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My name is Donovan....and I LOVE Bath & Body Works candles. What has gone from a mere slight fascination has quickly become an obsession. I love going to store sniffing all of the candles I can as well as buying the ones that I think I will really enjoy. I created this blog as outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on what has become one of my favorite things to buy. My blog will mostly feature reviews on candles that I have bought and burned; how they burned, what the throw was like and what I thought of the scent. I will also have occasional non-review posts - info, rants/complaints, hauls, etc.

I guess that's about it!


  1. I'm new to finding your blog and just starting to learn the enjoyment of using candles. I haven't bought any BBW candles yet, because I also live about 45 miles (one way) from the nearest BBW store. So I tend to shop online alot unless I am in that other city for medical which is the main reason I go other than lumber stores for those DIY home projects. So as of now I'm googling info about their candles. I love their body creams and hate their watered down lotions. (LOL I could tell you a thing or two about the difference between lotions and creams that most don't realize so I laugh when I read some reviews.) But other than body wash I haven't used a whole lot of their stuff just because I do have a business to make my own from scratch and individual ingredients. Making my own recipes as well. But as crazy as that sounds I also love using products other artisans or companies make because I love so many scents as well as types of products. Example Scrubs can vary from brand to brand, so that's another reason why I love to use things that I don't make. The fragrance is the same to make candles as it is to make bath and body stuff.... I know I can make candles, but I guess I have to put a limit on things at the moment. But that may change by my working with a local store to place my "products" in.

    But do you read your own blog after your type it out. The background and color choices of your fonts, clicked links fonts, unclicked linked fonds, and the white on pink really is killer on the eyes. And not in a good way. So I find myself scanning for info without reading the whole entry. Sometimes I copy the text and paste it into a microsoft word page just to read it, deleting it when I'm done reading. You have some great info, but I'm afraid there may be several like me who are not getting all they could simply because you really need to strain your eyes to read it. Just a little bit of constructive criticism that I hope you take the right way and not the wrong way.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    1. Hey there! I'm glad you found me! And I want to say thank you for reaching out to me.

      Now to answer your question and respond to your critique...which I totally didn't take the wrong way and I'm glad you brought it to my attention

      I do check things out after I write a post and I personally didn't have any issues with the color choices. Though after reading your comments, I can see how the colors can be a little glaring. I usually change all the colors about once a month and I do worry if people have problems reading everything. To be honest, you are the first to bring this to my attention but with that said from now on I'll be more conscientious about color choices.

      Again thank you very much!

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