THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Havana & Prickly Pear Sugarcane (Cold Sniff Review)

So I have been looking for this candles for the longest with little to no success. Then finally I had my chance. On Instagram, @halifkinarlene was doing a major candle destash and she just so happened to have these two candles for a relatively cheap price. Total impulse buy! 

Havana ~ Sweet Tobacco & Spice

Description: Visit the intoxicatingly atmospheric city of Havana with this rare blend of sweet tobacco, amber and spice

Missing notes: leather, agarwood, caramel

So I have been after this scent in its many incarnations - Havana Heat, Ski Den, and Den

Needless to say, I was very excited at the prospect of finally buying courtesy of halifkinarlene. That excitement waned once I sniffed it; actually after a few sniffs, it was starting to make me feel nauseated. Now you would think this since this is a mandle, that it would be right up my alley and I initially thought that as well however it pains me to say that I really dislike this scent. I didn't really know what to expect and I'll admit I had my expectations set way too high. I should've known better just based on the notes; it's a melange of fragrance notes that I generally don't like on their own but combined it's just blitzkrieg of yuck assaulting my nose. The prominent note is tobacco which is very pepper and medicinal smelling. Thats followed by a blast of sweet smoky incense notes - the agarwood aka oud gives a deep rich resinous sweet almost chocolatey Ski Lodge type vibe with possibly a hit of patchouli. There's a tiny pinch of amber, often used in "Fireside-y" type scents to give it some warmth. There's a little bit of leather that gives the blend a depth and a rugged manly type feel. And finally in the background there's as sweet layer of body care caramel ie it's not gloopy ooey-gooey sickeningly sweet gourmand kind of caramel but more of a body spray/cologne dark sensual kind of caramel. This all sounds sexy as hell but to me blend is nauseating. And I get different whiffs of stuff everytime I sniff. Like on the first initial whiff, I'll get a sweet warm spicy cologne and I think I could possibly like it. Then I'll smell it again and I ll just get the leather and incense and it just smells like wet sweaty jeans. Or I'll smell the caramel and spices and I get flat Dr Pepper. It's really bizarre! While I typically go for complex and out there scents, this one is a little too complex and out there for me. While I applaud BBW for being experimental, I just don't think this scent is for me.

    Prickly Pear Sugarcane

Description: Blend home a blend of luscious prickly per fruit and sweet sugarcane inspired by the exotic flavors of Mexico

I was soooo disappointed that this didn't go wide - the really good test scents never do! And now having finally sniffed it, I'm that much more disappointed as it is AH-MAZING!!!! And it smells EXACTLY like a prickly pear - think a juicy green pear mixed with cucumber mixed with raspberry (texture wise, it's like a kiwi). I have a bottle of Monin Desert Pear syrup and the candle smells just like it. There may be actual pear notes in this just for the sake of giving the blend some depth and fullness (or might actually be pear with other notes added to give off the illusion of prickly pear-ness) but whatever the case may be, the scent is spot on! I also get some wet juicy green notes in the background - agave or aloe, maybe cucumber. The blend is so green and fresh and crisp with a little bit of sexitiness and it's sweet without being obnoxious. I am LOVING thisscent and I am still kicking myself for not getting another one. I am wishing, hoping and praying that this makes a surprise appearance during SAS! How this scent failed but stank ass Pineapple Lily didn't is beyond me. I don't get it BBW, I just don't get it!


As y'all already know, Suntan is back in the Beach Glow collection (frosted glass ribbed for your pleasure tumbler candles). What most of y'all may not is that is not the same "Suntan" from last summer's "there once was a man from Nantucket" that there are two distinct versions of the same named scent. 

Confused? Let me explain... 

So the Suntan that most folks are more familiar with with is the Nantucket Suntan ie the one on the right. It actually first appeared in the Coastal Collection but failed. This version is actually a repackage of a Slatkin era summer scent called "Beachside" I believe it first came on the scent circa 2010 and came back the following year then it disappeared. The notes were..

"A lush delicate blend of orange blossoms, exotic ylang-ylang and white musk"

Now fellow ol school Slatkineers like myself remember the Suntan on the left. This Suntan first appeared in the American Boardwalk collection back in 2012. Then it came back the following year under a new name - Poolside. The notes were...

".....lemon, orange and tropical blossoms get a splash of coconut."

The original notes mentioned ..."orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk"

This is the version of Suntan that is in stores now.

What's the difference?
Beachside Suntan is definitely on the powdery perfumey side with more floral action. It has a (for lack of a better description) "old lady" vibe to it - think old rich heiress suntanning on the Isle of Capri... or how you'd imagine the inside of The Golden Girl's condo to smell like

As for the Poolside Suntan, its more cream and lush; you get a noseful of coconut and citrus notes. And it legit smells like actual suntan lotion, Coppertone all the way!

Which one is better?
I'm the one wrong person to ask as I'm not a big fan of either one. But if I were hardpressed and forced to pick one, I would probably go with the Poolside version. I can't deal with the powderiness and floralness of the Beachside version. And there's something more summery about the Poolside version which I can appreciate. While I think it was cool that they brought back a scent from the Slatkin vaults, I did find it strange that they picked that one instead of the Poolside version which was decidedly more popular backintheday and I also think it smells better.   

RANT OF THE DAY: Spring '16 WTF-ery; Complaints and Advice

Is it just me or has this "spring" been the most random season in all of BBW history?

It's bad BBW, it's really bad! It's so bad, I have not bought a single candle since February...FRIGGIN' FEBRUARY! And I know for a fact I am not the only one on a BBW ban. Is that what y'all want BBW, for folks to go on candle bans or based candles from third parties..cuz it's a-happenin!

Let's look at all the random ish you guys did this spring and what y'all could've done differently and/or better and hopefully prevent it from happening again. Let's start at the beginning...

White Barn Market
COMPLAINT: last year's White Barn Market was cute but nothing special. And it certainly wasn't good enough to repeat this year. There was no theme, no consistency, just random ass scents tossed together.
ADVICE: Bring back the Sweet Shoppe collection! It was INSANELY popular, why not capitalize on that?! You can call it "Springtime Cafe". Soooo many scents would work - Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Pink Lemonade Poundcake, Mocha Latte Swirl, Summertime Soda, Cherry Blossom Sangria (but call it "punch", Tequila Lime Cupcake/Key Lime Pie, LAVENDER FRIGGIN MARSHMALLOW/Paris, Raspberry Peach Macaron, Peachy Tea or Raspberry Sun Tea, Blueberries and Creme, Ice Cream Shop, Pinkpetal Teacake. NO WATERMELON LEMONADE, GEORGIA PEACH, VANILLA BEAN MARSHMALLOW OR PECAN PRALINE COBBLER!

COMPLAINT: I hate to break it to you BBW but people are over Destinations..and it's your fault. Back in the day, people could always look forward to some newness in Destinations (especially Spring '14, that was the bomb!) But now, it's the same locales and the same scents. Destinations is done, put it to rest!
ADVICE: Bring back Fresh Picked. Like Destinations, you guys ran into the ground. But it's been two years since it last appearance, so revive it! Sooo many scents to choose from - Mango Cilantro, Honeydew and Thyme, Blackberry Grapefruit, Pomelo Grapefruit, Summer Melon, Fresh Picked Cherries, Lemon Cucumber, Sweet Spearmint/Garden Mint, Pear, Sweet Clementine, Wild Berries, Tuscan Herbs/Market Herbs. And please no flowers or drinks, just edible fruits and herbs!

COMPLAINT: The infamous Taco Bell collection...which was basically a redone version of last year's Brazil collection. The only new and interesting scent in the shabang was Baja Cactus Flower, Endless Weekend's little sister. And releasing Pineapple Lily instead of Prickly Pear Sugarcane (which is actual thing in Mexico)...QUE ESTUPIDO EL BBW! And it would be one thing if this collection came out around Cinco de Mayo, but nope!
ADVICE: Instead of taking us all around the world, let's just stay in the good USofA. What y'all should've released instead was the desert/Southwest collection. Everyone is clamoring for it - it's conceptual scents (which we haven't seen since Coastal Cool), a cohesive theme, and scents that are mostly new and the ones that aren't are scents that have been in rotation. If you guys released this now as spring to summer transitional collection, y'all would have making a FORTUNE!

Ciao Italy
COMPLAINT: OY VEY! So you guys released a beachy Italian/Mediterranean themed collection...but filled it with tropical Hawaiian scents? Tiki Beach, really BBW? This collection was the epic fail to end all epic fails
ADVICE: Again, stop taking us to trips around the world, we're exhausted. Ya'll already had an Italian collection, once is enough. What you should've done instead was market this as a nondescript beach spa resort with no destination attached. You could've kept Seaside Citrus/Lemon Verbena, Indigo Sky, Tiki Beach and Fresh Bamboo while also adding  - Freshwater & Seasalt, Renew & Refresh, Nectarine Green Tea, and Suntan/Beachside. Also Pure White Cotton and White Tea & Ginger would've worked in this collection as opposed to their previous ones.

COMPLAINT:You guys have been a major "springtime in the south" kick lately. First it was Garden Party in '14 which was awesome, then Screendoors and Sweet Tea which was less awesome and now the 90's wallpaper collection. This collection makes me that much more ashamed to be Southern
ADVICE: Combine Garden Party and Screendoors - Keep Garden Party and Southern Sweet Tea as well as Bowties and Bourbon but throw in Peachy Tea, Summertime Soda, Melon, Southern Magnolia, Lakeside/Verbena Waters, Pinkpetal Teacake or Frosted Tangerine Cake, Sunflower (instead of Sundress), Fresh Linen, Nightblooming Jasmine as replacements.

Core collection
COMPLAINT: This collection was just allllllll over the place. It's like y'all just rolled names off the top of yalls heads and called it a day
ADVICE: This collection should've been one of 3 things...

  • variety of constant re-releases, ie Mahogany Teakwood, Watermelon Lemonade, Vanilla Bean
  • nonassuming Aromatherapy type scents - French Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Eucalyptus Mint (and Rain)Freshwater & Seasalt, Renew & Refresh
  • FLORALS...which segues nicely to my next point 

No Florals
COMPLAINT: Where the f*** were the floral scents this spring? There was one lone floral scent this entire season - Flower Shop aka Amsterdam in Destinations..that's it
The very first collection released this spring should've been a floral and nothin but the floral collection - Spring, Bloom, Garden Party or Majestic Rose, Southern Magnolia, Sweet Pea, Hydrangea, Garden Bouquet, Green Grass, Garden Freesia, Sunflower, Wild Poppies/Poppy Sunshine and Fresh Cut Lilacs instead of Lilac Blossom and Nightblooming Jasmine instead of Honeysuckle cuz those two scents have been done to death!

Too Many "Hawaiian" collections
COMPLAINT:Well BBW, you did made people HATE Hawaii! Hawaii..Fiji..Tahiti...HATE! Seriously are those the only tropical locales y'all can think of?! And it's always the same scents over and friggin over
ADVICE:Let's take a break from Hawaii and Polynesia/South Seas indefinitely. Either two things need to happen instead; either a) have regular nondescript beachy scents with locale theme or b)find a new tropical beach location. There are plenty to choose from - The French Riviera, Rio de Janeiro/Copcabana, Bali, Santorini, Madagascar, the Caribbean/Barbados/Trinadad/Jamaica, New Zealand/Australia. Get an atlas and actually use your imaginations!

Coco for Coconuts
COMPLAINT:Now you guys have had an unhealthy obsession with coconuts for as long as I have been shopping there (cough cough Coconut Pumpkin) but lately y'all have taken it to a whole new level. And I get, you guys wanna cater to the basic bitches of America as coconut is the pumpkin of summer but come on. And now y'all have been adding coconut to the notes in scents that you can't smell the coconut and coconut shouldn't exist in the first place.. i.e. Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Twist
ADVICE:First of all, adding coconut notes both real and imagined won't necessarily make a scent popular. Furthermore, less is more guys. Take a look all the coconut heavy scents you have and subtract. The remainder you do have, spread them out evenly - no collection should more than 2 coconut scents and even that is still pushing it

In conclusion, here are some key points to consider for future reference

  • have actual floral and fruit scents for spring
  • spread your collections more evenly
  • cut back on the coconut
  • leave any tropical beachy scents towards the end of spring to be transitional
  • consider other locales other than Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Beach House/Beach Glow Collection *UPDATED*

Finally, finally, at long last...NEWNESS!!!

So I've been having a really rough couple of days (I had to go back to NOLA due to a death in the family) and have been feeling emotionally drained. Today in order to lift my spirits, I decided to have a treat yo'self day and one of my treats was to a visit to BBW in the City to sniff some newness. Without further ado, let's rap a taste about this collection.

Let's start with the sparkly ones; I won't waste my time or yours talking about Endless Weekend, Black Sands and Pineapple Mango

Seaside Gardenia - this is straightup Rainforest Gardenia...yawn

Sunny Coconut - as y'all know, I loathe coconut scents and I initially had no intention on taking this particular coconut scent seriously. But after sniffing it, I found myself genuinely surprised - it's not half bad. Pretty much everyone has described it the same way and I agree - it smells like a orange creamsicle. You get a sweet borderline artificial generic Sicilian Orange/ Sweet Clementine-esque orange note, not very tangy or juicy. Then you get a very subtle coconut milk note that adds to the creaminess. There's also a strange unexplained nose tickling effervescence that travels up your nose last. To me this smells like Orange Julius from back in the day with a splash of orange Crush soda. Personally I think this candle is sorta misplaced in this collection; because it smells so much like a dessert/beverage, it should've been in the upcoming Poptails-esque collection replacing Mango Coconut Cooler

Sparkling Waves - this was the candle I was the most intrigued with as I love fresh/aquatic/oceanic scents. Based on the notes and what other people were saying about it, I thought for sure that it would be a repackage of Beach Day from the Coastal Cool's not! This scent is tricky because it smells familiar but I'm pretty sure this is relatively new scent. It does have a fresh sea spray/ocean waves vibe to it; you get the same Oceanside-esque cucumber/melon combo mimicking salty seawater. The citrus notes in this blend is in-friggin-tense, you immediately get an uppercut of various zesty citrusiness. The notes mention bergamot...meh, just a skoosh. What I mainly got was lemon peel and verbena. And there's an unexplained unmentioned lime note lurking in the background that sneaks up you. I think the reason this smells so familiar yet is so hard to pinpoint is because it kinda smells like a hodgepodge of other scents - take the melon and cucumber from Oceanside, mix in a splash of Verbena Waters, another teeny tiny splash of Bergamot Waters, a hint of Lemon Verbena and a dash of Lime Granita Margarita and that's essentially SW. I like it, I'm not blown away but I like it. It's certainly the best ocean scent we've had this year.

And now the weird swirly ribbed for your pleasure candles. I'm gonna omit Tiki Beach and Beach Cabana

South Beach ~ Suntan - so this is NOT the same Suntan we saw last summer in the "there once was a man from Nantucket" collection which was actually a repackage of Beachside from 2009 or 2010. This go-round, BBW brought back the original Suntan from 2012, later renamed Poolside..which was insanely popular backintheday. You're probably wondering what is the difference? Well I'll tell you...

The Beachside version of Suntan had a more powdery, floral, perfumey vibe to it. It smelled like a tanning spray a mature matron would wear while on the beach

The Poolside version of Suntan is more creamy and lush and very heavy on the coconut and citrus. And it LEGIT smells like actual suntan lotion, like they poured Coppertone into the tumbler glass and called it a day

 Caribbean ~ Driftwood Surf - So apparently this is a repackage of failed test scent Island Hideaway; I've never seen or smelled it so I can't verify though that said I do smell the notes from IH in this candle - pear, vanilla and amber. There is a sweet fresh juicy fruit note that could very well be pear. I don't get coconut at all, thank good. And there is a smooth rich, creamy aromatherapy-ish vanilla bean note as well. And the driftwood...Driftwood is one of those fake fragrances that's a blend of different notes. For "driftwood", those notes usually consist of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, amber and some citrus. And I get all of those in this candle. I would definitely categorize this as a mandle - think summer/beach themed cheap men's deodorant or body spray

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - straightup repackaged of the recent Vanilla Beach Flower albeit slightly more intense

Malibu ~  Citrus Glow - Tinadivalicious mentioned this in a recent vid and when he said what it was a repackage of, I refused to believe it cuz it's so random and nonsensical. However after sniffing it, he was absolutely correct - it's friggin Peach Bellini! I..just..CAN'T!!!

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Mahogany Coconut

Products: candle and wf bulb  
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: end of April - beginning of June

Description: A sophisticated blend of rare mahogany and creamy coconut milk layered over soft sandalwood

So me and couple of my candle buddies were chatting around on IG; we joked that given BBW 's obsession of Mahogany Teakwood  as well as their habit putting coconut in everything, the creation of Coconut Teakwood/Mahogany Coconut was just a matter of time. A couple of months later it happened, BBW released Mahogany Coconut in the WB core line and eventually the Hawaiian collection and tested the same scent as Coconut Teakwood aka Brazil in the Destination collection. I couldn't believe it! I thought for sure BBW was effing with me and I had no intention on taking this scent seriously...that is until I smelled it. I still cant believe I'm saying this but I actually saying this by I REALLY like this scent. 

Unfortunately despite it be an awesome scent, the performance is less than stellar. The candle has those damn flaccid curly wicks that BBW insist on still using despite getting so many complaints about them. I purposely got the WB version instead of the Hawaiian version as I heard the WB burned better...well that's a damn lie! This candle burns like pure crap! It has yet to autocorrect itself and the wax takes for-friggin-ever to pool out. Luckily the throw makes up for it; it has the kinda throw that I love - the infamous "warm blanket" throw; it doesn't knock you out but rather envelops you like a warm embrace. The wf bulb is INTENSE, I can smell that sucker outside my bedroom with the door closed. As soon, as you plug it, instant fragrance!

Now everyone who knows me knows, I HATE coconut scents with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. And BBW's insistence of injecting coconut in everything and pushing coconut scents in every season (*cough cough Coconut Wood, cough cough Pumpkin Coconut), has made me hate coconut that much more. There are only two coconut scents that I remotely tolerate - Tiki Beach and Island Colada and even those two I can live without. Well you can add Mahogany Coconut to the list! The coconut in this is not nearly as obnoxious and intrusive as most BBW coconut scents can be; it doesn't smell like candy or bodycare. It's rich creamy decadent coconut milk made that much more rich, creamy and decadent by the sandalwood. And you would think based on the name and the mahogany in the notes that it would have a Mahogany Teakwood-esque vibe to it..nope, thank GAWD! The mahogany note is smooth and sweet and blends nicely with the sandalwood. There may also be a tiny hint of oak in this as well. That said with all those wood notes, MC is a little..."cologney" the wood notes kinda give a Bowties and Bourbon type feel to it. Lastly, though there's no mention of it in the notes (and it could just be my nose playing tricks on me) but I keep picking up tropical floral notes like orchid or jasmine a la Tiki Beach. In fact that's how I would describe, a masculine version of Tiki Beach.

Well BBW you surprised the hell outta; you created a new coconut-based scent that I actually love. This is soooo my new bedroom jam for summer! That said, don't get turned off by the coconut or cologney aspect of this scent; it's a surprisingly sophisticated and sensual - think getting a coconut oil message by hot muscley Polynesian dude in nothing by a loincloth (phew, I just gave myself the vapors!). Real talk, MC is a-friggin-mazing and I do plan on stocking up in case i doesn't come back!  


Products: candle  
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of April - beginning of June

Description: Drink in a tropical blend of mango nectar, jasmine flower and sunkissed who wants to hula?

Missing notes: pineapple, passionfruit, honeysuckle, kukui wood, sugarcane, musk, rum absolute

Trivia: Maitai is Tahitian for "good"; ingredients for the cocktail includes rum, curacao, orgeat syrup and lime juice

So as you all may or may not know, I always have a group of scents for set amount of time. Usually this group has a theme of sorts; this go-round I have fruity cocktail theme - Island Margarita, Island Colada, Pink Sangria and Sparkling Mojito. I was looking for another fruity cocktail type scent and I thought I'd give this a try. Normally I tend to avoid scents based off bodycare but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The performance for this bad boi was decent. At the very beginning, it was acting a little sluggish and the wax pooled out way too slowly but after a few burns, the wicks autocorrected themselves and have been burning just fine ever since. The throw is ok; I'd describe it as medium-ish which is fine with me as the scent as not that enjoyable for it any stronger.

As you know, this scent is based off the signature bodycare . As I could give less than a damn about bodycare, I couldn't you tell how similar the candle and the bodycare are. That said, you can totally tell that this a signature scent cuz the notes smell very artificial and bodycare-ish. You first get a noseful of intensely sweet bubblegum-like mango followed  by a small hint of equally sweet artificial pineapple and both fruit notes are wrapped in sugarcane. The candle notes mention jasmine...I guess. What floral note I get more instead is thick heady drippy honeysuckle. Overall, I can see the direction BBW was going with this scent as it does have sweet generic fruity beverage vibe to it...though it remains to be seen if it smells like a mai tai which brings me to this next point...

If I were creating this scent, I would go in another direction. I would take Pineapple Palm Leaf and mix in the notes from Calypso Sun (mandarin, peach, mango, passionfruit), a little bit of Tropical Spice and the lime note from Lime Granita Margarita. If you're gonna have a scent with "mai tai" in the name, dammit I want it to smell like mai tai! Furthermore...

What the hell does a mai tai have to do with Hawaii? Not a damn thing! The Mai Tai was created by a white dude to impress his Tahitian friends. Also, tiki has nothing to do with Hawaii but rather Polynesian cultures. Now granted your average Jo Schmoe doesn't know the difference between Hawaiian and Tahitian/Polynesian but still. That said BBW has never been the best at research and representing various cultures properly and this is a perfect example of that. I mean "who wants to hula?"...really BBW?!

At any rate, TMMT is a cute unoffensive simple scent and honestly there's not much more to say about it. I don't regret buying it at all but I don't see myself rushing to buy more and I certainly wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't come back in the near future. If you like the bodycare based scents or into simple fruit scents, then you'll probably like it otherwise, don't bother.

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: La Margarita de la Isla

Ever had a scent that first you absolutely loved but after awhile you somehow lost your enthusiasm for it and found yourself kinda over it? That's kinda how I currently feel about ol Island Marg.

IM is one of those rare Slatkin era that have stood the test of time - a true Slatkin diva; a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston or J-lo of candles amongst all the Ariana Grandes and Rihannas and Taylor Swifts that is BBW scents nowadays. Like Leaves or Autumn or Winter, IM is one of staple scents that heralds the upcoming new season; when you see IM, you know summer is right around the corner - it's summertime fun in a jar!

For the past couple of years, IM was my summertime jam! I would always start burning the beginning of May around Cinco de Mayo (obvi); for me May unofficially starts the summer season for me and back when I lived in New Orleans it was already Satan's balls hot anyway. I couldn't wait for May to come around so I could plug in my wf bulbs and light up the candle and take in all the fruity citrusy salty goodness. Without fail, IM started my summertime off right!

Then something happened... Last year I had my IM bulbs and candle ready to go but for myself not as excited about it. I actually ended up burning/plugging in something else instead. I found myself completely and utterly bored with IM!

There was the whole Lime Granita Margarita debacle last summer - LGM was testing in stores but when the Poptails collection got released nationwide, BBW switched LGM with IM...while still using the description notes for LGM. It ended up being a WB exclusive yet was still sold alongside IM. All that kinda annoyed me and turned me off to IM a little.

It's not that IM is a bad scent, it just overkill- too much a good thing. Like this year, it was in the Taco Bell collection and now its coming back in the new Summer Sips/Poptails collection this upcoming summer... Why?

My biggest complaint is that IM just doesn't smell like a margarita; it's way too sweet and fruity. And speakin of fruit, this candle has all kinds of fruit notes mixed in - mango, plum, kiwi, mango, mandarin, tangelo (the old notes also mentioned blue iris and sandalwood). But every year this scents comes out, it's always missing one key initial note..LIME! How can you have a margarita without lime?!

That said, that's why lately I've been gravitating less towards IM and more to LGM cuz you actually smell lime. I daresay LGM smells more like an actual margarita than IM does...although with its unmentioned unexplained spearmint note, LGM itself smells like a mojito..but I digress.

Yeah, methinks I'm gonna be taking a break from IM after this year. Perhaps I'll come to appreciate it again in the near future but for now I'm over it. Vaya con Dios, La Margarita de la Isla mio!