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NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Summer 2018 Test Candles; SAS Surprises

I have to admit, BBW is pleasantly surprising me with how on the ball they are lately; dare I say they're actually listening to us and getting their proverbial shit together? It certainly seems that way and I am here for it.

Following the popularity of their recent Boardwalk collection, there are even more awesome things heading our way

First we're getting a collection summertime drink inspired scents. So far the only returning scent in this collection is Watermelon Lemonade (eyeroll). New scents include...

Root Beer Float - Root Beer, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dollop of Whipped Cream (hopefully this is the same Root Beer Float from backintheday)

Coconut Water - Coconut Milk, Creamy Vanilla, Pineapple (this is appears to be the grand return of a little known one hit wonder from the Slatkin era 

Banana Split Milkshake - Sweet Banana, Chocolate Sauce, Cherry on top (this could be a re-working of Slatkin's Ice Cream Shop with an added banana note but hopefully it's a new scent alto…

WALK 'N' SNIFF/RANT OF THE DAY: Mermaid Candle Collection

So this review is gonna super short as there are only two scents in this collection worth talking about.

But first, I have to rant...

Over the past couple of years, BBW has been focusing on the looks of their candles and not so much the scents/fragrance themselves. These has caused a new phenomenon in the candle community I call "packaging whores" Packaging whores are folks who are bamboozled and flimflammed by cutesy cutesy labels and sparkling lids and go on social media saying asinine shit like..

 "I don't care about the scent, I'm gonna buy this just for the packaging..."

....Excuse me, what did you say?! You don't care about the scent? You're buying a candle just because of the packaging?! Really?!

Packaging whores annoy me to no end and they are the part of the reason BBW is in the state that it's in. Why bother wasting manpower and creativity formulating new blends or bring back much beloved classics when these Basic Bettys are only buyin…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer 2018 Test Candles Part 2 *UPDATED*

Well it seems BBW has some surprises up their sleeves; they are not done with summer as there a gang of (non-tropical) summer scents heading our way.

So the first set will additions to the WB Core line. They have smooth stone tumblers with the same sparkly marble lids like we saw last winter. Scents include...

Marshmallow Musk - Creamy Vanilla Musk, Fluffy Marshmallow, Golden Amber ( my guess is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

White Caramel Cold Brew - Cold Brew Coffee, Sweet Cream, Buttery Caramel (Pumpkin Caramel Latte maybe? Or perhaps Twisted Caramel Gelato?) 

So far the only returning scents are Vanilla Birch aka Wine Cellar without the wine) and everyone's favorite, Ma-blah-gony Stankwood

The next collection has sort of a camping in the woods vibe, similar to the infamous Summer Lake/Lakeside collection. It has very vivid crisp pictures corresponding to the candle names/scents. Scents include...

Citrus & Sandalwood - Sparkling Lemon, Creamy Sandalwood, Mandarin Zest (I assume t…