NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer Test Scents Part Deux

Well ladies and gents, we have more newness testing in stores. This time we have Summer Sips-esque  scents called the Poptail Collection - essentially boozy cocktail inspired icy treats. Lookwise, they pretty much like Summer Sips - a simple label with a artsy drawing of the corresponding frozen treat and a "recipe" of said treat only this time its on the lid. And a couple of them, 2 or 3, actually 3 tiered wax colors like the 3colored fall candle.

New scents include....

Limoncello Poptail - Sweet and zesty lemons, Italian limocello liqueur and sparkling sugar blend into an amazing citrus blend (obviously this has to be Limoncello or possibly Lemon Gelato)

Twisted Caramel Gelato - A mouthwatering blend of sea salt caramels, vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur that's oh so sweet (I'm wondering if this similar to or a straightup repackage of Pumpkin Caramel Latte)

Banana Kiwi Colada - A fragrance that's sure to delight, blends notes of tropical bananas, New Zealand kiwis and creamy coconut (sounds like Bahama Fizz to me)

Lime Granita Margarita - A refreshing new twist on a classic cocktail and a frozen dessert arrives in bright notes of key limes, sea salt and crushed ice (hmmm, Lime Ice from way back in the day maybe?)

Sangria Berry Freeze - Indulge in a fruit-filled blend of strawberries, boysenberries and white wine (I'm gonna go with Sparkling Berry Fizz from Summer Sips)

Spiked Cherry Limesicle - A blend of summer cherries, juicy Persian limes and sparkling sugar crystals that delivers happiness, like a cherry on top (I 'm REEEEEEAALLLLLLY hoping that it's Summertime Soda though I have a feeling it might be Cherry Blossom Sangria)

This collection also includes Pink Apple Punch, Mango Coconut Cooler and the scent that will never die, Watermelon Lemonade

I'm really hope thhat this collection makes wide cuz they all sound pretty damn good.

For pictures, check out tinyfloatingbubbles on Instagram as well as Lifeinsidethepage. And, as usual, most of these are already available on Evilbay.

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer 2015 Test Scents

Thought we were done with scents from spring and summer? Think again! We have some new scents headin our way!

As you may know, sometime in May, BBW will be releasing a new signature scent called Tahitian Island Dream or somethin like that. There's talk of that new beachy collection that was in exclusive to White Barn being released but that's not set in stone.

And, as per tradition, we will be seeing a Mother's Day candle. This year it's a repackage of...wait for it...FIRST BLOOM!!!! A Mother's Day candle that actually kinda makes sense?! Mindblown! I still say Flower Shop or Garden Party or Pink Petal Teacake would be better candidates however First Bloom is an awesome scent so I approve!

Movin right the moment, there are two collections currently testing in some stores. The first collection is... The Seaside Summer Collection!

This collection is interesting; theme-wise it has very nautical, beachy, summer in New England feel to it. Look-wise, it has kinduva nostalgic Slatkin-era 90's BBW store look; the labels are kinda cheap, like something you'll see on a candle in Target or Marshalls or Homegoods. Anyhoo, returning scents include...

Beach Grass
Beach Cabana
Coastal Sun
Summer Boardwalk

The new scents are...

Summer Bonfire - The perfect summer night at the beach comes to life in notes of warm woods, orange blossoms and green leaves. (by all accounts this smells like Summertime Smores/Marshmallow Fireside with a hint of orange)

Lighthouse - A beacon of beautiful fragrance for your home in a blend of sea glass, sea foam and sparkling sand (so according to the notes, this candle basically smells like NOTHING cuz that's what those notes smell like, NOTHING. I think I heard someone say that this was a repackage of Sydney Harbor from last year's Destination collection)

Coral Seashell - A juicy blend of summer peach nectar, plum and orange that's as exquisite as a rare beach treasure (Calypso Sun maybe?)

Nantucket Sails - Sail away with a blend of ocean-washed driftwood, sea air and refreshing grapefruit (ugh I'm sooooo tired of BBW's trend of adding "driftwood" to their notes's wet rotting pieces of flotsam, how is that appealing?! Anyhoo, I thought it might be Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Seasalt but I was told it's not even close. By all accounts, this is a completely new scent) 

The second collection is the Perfect Getaway Collection. It's basically a new and improved revamped Destinations collection. Sooooo, yeah.... this is kinduva a hot mess. The labels have the same cartoony feel like those Christmasy candles back in winter; it has basic cliche locales of various place but in cartoon form. Kinda cheesy.

Returning scents include...

London ~ Tea and Lemon (London Calling)
Paris ~ French Daydream (Paris Daydream)
Italy ~ Espresso Cafe (Espresso Bar)
Istanbul ~ Sparkling Amber (Sensual Amber)
New York ~ Black Tie 
Hawaii ~ Aloha Passion Flower (Passionflower)

The new scents are...

Barcelona ~ Mandarins and Mosaics - Luscious mandarin and fresh peach blend with Yuzu flower and vanilla in celebration of a city filled with colorful and magical mosaic patterns (Caribbean Salsa? Beachside?) 

Amsterdam ~ Tulips and Windmills - The delightful scent of fresh-cut flowers - sweet lilac, pink freesia, and tulips layered with cooling greens (the notes sound EXACTLY like Flower Shop, same exact notes!)

Bangkok - Golden Temples and Spices - Go on a getaway to exotic Bangkok with a fusion of fresh shaved cinnamon bark and jasmine transformed by a touch of warm amber ( Tropical Spice?)

Los Angeles ~ Palm Trees and Sunshine - Escape to the West Coast with a blend of green palm tree leaves, aloe and bright sunny days (sounds like Palm Leaves/White Palm to me)

Bora Bora ~ Bungalows and Beaches - The lush fragrance of Monoi blossoms, Tahitian vanilla and tropical flower petals takes you to remote white sand beaches. Let's run away to paradise! (I'm gonna go with Meet me in Tahiti)

I've no idea if these are staying at White Barn as exclusives or if they will trickle to regular stores like the  Screen Doors and Sweet Tea collection. Ive a feeling we'll be seeing these eventually. No idea when, I can can only guestimate possibly before or shortly after June SAS.

For pictures of said collection, check out Lifeinsidethepage or if you're on Instagram, follow tinybubblesfloating and _from victoria.

And of course all of these are already available on Evilbay!

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

After a long miserable day at work, I took a trip to my new found BBW store in Brooklyn to brighten my spirits. Actually I needed a wf bulb and a pocket bac but rest assured that I took some time to get my sniff on.

As y'all know, this collection was supposed to be White Barn exclusive; I'm guessin they saw the folly of keepin this collection to a small cluster of stores. Furthermore, it's just nice to have some new scents that aren't tropical. And being the Southerner that I am, I couldn't help thinkin that this collection was sho nuff cute y'all!

That said, ya'll sit on down here and my lil ol review!

I'm not gonna waste y'all's time or mine talking about Watermelon Lemonade, Lilac Blossom, and Honeysuckle and Sundress (which don't even get me started on why, with the exception of Sundress, these are in this collection)

Beautiful Day
As y'all know, this based on the body care of the same name. The candle version smells slightly different. It''s very similar to Spring in the sense that you have a lot of dewy florals with a green apple note although Beautiful Day isn't as fresh or genuine; it really is more of a body care take on dewy florals than home fragrance. To me, the difference between the candle and the body care is that that the apple note is more prominent - the same BBW-ian apple not found in scents like Pink Apple Punch, Wasabi Apple and Green Apple Champagne. I'm not a big fan of this although I did not too long ago buy online the wf bulb and it smells so much better than the candle. Anyway, this was kinduva  waste of space - they should brought back Flower Shop or Garden Party instead

Georgia Peach
Well you couldn't have a Southern themed collection without a "Georgia Peach" scent...and here it is. However, don't get too excited, it's a repackage of Market Peach. I've never understood the hype of MP - it just smells mushy and over-ripe. And quite a few people complained that it smelled waxy and chemically once lit. Anyhoo, if you liked MP, here it is!

Praline Pecan Cobbler
Once again, don't get too excited over the name, it's nothing new. It's a repackage with a twist of good ol Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. This version doesn't have that "maple syrup" note but rather has more of a brown sugary/caramelly aspect to it. So yeah, there ya go!

Ugh.... why this went wide is beyond me! This is one of the most strangest smelling candles that I've ever smelled from BBW. You would think from the name and the notes that it would smell very green and fresh, right up my alley. Yeah no, not so much! It just smells off and weird. It kinda smells earthy and dirty like Snap Peas but at the same time there's an off powdery floral borderline soap note, like old grandma's guest bathroom soap...think Lily Pond. Again, why did this go wide? Especially over Southern Sweet Tea! Really BBW?! They should've used Verbena Waters/Lakeside  instead.

Bowties and Bourbon
This in my most humble opinion is the runaway hit of the collection. Just a heads's definitely.."cologney" Some people have said that it smells like Flannel while others say Villa Bergamot. I wholeheartedly disagree; to me it smells like one of my fav cologney scents ever, my bae Boathouse Row . It's not a repackage but it's quite similar. Boathouse Row had a deep dark watery feel to it, B&B doesn't have that. Also B&B is much much sweeter than BR; it's has a rich sweet vanilla-ness to it without smelling bakery. I think it's the oak note that makes it smell similar to BR. B&B also has a cologney bergamot note similar to Flannel and Villa Bergamot. So yeah, think BR without the wateriness mixed with Flannel. If you're a fan of the cologney scents, you'll love this one!

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: Bloom and Garden Party

I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents - to me they're either too overwhelmingly powdery or too "old lady" perfumey. And, like with pine-y scents, I prefer floral scents to be blended with other notes, preferably fruity - lemon/lime, apple/pear etc...although, like with pine, I've been slowly coming around. Now for springtime, my usual go-to floral scent is Spring however last year's version, for me anyway, was a hot mess so I wanted to branch out and try new floral scents. That said around the same time there were two floral scents in World Garden/Garden Party collection that I wanted to try - Garden Party and Bloom. I already had other scents to use up the time so I decided to hold off and burn em next year. Fast forward to this spring where it was still cold as hell and I need some good spring scents to cure the winter blues. Moreover neither scent came back this spring, which is a shame, and there were/are no good floral scents besides the same boring crap ie Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle. and so without further ado....

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  living room (candle) wf bulb (main bathroom)
Time Period: end of February- beginning of April

Description: Enjoy the newest spring blooms with this fresh floral blend of peonies, lily of the valley and a hint of dewy pear

missing note: water lotus, apple blossoms, plumeria

So this was a relaunch/rename/relabel of an old Slatkin classic called First Bloom - it first came out in spring '12, and was randomly put in Fresh Picked the year after. I pretty much ignored both years because of the smell (which I'll get to in a moment) but when it came out as "Bloom" last year, for some reason it intrigued me. Maybe it was the green wax made it seem more fresh and spring-y as opposed to white and then light carnation pink that it was in the past...I dunno. I finally tried it this spring and fell in love!

So performance-wise, it was kinda iffy. The wicks were kinda on the wimpy side; sometimes the wax melted evenly, sometimes it melted super slowly, and once in awhile it would flat out canyon leaving cliffs of wax on the sides. The throw was fan-friggin-tastic, utterly divine; it completely filled my living room. Occasionally I'd burn it in my bathroom while I was in the shower or cleaning and it did something that hasn't happened to me in awhile - it choked me the heck out! And as I prefer fresh/watery scents for my bathroom, I had the wf bulb in the there and that sucker is STRONG, just how I like it!

Now in the past, I wrote off First Bloom as smelling like bar soap, more to the point to me it smelled exactly like the old pink Dove's bar soap from the 80's/90s that my mom used to use...especially the year before last when it the exact same rose pink wax color. It could be my nose or the green wax color playing tricks on me, but I feel like this incarnation smells more fresh and less Dove soapy. The best word I think to describe this scent is dewy; there are a lot of very fresh crisp dewy notes. Peony and water lotus...dewy...pear and apple blossoms...dewy. Lily of the valley...maybe. Can't say that I get plumeria. I mainly smell pink/rosy again dewy peony and water lotus with a bright sweet apple blossom note and juicy crisp pear fresh of the tree...I'm all about anything with pear thrown in. The scent makes me think of clear pond filled floating water lotus and lily pads. It also makes me think of rain; I like to burn this during a bout of afternoon/evening rain.

Bloom is really really lovely; it such a shame that it didn't come back this year. It's a great spring afternoon/early evening scent and it's perfect for rainy spring days - it's a total April showers scent. And in wf bulb form, it's a great scent for the bathroom. I don't say this very often but I highly recommend finding and bidding for this scent on Evil-bay.

Products: candle and wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of February- beginning of April

Description: You're cordially invited to enjoy a blend of pink garden roses and pear blossoms wrapped in soft musk

So initially I was a leery of this scent; first I was afraid, I was petrified. I am totally anti-rose; rose is my least favorite floral scent ever and like the dreaded pumpkin, I tend to avoid it. However at the time I decided to sniff it with an open mind and much to my surprise, I found myself really loving it!

Performance-wise...well at least flame-wise and throw-wise was the BOMB-DIGGITY! The wicks always had mushroom tops and the wax pool was always consistently deep and even. Here's the problem - like all white colored wax it had the dreaded "crud-color" problem where the soot seeps into the wax it turns it cruddy looking. Case in point...

 not cute!

However, I overlooked this issue because everything was/is A+! The throw was/is excellent, divine! It knocked and choked the hell out and I loved it every minute of it. I also had the wf bulbs in my living room as well and those little bastards pack a punch. I could smell them in the hallway coming up to my apartment door!

And now the scent, OMG the just smells like springtime..PERIOD!

Back in the day, a few people wrote this off as a repackage of Slatkin's classic scent Flower Shop which was and is considered the ULTIMATE floral scent. It's easy to come to that conclusion as both candles smell very similar. However I'm here to say that Garden Party is NOT a repackage of Flower Shop. Flower Shop was a bit more powdery and the cooling greens gave a very earthy "green" vibe to it - it really smelled like you stepped into a...FLOWERSHOP with freshly cut flowers. Garden Party is a bit more fresh and dewy..much like the aforementioned Bloom. You get very pink tender dewy rose notes with a fresh bright pear blossom note. Musk...I mean I guess? There's something in there, unlike the green notes in Flower Shop, that calms the blend down and keeps it from smelling like ol lady perfume. You really do get the sense of being outside surrounded by pink rose bushes. The scent, despite the notes, are not at all overpowering and is very inviting.

Scent-wise, I do have one small teeny tiny issue. Towards the ends, the scent does start to smell a little burned..which happens to many candles but it's kinda noticeable with this one. Up until the end, the scent is divine! I still love it. I daresay this has knocked over Spring as my favorite springtime floral scent. I really do hope this and Flower Shop as well as Bloom comes back in the ear future cuz they are all such incredible scents. If you see this on Evilbay, GET IT!