CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Beach Glow ~ Salted Oak Bonfire *BF PICK*

Products: candle
Area used in: living room or bedroom
Time Period: whenever

Description: Wave-washed Oak, Glowing Embers, Sea Spray

This is another candle that my bf picked out and bought however unlike the last candle, this was one that I was initially intrigued with and actually enjoyed post sniff and post burn. So when this scent made its debut on social media, I was really hoping it would be the grand return of summer '15's Summer Bonfire..which was such a weird scent but I really like it. Sadly it wasn't that but it actually turned out to be an entirely new scent which is always a welcome surprised. I probably would've picked this one up at some point however I'm glad my bf was interested in this one enough to give it a try; he and I both enjoy woodsy/bonfire scents so it was a win-win situation.

So we've been burning this off and on on the weekends recently. The performance has been pretty decent so far - the flames have been high and there has been a consistent deep and even pool. The throw is shockingly light for scent of this kind. The scent will get lost and dissipate in a big room so it's better to try it in a smaller room like the bathroom or your boudoir.

So this is one of those confounding scents to describe as it's both simple yet complex. The best way I could describe is it's a summery/beachy version of Marshmallow Fireside. Imagine Summer Bonfire and Pumpkin Fireside making love on the beach with SOB being the end result. I get a little bit of both of those scents in this one - I get a creamy wood with salty air vibe from Summer Bonfire and embery woods with a hint of dark sweetness from Pumpkin Fireside. The notes mention oak...I mean I guess. It's not mentioned in the notes but I get an intense cedar note that definitely evokes Fireside/Marshmallow Fireside/Pumpkin Fireside. There's amber that gives the woodsy notes some warmth - amber is common in most bonfire/fireside scents. There is a beachy salty ocean air vibe, almost borderline laundry detergent/fabric softener-esque. Finally there's a bunch on unmentioned notes floating around in this scent which makes me wish BBW would be more honest with their notes. I get Summer Bonfire-esque citrus, like a orange peel and/or orange blossom/leaves. I also get a dark sweet spicy nuttiness like nutmeg or candied chestnuts which makes me think of Pumpkin Fireside. Lastly, the main thing I get (and I'm flabbergasted why BBW didn't mention it) is unavoidable and very detectable marshmallow; it's so pronounced and in your face that it's really bizarre that it's unmentioned and ignored. You can't get around it or avoid; many on social media have picked up the marshmallow aspect and have compared it the Beach Nights bodycare     with it's top notes of marshmallow.

All in all, SOB is a very pleasant scent. I do think it was marketed all wrong as well as misnamed. Despite BBW ignoring it, there is an obvious gourmand aspect to this scent; it smells less like a roaring fire at the beach and more like roasting marshmallows or making s'mores at the beach. Anyway, I do think this is a scent worth trying; the wood notes aren't intense enough to scare away bakery lovers and the sweetness isn't obnoxious to drive off the outdoors/woodsy lovers. Now is this a stock-up-able scent? Ehh, no not really. It's a nice scent but not enough to want to burn all the time; just pick up on or two and you should be good.


  1. I'm really looking forward to your post announcing the releases of BBW fall 2017 test candles. I know it's early but last year BBW released their fall test candles in early July. so know i check everyday to see if they will release the candles early again.

    1. Keep your eyes peeled, it's coming...

    2. Somehow I accidentally deleted your comment about Bonfire S'mores; I'm hoping it's not Toasted Graham Latte either

  2. I found that this scent has NO THROW, much like its kissing cousin, Orange Dreamsicle. Are you finding that most new BBW scents have this new lousy throw? I'm looking for a different brand. And I own about 90 BBW Candles.

    1. Yeah quite a few people have complained that their didn't have any throw. The one I have is decent but only in a small room.

      BBW has been having throw issues for couple of years and it has only gotten worse. honestly, I don't blame you for jumping ship.


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