NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2015 Scents Part Deux

So, like me, you thought BBW/WB was all done for spring right? WRONG!!!!! They're just getting started, they've only given us a taste! There is a crapload of new scents headin our way in the upcoming months!

So first off we're gonna see more colored glass candles; some of which have already started to appear online. Most of them are your classic White BarnBarn scents - Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender Vanilla, Lilac Blossom, Honeysuckle Bouquet, Lemon Mint Leaf, Mahogany Teakwood (uggh, really?!), Japanese Cherry Blossoms, and Renew & Refresh. What, no Spring? That's kinda weirdweird!

We'll also (hopefully) see some "newer" scents...

Fresh Water & Seasalt - sea spray, sparkling oranges, warm sandalwood (this could be Turquoise Waters/Sea Spray but I'm bettin' my money that it is Sea to Santorini)

Apple Flower - apple blossoms, apple slices, green leaves/honeycrisp, mandarin, muguet (now at first I thought this would be Drenched Apple Flower from way back in the day, then I thought maybe Spring or Garden Party. but by all accounts it's a totally new spot on apple scent while others say it's a repackage of Wasabi Apple)

There will also be Kitchen Lemon and Eucalyptus Mint & Rain as wf bulbs only.

Then we're gonna get assaulted by a new fragrance line blitz - Love and Sunshine. We're gonna get the usual stuff - lotions, bodysprays, body creams, shower gels etc. I can honestly give less than a crap about bodycare but it looks as though there's gonna be a candle in the deal - that's all I care about. The notes actually sound kinda nice - daisies, lemon and mara strawberries - very fresh, zesty, vibrant and spring sounding!

Then (I assume around the same time as Love and Sunshine) we're gonna get a comfy cozy "let's chillax at home" inspired collection of scents called "Happy Home" collection. It's kinda similar to the Good Life collection from the days of old or like a spring version of Perfect Wish. Scents include...

Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies - fresh citrus, blue waters, fresh moss (Paris Daydream?)

Happy ~ Sunshine and Green Daisies - daisy petals, jasmine, dewy greens (Beach Grass? Green Grass? First Bloom? Garden Bouquet?)

Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort - juicy pear, warm caramel, vanilla (Brandied Pears?)

Love ~ Hearts and Flowers - pink peonies, sparkling orange, blueberries (Tokyo Petals/Mother's Day 2014?)

Relax ~ Lavender and Linens - wild lavender, rosemary, warm tonka (this could very well be Lavender Vanilla as it's a classic aromatherapy but I'm hoping that it's French Lavender and not that mess Lavender Cloud from Perfect Wish)

Smile ~ Pink Lemonade Punch - sugared pomegranate, sparkling lemons, tart raspberries (this could Pomegranate Lemonade from the Slatkin era or even Pink Sangria. I'm hopin it's not Wine Down from Perfect Wish or Sundrenched Vineyard)

Sunshine Bright Verbena Blossoms - verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of the valley (Definitely Lemon Verbena from Provence Garden or maybe Fleur de Provence)

And that ladies and gents is it, for now at least....

Info came from Lifeinsidethepage


Products: candle & wf bulbs
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: week of New Years - beginning of February 

Description: a fragrance inspired by a cozy winter getaway from the tall evergreen trees to the comforting warmth of the wooden lodge – smoky vanilla, deep green cypress and rich agarwood

What initially drew me to this scent was its newness; nowadays newness is hard to come by. Also the notes were surprisingly sophisticated and high-end, there was nothing remotely cutesy/girly/sugary-sweetie about the scent at all which is always a plus in my book. Then I sniffed it and I instantly loved it.

Performance– better but wise, this candle was okay. The flames always danced high, there were always plump mushroom tops and the wax always melted evenly and deeply. This was a beautiful candle to burn at night because the wax would melt into a gorgeous rich mahogany brown color which was beautiful against the candle flame's glow. The only problem was the throw; it was very very light which is surprising because the notes are very rich and deep heavy. The throw barely filled my bedroom which is not all that big. For Christmas as a surprise my boyfriend bought me a candle from another company called Millefiori, a candle company I ran into while we were vacationing in Scotland. The candle was called "Cedar" and it smelled almost exactly like Ski Lodge. And despite it being a small  1-wick candle, the throw was 10x stronger than the three wick of Ski Lodge.… Now that's bullshit!

And now let's talk about the scent. As I said before, what initially drew me to the scent or how sophisticated and high-end were the notes. How often do you see notes like cypress and agarwood in  BBW fragrances nowadays. Anyway, a review on the website described the scent perfectly – "if Espresso Bar and Fireside had a baby..." I think that's a pretty accurate description. It has the sweetness of Espresso Bar mixed with the smoky woodsiness of Fireside. You get the tiniest hint of vanilla bean, whether it's smoked or not remains to be seen. There's also a faint hint of piney resinous wood action in the background; and it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I smell a little cedarwood. However the note that hits your nose immediately is the agarwood, which is a note that many people probably would not be very familiar with. Agarwood is a pine type tree that gets infected with either a fungus are bacteria and in the process of slowly decomposing it creates a resin which is used in colognes as well as incense in the in the Middle and Far East. It is often described as deep, dark, heavy, leathery, sweet and smoky. I believe it is agarwood  that gives the blend a smoky "Fireside-y" intensity as well as sweet heady almost cocoa like flavor which blends very well with the vanilla. As a whole the scent is very warm and inviting, even a little sensual; you really do get the sense of stepping inside a warm ski resort in the woods in the middle of winter.

While I enjoyed the scent a lot and it was unlike anything I ever smelled and BBW before (though some have likened it to the Vanilla Sandalwood but I don't think it's a repackaging of that) I couldn't give it my patented "BOMB.COM" award because the throw was way too light for my liking. If the throw was more strong and heavy, I would have been completely in love but sadly it wasn't. I  definitely don't regret buying SL but I would not be heartbroken if it didn't come back again in the future.

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Tiki Beach/Brazilian/White Barn Market

So there's another mall near GSP, Paramus Park Mall, which I heard thru the Facebook grapevine had a really nice BBW. My bf and I decided to make a day of it, pay this mall a visit and check out their BBW. Much to the my surprise, the store had all of the "new" spring candles (sans the Mother's Day candles obviously) Needless to say, I took the opportunity to get my sniff on

I won't talk about those tropical/beachy candles cuz they've been around for yeeeaaarrrs and all of y'all (should) know what they all smell like. If not, here are a couple of old reviews for some of them that I've bought and burned in the past

Island Margarita       Beach Cabana       Oceanside

And now, let's rap a taste about the Brazilian collection... aka the Aloha Hawaii collection part deux. You know I wasn't all that impressed with this collection when I first heard about them - it takes more the vague splashy names and ambiguously ethnic label designs to get my attention. But then I sniffed them all and was even less impressed. Now don't get me wrong, they're not bad but they're nothing exciting. And, as usual, they're all repackages/repackages with a twist - not a single new scent in the bunch!

Brazilian Blue Waters - There's really not much to say about this one - it's a repackage of Turquoise Waters from the Coastal Cool collection (which is a repackage of Sea Spray from spring '12). It's fresh clean watery/aqua (aka cucumber/melon) with the tiniest hint of citrus and floral action in the background.

Rio Red Guava - again, not much to say about this one - it's Red Lava Guava from Aloha Hawaii (which I think is either a repackage or very similar to Pink Passionfruit from Fresh Picked last spring) It kinda smells like sweet dark fruit (passionfruit/guava) candy, kinda like bubblegum.

Rainforest Gardenia - this was without a doubt my least favorite of the bunch. Y'all know I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents and this one is intensely floral. It smells very familiar, like some tropical "Hawaiian" floral scent from the past - Aloha Waikiki? Hawaiian Hibiscus? I dunno, however it's that kinda scent

Spiced Pineapple Samba - ugh, yet another I did not like; it totally made me gag. So you ol school hardcore BBW'ers may remember Tropical Spice from back in the day. Well SPS is very similar to that but with a pineapple-y kick. There is a cinnamon bark note to the blend (think Cranberry Woods) with an intensely sweet brown sugar/dark rum note. Then there a sweet pineapple note in the background, like Dole sliced pineapple rings in syrup. It just smells very syrupy and gloopy and  gooey and the spice/brown sugar just made me sick to my stomach. So yeah think Tropical Spice and Pineapple Palm Leaf

Amazon Falls - So this one kinda threw me for a loop. I would keep going back to resniff it cuz I would pick up different notes. However that said, it smelled very familiar. At first I smelled a very fresh watery grassy green-ness with the tiniest hint of fresh yet powdery floral, so I thought this might be a repackage of Fresh Bamboo. But then after a couple of resniffs, I kept picking up a crisp dewy green apple on a tree note, so I was thinkin Garden Party from last spring. So yeah, I'm gonna say this smells like a mix of Fresh Bamboo and Garden Party - lots of dewy green grass action, a little bit of powdery floral with a little green apple.

Black Teakwood - *eyeroll do I even have to say anything about this bastard? Yall already know what this is a repackage of, do I even need to say it? Ok I will...mutheffin Mahogany friggin Teakwood. Really BBW, REALLY?! Will this scent ever die? Anyway I will say this, it's a little different, slightly tweaked. All that woodsy action is toned down dramatically. I also pick up the lavender note more than in the past. Still no matter how much it's been tweaked, it's Mahogany Teakwood

Mango Dragonfruit - again, do I really have to say a damn thing about this one? If you enjoyed Mango Dragonfruit last spring in the Aloha Hawaii collection..well, it's back!

Copacabana Beach - ugh, coconut. Coconut is one of those notes you can't mix with just any ol thing. That said, I think this might be a repackage of that hot mess Lanikai Coconut which basically smelled the coconut scented semen

And now let's switch focus to the White Barn candles. Now as y'all know I staunchly stalwartly virulently vehemently despise the sweetie scents except in very rare instances. But I gotta say, I really like this collection; I actually like every single scent in this collection! Craziness right?! But you know why I like this collection? A) it's the perfect mix of new scents, repackaged scents and old scents aaaaannnd the new ones outnumber the repackaged and old ones. And even though these are sweetie scents, they aren't obnoxious mainstream sugary sweet girly girl coochie scents; everything is well thought out and appropriate. This how a BBW collection should be!

So I won't talk about Peach Bellini, Watermelon Lemonade (another scent that refuses to die), Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts so let's talk about the new ones

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow - I will admit, I was initially very biased against this scent; the name completely turned me off. Straightup vanilla scents are without a doubt in my all time top most disliked scents. However I gotta say, I found myself really liking it (so yeah pigs are flying, Hell is completely frozen, the lion is chillin with the lamb, the world is definitely ending) Anyhoo, I would describe this a perfect half and half mix of Frosted Cupcake and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow. It has the intensely vanilla buttercreaminess of Frosted Cupcake and the creamy marshmallowy Lil Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pie-ness  of Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow.

Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade - my bf and I were really stoked about this one as we love actual strawberry rhubarb jam. Though I will admit I was a little skeptical; as y'all know, BBW is not the best at strawberry scents - they either smell like candy or they're super waxy/plasticy/chemically. This one is more on the candy side, like a strawberry Jolly Rancher. Its a syrupy sweet strawberry scent with a little green action in the background. Ordinarily rhubarb smells a little bitter and sharp but when added with something fruity, it kinda intensifies the sweetness. So yeah, think homemade strawberry rhubarb hard candy.

Cherry Blossom Sangria - This is easily the star of this collection; this has been makin everybody's coochies explode. Though at the same time the name threw a lot of people, myself included, for loop - what the **** is cherry blossom sangria? But believe it or not, it's an actual existing thing. Anyhoo, I thought for sure that it would be a repackage/repackage with a twist of the classic Pink Sangria but I am happy to report that isn't; as far as I can tell, I believe this is a new scent. First off, just get past the name. While there is a floral (pear or plum or apple, maybe lotus or peony) aspect, it's sooo light most won't even pick it up. What you do smell is a strong intense cherry syrup/nectar note. As far as sangria goes, the only sangria aspect that it has is the chopped apple and a tiny hint of dark berries. There really is no wine/alcoholiness to the blend, if anything it's more like a punch or soda. That said, I would say that CBS kinda reminds me of Summertime Soda; it's like Summertime Soda with the cherry note amped up, the lemon/lime aspect completely toned on, the fizziness intact, a little apple/pear, some dark berries and a hint of floral.

Now a Facebook/Instagram friend of mine (shout out to my gurl Liz) bought this candle recently and she described it as smelling like a Shirley Temple...and it does. She also warned people that the warm throw is a little on the light side, so heads up

Sparkling Limeade - I LOVE lime scents so I was super excited for this scent. I thought for sure that was would be a repackage of Sparkling Mojito from way back in the day. It's an amazing scent that I love and I have been wishing/praying/hoping that it would make a grand reappearance. Alas Sparkling Limeade IS NOT Sparkling Mojito. I do believe this is a new scent however it's not particularly a very good new scent. I daresay Sparkling Mojito is so much better. Now lets get to the obvious - despite what the notes suggest, there's no lime note. Not surprising since the few lime scents that Slatkin/BBW ever produced never actually had lime notes. Now the online notes are more factual - lemongrass, tonic and gin. So this candle essentially smells like a gin&tonic cocktail...and I'm ok with that; gin&tonic is my go to drank of choice at the club. Here's the problem; there's something strangely soapy smelling, like those small sculpted scent soaps your grandma has in her bathroom in a soapdish that your never supposed to use. It's like a gin&tonic scented bar soap. I mean I like this scent, but I'm not in love. I feel BBW could've tried a little harder with this scent or just repackaged Sparkling Mojito
And as you know there are two "White Barn" exclusive scents (which don't even get me started on that) - Iced Almond Chai (which folks say smells similar to the fall's Vanilla Chai but not a repackage) and Tequila Lime Cupcake (I've heard everything from "it smells like a key lime pie" to "all I smell is a lot of citrus with no bakery notes". If you don't live next to a White Barn, rest assured cuz both are available on Evil-bay!

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2015 Scents

I know I'm super late to the game as far as this subject is concerned but as they say, better late than never!

So back in the good ol days, spring scents would pop in test stores in December. And every blogger worth his or her salt would have a list of the upcoming scents for those unfortunates not living near a test store. Right after the end of SAS, those scents that made the grade would start trickling into stores and people would let out a sigh of relieve. Yeah..those days are over. BBW this go round is doing some strange strange things. At the very beginning, not a single test store saw any spring scents. However they have been appearing...IN CANADA!!! Dafuq?!!! Only recently have they started to appear in a few stores, regular stores not test stores and most of them have now appeared online? So are scents no longer being tested (I never agreed with the whole testing thing in the first place) or are they now being "tested" in Canada only? I don't think we'll ever know they answer. What I do know is that I am sick to damned death with all of unnecessary and pointless secrecy and mystery! Stop excluding people and muthaeffing give the people what they want!!!

Antyhoo, so what do we have to look forward to for spring?

Well first off, we'll have the usual standard floral scents from White Barn. So far we've only seen Lilac Blossom, Honeysuckle, Eucalyptus Mint and Lemon Mint Leaf (ugh, please retire this scent, it aint all that!). I wonder what else will be part of that collection - Spring? Garden Party? First Bloom?

Then we have the same tired Tropical/Beach collection that we've seen for the past 3-4 years...
Oceanside, Beach Cabana, Island Margarita, Coconut Leaves, Tiki Beach, Caribbean Escape, and Pineapple Mango.... BOOOOOOOORIIIIIIINNNNNNG!

They only "new" scent in this collection isn't really a new scent, it's Island Waters (aka Sunrise Lagoon from '11) from the Aloha Hawaii collection last spring

Now let's talk about some newness shall we

So as y'all know, every spring there's a collection inspired by some far off destination; last year it was Hawaii and the year before it was Italy. This year we're being taken on a fragrant journey to wild, crazy and sultry Brazil. Don't start samba'ing just yet meus amigos. It's easy to get all dazzled by the names and the ambiguously ethnic oddly Aztec-ian labels design but (as is always the case) they're all repackages, some of which blatantly ripped from the Aloha Hawaii collection.....

Mango Dragonfruit...Mango Dragonfruit
Rio Red Guava...Red Lava Guava

There's also...

Brazilian Blue Waters - Escape to Brazil's shores with notes of ocean waves, sea foam and dappled sunlight (hmm sounds suspiciously like Turquoise Waters from Coastal Cool aka Sea Spray from Spring '11)

Rainforest Gardenia - An intoxicating white floral note with lush green undertones, fresh bamboo and sweet apple water (Now Tinadivalicious theorized in his recent video that this might be White Orchid Lei, a failed test scent from the Aloha Hawaii collection. Possibly..or it could be Garden Party from last spring (garden roses/pear blossoms/soft musk) or even First Bloom/Bloom (peony/apple blossom/plumeria). Hmm...)

Amazon Falls - The scent of fresh water, green rainforest fern & a hint of sunlight, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of a lush waterfall in the remote Amazon (hmm, this one has thrown me for a loop; this could be completely new. Although there are some possibilities... Island Waters? Rainforest Sugarcane? Fresh Bamboo?)

Black Teakwood - An elegant blend of rich black teakwood, soft sandalwood and crisp lavender (come on, do I have to say it cuz it's pretty damn obvious. Mahogany Teakwood. And I've already talked to folks that have confirmed it

Spiced Pineapple Samba - A hint of spice revs up the tempo in this blend of golden juicy pineapple soaked in brown sugar. Let's dance! (now this scent might still be testing; few a seen this one in stores and it isn't online. Be all accounts, this smells similar to and may be a repackage of Tropical Spice from waaaaay back in the day)

Copacabana Beach - Rio's most fashionable spot to sun and swim comes to life in a beachy blend of sun-kissed coconut, ocean-washed driftwood and Tonka (ok, this kinda sounds disgusting...I wonder if it's that sperm candle from the Aloha  Hawaii collection, Lanikai Coconut) 

Now I don't know for certain if this is true but their may be a special collection coming out around Mother's Day. It seems to be mish-mash of floral and gourmand scents. We'll see old standbies like Paris Daydream, French Lavender and Lemon Verbena. New scents include...

Blue Orchid - A rare blue orchid blossom mixes with soft amber and blonde woods in a elegant springtime fragrance (ummmmm, I got nuthin! Well not exactly...for some reason the notes make me think of Sundress from last spring though the notes sound like Sensual Amber/Sparkling Amber)

Vanilla Bean Macaron - A luxurious treat featuring notes of Tahitian vanilla bean, creamy ganache  and a dusting of sugar (I'm gonna go with Vanilla Bean Noel)

White Pear Champagne - Liven up the room with a bubbly blend of sparkling white wine and juicy spring green pears (I'm really hopin this isn't that Green Apple Champagne mess)

Black Raspberry Merlot - Dark lush raspberries layered over velvety merlot grapes create a sophisticated fruit forward blend (Hmm, this could be anything... Blackberry Bramble Tea? Sundrenched Vineyard? A candle version of Black Cherry Merlot? Dark Kiss?

Peony Petals - A quintessential spring flower, the delicate and fragrant peony combines with garden blueberries in a fresh twist on fruity florals (Ok, this has gotta be Tokyo Petals from Destinations. Why this? Why not Flower Shop or Garden Party?)

And now the collection that is setting everybody's coochies on fire; sweetie lovers nationwide are foaming at the mouth. Even I, the ardent stalwart virulent gourmand hater that I am is becoming more and more intrigued... this year's "Sweet Shoppe"-ish collection

It has three favorites - Peach Bellini, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut and the scent that refuses to die, Watermelon Lemonade (big shocker right?!)

And it sports this most "new" scents than any of the other spring collection. They include...

Strawberry Rhubarb MarmaladeA spring market favorite- scrumptious marmalade made from hand picked garden strawberries and rhubarb (I was excited to hear about this one as I do enjoy actual strawberry rhubarb jam. And apparently it doesn't smell like that hot mess Strawberry from Fresh Picked back in the day)

Sparkling Limeade - Refreshing with a sophisticated touch of citrus, this fragrant blend of juicy limes, sparkling water and a hint of sugar quenches your thirst for spring (Hmm, the notes online are quite different - lemongrass, effervescent tonic water and smooth gin. A gin&tonic candle, don't mind if I do. This is the scent I'm most excited about. I thought at first that it was a repackage of an old Slatkin scent that I've ardently wished could be brought back , Sparkling Mojito but it ain't!)

Cherry Blossom Sangria - Celebrate spring with the sweet scent of sangria made from fresh cherry nectar, crisp apple slices and a hint of wild raspberry (like many, the name threw me for a loop but apparently cherry blossom sangria is an actual thing. Anyhoo, there is no doubt in my mind that this is gonna be a repackage/repackage with a twist of Pink Sangria from the good Slatkin days. No one has confirmed though)

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow - A comforting vanilla fragrance that evokes the sweetness of a homemade marshmallow (I keep getting conflicting opinions about this; some say it smells just Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow while others say it smells similar to Frosted Cupcake)

Now there was an Ice Almond Chai in the mix, I'm guessin that one has "failed" cuz absolutely NO ONE is talkin about it

And lastly a surprised dark horse in this collection has appeared online thanks to Miss Christina Makar and has been spreadin like wildfire all over Facebook and Instagram....Tequila Lime Cupcake. Like Cherry Blossom Sangria, the name has everyone doin a Scooby-Doo.."AH-URRRR?!"but like Cherry Blossom Sangria, it's actually a thing . Anyhoo, no notes have appeared...surprise surprise! I've already ranted and raved on Facebook about people posting pics of candles but never the notes and it's quite annoying. Anyway, despite what the name suggests, I have a funny feeling that it's a repack of failed test scent Pink Lemonade Poundcake. Now I know what you're thinkin "Uuum, lemon and lime smell totally different!" and you'd be right. However NONE of BBW'Ss "lime" scents actually mentioned lime.

Island Marg - mandarin
Sparkling Mojito - pomelo
Sparkling Limeade - while it mentions lime on the bottom, online it says instead "lemongrass"

That said, forgive me if I stay suspiscious; I'll be highly surprised if this is an actual lime scent

So yeah, that's we have to look forward to for spring. I wonder what other surprises BBW has in store....

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Fresh Sparkling Snow

Products: candle (haven't used wf bulbs)
Area used in:  main bathroom
Time Period: December -

Description: A blend of sparkling sugarberries, holiday pear and icy melon evokes the magic of a winter wonder

So both the Fresh Sparkling Snow deep cleansing soap and pocketbac are my JAM! I have used and continue to use them both every winter religiously. I've prayed to the BBW gods to make a candle version of this scent; they keep releasing candles of whack lame ass Winter Candle Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel year after year after year, why not make one for FSS..a scent that actually smells good! Finally the gods answered my prayers and a candle of one of my fav winter scents was in my grasp. However my excitement wore off when I first sniffed it in the store. Don't get me wrong, it smelled like the soap..but something was off, different. My bf surprised me when he bought this during his $8 candle haul, so I decided to be open minded and give it a try.

It burns like a boss; high flames, medium-sized mushroom tops, full deep wax pool. The throw is killer; you get instant fragrance just takin off the lid; the cold throw practically punches you in the face. The warm throw will knock you out as well and it lingers forever.

And now the scent. As I stated earlier, it does smell like the soap but different. It's funny, I always wondered what exactly the notes were for FSS cuz I could never pinpoint them. And now we know - sugarberries, pear and melon. I smell mostly sugarberries...or rather what I presume sugarberries smell like. It smells like Sugarberry Spritzer from last spring sans the "spritzerness"; just an intense sugary wet dewy purple-y berry note. Pear...I guess? Melon...perhaps? Maybe honeydew? Melon is used a lot in watery type fragrances. And there is an unexplained iciness; a metholiness without smelling minty. Kind like the sensation of sniffing Vapor-rub or something like that.

Now a lot of people, myself included, have written this off as summery. Having burned it I still go back and forth. On the one hand, because it's based on a winter time scent and does have an iciness to it, I see it as a "winter" scent. However, there's no denying that it is blatantly and unabashedly fruity which we all associate with summer scents. The "watery" notes (pear and melon) make me think of scents like Island Waters/Sunrise Lagoon, Oceanside and Turquoise Waters/Sea Spray (all containing melon) while that "sugarberry" notes gives it a "summer drink" vibe, like Caribbean Escape or Palm Beach Cooler. In fact, I would describe this as a "winter" version of Caribbean Escape; Caribbean Escape is Anna and Fresh Sparkling Snow is Elsa

"The fruitiness never bothered me anyway!"

In conclusion, I'm not wowed by this scent at all. I don't know when I'd ever burn this again; so far it's been decoration in my blue-themed bathroom.  I'll just stick to the soap and pocketbac as per usual. If you're a sweet/candy/fruity lover, this scent will satisfy your sugarlust. But if you're like me and you like scents that are more intriguing, sophisticated and complex, leave this candle right on the shelf.



Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in: main and guest bathroom (wf bulb in main bathroom)
Time Period: Thanksgiving - New Year's Eve (wf bulb)

Description: Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with this elegant fragrance that blends evergreen woods, crisp eucalyptus and cedarwood

Missing notes: apple, pine and musk

So for the longest time, I avoided straight pine scents; I much preferred pine notes to be blended with other notes, like Winter or Tis the Season or Chestnut & Clove (btw I did a whole Youtube video on this subject so go check it out!). That said for the looooongest time, I straightup avoided scents like Evergreen and especially Fresh Balsam. But this year I decided to go out of my comfort zone and give pine scents a try; that said I bought both Evergreen and Fresh Balsam to try.

Performance-wise, FB was kinduva a hot mess!

It tunneled and canyoned like crazy for several burns. Finally once it reached midpoint, it corrected itself and has been burning ok ever since. The flames were never super high and dancing but they managed to get the job done. The throw on this bastard is STROOOOOOOONG! The cold throw alone will knock you out but the warm throw will dropkick you right in the face.

And now the scent. *sigh Even though I said I was gonna give pine scents a try, I was more hesitant to try FB than Evergreen only because the piney aspect was sooo intense and in your face. The balsam note , obviously, is the most prominent. Combined with that eucalyptus, it's a double whammy of intenseness; it's an instant "whoosh" of fresh, crisp coolness. The cedar gives it hint of outdoor woodsiness and further intensifies the piney aspect. Now I hold no earthy idea that apples were a part of the equation until I looked at Slatkin's old notes of this scent. It's no sweet "apple/apple cider" like Tis the Season, it's more like a "fresh apple still on the tree" similar to Autumn. It livens up the blend and makes it more bright. That said, if you don't have a heightened or sensitive sense of smell, you probably wouldn't make out anything appley at all.

Now how does FB compare to Evergreen? Two different vibes in my opinion. While Evergreen is more cozy and inviting, FB is more cool and invigorating. I describe Evergreen as a Christmas tree that you just brought inside and is waiting to be decorated whereas FB is a tree outdoors still in the ground covered in snow; FB is more crisp as well more earthy and outdoorsy. Evergreen has more of antiquey good ol fashioned Christmas feel to it while FB captures the winter season period; it's a scent you can burn from the end of November straight thru to March (I still don't understand why BBW continues to market FB as an autumn scent cuz it isn't)

So what's my verdict on FB? It's aiight. It's a very crisp, fresh and invigorating scent;I think it's a good scent for the bathroom. I personally like to burn it when I'm taking a bath. That said it's a good scent to perk you up and rejuvenate you. It's also a powerful deodorizing scent guaranteed to knock out any funk/stank you have in your domicile. However personally I don't think this is a candle I would want to burn everyday, this is definitely a once in awhile scent. I'm glad I bought it and tried it and while I may use the wf bulbs in the bathroom in the future, I don't think I'll ever buy another candle of it again.   


Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: the week of Christmas - New Year's Eve

Description: Evokes the magic of tracking through fresh snow to find the perfect holiday tree - fresh fir balsam infused with sparkling mint and white pine

Missing notes: clove and white birch

Well first of all let me apologize for being damn near absent on here. With work and all of the holidays festivities, I've been paying little to no attention to this blog and couldn't get myself into the mindset to write anything. Now that the holidays are over, I have no excuse and so here am I!

So, for awhile now my go to scent for Christmas time has always been my beloved Tis the Season however this year my bf and I wanted to do something different scent-wise. For reason, I've been on a big piney scent kick this year. That said, something want to give Evergreen a try. Evergreen has been around for YYYYEEAAAARRRSSSS and I've always ignored it writing it of as your standard generic Christmastime pine scent. But like I said, something made me wanna give it a try and I'm glad that I did cuz I fell in love with it; I think it has surpassed Tis the Season as my new favorite Christmastime scent.

Now performance-wise, I can't really go into much detail. I had Evergreen burning inside my Snowflake luminary so I obviously I couldn't seen the flames and wax pool. Though whenever I blow the candle out, the flames appeared high from above and there were no tunneling/canyoning issues that I could see.  The throw was pleasant, I'd describe as medium-strong as it did fill my living room without overwhelming; as much as I like pine scents, I don't think I could handle it if it was knock you out strong. Though I do wonder how much more strong would the throw have been if I burned it outside of the luminary? Hmmmm....

And now the scent. It is very easy to write this off as a generic Christmas tree scent and leave it at that; I did for years. But if you give it a really whiff, you'll see that the scent itself, like most Slatkin era scents, is more complex than you think. The prominent note is definitely the fir balsam, though it isn't as astringent and intense as Fresh Balsam. The mint note combined with birch note (which is already cool and mint-like in and of itself) calms and cools the balsam/pines note, making it less in your face piney and more fresh. Then lastly you have that bright vibrant spicy clove note that warms and brightens the entire blend up; to me, that clove kinda makes me think of sap/resin from branches and trunk. It's strange, there's a coolness like Fresh Balsam but at the same time there's a warmth and brightness. While Fresh Balsam makes me think of pine tree outside still in the ground and covered in snow, Evergreen is more like a Christmas tree that you brought inside and is waiting to be decorated. Even though it is a fresh/woodsy/outdoors scent, it's surprisingly cozy and inviting, which is why I like it way more that Fresh Balsam.

So yeah, like I said early, Evergreen is my new jam for Christmas and has joined the pantheon of my all time fav scents for that time of year.  That said, I cant imagine burning this anytime other than Christmas time. If you haven't tried this or you're on the fence, I highly recommend trying it next Christmas.

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Just like there are colors and gemstones assigned to each astrological signs, there are fragrances associated which each - flowers or woods or oils praised by ancient cultures and are considered lucky for the zodiac. Being the astrological geek that I am, I researched each zodiac scent and thought of candles that have those lucky scent notes.