Products: candle and bulbs
Area used in:  main bedroom
Time Period: end of October - December

Description: An inviting reminder of warm embers in the fireplace - sweetened with notes of leather, sandalwood and rich amber

Missing note: cedarwood

Oh's not winter time without ya! You're smply the best....better than allll the rest! I've always been in love with the scent and it will remain a staple for me for many winters to come!

So around Halloween time, I started burning the ever so unscented Applewood Bonfire. I got tired of it and decided to take it back for an exchange. I wanted something woodsy and masculine. Obviously one candle fit that description..muthaf***in Fireside! Granted, it was a little early to be burning this and I intended to get this candle for Christmastime but there was nothing in the fall selection(besides my baby Black Pepper Bergamot)  that had the kind of scent that I was lookin for. Plus I just love Fireside!

Fireside has been around for-friggin-ever! Very few scents nowadays have stood the test of time and yet remains a fan favorite like this one. It's just perfect; it's warm and cozy and just a little sensual. How can anyone not like it?!

First off, let's talk about the label. In the past, I honestly paid little to no attention to the candle labels, all that was important to me was the scent. But over the past year, I have been paying a lot more attention to the labels and the stock photos BBW uses for them. In the past, the labels for Fireside have been kinda boring, just a stack of logs. But this year's label really drew me in. It's just so quaint - a sparkly Christmas tree, stockings hung up with care with hope that Saint Nick will soon be there and a roaring blazing fire...if this doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit, I dunno what will! It just makes me wanna turn on that blazin Yule log video, put on some Christmas music, cuddle up in a blanket and gulp eggnog all night.

Anyhoo, the performance on this bad boy has been A+. Tall dancing flames from top to bottom; a lil too high maybe. This is one of the few candles that let out a few ember-y sparks when lit. The wax pool remained consistently deep and even. It's sooo beautiful to burn at night. My only complaint is about the throw, it was surprisingly weak. In the past, Fireside would dropkick you in the face as soon as you walked in the room. This year's version..mmm not so much. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the White Barn line of candles this year; it just seems watered down and significantly weaker. It still fills a room mind you but I wish it had the knock you out strength that it had in the past.

Now onto the scent..... *sigh

Over the years, many many people have written Fireside off as (say it with me)..."cologne-y"
Many of you already know how I feel about that and that I prefer those types of scents. Normally I'd agree if I think a certain candle smells cologne-y and explain why or try to reference an actual cologne that the scent smells like. This time I have to say I disagree, I do not think this smells like cologne at all. I can't say that I or any other guy would want to walk around smelling like a burnt up Yule log. And to me, that's what this candle is supposed to smell like and it definitely does.  Now with that said, I agree that there is something a bit masculine about Fireside as it has very masculine notes. However just because a scent is manly doesn't necessarily make it cologne-y.

Back to the scent. It's very rich and very smoky, emphasis on the smoky. The smoky aspect kinda intensifies as the candle burns, I'm guessing because of the soot from the wicks. I like that though. The top note is definitely the leather note, it's pretty dominant and it keeps the blend smelling more like an actual home fragrance and less like straight up burnt wood. I guess I could say I smell the sandalwood and cedarwood. There is a sweet muskiness which could be from the sandalwood and almost pine-like winter wood which could be cedarwood. Then again it could be marketing just tricking me; with all the smokiness and muskiness as well as that leather note, whose to say what wood note is actually in this. Finally there's the amber note that wraps all of the notes together as well as adding a warmth that otherwise I don't think it would've had. And there's a warm spiciness about Fireside that kinda reminds me of Black Pepper Bergamot. With that said, it makes Fireside smell kinda sexy to me. It makes me think of a hot burly hairy guy with salt pepper hair layin butt naked in front of the fireplace on a bearskin rug with Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby" playing in the background...

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I do believe I'm getting the vapors! *purrrrrrrrr

I also had old wf bulbs from either last year or the year before so I didn't have to buy new ones. Thank goodness cuz for some reason they've disappeared online along with Sparkling Icicles and Black Pepper Bergamot and I don't remember seeing them in the store. Very strange! Anyhoo, the bulbs are pretty good, not as  strong as I would've liked though I wonder if that's because they're kinda old.

Anyhoo, in conclusion, Fireside is just amazing! For those of you who have been worried in the past about this scent knocking you, this year it shouldn't. It's rich, it's warm, it's cozy, it's inviting, it's sexy. It's perfect to burn in the living room at night or in the bedroom for that matter. It's a great scent for the holidays without it being minty or spicy and piney. If you haven't tried Fireside, I highly recommend that you do!


Products: candle and bulbs 
Area used in: living room
Time Period: mid-October - December

Description: Fresh, tart cranberries, blackcurrant and warm cinnamon bark combine in a delightful fragrance inspired by the magic of the woods during harvest time

Missing notes: raspberry, cedarwood and amber

Along with Leaves, Cranberry Woods is one of my top all time favorite quintessential fall scents. It's usually my go to scent for the second half of the autumn season; usually during the week of Halloween and on thru Thanksgiving. I think CW is the perfect scent for that time frame; it captures the dark mysteriousness of Halloween night as well as the warmth and togetherness of Thanksgiving time. And it's a perfect segue scent into the neighboring holiday season.

Once my Leaves candles and bulbs were dead and gone, I could not wait to move on to CW. I plugged in the bulbs and lit up the candle and everything was all to the first. Then things took a turn for the WTH?! With a heavy heart, I must give my dear CW the dreaded HOT MESS AWARD!!!

I'm sure you're wondering why. I'll tell you...

Performance wise, things were fine in the very beginning. The flames were dancing high and the wax pool was even. The throw could've been a tad stronger but I wasn't complaining. Then I noticed that with every light, the throw got weaker and weaker to the point of being almost non-existent. Then once it got to the cursed mid-range, it just went downhill. The flames were like "Screw this BS, our asses are tired!!!" The wicks and flames were stubbing out and it took forever for the wax to pool out. And by this point the throw was like "see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! I'm out this biotch!" I'd have to hover over the flames and inhale deep to smell anything. I shouldn't have to do that with a BBW candle, especially this one. CW's throw, while never knock you out strong, was powerful enough to fill a room. This one, not so much and this raises a concern and quandary...

Is it just me or are certain White Barn candles from this past fall and this current winter not nearly as strong as they were in the past? I've burned 3 White Barn candles so far - CW, Black Pepper Bergamot and Fireside. In the past, all three of these scents have been pretty potent. But this year, they are significantly weaker to the point of sometimes being non-existent. Me no likey!!!

Anyhoo, back to the CW....

The scent...I can not stop hyping up the scent. It has a lil someth'n someth'n for everybody's tastes; it's dark, it's warm, it's fresh and fruity, it's tart and it's spicy. You get a great combination of juicy and tart dark berries - cranberries, blackcurrants and raspberries with the cranberry being the strongest of those notes. Then right behind that, you get a hint of spice from the cinnamon bark; it's not red hot spicy like Cinnamon and Clove Buds or Spice but more like the cinnamon note in Leaves. Trailing behind that is the cedarwood note which gives the blend an outdoorsy woodsy almost pine-like note. Then finally the amber wraps all of the other notes together and adds an unexplainable yet noticeable warmth.

I love the wallflower bulbs, those suckers are strong and stayed strong to the very last drop. The oil kinda has a perfumey body spray feel to it, think Midnight Pomegranate. I also think you smell of the notes more in the bulbs than in the candle.

In conclusion, I truly hated to give CW the HOT MESS AWARD as it is one of my favorite fall scents. I debated whether or not I would and almost didn't. Unfortunately in the end I had to; under normal circumstances I would've sent this back to the store for an exchange. I wondered if I just got a bad batch although according to most of the reviews I read and heard, they're all duds. Littleballadeer said in her review that she had the exact same problems with her CW and I believe she sent it back...which is what I should've done. But honestly I just couldn't be bothered and I just let it burn out.

Dammit BBW, why did you have to eff this candle up?! Hopefully next year's CW will be back to normal. *sigh

WALK N' SNIFF (part deux): Toast the Night/Celebration/It Happened One Night candles

Honestly this was the only line released for this winter that I was remotely interested  and excited about. I thought it was an awesome idea to have a line inspired by and dedicated to New Year's. And ya gotta love the Art Deco/1920's/Great Gatsby-esque labeling!

Anyhoo, let's get into it...

Peach Bellini
It always bewildered me why PB continues to be marketed as a winter scent...cuz it's not! Now don't get me wrong, I like PB and I don't think it's a bad scent so much as I think that it's not appropriate for winter. I also think it's strange that there are two bellini scents released side by side. I think CPB is more wintery that PB and even callin a CPB a winter scent is pushin it a bit. I think now that BBW has created an actual "champagne" scent, PB should be retired and only released in the spring/summer.

Cranberry Pear Bellini
CPB has been a popular winter time staple for years now with no sign of disappearing anytime soon. And come to find out that it's an actual cocktail - thank you Martha Stewart. You can't helping liking this scent - it's fresh and fruity and fizzy and effervescent. My only complaint is that this scent as well as the other two "bellini" scents (particularly the wallflower bulbs) has a cough syrup/drop aspect to it; I think it might be the blackcurrant and/or pear note. Anyhoo, CPB strikes me as a late winter scent as opposed to a holiday time scent. With that said, I'm gonna buy CPB to burn during Carnival/Mardi Gras time.

Spice Apple Toddy
This scent is so disappointing! There's no getting around it - this is LEAVES, plain and simple, end of story. It's a bit spicier but other than that there's no denying that SAT is a repackage of Leaves. To call this a "toddy" is really pushing it; you really don't get much of a hot alcoholic drink aspect to it just the cider and cinnamon notes from Leaves. As much I love Leaves, I had enough of it in fall and don't particularly wanna burn something similar to it in winter. Kinda makes me wonder which came first, Leaves or SAT..hmmmm...

Hot Buttered Rum
This scent is so friggin gross! I hate the actual drink itself and I hate the candle even more. It's cloying and ooey-gooey like Pumpkin Caramel Latte; it's basically PCL with an added rum note. BBW please retire this scent! Bring back Peppermint Mocha or Egg Nog Cheer and replace this crap!

Champagne Toast
Finally, a friggin champagne scent! Long overdue! CT seems to be the most popular scent in this line and I can definitely see why. You think CPB is fresh and fruit and fizzy? Well CT kicks it up a notch and totally kicks CPB's ass! And I agree with everybody's assesment that CT is very similar to Summertime Soda, like a crisp winter version of it. My only qualm, and it's a tiny one, is that I wish that there was more of champagne aspect to this scent and not so much of the nectarine note. Because of that, CT comes across more like a mimosa rather than a glass of bubbly champagne. In fact don't surprised to see this reappear later in the year and possibly calling itself a mimosa.

Party Dress
I'm not a big fan of floral scents so while I was impressed that BBW actually came up with an entirely new and unrepackaged scent, I can't say I was too excited about or considered buying it. From looking at the notes, I assumed that PD would simply smell like a faceful of flowers. But after sniffing it, I can honestly say that it doesn't. It does however smell more like an upscale ladies perfume or body spray. It actually kinda reminds me of Dark Kiss or Black Amethyst. With that said, I'm surprised BBW didn't release a PD FFM or eau du parfum for New Year's.

Black Tie
AKA Sage & Cedar. When I first heard about Black Tie, I admit I was intrigued with the name but quickly became baffled when I heard what it was a repackage of. I never got to smell Sage and Cedar but I saw enough reviews about it and everyone had the same thing to say about it - it's cologne-y. With it's notes of sage, cedarwood and Tonka bean, I didn't get why S&C would be a candidate for a scent that was obviously supposed to be sexy manly scent. Why not Oakmoss & Vetiver or Boathouse Row or even Black Pepper Bergamot  which all have a warm, dark, sensual and undeniably masculine vibe to them. Then I sniffed BT and I understood why. It's quite cologne-y ; in fact I'd say it smells like a mix between Black Pepper Bergamot and Mahogany Teakwood. I would almost go so far as to say it kinda smells lil sexy. I would want my New Years date to smell something like this! BT proves without a doubt that a new name and look can do wonders - it's all about the marketing!

WALK N' SNIFF (part one): Holiday Traditions

So last weekend I had the opportunity to visit BBW twice - once with my best friend on Friday and again with my boyfriend on Saturday. I didn't buy anything as I'm waiting for Black Friday but it did however give me the chance to sniff and re-sniff the newer candles that weren't available the last time I was there.


I'm probably gonna get some flack for what I'm about to say..but ya know what? Eff it, I'm gonna say it anyway. I am very very underwhelmed with this line! There was nothing remotely exciting and new; not one candle wowed me! Everything is repackages/repackages with a twists or bastard children of other scents. Everything just screams "mass appeal"! Before I rant about the lack of newness post Slatkin and upset my nerves, let me just get to the real....

Here's what I think of the candles that I saw...

Vanilla Firewood
I know, not a Holiday Tradition candle but I still saw it and have something to say about it. It's friggin gross! It smells like straightup barbecue sauce! How? I dunno, it just does! So BBW thought that this hot mess was good enough to go wide but not Snowed In? Hmm....

Cinnamon Frosting
So Frosted Cupcake and Cinnamon & Clove Buds made love by the fire and Cinnamon Frosting is their love child. CF smells EXACTLY like Frosted Cupcake mixed with Cinnamon & Clove Buds or Spice (Frosted Cupcake is a bit of a whore) There's that intense red hot cinnamon/clove spiciness with BBW's generic buttercream scent. I like to call CF Pumpkin Cupcake's stepsister; two buttercream scents with varying spices. Now if this scent was like an actual cinnamon roll with icing (like oh I dunno, what's on the label) I'd be all over this but as it stands, no not so much. Pass!

Merry Cookie
First of all, how adorable is that snowman cookie?!?! Anyhoo I've heard varying things about this candle; some say that it smells warm and sweet while others say it smells burnt and funky. Based on cold throw, I do admit it smells pretty yummy though I could see how it could quickly change into a burnt smell once lit. I'll gladly give BBW some credit by saying it does smell like a legit sugar cookie. It's just so boring and mass appeal-y though and that in and of itself turns me off. However for all yall sweety/bakery/gourmand lovers, this bud's for you!

Mint Chocolate
Normally I'm not of fan of chocolate scents in non-edible form and despise mint chocolate scents period with a passion. However, there is something about this candle that I like. I got to sniff it back when it made a surprise appearance at the summer SAS and I really liked it then too. It's sweet without being cloying, the chocolate isn't artificial and plastic-y smelling and the mint is really cool and fresh. MC smells like a straight up Peppermint Patty or an Andy's Mint. Honestly I think this is the best candle in this whole collection! I think might actually buy this bad boy!

Twisted Peppermint
I've never been a big fan of this scent. I lot of people say that TP smells very medicinal and I gotta say that I have to agree. It's very menthol-y; I think the only time I would want to burn this candle is if I was sick with a cold or something cuz otherwise it would be way too overwhelming. Just sniffing the lid cleared my sinuses! And there's offputting about TP that I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps it's the musk note which I don't know why BBW would put musk in a scent like this. And maybe my nose is playin tricks on me but I swear I smell something ginger-y, like dried sugared ginger candy. I dunno...

Winter Candle Apple
I never really understood why this was considered a winter time scent (unless I'm missin something, I always thought candied apples was more of summer/fall thing) I just feel like there are so many other scents that are more wintery than WCA. Anyhoo, I digress. I can't really say that I get much of an apple scent. With Caramel Apple, you get both the apple note and the caramel covering note. Not so much with WCA; you really just get the candy glaze. Honestly, I think this smells more like gummi bears/worms than anything else. Also there's something kinda body care smelling about WCA, like a generic shampoo/conditioner or bubble bath. It doesn't have that inviting and enticing vibe that most bakery/confection/gourmand scents tend to have. I feel like such a scent should make you make you wanna eat whatever that scent is supposed to mimic and frankly WCA just doesn't do that.

Red Velvet Cupcake
As a Southerner, I have had my fair share of red velvet confections over the years - cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cocktails etc! So when I heard BBW was coming up with a red velvet scent for wintertime, I got super excited. Then I heard the reviews - that it's boring, generic, mainstream, mass appeal-y. And no friggin cream cheese! WTF?! It can't be a muthaf***in red velvet cake scent without muthaf***in cream cheese! Isn't that just a chocolate cupcake?! Anyhoo, I was a little leery when I saw it in the store but I decided to be open-minded and sniff it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised - it's not that bad. It does smell like the cake portion of a red velvet confection. But I am extremely disappointed that instead of being experimental and using a cream cheese note, BBW went all safe and mainstream and used its generic standby buttercream note thus making it smell like a chocolate Frosted Cupcake. RVC is basically FC's mulatto bastard lovechild!

Now my thoughts on the scents not available in stores yet...

Vanilla Bean Noel
This scent has been around for-frggin-ever and it continues to fly off the shelf. Personally, I've never been a fan of this scent at all and never will be. Honestly I never saw the point  of having this scent around. BBW already has Vanilla Snowflake, Merry Cookie and Frosted Cupcake - three very vanilla-y scents. Besides its name, what's the appeal of VBN? 
Ok I can see it being a nice soap or lotion but does it have to be a candle as well? I dunno, maybe I'm missing something...

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
What the hell is the point of this scent? Someone please tell me? What does this have to do with winter/Christmas time? Why was this released and Frosted Gingerbread (a tried and true BBW winter time staple and an actual Christmas time confection) given the boot? It's stupid shit like this that pisses me off about BBW!

Buttercream Mint
Great, just what we need..yet another Frosted Cupcake bastard lovechild! It's Frosted Cupcake only this time it's mixed with mint! What a novel and original idea! Real talk...this is just pure unadulterated laziness! And then BBW has the audacity and gall to want to release this hot mess as Black Friday exclusive! Really BBW, REALLY?! BBW had the opportunity to create something truly new and unique or they could've brought something back from the Slatkin era - Marshmallow Peppermint, Holiday Gumdrops, Candied Sugar Plum. What does BBW do instead? They release this mess! Once again they went mainstream and mass appeal-y! Laziness, plain and simple!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the word that I would describe this line and the winter scents this year in general.....LAZY!

And now ladies and gentlemen, part deux...the Toast the night candles

RANT OF THE DAY: Failed Winter Test Scents/WTF is up with BBW?

BBW has a habit of doing some very random out of the box stuff. I've learned not to question BBW's randomness and with a sigh just assume that there is indeed a method to their madness. This past fall BBW seemed to have their proverbial shit together...kinda ( the whole releasing Cider Donut instead of Cinnamon Sugar Donut) and many assumed we'd have the same good fortune in the winter.

Not so much!

It just seems like BBW is making some really weird and random choices for this upcoming winter, more so than usual. The pinnacle of this randomness being that in certain (test) stores, scents that you would think would go wide are being cast aside and sold for 50% offleading many to believe that those scents won't see the light of day.

For example, it seems Snowed In and Frosted Gingerbread aren't going wide, which has everybody (myself included) scratching their heads in confusion. Why aren't they going wide? Snowed In was released last year. Frosted Gingerbread has been around for years. Both are considered staple scents so there was absolutely no reason why either scents should've been tested in the first place; they should've just been released period end of story! I for one am pissed the eff of that Snowed In isn't being released wide as it is one of my all time favorite winter scents. Moreover I bought Snowed in wallflower bulbs assuming that eventually the candle would be released and available to buy. Now I feel like a fool for doin so...which segues into the next part of my rant...

Why would BBW release wallflowers for certain scents when they have no intention releasing said scents in candle form? Snowed in, Apple Garland and Frosted Gingerbread are all available online as wallflower bulbs but the candles aren't going to be released. Why?! What's the point of that?! When I see certain scents in bulb form online, I naturally assume that at some point that candle will be released as well. But it seems with these three scents I mentioned that that isn't the case. That's called getting people's hopes up!

Also, I'm starting to question the whole test store/scent popularity thing. Random new candles are being released and usual staples are all of a sudden getting the axe. How is it that Good Natured Christmas and Vanilla Cedarwood and Vanilla Firewood made the cut but Snowed In didn't? Ok, Vanilla Cedarwood isn't so bad but GNC and VF, WTF?! VF is completely pointless; we already have Fireside and Marshmallow Fireside, what was the point of VF, I ASK YOU?! Winter Fig...really? Winter effin Fig is better than Snowed In? Friggin stank ass HOLIDAY was released wide; nobody liked that scent when it first came out last year! Holiday got released wide but Snowed In got the shaft? Really, really? You release Red Velvet Cupcake (which doesn't smell like a red velvet cupcake at all) and random Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (which has NOTHING to do with Christmas/Winter time) but you're letting Frosted Gingerbread (which has been staple Christmas scent for YEARS and is an actual Christmas time confection) go?! And don't get me started on Spiced Wreath!!!

And it seems like the Cider Donut/Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts conundrum has flowed right into winter. BBW released Apple Garland and Winter Wreath both of which reviewers are saying are repackages of Merry Mistletoe. What was the point of this?! Merry Mistletoe has been a winter time staple and a fan favorite for YEARS! Why not just release friggin Merry Mistletoe AS IT IS?! What was the point of formulating this two very similar scents, especially when neither scent are being released?!

And this Fresh Picked Winter Market bullshit..* facepalm *sigh *deep cleansing breaths
It seems that some scents in this line aren't making the cut - Winter Café aka Espresso Bar/Harvest Coffee, Vanilla Latte (Creamy Nutmeg or Café au Lait) and Brown Sugared Apples (Apple Crumple, Cider Donuts or Apple Ale). So were left with Market Herbs aka Tuscan Herbs, Sugared Lemons (Limoncello with a twist), Mulled Cider (Spice Cider/Spice Apple Toddy), Sweet Clementine, Sparkling Berries & Pears and Cinnamon Tea (London Calling with cinnamon). With the exception of MC, SC and CT, none of the other scents have ANYTHING to do with friggin winter?! Once again I ask, what is the point of this?! Instead of releasing this ratchet nonsense, BBW needs to release..oh I dunno, friggin Snowed In, Frosted Gingerbread and Apple Garland..and anything else left behind that should be released!

Now supposedly more candles are gonna be released November 25th but nobody knows if said candles are gonna the Fresh Picked line is or the failed test stores scents. At this point everything is up in the air!

Ya know what.. I give up, I throw my hands in the air! I'm done trying to figure out the stupid things BBW does!  I am officially over it! All I know is BBW needs to desperately get it together, like now!

One of my favorite Youtube vloggers, Touchthefiretwice, has posted a review video featuring all of the failed test scents....

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Products: candle
Area used in: living Room
Time Period: end of October - December

Description: Gather with friends and celebrate the season with this warm, rich blend of creamy pumpkin, spiced caramel and sweet cream

Missing note: "rich pralines"

So my bf and I started a bit of tradition awhile back that we'd have a candle that we'd burn specifically during the weekends in the morning/early afternoon. It started back when Espresso Bar made its debut and we've continued this trend ever since. This fall we decided to give EB a break and try some other savory gourmand scents for our weekend morns together; we had Apple Crumble in September and Cider Donuts in October. I wondered what could be our post-Halloween pre-Thanksgiving weekend morning scent.  I thought about Spiced Cider or Apple Ale but I wanted to branch away from the apple scents. There was Harvest Coffee but what was the point of getting that when I had quite a few EBs left. There was one other option; Id have to venture into uncharted territory..the realm of pumpkin scents! That option was...PUMPKIN CARAMEL LATTE!!!!


I've always avoided PCL like the plague. It was the perfect amalgam of scents/notes I strongly and vehemently dislike - spiced pumpkin, ooey-gooey caramel and rich evil trifecta of aromas! And ER'YBODY agreed, whether they liked PCL or not, that it was super duper sugar high inducing diabetes causing sweet. That in and of itself kept me away like a vampire to garlic. Then when it made its grand appearance with the rest of its pumpkin brethren back in August, reviewers were saying that it wasn't as overwhelmingly sweet this time around and that there was, believe it or not, a slight but actual coffee latte kick to it. I decided to believe the hype and I bought it. I lit it not too long ago and much to my surprise, I actually found myself liking it!!!

Performance-wise PCL has been a dream. It's past mid-range now and it's still goin strong. Nice thick wicks, mushroom tops, high dancing flames, deep even wax pool..yada yada yada ...A+ MATERIAL! Let's get to the real...the throw! OHHH BOY, THAT THROW IS A KILLA! MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!!! PCL will punch you in the face, put yo ass in a chokehold and not let go! And I do mean all this in a good way. This is how a BBW candle's throw is supposed to be - strong without being headache inducing and fills a room while remaining guest friendly and not stifling. And PCL is the only other candle that I've burned besides Apple Crumble where the smell lingered for hours after I blew it out. One night my bf and I had it burning for hours and then blew it out that night before we left to go somewhere. We came back and we could still smell it in the air. We woke up the next day and once again we could still smell it!!!

Now onto the scent. Whoever said that PCL's sweetness was toned down this year and that it had a latte smell it to it finally LIED!!! Well I'll take that back. On cold throw, it isn't as potent as it has been and I did get a slight chai-like kick to it. After lighting it however, it was the same ol cloying PCL. You get a heavy, frothy, milky vanilla cream with a dollop of rich ooey-gooey caramel; you get more caramel than anything else and it's potent! There's no pumpkin whatsoever and there's no coffee/latte which is a little disappointing. There's a slight spice note, like nutmeg mixed with a little allspice and brown sugar but it practically disappears once the candle is lit. But the crazy thing is the spice note lingers in the air after you blow it out. If I were naming this, I would take pumpkin out of the title and simply called it Caramel Latte or Spiced Caramel (or just Spiced Caramel Latte) but it is the "pumpkin" that makes it sound seasonal and draws folks in to buy it. My girlfriend/BFF detests pumpkin scents with a virulent white hot passion. However when she heard about the lack of pumpkin in PCL, she got very excited and bought some wallflower bulbs. Now she's head over heels in love with the scent! It is a surprise hit!

PCL is the Melissa McCarthy of BBW scents. Large and in charge in every way and you'd think she/it would be obnoxious but she/it is sooo sweet and endearing that you just wanna hang out with her/ it all the time. I honestly did not think I would ever like this scent but in the end I did wind up liking it a lot. Is it buy in bulk worthy? For me not really, I like it but not enough to buy several and stock up. For me it's a one time only deal. However for those who enjoy the sweet/bakery/gourmand scents, this should be a stock up scent and for most, it usually is. I can see why people dig this scent; it's sweet, warm, cozy and enticing. But I can also see how and why people would avoid it cuz it is cloying and overwhelming. I personally think that PCL is worth trying at least once. And it's a BBW staple, so it'll be around for several falls to come.