a sofa while reading a book or watching a movie with a cup of tea or glass of wine. I like to burn it in the bathroom while I'm taking a bubble bath (with the Eucalyptus Tea shower gel, soooo good); the combination of the hot water and cool scent reminds of when I was in Japan and I soaked in a hot spring outside during refreshing!

Now for whatever reason, BBW released the SW wallflower bulbs super late. They weren't available when I made my fall haul so I purchased Autumn bulbs instead...and I gotta say, the two pair nicely together as they both have a crisp outdoorsiness to them. I would've rather a SW one though but it's all good though cuz I got the room spray. That lil SOB is STROOOOONG, it'll choke you out. Personally, I think the candle smells much better.

In conclusion, SW is AMAZEBALLS! It's soo refreshing and comforting; in my opinion, it's a much better aromatherapy scent than Eucalyptus Spearmint. I personally believe it's right up there with Leaves and Autumn with capturing the essence of fall, yet it doesn't feature any of the typical cliché autumn-y notes, i.e apple/cider and cinnamon/nutmeg. It has certainly become one of my fall staples. With that said, I do hope and pray that BBW will continue to release SW every fall!

NEWNESS UPDATE: 2013 Winter Holiday Test Scents Take THREE (updated list)

  • Winter
  • Sparkling Icicles 
  • Tis' The Season
  • Fresh Balsam
  • Vanilla Snowflake
  • Marshmallow Fireside
  • Frosted Pine - This wintry blend of pine needles, balsam and a hint of sugar evoke the fragrance of evergreen trees laden with snow
  • Spiced Wreath - The spirit of the holiday's is in the air with the fragrance of a cinnamon bark wreath, featuring accents of creamy vanilla and rich, red apples.
  • Snow Day -  A bright and joyful blend of spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow-filled day.

  • Mint Chocolate
  • Frosted Gingerbread
  • Cinnamon Frosting
  • Winter Candy Apple
  • Twisted Peppermint
  • Vanilla Bean Noel
  • Merry Cookie
  • Frosted Cupcake
  • Cinnamon Caramel Swirl - The ultimate blend of creamy caramel, cinnamon and sweet vanilla creates the most delectable fragrance treat.
  • Buttercream Mint - A melt-in-mouth holiday treat inspired this blend of buttercream, mint and a touch of caramel.
  •  Red Velvet Cupcake -  this southern classic is perfect for the holidays~ rich vanilla frosting and authentic red velvet cake

  • Fireside 
  • Snowed In
  • Winter
  • White Barn No. 2 Chestnut and Clove
  • Frosted Cranberry
  • Evergreen
  • Holiday
  • Good Natured Christmas -Created to be shared with the ones you love, a Good Natured Christmas generously blends creamy white birch, smoked vanilla bean and a hint of musk.
  • Apple Garland - Celebrate the season with an abundant blend of apples, ripe cranberries, and fresh balsam. (repackage of Apple Spruce?) 
  • Vanilla Firewood - A smooth blend of creamy roasted vanilla, smoky firewood and a hint of cedar that's the perfect match for any holiday evening.
  • Autumn Snow - Experience the first unexpected snow of the season with a crisp blend of peppermint, evergreen and balsam.(repackage of Pinecone)
  • Winter Fig - Embrace the approaching winter with a fragrance of fresh fig blended with black spruce and a hint of sugar.
  • Vanilla Cedarwood - a creamy vanilla blend that captures the beauty of a dusting of woodland snow- features cedarwood and amber notes.
  • Winter Wreath - Welcome holiday guests with a jubilant mixture of sweet orange, sparkling winter pear and a hint of rosemary (repackage of Merry Mistletoe?)

  • Brown Sugared Apples - An irresistible blend - Fragrant, sweet baked apples drizzled in brown sugar crystal and the perfect touch of spice  
  • Sugared Lemons - Sugar on citrus - Zesty lemons blended with sweet sugar crystals and a hint of red raspberries add a citrusy sparkle to winter nights (repackage of Limoncello)
  • Sweet Clementine - Bright side of Winter - Clementines  gives this cheer blend of apricot and sugarcane a luscious touch of citrus that brightens up a chilly day
  • Sparkling Berries & Pears - Step 1 - Combine winter's best berries and juicy pear nectar. Step 2-Add dashes of black currant and a touch of effervescence. Step 3 - Enjoy!
  • Market Herbs (repackage of Tuscan Herbs)
  • Winter Café (repackage of Espresso Bar) 
  • Mulled Cider - The recipe for your new favorite winter drink... fragrant notes of market fresh cider, fine apple brandy and cinnamon sticks
  • Cinnamon Tea -   Holiday Tip: Blend cinnamon bark, perfectly spiced apple and fragrant cranberry tea leaves for a winter celebration!"
  • Merry Mango - Festive & Fun- a marry mixture of juicy mango, mandarin, and a hint of champagne instantly gives your celebrations a tropical feel
  • Vanilla Latte - winter invite. let's do coffee! please join us for a smooth and creamy blend of premium vanilla beans and luscious caramel topped off by decadent whipped cream.

  • Cranberry Pear Bellini
  • Peach Bellini
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Spice Apple Toddy
  • Champagne Toast - Pop, clink and sparkle with a effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and black currant.
  • Party Dress - An unforgettable blend of orchid petals, billowing white peony and soft jasmine that is fitting for any celebration.
  • Black Tie - Your perfect escort to any holiday party - Green sage, sandalwood and Tonka bean. (repackage of Sage and Cedar)
*shout out to Sincerely Kelley, XOXO and See it, Love it, Buy it as well as Lisaa Fong (thanks for tellin me about Snowed In!) and Emily Candles for the updated info!

RANT OF THE DAY: "Cologne-y Scents" Part Deux; Match that Scent!

As you all know, there are certain cologne-y scents that smells legitimately like a specific cologne. I doubt BBW is doing this on purpose....although I've heard conspiracy theories that in clandestine Illuminati-esque fashion, BBW is conspiring with fragrance companies and creating scents that smell like a certain cologne/perfume and the aroma triggers the consumers' subconscious into buying said cologne/perfume. To which I say..."IT AIN'T THAT DAMN SERIOUS!!!"

Anyhoo, here's a list of scents that definitely smell like a particular cologne...

  • Mahogany Teakwood - Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce (everybody knows that)
  • Paris Daydream - Hugo Boss' Boss
  • Sparkling Icicles - Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio
  • Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods - Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy
  • Boathouse Row - Burberry London for men
  • Sandalwood Citrus - Cool Waters
That's all I can think of. Are there anymore? There's...
  • Black Pepper Bergamot
  • Oakmoss Vetiver
  • Whitewater Birch
  • Sage and Cedar
  • Flannel
  • Tailgate (I personally think this smells Old Spice-ish)

BBW RANT OF THE DAY : "Cologne-y" Scents

image source: Bath & Body Works

This is a rant that I've been meaning to post for the longest time but have put it off due to either lack of time or I had something more meaningful to post instead. I can say that neither is the case now and I'm quite thrilled to finally get this rant off my chest.

I'm about to throw some serious shade! I am not aiming this rant at anyone in particular. I repeat...I AM NOT AIMING THIS RANT AT ANYONE IN PARTICULAR. However some people might be a little pissed off what I'm about to say though I'm hoping that is not the case and that people who read my blog regularly are mature and open-minded and will not be so childish to take what I have to say to heart. However, as this is MY blog I do not intend to sugar-coat what I have to say and will continue to post MY opinions....

Now that that is out of the way, let's get to the real...

There is and has been a lot of hate-ration in BBW community for (a lack of a better word)the "cologne-y" scents! Any scent (like the ones above) that fall into the cologne-y category are hated on and dismissed as epic fails on BBW's part. It's a pretty general opinion that anything that smells woody/herbally/manly=cologne-y is a bad thing and I don't really understand why. This is evident in reviews of BBW's scents; whether it's on BBW's website and other reviewers' reviews and comments based on said reviews. Plain unadulterated HATE-RATION! And once again the word cologne-y is bandied about in an dismissive way as if it's a bad thing!

This kinda bothers me cuz I do thoroughly enjoy these kinds of scents. And there is a minority of people, both men and women/gay and straight, who enjoy these types of scents as well. I think a lot of the hate comes from the people who enjoy the sweet/bakery/gourmand or the more feminine floral scents; scents that smell like a specific thing whether it's a flower or drink or food item. On the contrary these cologne-y scents, most of the time, are meant to invoke/conjure a place or object or mood without getting into specifics. The floral/bakery/sweet lovers get all kindsa freaked out with what I consider, most of the time, pretty sophisticated and high end (dare I say) MASCULINE scents and out comes comments like the following...

"I don't like fresh/woody/herbal scents cuz they smell like cologne"

"Such and such wood or herb doesn't smell or isn't supposed to smell like cologne"

"Suchandsuch smells like blahblahblah mixed with cologne"

"Ugh, BBW annoys me with these cologne scents"

"BBW needs to stop with the cologne-y scents"

Now if I or anyone else were to say these type of things about the sweety/fruity/bakery scents, you'd have a war on your hands. But it's ok and often times encouraged to hate the cologne-y scents.

And what exactly does it mean to say that something smells like a cologne or is mixed with a cologne? Same thing with saying something smells like a flower or a perfume or a candy...what flower? What perfume? What candy? What cologne? There are different types/kinds of cologne. I myself own several bottles of various brands of cologne for different occasions (I'm a Virgo for chrissakes) and NONE of them smell anything alike!

Also, look at the notes in these cologne-y scents. Bergamot, oak, vetiver, mahogany, leather, sandalwood, etc are all notes USED IN COLOGNES! Yes granted each note by themselves do not and should not smell like cologne. However when you mix some of these more masculine notes together, the blend is going to come off cologne-y PERIOD! For example, there was line of wood inspired test scents that appeared sometime in the late spring/early summer; Sage & Cedar (now known as Black Tie), Sandalwood Citrus (released this fall in White Barn line), Whitewater Birch and Oakmoss Vetiver (which I absolutely LOVED). All were dismissed as cologne-y thus were considered epic fails. But were they?! With all honesty, would more people have really liked these candles more if they smelled EXACTLY like their notes? Personally, I would not want a candle that smelled like straight up wood.

And what really bothers me is when individuals don't even try to decipher the notes in these blends; they are just immediately written off as cologne-y...end of story. However bring out the sweety/bakery/gourmand scents and folks gush ad nauseam about what they can smell. "Oh, I smell this" and "Oh I smell that" and "I can pick out blahblahblah".

Really?! Really?!!

I like to think BBW has a gameplan and they know, for the most part, what they're doing when they're creating these blends. Newsflash, I don't think there is an evil villainous man smirking as he pours a bottle marked "COLOGNE" into various waxes, twirling his curled mustache and laughing maniacally knowing that he has ruined some BBW enthusiast's day. Nor do I think someone went "oops!" as he or she accidentally knocked over cologne into the wax either. These blends are made on purpose!

Bottom line people have different tastes; some like the bakery scents, some like the fruity or floral scents and yes, believe or not, people like the cologne-y scents. Stop the hating and just appreciate the fact that BBW is catering to EVERYONE! If you think a scent might possibly be cologne-y  and you're anti-cologne-y scents, DON'T BUY IT! Or simply be open-minded and try it anyway. If you don't like it, simply exchange it for something else. Acknowledge the fact that somewhere out there, there is someone who will appreciate and even love that cologne-y scent before you bad talk it!

In closing, can't we all just get along?!


*drops mike

NEWNESS UPDATE: 2013 Winter Holiday Test Scents Part Deux; Fresh Picked

So apparently there's gonna be a Fresh Picked line for winter...

I dunno what I think of this...

I mean it worked for spring/summer and fall...but winter? Isn't that kinda pushin it?!

Scents include...

  • Brown Sugared Apples
  • Sugared Lemons
  • Sweet Clementine
  • Sparkling Berries & Pears
  • Market Herbs
  • Winter Café
  • Mulled Cider
  • Cinnamon Tea

  • Hmmmm...with the exception of Brown Sugared Apples, Mulled Cider and Winter Café, none of these sound very wintery.

    I wonder how many of these are totally new or repackages...

    Brown Sugared Apples - Apple Ale
    Sugared Lemons - Limoncello?
    Sweet Clementine - Sicilian Orange?
    Sparkling Berries & Pears - Bellini Café?
    Market Herbs - Tuscan Herbs or Garden Mint?
    Winter Café - obviously Espresso Bar
    Mulled Cider - Spiced Cider or Spiced Apple Toddy?
    Cinnamon Tea - ....I got nothin! 

    You know what..I think I'm gonna pass on these!

    Check out Lifeinsidethepage for pictures and info

    SHOP 'N' GO: My Fall Haul

    Well guys, it's official...I am ready for fall!!!

    And to make it even more official, I present.....

    MY FALL HAUL...a CORNUCOPIA of scents, if you will...

    So let's get into it....

    So my first fall purchase was Flannel, which as you already know I bought out of desperation cuz I needed a scent for the bedroom stat. I broke my two BBW rules; I bought a candle full priced as opposed to buying during 2 for $22 and I bought it online without sniffing it in the store first. Of course, days after I received this in the mail, BBW announced they were having a friggin 2 for $22 sale! Needless to say I was pissed. However I don't regret buying this cuz my bf and I did grow to like its uniqueness.

    Fast forward to that weekend during 2 for $22...the bf and I went nuts!!!

    First thing that Friday, I decided to bundle my nerves and make my first test store phone order. I really REALLY wanted Tailgate and was pissed that it didn't go wide. So I decided that it was either now or never. So I called the Easton response. I said "screw them" and moved on to the nest store, Paramus. I spoke with a very sweet SA and I was quite relieved that they not only had a 2 for $22 goin on but they had Tailgate! So from them I bought...

    • Tailgate
    • Applewood Bonfire

    Later that day, I made an online order and bought some bulbs and a room spray
    • 2 Autumns (decorated version)
    • 1 Leaves
    • 1 Blackberry Spice
    • 1 Pumpkin Carving
    • 1 Pumpkin Apple
    • Sweater Weather spray
    The next day the bf and I went to the store. The store barely had anything new since the last time that I was there, which was the Pumpkin Preview in July. In fact the only new candle the store had was Blueberry Pumpkin Patch...which smells EXACTLY like Trix cereal or Fruity Pebbles. I also found out that my fav SA at the store was leaving and that day was his last day, sadness. Since the stock was a little disappointing, we decided to use the opportunity to stock on some fall staples. We got...
    • 2 Leaves
    • 1 Cranberry Woods
    • 3 Black Pepper Bergamots
    We also got a couple of deep cleansing soap (which I just realized I didn't include them in this pic)
    • Montana Mountain Air
    • Heartland Harvest Marmalade
    • New England Autumn Bouquet
    • Aspen Autumn Day
    Later that day, the bf and I made separate online orders
    He bought...
    • Cider Donut
    • Sweater Weather
    • Black Pepper Bergamot
    I bought...
    • 1 Boathouse Row bulb
    • a Lavender Chamomile shower gel (for my mom's birthday)
    • another Sweater Weather room spray
    And of course we used $10 off $30 coupons in the store and either free shipping or 20% off codes online for all of the purchases!

    So that my friend is it! We are completely stocked for the fall! I don't think I or my bf will be making anymore purchases til the winter scents come out in stores..since folks can't make phone orders to test stores anymore! Remember in one of my recent posts, I spoke of a backlash... Anyhoo, we're pretty happy with our haul; we probably won't start putting out the fall scents til the Autumnal equinox aka first day of fall. Or maybe I'll burn something for fun on my birthday this weekend...who knows...

    Oh btw I do have a vid on Youtube about this haul, so by all means check it out!!!