RANT OF THE DAY: Mahogany Madness

Ok so there's Mahogany Balsam, then Mahogany Coconut, then Mahogany Apple...and you thought BBW had reached it's peak of wtf-ery with Mahogany Peach but nope...there's one more to add to the list. BEHOLD!

source: lifeinsidethepage/@bathandbodyworksdailyfinds

Oh yes my friends, you've read right and your eyes are not deceiving you... 

Mahogany f***ing COTTON!!!

I've already gotten word from candle buddies who have seen the actual candle and that it smells just as awful as it sounds - Pure White Cotton mixed with Mahogany Stankwood. Why lord Jeezuz WHY?!

Seriously BBW, are you guys just going down the list of notes that to add to the MT formula?

Ok I get MT is your "top seller"..lord knows anytime I mention my disdain for this damn scent on social media, teenybopper sales associates come out of the woodwork to remind that it's their number one scent and they all end their rebuttal with the same lame line "just because you don't like it doesn't mean that others shouldn't" And for the record, it's not that I don't like it; I had one years not too long after it first came out way before all the hype and I thought it was ok. My problem is we see it too much; there's one in every single collection all year round every single season. And now there are two different versions of MT in the core collection! And call me crazy I don't see any difference between the regular MT and the "high intensity" MT.... and why does MT get to be intensified?! Should ALL BBW's candles be intense?!

At any rate, I guarantee you for every bored housewife and college teenybopper that buys MT there are that many people who actively dislike it for the same reason I did - we see it too much!

Then to add insult to injury, to capitalize on MT's supposed popularity and success, these Mahogany monstrosities which all smell like some other candle doused in Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne...OK I admit, I do love me some Mahogany Coconut (of all things) but the others can kindly kick rocks posthaste!

Now if McDonalds decided to experiment and added a slice of pepperoni pizza in their Big Mac, everyone would be like "ummm, dafuq?!" RIGHT? Well how the hell are the mahogany mixes any damn different?

And BBW, it's not like y'all are capable of newness and creating some truly unique blends - Autumn Sunshine...Winter Mint & Spruce... and the mack daddy grand slam homerun yass queen one of the all... BLACK TEA ROSE...quite possibly the most different, unique, sophisticated, elegant, high end fragrances to come out of BBW in years! And then y'all come around and make this damn travesty..really BBW?

Are y'all really that afraid of scaring of the basic bitches of America and that y'all feel compelled to churn out as many MT and MT-esque facsimiles as y'all possibly can to entice them to stay? Do y'all really and truly think these mahogany monstrosities is gonna keep y'all in business?

Keep Mahogany Stankwood in the core line year and move the f*** ON! Stop adding random ass notes to this damn candle! These mahogany blends are not doing yall any favors; contrary to what you may think, your mahogany doesn't bring all the boys to the yard!

And cotton? Really? How does that go with mahogany? Then again, how does balsam or coconut or apple and especially peach go? Oh yeah that's right, IT DOESN'T!!!



RANT OF THE DAY: The Mystery of Black Tea Rose

Black Tea Rose has caused quite a bit of controversy and intrigue amongst candle enthusiasts. Pictures of it starting appearing on social media whipping candlelovers into a frenzy. From the interesting name hinting at the possibility of newness  to that sleek, mysterious, seductive black jar, it made everyone (myself included) very intrigued.

Then the wf bulbs  appeared online along with the rest of WB Core collection. Surely the candle wouldn't be far behind...or so we thought. And so we waited...and waited...and waited. Eventually there was a rumor floating aboutsaying what we all assumed - BTR failed test phase and wasn't going wide. "How could that be" we thought, "there's a wf bulb online!" Spring Balsam and Spring Leaves and especially Mahogany Peach goes wide...but not BTR..WTF?!To further complicate matters and rile more feathers, there was a promotion pic on IG for 12.50 sale showing all of WB core candles...including BTR! Everyone, myself included, were utterly confused.

Although I had a feeling it was gonna make a very late and random appearance, part of me wasn't so sure and so, better to safe than sorry, I asked my gurl Jenn/@theshow78 to pick me up one while they were still in test stores and she did. Now I have one and BTR has started popping up in (WB) stores because of course. But they were no longer in that sleek sexy black tumbler anymore but in a dull smoky grey tumbler instead.

So awhile back, a candlebuddy of mine sent me a pic of the new grey BTR  and it kinda annoyed me; BBW halted the nationwide release of this candle just to give it a new tumbler...why? Well I had a theory...so Mahogany Stankwood has a dark brown tumbler while the "High Intensity" one is black...maybe they didn't want another dark/black candle? If that's truly the reason, it's stupid..but that's par for the course with BBW.

So now BTR is slowly making appearances in stores and there was much rejoicing throughout the land though the candle still not without some controversy.

First of all, people seem to be divided based on the smell and are on either two different extremes - the side that loves it and the side that hates it with no middle ground. Those who love it enjoys it's uniqueness and sophistication and are enraptured by the blend of notes. Those who hate it complain about it's earthiness/dirtiness with one note (cedar) overpowering the others or that it's just "cologney". Well all I have to say is that is there is no accounting for taste; BTR is not for pussies and have to have a sensitive and sophisticated taste to appreciate it.

Also, those who have smelled both the black test version and the grey wide release version say that the grey version smells different, sweeter and missing some uumph. Now rewind back to last year; sometime in the fall there was a transitional collection of woodsy scents in  wood grain tumblers and in that collection was a scent called "Golden Amber & Oak " (Golden Amber, Pink Peppercorn, Black Rose Petals)..which is very close to the notes of BTR. Tinadivalicious said in his review vid BTR was a repackage with a twist...though some argued that the two were similar but not a repcakage. However those same people are now suggesting that this new version of BTR smells more like Golden Amber Oak - that for the nationwide release, BBW repackaged GAO instead - perhaps this version was more palatable to the BBoA..who knows

At any rate, I am pleased as punch to have the old black BTR in my possession and look forward to the sniffing and buying the new version as I am in LOVE with this scent; in my opinion, it is the most unique, elegant, high end, sophisticated scent I've ever smelled from BBW. I think it's a little too high end for them; this is a scent I would expect at a high end boutique for 40 50 60 dollars a pop. Since it'll be awhile before I burn this (as I'm not ready for spring scents just yet) I'll do a brief cold sniff review.

So if you're expecting this to be a brewed tea (as rose black tea is a thing) beverage inspired scent a la London Calling, you will be disappointed. If you're expecting this to a pretty feminine girlygirly pink floral scent a la Winter Rose, you will be disappointed. Contrary to what the notes may suggest, BTR is very masculine, it's unisex cologney. The main dominant note is a dry unpolished cedar very similar to Winter Cedar/The Original. Now some people have complained that the cedar is too dominant but I wholeheartedly disagree; it's very well balanced in my opinion. Then you get a blend a fresh unbrewed tea leaves that adds a greeniness and astringency as well a dewy fresh off of the bush (tea) rose petals. I also get notes that aren't mentioned in the description such as sweet yet spicy/piquant pink peppercorn with maybe a touch a green cardamom as well as a hint of amber. Jenn/@theshow78 right an ridonkulously eloquent in depth review where she mentioned that BTR had a leathery "animalic" quality to which I agree; that said, I don't know if there is actual musk involved or if it's just the amber, cedar and tea leaves all playing againt each other giving that animalic effect. Whatever the case is, it works! It's lush, it's dark, it's sensual, it's regal; it also gives me kinduva British vibe like Boathouse Row did; I can imagine one of the Princes or one of the Buckingham Palace guards wearing a fragrance like this.

In conclusion, if you haven't seen BTR yet, just be patient and keep the faith; you'll get to sniff it soon enough. When you do see BTR in your local store, approach it with an open mind and no expectations because I guarantee it won't smell the way you think it will. If the initial cold sniff doesn't blow you away, walk away and then come back to it; give a few sniff before you make up your mind. And gawdsakes, do not buy it if you don't like it just so you can show off in social media; if you don't like it all, leave it on the shelf for someone else to buy and appreciate. And if you love it, pat yourself on the back for have outstandingly good taste.    


Well technically it wasn't the last day but the day before the last day. The bf and I went to the mall and of course we our..my first stop was WB. There was that $12.50 sale on all candles...friggin finally!

So let me get the WALK N SNIFF out of the day. I got to sniff more stuff that wasn't in stores for my last WALK N SNIFF

Mineral Spring - I was initially intrigued as I love watery scents and people who smelled said it smelled familiar but couldn't place it. Well after sniffing it I was no longer intrigued and just as perplexed by everyone else. It's vaguely watery in a BBW-ian cucumber/melon kinda way with some kinda of white floral blend as well as a hint of something orangey like bergamot, maybe mandarin. It kinda gave me a Paris Daydream / Sparkling Icicles kinda vibe. It also had a weird Sparkling Woods-esque ammonia/bleach/cleaner aspect that was a little off putting

Lily of the Valley - so there was a failed test scent with the same name in the Fresh Picked collection in 2014 but it was just a watered down version of Lilac Blossom. Fortunately this isn't that. Unfortunately, it's not very exciting. I'll give it an A for accuracy as it does smell like lilies. But it's just so non-descript and blah - fresh slightly powdery dewy white florals - light, breezy and feminine for those who like those kinds of scents

Spring Balsam - first of all, wtf is a "spring balsam"? And what's more confusing is why are there ocean notes..last time I checked there aren't balsam trees by the ocean! Furthermore you don't smell anything oceanic or watery or sea salty. It's basically Fresh Balsam without eucalyptus with an added vague green leafy note and the hint of a nondescript powdery floral note. The combination just smells really wrong and on a whole it smells really plasticy, like a fake Christmas tree that was left out in the elements

Sea Salt Pineapple - so right off the bat it's not Pineapple Punch from way backintheday (which I was hoping for) nor is it Pineapple Palm Grass or Golden Pineapple Luau; it is it's own entity, it is newness! And that's where the excitement ends. Again, it's nondescript and not very exciting. The pineapple note is authentic, very bright, juicy and succulent. And you do get a hint of seal salt and salty air accords that gives it a more outdoorsy tropical flavor. I do hesitate to say I smell mango but more a melange of tropical fruits, like Doles tropical fruit salad.  Think of this as Pineapple Mango done right and improved...which would be great if Pineapple Mango wasn't already in this collection

Mahogany Peach - OMG..I was so excited to sniff this monstrosity as I knew it was gonna smell just as bad as I thought it would...it did not disappoint! It is just wrong! Seriously who was the genius who thought it was a groundbreaking mindblowing coochie-creaming idea to mix peach with Mahogany Stankwood..and that's literally what it smells like. It's the same mushy overripe armpit-y peach note we get in almost all of BBW's peach scents with Mahogany Stankwood. It smells like a hobo eating a rotten peach fresh from the garbage in the mall in front of an Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Tomato Vines - so right of the bat this is a repackage of failed test scent Heirloom Greens from 2014. It smelled less like garden greens and more like tomato vines..so this repackage (for once) made sense and worked. So yeah, it smells like tomato vines and leaves - bitter, astringent, a little bit of freshness and greeniness, with a touch of earthiness; it really does to transport you to a garden picking fresh tomatoes. While I applaud the authenticity and I normally love the outdoorsy earthy green scents, I couldn't see myself burning this all the time

Sunlit Gardens - there was quite some buzz about this on social media as it appeared outta nowhere, especially because those who sniffed said it was familiar. As soon as I sniffed it, I knew instantly what it was - Green Grass, aka Happy. It's very green scent - you get a green grass/green leaves note with a hint of lily and jasmine and a splash of lemon for brightness. 

So I made my purchase and I was chatting with my gurl Jenn (@theshow78) via IG who reminded to ask a SA to sniff the new and mysterious Strawberry Mimosa. So I did and sure enough there were some in the back. I sniffed it, wasn't impressed, thanked the girl and left. But something told me to go back and get it anyway. So I ended up going back and doing an exchange for it

Strawberry Mimosa - so there was sooooo much hype which pics of this surfaced on social media; everybody was losing their minds over it despite not really knowing the notes or what it smelled like. 

So the notes for it are "Wild Strawberry, Effervescent Lemon Zest, Sugar Crystals".... now does that sound like a mimosa to you cuz it doesn't to me. It sounds like pink/strawberry lemonade..why not just say that?! Why have this and Watermelon Lemonade in the same damn collection?! Why not replace WL with this and call it "Strawberry Lemonade"?! Doesn't make sense to you, doesn't make sense to me!

So when I first sniffed it, I thought what most people said about it ...Watermelon Lemonade with strawberry instead of watermelon. Then I was sniffing it at home and I started getting other notes and the blend smelled really familiar. Then it hit me...this sucker smelled like Pink Sangria...Pink Sangria with strawberry (some people said they got strawberry cream....I and most folks I've talked to don't get that at all). And it makes sense as Pink Sangria smelled nothing like sangria but rather pink lemonade..very reminiscent of Pomegranate Lemonade

So both Jenn and Tinadivalicious/@scentizens have bought and burned this candle already and have said that the strawberry note completely dissipates once the candle is lit and all you smell is Pink Sangria which kinda had a chemical/gasoline effect when burning

Soooo why didn't they just release Pink Sangria in the first place? Or Pomegranate Lemonade? Why the unnecessary rigmarole? Why add a strawberry note that's just gonna disappear? Stupidity.

Anyhoo, this is what I ended up getting. I'm pretty good on candles for the moment and got all the ones I wanted. Now I'm just wanted to say what clusterfuckery awaits further into spring....


DROPPIN CANDLE KNOWLEDGE: Bronzeblogger's Dictionary of Candle Terminology

In my years as a candle blogger/reviewer, I've encountered many people new to the BBW candleverse and are completely clueless of the terminology used in candle fandom. Just the other day, someone asked what "on cold (throw)" means and once I explained to her the definition, she admitted that she though it meant "smelling a candle in a cold room" This exchange inspired and prompted me to create a dictionary of sorts, a lexicon of candle vernacular with all the terms you need to as a candle enthusiast

Candle Burning Terms
Throw - the distance the smell of a candle travels
"warm" throw - the scent of a candle once it's lit
"cold" throw - the scent of an unlit candle. what you smell when you take off the lid. In the               candleverse, it's become slang to say "on cold"...personally I'm not a big fan of that phrase               and will always say "cold throw"

Pool - completely melted wax
"pooled out" - when the top layer of wax has melted from the wicks to the glass
"deep pool" - when the candle has been burning for awhile and the wax in melting completely             down

Tunneling - when only the wax directly below the wicks melts down eventually leaving the center hollow

Canyoning - when the heat of the flames only melts so much wax and there are hard chunks of unmelted wax along the glass

Mushroom tops - when the tops of the wick splits apart and creates a small ball of burnt soot once the wicks have been lit for awhile which leads to more intense flames which then melts the wax faster. There's some contention amongst candle burners whether mushroom tops are a good or bad thing; some leave them while others cut them off

PWS - "puny wick syndrome" - when the wicks shrivel from the heat and become skinny often causing stubby flames which lead to tunneling and/or canyoning

Dirty - the color of the wax that darkens due to soot seeping down from the lit wicks into the pool and settles in the wax, mainly happens to white/creme colors or light pastels

Curly wicks - when the wicks shrivel and literally curl downwards, sometimes into the wax

Dancing - the movement and flicker of tall flames

Stubby - very small and weak flames

Fresh Burn - the very first burn after buying

Candle Terms 
Repackage - an old scent that has been renamed and marketed as something totally different
Example: Black Tie is a REPACKAGE of Sage & Cedar

More often than not, people (mostly newbies) confuse a repackage with a rerelease, which are two totally different things.

Example: BBW brought back Leaves for the fall...the wax and/or label is different, but it's still the same candle - same name, same notes. That is a RERELEASE

BBW has a scent called "Spring Leaves" which is Leaves marketed as a spring scent..that is a REPACKAGE

If BBW took Winter and gave it a new label and released it with the same name - RERELEASE
If BBW took Winter and called it "Old Fashioned Christmas" - REPACKAGE

Repackage with a twist - a scent that is renamed and remarketed and either new notes are added or old notes are taken added to order to confuse customers into thinking it's new

Example: Berry Pumpkin Strudel is a repackage with a twist of Spiced Pumpkin Cider ie Spiced Pumpkin Cider with added berry notes

Slatkin/Slatkin era scent - any scent that was formulated and released by Harry Slatkin via BBW, any candle made before winter 2012

Example: Leaves, Winter, Fireside, Evergreen, Fresh Balsam, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Cranberry Woods, Merry Mistletoe etc are Slatkin scents

Test Scent - a candle that is released only to certain stores to see how popular it is or could be before the initial nationwide release. If it "passes" or "goes wide", it will eventually appear online and in stores. If it "fails", it will be sent away to the warehouse only to be possibly be seen during the Semi Annual Sale (SAS) or on the black market ie Ebay or Mercari

White Barn/WB exclusive - a scent only sold at WB stores as an incentive to shop there more frequently

Mandle- a woodsy/herbal/leathery scent with decisively manly/masculine vibe to it ie "cologney"

Fragrance Terms
Gourmand - any scent that is supposed to smell like an actual edible and drinkable object

Bakery - a scent that smells like a baked confection/baked treat. Sometimes sweet dessert scents or candy scents are placed under the blanket term of "bakery"

Conceptual - a blend of notes that are blended together to create a scent that captures/conjures a mood/feeling, atmosphere or setting/location; a scent that is NOT supposed to smell like an actual object

Floral - any scent that notes of flowers; a scent that is supposed to smell like an actual flower or blend of different flowers

Cologney - a term used by, for the most part, amateurs to describe a conceptual scent that contains herbal and/or (most likely) wood notes; a scent that "smells like a men's cologne" but with negative connotations - "cologney" referring to cheap or basic men's fragrance

I LOATHE this word! First of all, not all colognes are cheap and cheap smelling. Secondly there are different types of colognes, they all don't smell alike or contain the same notes. Third, it's lazy; it's often used by people who are used to scents smelling like a specific thing, usually in the bakery/gourmand category and can not pick apart notes properly with conceptual scents, so they use "cologney" instead. However there are scents that actually smell like a specific cologne ie Mahogany Stankwood smells EXACTLY like Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce..in that case, cologney is acceptable.

Old Lady/Perfumey -another amateur word used to describe (most often) a floral scent that smells like a fragrance a matronly women would wear

Funeral home - used to describe floral blends whose notes remind people of funeral wreaths

Toothpaste/dentist office - a mint (peppermint) heavy scent that's blended with other odd notes like citrus or cinnamon

Cleaner - a citrusy lemon/lemon balm/lemon verbena based scent blended with other odd notes that smells like a cleaning product

BBW's lemon scents rarely ever smell like actual lemons and either fall into 2 categories - candy (Limoncello) or cleaner (Lemon Verbena)

Fragrance note Terms
Notes - the fragrant components blended together create a single scent

BBW often quotes 3-4 notes (both real and imagined) in the description. However there are way more than 3-4 notes in a scent, many are invisible to the nose and some blended together to give the effect of one specific note (one "note" might be the combination of several other notes)

Top notes - what you smell on the initial first sniff and eventually disappears or trails off; often more fresh or sharp notes (ie citrus)
Middle Notes - what you smell after the first sniff that further gives you a better impression of what you're smelling, often the more smooth. soft  and mellow notes (ie florals)
Base Notes - the notes that is the foundation of the blend and acts as a glue holding the top and middle notes together as well as giving them more depth and richness (ie musk and sandalwood)

Fantasy note: a synthetic scent not found in nature, ie marshmallow

Musk - a fragrance component commonly used as base note in perfume and colognes as well as candles and oils. No longer made from animal glands, musk now are either plant based or synthetic, usually know as "white musk" because of it's clean/freshness and doesn't have the (animal butt) funk of natural musk

Citrus Musk - usually a combination of lemongrass, lemon, lime and bergamot with musk base note

Solar Musk/Notes - a blend of notes that are supposed to give the feeling of being out in the sun; usually a blend of gardenia, tiare, ylang-ylang and frangipani which all share a molecule called "salyciates" which give scents a sunny feel

Ozone/Ozonic - a synthetic chemical compound used to mimic the scent of lightning oxidizing the air ie that before/after the rain scent. Ozone is often used in watery scents, ie rain, snowy, fresh air, seawater. The main well known note in this compound is "calone", often used in cologne to give it a marine/seawater/ocean air feel

Petrichor - that "after the rain" earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil, the combination of chemicals in rainwater with oils from earth/soil and plant matter

White Floral - a blanket term for powdery and nectary flowers - orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, frangipani.

Green - notes that give off a "cut green grass or leafy vibe - sometimes actual green grass or leaves from fruits or flowers (fig leaf, violet leaf, tea leaf, ivy etc). Even certain herbs are considered "green" like basil, sage, rosemary, rhubarb, mint etc. Sometimes it also refers to more fresh smelling fruits and vegetables like celery, cucumber and avocado

Animalic - lusty musky notes meant to replicate animal musk which is no longer used for ethical reasons -think hairy sweaty animal ass and balls. Usually added to give a scent a sensual sexy vibe

Resinous - the technical definition is notes from oozing dripping teary tree sap; frankincense/olibanum and myrrh. Sometimes pine notes are described as resinous with it's turpentiney sap

Balsamic - again the technical definition is notes based from drippings/secretions of pods or bushes; vanilla/vanilla pods/vanilla orchids would be considered balsamic. Balsamic is usually used to described scent with almost vanilla-ish amber-y sweetness with a touch of woodiness

Coniferous - essential oils from pines, firs, cedars and cypress

Indolic - a chemical term used to describe rich, lush, heady white floral notes - tuberose, gardenia, orange blossom, honeysuckle, lilac and jasmine. On its own unblended, its smells similar to cat pee

Effervescence - bubbly, fizzy, sparkly nose tickling aspect of soda or champagne inspired scents. Usually made by "aldehyde", most synthetic but can naturally be found in rose, orange rind and cinnamon bark.

Phenolic - an organic compound (phenol) that often smells like a little dry, acrid, smoky and tar-ish; usually teas, coffees and chocolate scents and certain dark fruits like blackcurrant and pomegranate have a phenolic feel to them

Camphorous - cool, sharp, nose tingling coolness; think mothballs or Vick's Vapor Rub ie camphor (from which the name comes from), eucalyptus, certain kinds of lavender and pathcouli are camphorous

Menthol - organic compound made from mentha or mint; peppermint, spearmint, orange mint, garden mint, pennyroyal etc

*I'm only listing less obvious notes that most people probably haven't smelled before

Citron - a citrus fruit tree sometimes referred to as a cedrat lemon; similar to both lemons and limes.

Amber - real amber is not used in fragrances; its an accord (scent made of different notes to form one distinct note). It's a combination of various Oriental resinous notes often added to a blend give it warmth

Agarwood - more commonly known as "oud", it's the resin created by fungus attacking the Aquilaria tree and is popular in the Middle East and East Asia in incense and perfume. Nowadays synthetic versions are used. It's often described as balsamic with a musky vanilla/amber vibe to it

Bergamot - the oil from the non edible bergamot which is in the bitter orange family; it's best known as the main flavor component of Earl Grey Tea. It's a sweet heady and slight spicy citrusy scent; BBW often uses it in their "cologney" candles

Black Currant - a dark berry often made as jam, is used in a liqueur called "cassis" and is a popular flavor in the UK (the leaves are used to make teas). Its a rich dark fruity note with a hint of cat pee (to which it is described as animalic) BBW often uses it as a base note for alcoholic wine/champagne scents

Frangipani - also known as plumeria and is the flower that is made into leis in Hawaii and the South Pacific/South Seas. It's a very sweet, lush, heady "indolic" scent similar to magnolia, gardenia and tuberose with a hint of coconut.
Neroli - another member of the bitter orange family like bergamot; usually the blossoms are used in fragrances. It's bright, citrusy/orange-y with a slight metallic feel to it

Vetiver - the root of a grass commonly grown in India but can also be found in Indonesia and Haiti; sometimes vetiver is aged which enhances the scent. Its described as damp, musty and earthy
 with a hint of smokiness. It's often used in colognes and in BBW's cologney candles

Oakmoss - made from the lichen of oak trees, it has a wet, dampy earthy with a slight leathery undertone; often used in cologney scents

Tonka Bean - a thumb sized pod found mainly in Brazil with a scent similar to vanilla with a hint of spice and almond. Sold as  a vanilla substitute outside of the US

Sandalwood - the oil from the Sandal tree found in Asia. It's usually used as a base note with a creamy, but acrid almost vanilla-ish vibe

Cedar - usually its the oil from the leaves of cedar trees, but sometimes the roots and bark are used. Usually a dry slightly powdery "wood chips" type scent but can also slightly evergreen/piney/"Christmas tree" smelling

Tiare - a type of gardenia
Monoi - oil made from tiare macerated with coconut oil

Ylang-ylang - the bright yellow flower of the canaga tree in the Phillipines and Java; often called the poor man's jasmine. Very similar to jasmine, tiare and frangipani but slightly more richer, fruitier/citrus-ier and spicier

Pear Blossom/Apple Blossom - blossoms from the pear and apple tree; added to floral scents to give an extra freshness and dewiness

Patchouli - a bushy shrub grown in Malyasia and India. It's a very musty earthy scent usually usually associated with hippies

Peony - known as the king of the flowers; peonies has a soft dewy scent similar to roses but not as powdery and more fresh

Driftwood - blend of woody notes meant to capture flotsam/jetsam ie rotten sea salt crusted bits of trees or wood from ships blanched by the sun and cast adrift from the sea

Sea Salt - an accord meant to replicate the saltiness from the sea ocean air, often added to citrus notes, wood notes and caramel notes

Sage - the sacred herb; oil distilled from the velvety leaves of the salvia plant; very savory, earthy with a touch of pepperiness, very differnt from burnt smudges/sage ticks

Suede - suede is typically the underside of lamb, goat, pig or deer but that's not actually used in fragrance. Like leather, it's a synthetic blend used to ad an sensual, musky, velvety borderline woodsy aspect to a scent

Cherry Blossom - as cherry blossoms themselves are for the most part unscented, "cherry blossoms" are usually a blend of plum, apple and pear blossoms with basenotes of oakmoss and sandalwood with a hint of vanilla

Cashmere - also known as "blonde woods" , it's a synthetic blend made to capture the sweet, powdery aroma of soft, warm snuggly cashmere material

Pomelo -a citrus fruit similar  to a grapefruit often used a top note

Cardamom - oil made from the seeds - there are two kinds - black tends to be more earthy and smoky and green kinda has a light eucalyptus-mint type vibe

Elderflower - essential oil made from flowers, main flvor of st Germaine liqueur; it has a sweet honeyed moscato wine/grape flavor and aroma, slightly similar to chamomile

Sugarberry - also known as hackberry; the wood is used for furniture and the berries are edible. The scent is light, crisp and berry-ish

Tobacco - everyone assumes a tobacco scent smells like a burnt cigar...no. The tobacco leaves are used fresh or sometimes dried - it's slightly smoky, a little medicinal with a woody sweetness often compared to whiskey or maple. Because it's so heady, it's usually a binding basenote like musk, patchouli or vetiver

Verbena/Vervaine - a white/purple flowering plant whose blossoms have a distinctly fresh, green/grassy lemon/cintronella aroma
Lemon Verbena - a member of the verbena family whose lemony smelling leaves are used in fragrances as well as marinades, dressings and teas

Muguet - fancy French word for "lily of the valley"

Yuzu - a citrus fruit grown in Japan with a heavy grapefruit flavor/aroma with a hint of mandarin

If there is any note or term you don't know that I left, please let me know!

WALK 'N'' SNIFF: Spring 2017 Scents

So my bf and I..well more my bf than me really...had a case of cabin fever. He suggested we go to an outlet mall nearby since we hadn't go there in awhile. And the fact that this outlet mall did indeed have a BBW my bf used as further incentive to go. So we get there and my expectations are quite; all of the other BBW stores that I had been too prior were fruitless and disappointing. However much to both of our surprise, this store had NEWNESS!!!

The store had everything except Lily of the Valley (meh), Black Tea Rose (boo), Mahogany Peach (blegghh) Spring Balsam (ugh), Seasalt Pineapple and Tomato Vine

Ok so let's start with the remainder of the WB core collection; I talk about a few of them in my SAS WALK N SNIFF 

Orange Blossom & Driftwood - so I had zero interest in this whatsoever as the name and notes didn't appeal to me at all; I'm not a huge fan of orange based scents and I am extremely over BBW's overuse of "driftwood". However my bf picked it up and instantly liked it..which was a sign for me to give a sniff as he is not easily impressed. I was pleasantly surprised. So right off the bat it reminds me a lot of Summer Bonfire..not a repackage though! They both share the same sea salty woodsy base note. However unlike SB and unlike what the name suggests, don't get orange blossom so much as you get actual orange. It actually smells like a melange of orangey notes - there's regular fresh juicy orange, the same "cologney" bergamot common in BBW's "cologney" scents and I also get a slight hint of metallic neroli a la Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Seasalt. The orange melange blends very nicely with the driftwood (possibly some sandalwood as well) and there's sea saltiness that kinda freshens the blend. All in all, it's a very pleasant scent worth sniffing.

Spring Leaves - W...T...F...?!!!! When I first heard the notes for this scent and what folks said it smelled, I was astounded,  flabbergasted, discombobulated even. But having sniffed it, alas it's true...straightup repcakage with a twist of...LEAVES! It's been watered down and that musky nectar note has been taken out but otherwise it's the same..well somewhere between Leaves and Spiced Apple Toddy. How the f***  is this a damn spring sent?! Just because you put "spring" on the label"?! BBW , GTFOH with this stupidity!

OK now the marble sticker collection..which I do not understand wtf this collection is supposed to be or represent and I don't think BBW knows either

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - same scent fro the Taco Bell Collection..instead of calling them Cinnamon Churros cuz that's too ethnic for the basic bitches of America, they called it Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla. It's basically the original Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts sans the grease. Why BBW saw fit to put this in this collection is beyond but (*cough cough basic) people are losin their shit over it so what do I know...

Copper Coconut - there's really not much to say about this one, it's just straightup coconut. It kinda smells like the coconut note that's in Mahogany Coconut . It's coconut meat slightly sweetened with a vanilla or tonka bean note and you do get a bit of a warmth from the amber. It's not exciting nor is it impressive, it's just coconut

Bergamot Mint -  so backintheday there was a pocketbac called Nectarine Mint as well as a candle back in the Slatkin days..no clue if this is the same. Anyway the name and notes sound intriguing the actual scent..not so much. It's Eucalyptus Mint with orange; it kinda smells like a mix of Eucalyptus Mint mixed with  Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Sea Salt.

Mineral Spring - I realized that I didn't sniff this scent. I didn't even notice it was there despite it being right in my face. It wasn't until I posted a pic on Instagram that I spotted it. Next time I'm at BBW again I'll have to make it a point to find it and sniff it so I can review it

Now onto the Fresh Market collection..although I think the name of this collection is "Refresh" or something like that

Georgia Peach - is it me or has this scent been revamped? Market Peach has always smelled like gross over-ripe mushy peaches but this version smells more crisp and fresh. Perhaps my nose was playing tricks on me. It's still a very artificial peach scent but it doesn't smell as gross and rotten and armpit-y as it used to

Honey & Tangerine - as far as I can tell, this is a completely new scent but honestly, it's not very exciting. First of all this is soooooo light; you have to really huff to get any fragrance. And it's remarkably creamy but don't really know why or how. The top note is intense honey, like a floral honey blend like clover honey or orange blossom honey. Then there's a splash of sweet juicy (orange Life-saver) tangerine but it's completely overpowered by the honey. And hangin out in the background is very faint hint of spice like clove, maybe a hit of cardamom

NOTE: Many have said that it smells like Warm Milk & Honey and I can see the similiarity. However one lone voice may have solved the mystery of what this could be a repackage of - Aromtherapy Optimism. I can't agree or disagree as this was way before my time as a BBW'er

Wild Sage and Aloe - so I'm pleased to report this is the same WS&A from the desert/Southwest collection albeit ever so slightly lighter. It is a little on the cologney side, like an unisex body spray. You get a fresh cooling sort of vibe from the aloe along with a heady earthy sage note..but not the dried smudging bundle that's burned to clear bad mojo but the fresh almost velvety leaves. I get a hint of something else earthy in the blend - vetiver perhaps? The new notes mention black oak...I don't know about that. And there's an unmentioned citrisiness, like a lemon peel that sort  of perks up and lightens the blend. Forll anti-cologney haters, don't worry.. this isn't offensive and you might actually find yourselves liking it as it has a lot to offer - it's fresh and clean, a little earthy and just a touch masculine

Sugared Lemon Zest - so contrary to what you might think, this isn't the very over-rated and over-released Limoncello; this is a straightup repacakge of Lemon Drops from the Sweet Shop collection..which I believe for whatever reason the mason jar went wide and not the 3wick. It basically smells exactly like Lemonheads 

Praline Pecans - repackage of Pecan Pumpkin Waffles/Praline Pecan Cobbler/Candied Pecans....NEXT!

And now finally the "lattice" collection

Blue Sage & Sandalwood - so this scent is kinda throwin me for a loop. At first glance, the notes sounded suspiciously like Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods..nope. Then I thought maybe Sage and Cedar aka Black Tie..again, nope. It smells so friggin familiar but I can't put my finger on it. So right off the bat, it is a cologney scent. It's the same cologney bergamot that BBW uses all the time. You also get a strangely cohesive blend of sage and lavender that together has a very very fresh uplifting outdoors in the spring feel to it. I really like but I do have to sniff it again to figure out what it smells like

ADDENDUM: I think this may be the 2014 failed Destination candle Magnificent Milan which had basically the exact same notes.

White Tea & Pear - I was really excited about this one. First of all, I LOVE pear scents and secondly I was hoping this would be the grand return of one of Slatkin grand slam top classics Green Tea & White Pear which I unfortunately don't really remember scent-wise. Sadly I was quite disappointed with what I smelled..Sparkling Pear Riesling.  And I kept sniffing and resniffing hoping I was wrong, but nope that's what I smelled - Sparkling Pear Riesling without the sparkle. I get the same pear note but without the brightness and effervescence. There's a hint of citrusiness with a light almost floral aspect that I suppose could be "white tea". I'm truly hoping that there's a second batch that actually smells like GT&WP

Sweet Cherry Pie - this seems to be the runaway hit of this collection..and I don't know why. If you're expecting this to smell like an actual cherry pie, you're gonna be quite disappointed. It basically smells like Black Cherry Merlot mixed with Warm Apple Pie. You get the same sweet artificial Ludens Cherry cough drop note from BCM sans the red wine/muscadine grape note with the faint buttery pastry/crust note from WAP. It also has that same sweet syrupy canned fruit vibe/pie filling vibe that WAP has. Not at fan of this at all!

NOTE: Many people are saying that this smells so much better once lit and that the cherry note becomes less BCM smelling but have said it still smells like BCM. If you want to gamble, go for it!

RANT OF THE DAY: Winter Rose..Spring Balsam..Dafuq?!

Coconut in fall? Roses in winter? Balsam in spring? WTF?!

Are BBW's marketing execs putting a little extra something in their coffee? Are they taking LSD or Breaking Bad meth on their lunchbreaks? There's gotta be some explanation for the downright bizarre CHOICES they're making lately!

Now when Pumpkin Coconut first appeared back in fall 2015, people (basic and non-basic alike) lost their shit. I on the other didn't - COCONUT DOES NOT BELONG IN FALL!!! Now maybe if they had marketing it as a fall bakery treat and called it something like "Spiced Macaroon"...maybe. But "PUMPKIN Coconut"? No! We also saw Vanilla Snowflake repackaged as "Pumpkin Milkshake". As soon as I saw that mess with my own eyes, I knew things at BBW were only gonna get worse

Then the following winter we saw Jingle All the Way...mandarin, apple..COCONUT! Its bad enough that Vanilla Snowflake is still running wild but you throw yet another coconut scent in to the mix?! And the basic bitches of America loved it! We also also Market/Georgia Peach renamed "Golden Peach Sparkle" randomly tossed in the Celebration collection..cuz bitches love peaches, amirite?!

Now let's fast forward to 2016. Spring was kinda weird - there were surprisingly very little floral action goin on and unsurprisingly an overabundance of coconut scents and vaguely tropical scents. Fall, besides a few snafus, was ok and it kinda look like BBW was getting their proverbial shit together.....that is until winter rolled around

Snowflakes and Citrus aka Midnight Blue Citrus...huh?!
Holiday Sparkle aka Bergamot Waters...wait, what?
Peach Meringue..really bitch?!
Candied Pecans aka Pecan Pumpkin Waffles aka Praline Pecan Cobbler...dafuq?!
Sweet Cinnamon Spice aka Shit Cinnamon Poopkin...gurl bye!

And the biggest wtf moment of winter 2015..Winter friggin Rose!

*sigh winter roses are not a thing..because roses don't grow in winter..CUZ IT'S WINTER!

And maybe I could've gotten on board if there was something wintry about the scent - some kind of coolness, a touch of mint, a hint of pine...frankincense and myrrh..SOMETHING. Nope, straightup springtime blossoms...and not rose...PEONY! But (*cough cough basic) people bought it cuz it was pink and sparkly and floral

And now 2017 has arrived only to bring us more wtf-eries from BBW...particularly these 4 cringe-worthy monstrosities...

Okay no granted, Lavender Coconut ain't so bad, but it's a blend I would put together. The other 3...just ugh. I can just hear the marketing pitches for these abominations..

"Ok so we've already done balsam, coconut, and apple;what else can we add to Mahogany Teakwood? What about PEACHES?!!!"

"Lavender and coconut! It's a match made in heaven!"

"Let's take "balsam"(cuz bitches luv balsam) and add "ocean notes"..balsam trees grow by the beach right?"

"Everybody LOVES Leaves right?! Who says you have to have it only in fall?! Call it "Spring Leaves" and make it a spring scent..boom, mindblown!


If you're gonna create "newness", do it all the friggin way and make something unique. Making all these Frankenstein monster of mashed together scents is not creativity, it's laziness!

And adding "spring" or "winter" or "autumn" to the name of a scent does NOT make it seasonal! Buy a friggin calender and commit! Put in the scents that fit not because they're mildly liked by the basic masses!

Furthermore balsam belongs in winter, roses belong in spring, coconut belongs in summer and cinnamon of the pumpkin spice variety belongs in fall!

Get it the everlasting f*** together BBW ..STAT, ASAP, NOW!!!