NEWNESS UPDATE: Cork & Vine/Vineyard Collection

So, it's not even summer yet officially and SAS hasn't even started....and there are already fall candles testing!!! And get this..a fall collection with absolutely NO cinnamon/caramel/apple/pumpkin notes...WHAT?!!! THATS FRIGGIN UNHEARD OF!!! And get's inspired by WINE..well, more to the point WINE COUNTRY!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...the CORK & VINE/VINEYARD COLLECTION

The packaging is pretty darn beautiful and the names are super intriguing....

Unfortunately, most of the new scents sound like straightup repacakages

Returning scents in this collection include - Sundrenched VineyardHarvest Gathering, Citron Cedarwood and a candle based on a popular soap, Black Cherry Merlot.

The new scents are...

Napa Valley Sunset -  Napa Valley vineyards are the most romantic at sunset. Notes of velvety fig, soft oakmoss and luminous white musk recapture this golden hour (At first I thought Winter Fig but on second thought, I'm thinkin maybe Autumn Day/Autumn Night)

Wine Cellar - Explore a blend of warm cedarwood, red fruit and precious saffron inspired by a California wine expert's ultimate collection (Now there was a "Wine Cellar" candle in the Prestige collection back in the day...I think it was repackaged as Smoked Berries and Incense in the Opulence and Intrigue collection..however...these notes sound EXACTLY like the notes for Be Daring)

Sparkling Pear Riesling - The bright, crisp Riesling grape and juicy California pears combine to create a refreshing, fruit-driven vintage (If this isn't White Pear Champagne, I'll be extremely surprised)

Sonoma Spiced Citrus - Back in California sunshine with a touch of spice in the fragrance of green cardamom, yellow citron and warm tonka bean (for reason, I keep thinkin this is gonna be Spiced Pumpkin Cider..though it could Orange Clove from back in the Slatkin Days)

I have no clue when this collection is coming out or if it even will (I assume July or August). I also don't know if this'll be a White Barn exclusive collection or will go nationwide to all stores. There are, as always, available on Ebay via makingsunshinehappen and fabulousthriftymamma.

RANT OF THE DAY: Tropical Scent Overload

Ok, is it just me or is there a ridonkulous amount of tropical/beachy scents this spring? It's like BBW said "EFF YOU SPRING" and went straight to summer!

First we had the Tiki Beach collection - Tiki Beach, Island Marg, Oceanside..the usual beachy summery crap we see year after year! They're summer staples so it makes sense

Then we had the Brazilian collection, which I totally count as tropical

Then we had that Hawaiian collection, despite already having already done a Hawaiian themed collection last year

Recently we received the infamous former White Barn exclusive ombre'd to death Turquoise Waters collection

And now White Barn has the "ribbed for her pleasure" Tahiti Island Dream collection, which besides the main candle, the others are pointless...Eucalyptus Mint & Wave, really?

And lastly White Barn has what I call "there once was a man from Nantucket" collection - Summer Seaside or Lighthouse or whatever they're calling. Granted it's not "tropical" but it certainly has a summer at the beach vibe

We only had three spring themed collections - White Barn Market, Happy Home and Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

We also got Renew & Refresh and Lavender Vanilla in the White Barn core collection and First Bloom as the Mother's Day candle...that's it!

The poor spring themed collections were totally outnumbered and overshadowed by the summer/tropical scents

I mean compare this spring to last spring...we had Spring St Sweet Shoppe, Fresh Picked, Springtime in Provence, Garden Party (I'm not counting Destinations). Tropical/summer -wise we only had Tiki Beach, Aloha Hawaii and Coastal Cool..slightly outnumbered but not by much. Overall that spring/summer ration was for the most balanced.

Not this go round. Everything is coconut this and mango that and papaya e'rythang! Here a beach, there a beach, e'rywhere a beach beach!

I'm anal when it comes to seasonal scents. After winter, I want some springtime floral scents! Especially this past winter with me dealing with snow and ice and hardcore cold for the first time, I was desperate for some spring action to cure the winter blues...but the pickins were beyond slim; thank god I had some leftover Garden Party scents stocked up. I can't go from wintery scents to tropical scents, I need to transition!

And how many times are we gonna see Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle Bouquet?! It's in 2 separate collections this year! And the only spring newness we got was Beautiful Day in SD&ST.

BBW I beg you, can we please have some balance this next year; equal ration of spring and summer scents please and thanks?

Have one "beach" collection and one "tropical locale" collection?

Can we have something other than friggin Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle Bouquet? Bring back some classics - Verbena Waters, First Bloom, Garden Party, Flowershop, Orchard Petal, Sunkissed Blossom, Drenched Apple Blossom. Hello, muthaeffin SPRING, what the hell happened to that one?! We had Autumn in fall and Winter in Spring in Spring, really?

And can ya'll PUH-LEAZE bring back the cocktail scents - Malibu Smash, Paradise Daiquiri, Sparkling Mojito, Island Colada, Raspberry Sun Tea? These newbies out there would go apeshit for these!

And come on, bring back the classics - Calypso Sun, Caribbean Salsa, Tropical Spice..hello Seaside Escape...rename em, repackage em, do what y'all want but give us the goods!!

I don't think I'm askin for much...

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Bowties and Bourbon

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom 
Time Period: beginning of April - mid May

Description: A blend of polished dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon spirits that's got all of the elegance and charm of a Southern gentleman

So as y'all already know, I LOVE the "cologne-y" scents. That said, I didn't quite know what to think of this one; the notes just weren't jumpin out at me. However I was still rather curious. At the time, this collection was only available at White Barn, so I made a phone order and purchased this and
Southern Sweet Tea

It was love at first sniff!!!

Performance-wise, this candle has been excellent! Big plump mushroom tops and very high steppin flames. And there was always a deep and even wax pool; even though the wax is a beautiful cerulean blue, it melts into a weird brown color (like Flannel when it first came out) And the throw, OMG the throw, sheer utter perfection! It's not too strong and definitely not too weak, just perfect. The scent wraps around you like the tight embrace of a hot sexy man!

And now the scent... When I first heard about this scent, I thought of every dark , sweet, woody manly type scent I could think of -  Ski Lodge or Vanilla Firewood or Vanilla Cedarwood. Luckily it was none of those - it was an actual new scent! That said, there has been some debate in the BBW community as to what it actually smelled like. Some say it smells like Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods (uuum, no), while others say that it smells like Flannel (close but no cigar). However there is a small of group of us who think that it smells like my bae Boathouse Row. That said, it's not a repackage...I repeat, it's not a repackage! However, there's a note (the oak maybe?) that smells very similar to woody notes in Boathouse Row. That said, I can see why people describe this as similar to VB or Flannel; like VB and Flannel, BT&B shares the same citrusy "cologney" bergamot note. Now that bourbon note...I guess? There is dark brown sugar-like sweetness but whether or not it's "bourbon" remains to be seen. Overall, the best word for this scent is SEXY, it just smells like a hot sexy man period of end of story!

The wf bulb is pretty nice with a nice throw but I gotta say the candle is soooo much better.

I LOVE this scent sooo much!!! It's been a REALLY long time since I got a really amazing cologne-y scent. For me, BT&B is right up there with my other cologne-y baes - Black Pepper Bergamot and Boathouse Row, And like those two, I will definitely be stocking up! If you haven't bought any already, I highly recommend that you do!


Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: beginning of April - mid May

Description: This blend of brewed iced tea, sugar cubes and a lemon twist celebrates the South where the tea is sweet and life is even sweeter

When I first heard about this bad boy, I didn't know quite what to think. On the one hand, I was excited to have a tea scent. However, I wondered how close what this be to everyone's favorite, London Calling? Sadly, for whatever reason, SST remained an exclusive..which made absolutely no sense! The collection is called "Screen Doors and SWEET TEA" for pissakes! Furthermore, some of the scents that were released nationwide were, well, lame ie Veranda Garden. Anyhoo, I digress. So my curiousity got the best of me and I started hunting around for this scent. I found a couple on Evilbay but the sellers were charging waaaaayyyy too much for it (unless it's Slatkin or all time fav not in stores, I will not pay over $25 for a candle). Luckily I was able to make a phone order to a White Barn and during a 2/24 sale. I gotta say, I'm soooo glad I did as this has become a fav of mine!

Performance-wise, SST has been excellent, utter perfection!!! Despite not have mushroom tops, there were always consistently high dancing flames and make deep and beautiful amber wax pool. And the throw...omg the's a killer - KO all the way! The throw is punch you in the face strong and I love it. This candle is the epitome of what a BBW cadle should be!

Now you're probably SST a repackage of London Calling or how close is SST to London Calling? They're both very similar but there is definitely a difference betwixt the two. They both share a Lipton Ice Tea powder type fragrance but that's it. I feel like LC is more sweeter and slightly heavier on the lemon. SST, despite the name, is bit more on the astringent side (I'll talk about that in a minute) and (it could be my nice playing tricks cuz NO ONE has mentioned this) I get the tiniest hint of floral in the background, like rose or something. Anyhoo, I think this should've "London Calling" and London Calling should've been "Southern Sweet Tea"

The main complaint that this candle has gotten was that it's too bitter...and it is! The overall scent is very sharp and astringent...but I gotta say, I like that! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of super sweet diabetes inducing scents and if SST were more sweet, I probably wouldn't have liked it so much. With that said, I can see why some people were a little disappointed; with a name with "sweet" in the title, it should damn well be sweet!

At any rate, I am very happy with this scent and as I said before, it has become a fav of mine; it's been a looooooooooong time since I have gotten a scent that I truly loved and want to repurch if not stock up! I daresay SST is rivaling Espresso Bar as my go to weekend morning breakfast/afternoon brunch scent. And it's an absolutely perfect refreshing scent spring and especially summer. If you're a huge fan of London Calling, you should probably pass this scent right on by cuz you'll probably be disappointed. However if you like a good iced tea scent and don't mind it not being sweet...and you're fortunate enough to live near a White Barn (fingers crossed, it may appear in stores during SAS), GET IT, YA HEAR?!


WALK 'N' SNIFF: White Barn Goodness

So the candle gods have finally took pity on me and answered my prayers. This week a new White Barn store opened....AT GARDEN STATE PLAZA IN PARAMUS!!!!!!!

*cue heavenly angelic choir singing

When I heard the news (you know who you are and again thank you), I am almost fell out of my chair and fainted. Naturally had to satisfy my curiousity so today my bf and I made a trip out there to see what we could see.


The store is not too far from where the original store was...and it is gorgeous; beautiful layout!

Unfortunately, they did not have the Destination candles (not that I was remotely interested in those)nor did they have the Poptails collection (which I was very interested in)  but it did have some goodies as you can see. So without further ago, lets start the "walk n sniff" review!

Let's first rap a taste the Turquoise Water collection. Most of the candles in this collection are returning scents that most of you are already familiar with so I'll only review the two completely new scents.

Pomelo Paradise - Honestly this was the ONLY candle that I was interested in and I did end up buying one recently online during the 2/24 sale. Based on the notes and the tumbler color, it's easy to assume that it's a repackage of Coastal Sun aka Citrus Flower. It's not a direct straightup repackage however it's too similar to call it totally new. The scent has definitely been tweaked - Coastal Sun with a twist. I was hoping it would be similar to Pomelo Grapefruit but nope. Despite what the name amd notes suggest, there's no tart mouthpuckering  grapefruit action at all. It has the same sweet vaguely citrusy Sunny Delight smell that CS has. The difference is that there are some tropical notes in the background; there's a heavy candy-like papaya note, I don't get mango at all. Basically PP smells like CS with a hint of Papaya Sunrise. It's nice and very summery/beachy but it isn't anything special

Island Tiare Flower - This is probably gonna be the runaway hit of this collection. Personally I wasn't a big fan of this one cuz it contains my two least favorite types of scents - floral and coconut. First of all, completely disregard the notes cuz it's total BS. You get a very heavy heady borderline powdery gardenia note (which is what "tiare flowers" are) mixed with a fresh sweet coconut water note. The combination of the two notes makes it kinda smell like a tropical themed fabric softener. It's a pleasant clean feminine scent, perfect for a bathroom or boudoir for summer

The store also had what my buddy TTFT/Josh called the "ribbed for her pleasure" candles. We caught a glimpse of Tahiti Island Dream candle with the ribbed green tumbler (which is actually quite heavy) but it's actually a whole collection. Along with TID, there's Endless Weekend, Meet me in Tahiti, Rainforest Gardenia (I think?), Ocean Driftwood and Eucalyptus Mint and Waves (Rain) - if you look closely, this collection is in the pic above.

Tahiti Island Dream - I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not the biggest fan of candles based on body care; honestly I only sniffed it for the sake of this review. On cold sniff, it smells very very similar to another body care onspired candle, Endless Weekend. The notes you smell in EW you basically smell in TID; you get a orange-y citrusiness , some vanilla action and some coconut. The bodycare notes mention kiwi/kiwi blossoms...I guess? The only difference betwixt the two I think EW is slightly more sweeter and TID is more musky.

And now the part that you've been waitin for, an exclusive collection that you probably have only gotten to see on social media...the Seaside Summer Collection. I won't waste my time or yours talkin about Beach Cabana, Summer Boardwalk and Coastal Sun cuz those are scents that everyone is (or should be) familiar with those scents

Beach Grass - So for all y'all new BBW-ians out there, BG is returning scent - it came out back 2012 in a collection called "Summer Boardwalk". That and the rest of the collection made a special appearance at last year's Summer SAS. Anyhoo, BG is very fresh, very crisp and very clean. Think along the lines of Renew&Refresh. The difference is BG is more green, obvi. You get a whiff of fresh floral a la freesia with crisp dewy green notes.

Suntan - this was also part of that Summer Boardwalk collection back in the day. It came back a year later renamed Poolside. Now last summer there was a failed test scent in the Coastal Cool collection also called "Suntan" but it was actually a repackage of an old Slatkin scent called Beachside (also repackaged as another failed test scent Sunny St. Tropez)  I think this version of Suntan might be the latter. The original Suntan/Poolside was super strong, heavy on the coconut and smelled like straight legit suntan lotion. This one not so much; this Suntan is very light and more heavy on the citrus..which makes me think that it might be Beachside. It doesn't smell like actual suntan lotion but rather a sunscreen/body spray or perfume. It also kinda has summer beach spa vibe to it. The notes for Beachside were orange blossoms, ylang-ylang and white musk...that's essentially what I smell.

Lighthouse - I didn't and still don't know what to think of this one. The notes for this bad boi were beyond vague so I had absolutely no idea what this was supposed to smell like. After sniffing it, it was kinda disappointing. It's just a fresh air/fresh water scent; it kinda smells like Sydney Harbor but without the eucalyptus. The problem with this candle is that it smells awfully cheap and generic, like something you'll find in Target/Marshalls/Homegoods. I'm also not a fan of the bright red wax; it should've been a light tan or blue or sea foam green. Anyway, this scent is an easy pass!

Coral Seashell - I absolutely HATED this one! At first I thought this was gonna be a repackage of Calypso Sun or Carribean Salsa..nope! It's new but not good. All you smell is peach and BBW does not have a good track record with peach scents - they all smell mushy and musty and this one is not the exception. And it could've been my nose playin tricks on me but I smelled some spice, like Tropical Spice or that Pineapple Samba mess from the Brazilian collection. To me, CR reminded a lot of Harvest Peach from last fall - spicy rotten armpit-y peach yuckiness.

Nantucket Sails - As y'all already know, I love me some cologne-y scents so I was super curious about this one. Again, I was kinda disappointed cuz it smelled all too familiar. It basically smelled like Sage&Cedar aka Black Tie but with a splash of grapefruit. I also get the tiniest faintest hint of salt, like ocean air/seaspray salt. But I cant get past the Black Tie aspect of it though. It's not bad but again a little disappointing.

Summer Bonfire - This might be the star of this collection. However, with that said it's very VERY strange! There have been a couple of people on social media saying that it's a straightup repackage of Marshmallow's not! However it's very similar! As you may or may not know the most recent incarnations of MF was actually a repackage of Summertime Smores from the Lakeside collection; the original smelled much stronger and better...and that's what Summer Bonfire smells like. You also get a faint hint of orange that's sweetened by the vanilla/marshmallow notes which gives this scent a more summery feel. There's also an unexplained earthiness and dirtiness that makes you feel like you're outdoors. Essentially is candle is just a hodgepodge of notes that you wouldn't think would go together but somehow it works. I'm not 100% sold on this one but I love the fact that it's different and unique.