SHOP 'N' GO: My Fall Haul

With the advent of more regular sales, I was finally able to get my haul on and stock up for the upcoming fall season. That said, BEHOLD!!

So the first thing fall-wise that I got were a couple of wf bulbs during the 3.50 sale around the beginning of the month. I got...
  • 4 Leaves
  • 3 Harvest Gatherings
Then a couple of weeks later there was a sale for 5 hand soaps for $18. I got...
  • 2 Fall Lakeside Breezes (one for my bf to take to work)
  • 1 Crisp Morning Air (my most favorite fall soap ever)
  • 1 Black Cherry Merlot
Then FINALLY there was a 2/24 and there was much rejoicing throughout the land! Immediately after I got that wonderful email heralding the news, I went online to order some online only goodies. I ordered...
  • 1 Eucalyptus Tea
  • 1 Orange Ginger (for my bf's birthday; it's a surprise, so shhh!)
A couple of hours later, my bf and I schlepped over to GSP/WB. I made two transactions - One was an exchange...
  • 1 Fresh for 1 Pumpkin Pie
  • 1 Be Daring for 1 Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • 1 Iced Almond Chai for 1 Cranberry Pumpkin
Then I bought...
  • 1 Wine Cellar (I don't like this, I'm bringing this for an exchange)
  • 1 Lakeside Sunrise (I also don't like this one and will be exchanging it)
  • 1 Mahogany Teakwood (for my bf)
  • 1 Leaves
Lastly, because my WB didn't have it, I found one on Evilbay relatively cheap and with free shipping. I ordered...
  • 1 Porchside Pumpkin
And that my dears is it. I still need to do those two exchanges, though I don't know what I'm gonna get instead. And I may get another Cranberry Pumpkin and another Porchside Pumpkin. After that's it, I'm done; I'm not buying anything else. Honestly there's nothing else that I want. Real talk, this fall kinda sucks, very lackluster and uninspired..but that's a rant for another day....

WALK 'N' SNIFF: White Barn Fall Exclusives *UPDATED*

So after weeks of anxious waiting and anticipating, we finally got a 2/24 sale..and there was much rejoicing throughout the land! A couple of hours after I got that wonderful heralding the good news Saturday morning, my bf and I made the sojourn to GSP.

And just a heads up to you BBWers who are planning on going to GSP to get their fall haul on, the store didn't Apple Picking (meh), Red Radiant Maple and Porchside Pumpkin. And for some reason they had Golden Cinnamon still in the drawers. I was really annoyed that they didn't have PP cuz I had my eye on that one since day one. One of the SAs (I'm assuming the SAs didn't know about that one cuz they thought it was a regular/nonexclusive scent in the pumpkin collection) looked in the back and in the drawers for me and said she'd call if she say it in their next shipment which was very sweet.

Anyhoo on the review...

Pumpkin Milkshake - so my gurl on IG, Stephan1mar1e, was the first to mention what this was a repackage of and e'rybody got on the bandwagon. After finally sniffing it, I definitely have to agree - it is indeed Vanilla Snowflake. I loathe VS; to me, it smelled like hot mayonnaise that's been sitting out all day. That said, I believe this incarnation has been tweaked. Instead of hot mayonnaise, I got the actual notes - sweet vanilla, a very cooling mint and a slight hint of coconut. This scent kinda pisses me of; it's an obvious repackage that obviously has no pumpkin in why is a pumpkin scent? Furthermore it's been a winter staple for years, why all of a sudden is it now a fall scent? This is a scent that truly makes me feel that BBW thinks we're stupid. This was such a wasted opportunity for a more suitable pumpkin-ish scent

Apple Pumpkin Pancakes -  I was really intrigued with this one and wondered just how close it was to my bae Apple Crumble; some folks said it was similar while others said it wasn't at all. After sniffing it, I think it's similar but on a very basic fundamental level. You get a green apple note that's similar to AC and that's it. It's like a very watered down AC sans the crumble mixed with Pecan Pumpkin Waffles. There is a vague nuttiness, like a pecan or walnut, a very basic grainy bakery note and a slight hint of maple syrup. This also kinda sorta reminds me of Cider Donut from '13; again vaguely AC-like with a vague bakery note. I actually did not like this one at all; to me it just smelled too synthetic and waxy and I didn't like the combo of the AC-esque green apple with the nuts and syrup. This one again pisses me off; instead of releasing AC clones like this and CD, why don't they just release AC?!

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie - I do believe that this one seems to be the fan favorite of this collection. I wasn't a big fan of it but I definitely see it's appeal. You get an authentic borderline Merry Cookie-esque sugar cookie note, a little hint of pumpkin spices and sweet bright sugar crystals. And it could be my nose playin tricks on me, but I smelled a little bit of almond extract/amaretto. It's a nice unassuming guest-friendly fall scent - not too sweet and not too heavily spiced. And again, as usual, no pumpkin.

Coconut Vanilla - *eyeroll I do not understand BBW's obsession with coconut scents; why do they feel the need to have something coconutty all year round? And it would be one thing if this candle had "blow me away" appeal, it would be one thing but it doesn't; it's as basic as hell! It's basically Vanilla Coconut with a dash of pumpkin spice...again, basic. I dunno who BBW has running their marketing department, but they need to be fired ASAP. Now if this candle was called something like "Spiced Macaroon" and marketed it as a fall treat, I would be less annoyed. But to call this mess "Coconut Pumpkin" really pisses me off. Again BBW thinks we're stupid and gives us a repackage that doesn't work or belong instead of creating something new and unique

ADDENDUM - TTFT theorized that CV might be a repackage of a failed test scent from fall '11 called Toasted Coconut (aka Spiced Madeleine). Based on notes (coconut cream, toasted almonds, crystallized sugar), it totally makes sense

Pumpkin Cheesecake - so. I was talking about this scent with another IG buddy, whitbarncandlefan, and he said what I was dreading... it smelled like toejam! Fast forward to my WB visit and it smelled totally smelled like  toejam. After a couple more sniffs just to make sure, I started getting the actual cheesecake note and I was diggin it. What I got was a warm freshly made cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust and a very slight cinnamon caramel drizzled on top. Don't get scared of by the caramel, it isn't as heavy as Cider Lane or Caramel Pumpkin Swirl or Pumpkin Caramel Latte; the note is very faint and pleasant..and for me, the caramel-hater, to say that speaks volumes. Anyhoo, I really like this one...I just hope I continue to get cheesecake when I burn this and not toejam.

ADDENDUM - TTFT also theorized that this might be yet another failed test scent from fall '11 called Brown Butter Praline (aka French Caramel Cake). Again based on the notes (brown sugar caramel, praline, shortbread, fresh cream), it makes sense.

Cranberry Pumpkin - When I first heard about this one, I wondered if this was replacing Cranberry Woods the way Spiced Pumpkin Cider replaced Spiced Cider last fall. On the bad side, this is a poor replacement for CW. However on the good side, I really do like this scent a lot; I daresay this might be my favorite in this collection. It kinda reminds me of Blueberry Pumpkin Patch in the sense that you have a robust berry note alongside a pumpkin note that comes across more bakery; BPP smells more like a muffin or granola and CP has that same kind of vibe. To me CP should've been called "Cranberry Muffin" or "Cranberry Pumpkin Bread". The cranberry note is remarkably fresh and tart and sweet -  it's not as dark and sweet as CW nor quite a tart/sour and cool as FC but the happy medium betwixt the two. The "pumpkin" adds an earthiness but as I said before, it comes across very bakery. What I like about CP is that there's something quintessentially autumnal about it; it has the same "fall in a jar" vibe that Leaves and Sweater Weather and Autumn has. CP also makes me think of Thanksgiving; if this became the official Thanksgiving candle in the future, I would totally be on board. That said, I hope this scent sticks around.

ADDENDUM - So I was talkin with my IG buddies and they mentioned something they smelled in CP. After they said, I immediately grabbed my CP and huffed it..and I totally got what they were talking! There's totally a sweet candied red Macintosh apple note in the background that kinda adds to the bakeriness of this scent.

Toasted Caramel Vanilla - this one of those scents where the name totally tricks you into thinking it's something more exciting that what it really is. What it is a repackage of Vanilla Firewood from '13 albeit tweaked. The original VF smelled like straight up smoky barbeque sauce; I didn't quite get that this go round however the base notes are exactly the same. Much like the aforementioned Vanilla Pumpkin Milkshake, this version smells better than the original..though that doesn't necessarily make it good. You get an intense borderline Fireside like smokiness with a burnt sugar note. maybe. Caramel..absolutely not!

Brown Sugar Allspice - I thought I would like this one but it smelled a little weird to me. You do get heavy deep brown sugar and a sharp intense allspice kick. I'm sure there's more spices involved - nutmeg and ginger maybe. I think it's that sharp allspice that I didn't like and assaulted my nostrils in the worse way. I dont know wny this scent exists. Real talk, there are more superior "fall spice" scents on the market -Kitchen Spice or Creamy Nutmeg or Sugar & Spice or Nutmeg & Spice soooo whats the point of BSA? Also, there's a picture of an apple pie on the label...why isnt this an apple pie scent?! Apple Crumble + Brown Sugar Allspice = Apple Pie..duh!

 Lakeside Sunrise - apparently this one isn't an exclusive and has appeared online and in some stores. There's really not much to say about this one except it's a repackage of Sapphire Sky from the Intrigue and Opulence collection. It's cologney; it's in the same family of fresh cologne scents like Paris Daydream/Sparkling Icicles/Oceanside, Beach Day, Pacific Coast Highway, etc. In fact I would describe this as an autumnal version of Sparkling Icicles. There's fresh yet vague aqua/watery/dewy element. There's some citrus - lemon/lime and maybe bergamot. I get a little bit of woods, maybe sandalwood or cedarwood., I guess. There's a slight crispness and fruitiness. If you've ever smelled Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, that's exactly what this smells like. This is ok; personally I think they should've brought back Boathouse Row instead

And that's it. Stay tuned for my fall haul!

And here's Part Deux of my WB Fall Exclusive sniff review

RANT OF THE DAY: My 10 All Time Favorite Must Have Scents

So this post was inspired by Shawn aka Hearth and Soul's recent video about his top 10 scents...I didn't feel like doin a video, so here we are. So my top favs have changed dramatically since I first posted about that when I started this blog; my taste in scents have definitely changed and matured over the years. Now I found myself struggling a little bit coming up with an updated list; some scents that were total favs/must haves I recently found myself not enjoying as much as I have in the past. Moreover there were newer scents that I could not get enough of. Therein lies the question..."what constitutes a scent being one's top 10?" I say they should be scents that...

a) gave you an instant nosegasm in the store
b) you have to burn with reckless abandon
c) have "repurchability"
d) you feel compelled to stock up, whether it released the following year or not

That said, my top 10s are...

Southern Sweet Tea (2015) - I was not a big fan of London Calling but I loved/still love SST. Many complained that it was too bitter and astringent but I loved that aspect of it. It's tart and refreshing and nostalgic; I totally makes me think about to childhood summers back in the South

Bowties and Bourbon (2015) - OMG..can you say love at first sniff?! As y'all already know, I love me some cologne scents and we haven't had a real sexy classy high end cologne scent in a really long time. And then came B&BT and gave everybody (myself included) the vapors. It's sweet without being candy-ish, woodsy without being too intense and there is that dash of bergamot that's a lot of cologne scents.

Boathouse Row (2013) - yet another amazing cologney scent. Unlike it's brethren in the Lakeside collection (except maybe Lakeside aka Verbena Waters), it was surprisingly sophisticated and high end. It was a very classy blend of herbs and woods with deep watery notes and a hint of pepper. Sadly there is no sigh of this scent returning and you can't find the candle anywhere; I still kick myself for not stocking up.

Garden Party (2014) - There was a time when I was not a fan of floral scents at all..but I gotta say I've come around. Now this choice was a little hard as I was torn between this and Floral Shop, the ultimate floral scent. I gotta say, I'm leaning more towards GP. GP is more fresh and dewy than FS and there is that lovely pear blossom note that adds a natural sweetness. It's really like you just stepped into a rose garden and sniffed a tea rose still covered in dew. Sadly like the aforementioned BR, it made its debut and farewell the same year, hopefully BBW will bring it back.

Apple Crumble (2011) - best apple/fall confection bakery scent EVER!!! Utter perfection! Fallgasmic! So for whatever reason, they've been releasing AC as an SAS exclusive but it has not appeared in an actual fall collection since 2012...and I don't understand why cuz it's amazing! It's sweet without being cloying, bakery smelling without smelling doughey, not heavily spiced like most fall bakery scents and has a spot on green apple note. This definitely my one of my all time fav/must have fall scents.

Sweater Weather (2012) - I remember back when it was test scent and everybody was hyping this up. This, Chocolate Bacon Cupcake and Blueberry Pumpkin Patch became underground hits and you weren't considered cool unless you had at least one of those in your collection. Imagine my delight when SW went wide the following fall. I admit when I first smelled it, I didn't get the hype but after I lit...oh it was on! What I love about SW is that it captures the essence of fall with out the typical fall notes - cinnamon, pumpkin, apple etc. The eucalyptus is crisp, the juniper is cooling and the sage, although faint, is there and gives the blend an added greenness without smelling acrid or heavily herbal. SW totally makes me think a walk in Central Park in fall in my favorite sweater. I do wish they would stop with the autumnal wax colors though; it's a fresh outdoorsy green scent, the wax should be green!

Leaves (2009?) - umm need I say anything?! HELLO, FALL IN A JAR! Leaves is the one scent that is a seasonal must have; throughout the year I play around with scents..but I have to have Leaves for fall without a doubt and no questions asked, period! I was afraid that we weren't gonna have Leaves this year and I was ready to riot. But thankfully it's here in all of it fallgasmic glory!

French Lavender (2014) - I am a total lavenderphile,  lavender is by far my all time favorite kind of scent ever! For awhile, BBW didn't have a straightup lavender scent, just blends ie Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Market (spearmint), French Garden (peach), Lavender Macaron (caramel), Fleur de Provence (verbena), etc. Finally in the Provence collection, I finally got a straightup unbashed amazing lavender scent. It's calming, not too herbal, not too astringent. Just perfection. C'est bon!

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut (2011) - I was not a fan of bakery scents and avoided them like the plague...that is until I smelled CSD. Though this scent has been around for awhile, I didn't get on board until it appeared in the Sweet Shoppe collection. CSD totally changed my disdain for bakery scents, though with that said (with very few exceptions), I've yet to smell anything quite as authentic. You smell the dough, you smell the cinnamon sugar, you even smell the grease. But leave it to BBW to eff up a good thing; they ruined it when it came out last spring in the White Barn Market collection, not nearly as authentic smelling. Yo BBW don't fix what isn't broken!

And now saving the best for bae, my number one

BLACK PEPPER BERGAMOT (2012) - OMG..O..M..G..BPB, how do I love thee, let me count the ways?! This is the first candle ever to give me nosegasm right there in the store. It is sex in a jar, candle Viagra, a total panty-dropper scent; if this candle doesn't get you dripping wet, something is wrong! It's so sophisticated and sensual and lusty; you wouldn't think the notes (black pepper, bergamot and lavender) would go together but they blend together harmoniously. My bf and I were like crack addicts for this scent, we could not get enough; we would stock up every chance we got. And then it disappeared. For awhile we were pretty stocked but sadly I only have 2 left. BBW please, I'm begging you, bring this scent back PLEASE!

Now for the scents that were on the list but got bumped off..

Spring - Spring was my jam, it was the only floral scent I liked at the time - spring in a jar, totally reminded me of Easter. I first got it back in 2012, and it came back the following year but BBW effed it up; it made me and bf very sick so back to the store it went. Spring hasn't been in rotation in the past 2 years for whatever reason (there has been Winter and Autumn, but no Spring?) and honestly I haven't missed it

Cranberry Woods - there was a time when this was a fall staple, second only to Leaves. My bf and I were hooked on it. Sadly like Spring, it hasn't been in a major fall collection in the past 2 years (though it was in the core White Barn collection last year). Moreover the scent got remarkably weaker over the years, it used to be super strong back in the day. Its become another scent I've grown not to miss.

Tis the Season - for years, this was my Christmas jam - Christmas in a jar! I'd burn it with reckless abandon every December. Then I burned it back in this past July (Christmas in July) but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. I dunno what changed since last Christmastime but it just didn't give me warm Yuletide fuzzies as it did in the past.

Island Margarita - this was a must have for years, the perfect transition late spring to summer scent and the perfect Cinco de Mayo scent...until recently. I bought the latest one and I burned it only once and I found myself bored and over it.

And now for the honorable mentions...and there's a lot of em...

Winter Garland, Fleur de Provence, Summertime SodaLavender Marshmallow, Cherry Blossom Sangria, Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade, Lemon Verbena, Flower Shop, tie between Sparkling Mojito and Lime Granita Margarita, Flower Shop, Merry Mistletoe, Snow Day, Champagne Toast, Caramel Apple, Verbena Waters, Cucumber Melon, Espresso Bar, Villa Bergamot, Tuscan Herbs, Pear, Bloom, Nectarine Green Tea, Mango Cilantro/Peach Cilantro Twist

And now, what I'm sure will cause some all time LEAST favorite scents

Winter Night (2012) - this just smelled like a musty old Catholic church with a priest swinging incense during mass. It shouldve been called Catholic Guilt

Oceanside (2011) - there's nothing oceany about it, just old cheap dry ass body spray

Snap Peas - I really wanted to love this one and I gave it the good ol college try but in the end it smelled too much like wet earthworm ridden soil for me to like

Caribbean Escape - this one is just weird and I never understood the hype. Just a whole bunch of random fruit notes fighting for supremancy. I want an escape from this scent!

Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts - Pumpkin Dugared Manfeet more like it! I know what the hell I smelled and what I smelled was toejam

Mahogany Teakwood - I loathe this scent for one reason, it's overhyped! For whatever reason, BBW keeps shoving this in our faces year after year. What once was a fall scent has become a summer scent and then a winter scent and on top of that it's been repackaged twice! MT ain't all that; there are sooo many better cologne scents out there!

Watermelon Lemonade - again, another scent that is over-hyped and is shoved in our faces year and year. Its been in a grand total 7 different collections back to back! It's so sweet and artificial, no genuine notes whatsoever - total mass appeal. Like MT, I could've grown to like it if I didn't see it so much. Over it officially!

Japanese Cherry Blossom - Attention BBW, it is no longer the 90s!!!

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - I do not get the hype with this candle, everybody loves it...why?! There's no pecan, there certainly is no pumpkin and it's stretch to say that you smell waffles. You just get a generic bakery note with a hint of maple and maybe a dash of spice. I've never gotten this candle and I never will.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - ugh, this bitch! This is the scent that turned me off to all things pumpkin. I hated it when I first smelled it years ago and nothing has changed. It just smells like a overly spiced burnt frozen pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Carving is far more superior.

Summer Boardwalk - if this isnt the most overly-hyped mass appeal scent ever! Everytime I smell this I get sick to my stomach. If it was just a creamy caramel apple or just creamy caramel popcorn, I could get on board. But the two mixed together, no maam!

Frosted Cupcake - This is the herpes of BBW, it refuses to go away. And if that's not bad enough, there are bastard versions of it, ie Pumpkin Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Cinnamon Frosting, etc. It's just waxy and plastic and just all kinds of wrong.

ANYTHING WITH COCONUT (except Tiki Beach and Island Colada) - over-rated, over-hyped and over-used, the worse being Vanilla Snowflake aka Pumpkin Milkshake
ANYTHING WITH RED HOT CINAMMON (Holiday, Spice, Cinnamon and Clove Buds, Cinnamon Frosting) - they assault my nose in the worst way
ANYTHING WITH PEACH (Market Peach, Harvest Peach, Springtime in Provence etc) - they either smell mushy and/or rotten or they smell like sweaty armpits
ANYTHING WITH CARAMEL (except Caramel Apple, Cider Lane and Pumpkin Caramel Latte) - ugh, just ugh!

And the absolute WORST scent ever...

THANKSGIVING - Dis-friggin-gusting!!! Absolutely revolting!!! It nearly made me throw up in the store. It was just wrong on soooo many levels! It smelled like straight up generic no brand instant mashed potatoes in a box in cold water sitting on the stove. just UUGHHH!!!!

So BBWers, what are your top 10 favorite candles?

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Cork & Vine and other fall stuff

So I was in the City running errands and I decided to stop into B&BW just to see what there was to see.. or rather sniff what there was to sniff

So as y'all today was the grand premiere of the Cork & Vine candles...

Now both I and my bf are big wine drinkers, that said I was initially very intrigued with this collection. Now once I saw the names and saw the notes, I became less intrigued. Now I like the theme, I even like the look, but the scents themselves are kinda blah. So first I'll talk briefly about the old relaunched scents for the newbies then I'll go more in depth about the new ones

Harvest Gathering - This first came out of nowhere back in '13 and has been a fall staple ever since. That said, I don't really know what it's doing in this collection but whatever! Honestly I've never really been a fan of this one cuz to me it just smells generic - like a low budget version of Leaves that you'll find in Marshalls or Homegoods. It even has that "craft store/Michael's autumn spice potpourri" vibe to it. You get the whole harvest in this candle - there's apple, there's cinnamon stick, there's a little bit of cranberries and the notes don't mention it anymore but there is pumpkin as well (the original '13 notes were fresh pumpkin, warm harvest spices, and apples) It like Leaves, Pumpkin Carving/Heirloom Pumpkin and Cranberry Woods all rolled up into one.

Sundrenched Vineyard - So this is from the Provence Garden collection back in the spring '14. Despite sounding like a wine scent, it was/is a straight repackage of Cranberry Woods. Though this year's version seems to have been tweaked; the oak seemed more pronounced this go-round and I did get a faint wine-like effervescence but those base notes were undeniably Cranberry Woods. Even though the name "Sundrenched Vineyard" makes more sense as far as the theme goes, I wish they would've brought back CW instead

Citron Cedarwood - another scent from Provence Garden. It';  it's a repackage of Sandalwood Citrus. It's a sweet aromatic wood with an intense "cleaner" lemon note. No mint! In the past, I described this scent as "Lemon Pledge sprayed on a dusty wood drawer" It's one of the few cologne scents that I don't like so that should tell you something

And now onto the new stuff...

Black Cherry Merlot - ok, disclaimer..if you are expecting this to smell like the soap, you're gonna be very disappointed cuz it doesn't at all! Now there was "Black Raspberry Merlot" in the WB exclusive So Basic, So Shit collection back in the spring, but I never got to smell those so I dunno if BCM is a repackage of that. This mamma-jamma smells kinda weird - there's no wine-ness at all and it doesn't smell nearly as fruity and tart and juicy as you would expect. You get vague almost borderline generic dark berry notes ie cherry, raspberry, blackberry and maybe currant. And then there's that amber that kinda makes BCM  almost old lady perfume smelling. Not a fan of this one at all.

Sparkling Pear Riesling - I thought for sure this would be White Pear Champagne aka Champagne Toast from the aforementioned So Basic, So Shit's not. It's a new scent though it smells very familiar. There was a scent in the fall themed Fresh Picked collection back in '13 called Heirloom Pear, which was a very light, generic and for the most part unpopular pear scent; the pear note in SPR smells similar to that. I also get a very sweet Welch's white grape juice note and a faint bubbly effervescence. This is nice but nothing special

Napa Valley Sunset - So I was initially really interested in this one. Just based on the notes, I assumed it would be a repackage of or at least similar to Autumn Day/Autumn Night. It's not! What I smelled was sooooo not what I was expecting. Now you would think with notes like fig, oakmoss and musk that it would smell very earthy, musky, manly...cologney. No, not at all! NVS is surprisingly sweet and I don't know why. The only note I smell is fig and it's a very sweet candy like fig a la Fig Newtons. It's not earthy and creamy like Autumn Day or Winter Fig. And it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I smelled peach or apricot but a body care take on peach or apricot. Yeah, NVS is a total pass in my opinion.

Wine Cellar - So '14, BBW started the first of a series of expensive fancy-schmancy hoity-toity bougie candle collections - the Prestige collection, inspired by a stay at A high end ski lodge resort. One of the candles in that collection was Wine Cellar. The collection failed and was pretty much forgotten; Wine Cellar was one of the scents that I was the most intrigued (I've been wanting a mulled wine scent from BBW) , but at $30 a pop I planned on staying intrigued. Well it made it's way to this collection and I was very excited...until I smelled it. It doesn't smell so much like mulled spiced wine as it does a spicy women's perfume. You get red fruit - pomegranate perhaps, but body fragrance red fruit a la Midnight Pomegranate or Dark Kiss. There's also a strong, heady, earthy saffron note that gives the blend a nice dose of spice. Now this version mentions cedarwood whereas the original notes mention patchouli which is what I smell and it kinda turns me off a little (I'm not a fan of patchouli at all). I don't know if I like this one, I might have to resniff it but at the moment it's a no.

The store also had it's Pumpkin Preview shrine smack-dab in the middle. It had all of the pumpkin bodycare (what woman or queen would want to smell like pumpkin is beyond me) as well as Heirloom Pumpkin wf bulbs (why in pumpkin spiced HELL isn't there a candle?!) and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (ugghhhh), Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and Pumpkin Pie candles

Pumpkin Pie - First of all, what the hell took BBW this long to come up with a pumpkin pie scent?! That's quintessential! Every other candle company has one...better late than never I guess. Anyhoo, there has been some debate as to what this smells like; some people say it's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin/Pumpkin Carving while others say it's totally different and new. I can't lie, when I first sniffed it I thought "Aint that bout a bitch?! This is goddamn SCP!!!" But there was a SCP candle near it so I got to do a comparison test - PP is NOT SCP or PC! PP doesn't have the sharp burnt cinnamon-iness of SCP or the earthiness of PC. On first sniff, the pumpkin note is deceivingly similar to SCP but a couple sniffs later (or a comparison sniff), you'll realize how wrong you are. Also PP isn't as heavily spiced; it's spiced (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger) but it's more balanced. There's also nice vanilla action don't you don't get in either SCP or PP. Lastly, you do get a nice warm flaky bakery note so it's not just pumpkin filling like SCP or PC. I'm not as love with it as thought I would be (I'm really trying to get over my total pumpkin scent phobia); like Wine Cellar, I think I have to resniff this to reach a verdict.  

Lastly my store had a handful of the (Autumn Day/Harvest?) leaf lid candles, including my bae Leaves. I almost had a conniption fit cuz I thought we weren't going to be getting Leaves this year; no one was talking about it, it wasn't mentioned on any blogs and there was nary a picture of it on social media. Ol school fall staples have been disappearing, ie Spiced Cider and Cranberry Woods so it's not surprising that Leaves would disappear as well. I was ready to riot, torch in one hand and pitchfork in the other. Luckily Leaves started appearing in stores and people began posting it on Instagram and Facebook and I say it for myself in person so all is right with the word.

So the only "new" scent at my store was...

Buttercream Frosting - It's Frosted Cupcake, that's all there is to say about it.. plasticy, waxy ass Frosted Cupcake. Why Lord Jeezus, why Frosted Cupcake?! Of all the more yummy, appropriate, fallgasmic bakery scents of the past...Apple Crumble, Caramel Apple, Brandied Pear, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Sticky Toffee Pudding..and y'all asses brought back gross ass nasty ass Frosted Cupcake. I..just...CAN'T!!!!