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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Preview

So yesterday out of boredom, I went to the BBW store in The City if they were doing the infamous Fall Preview..and indeed they were indeed...

One lone pitiful stand ALLLLLLLLLL the way in the back of the store!

So as you can see, the store had everything that the Fall Preview was supposed to have...for the most part...

No Pumpkin coffret and I don't remember seein that Apple Buttered Rum Body Care...not that I was remotely interested in that.

So first off, the 3layered fall candle...ewww, just eewwwwww!!! Why?!Sweater Weather, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple, three scents that just don't go together! At least last year's 3layer candle was all pumpkin scents. What made BBW think of this random combo?! They could've made so many other BETTER choices...

Sweater Weather/Autumn/Fresh Balsam or Autumn Day as they're all fresh outdoorsy scents
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin/Heirloom Pumpkin/Pumpkin Apple since they all have spice
Leaves/Pumpkin Apple/Heirloom Pumpkin


Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: July-August

Description: Catch some beautiful rays with this blend of vibrant orange, zesty grapefruit and bright California days

I just realized that it's been awhile since I've done this kind of review.  And I know that this particular candle has been around for awhile but like they say, "better late than never"

Honestly I don't remember when exactly I bought this bad boy. After saying that I wouldn't buy anything from this particular line because it didn't have proper metal lids, I did wind up getting this one as it was the least light smelling one in the bunch. It sat around until I was ready to burn it; perfect timing as the weather at the time was becoming more summery.
Now I'm finally at the butt end of it and I couldn't be happier cuz eventually I did get a wee bit bored with it. It wasn't bad or stinky by any means, just not very exciting.

Alright so let's get down to brass tacks. …

NEWNESS UPDATE: Updated Fall 2014 Scent List

So ladies and gent, here's an updated list of all of the candles we'll be seein this fall...

Fall Fresh Market
So most of us have seen these in stores already and they're all online; I wrote a WALK N' SNIFF review about them.

Butternut Squash - A fragrance inspired by a perfectly roasted butternut squash generously drizzled with a local honey and freshly grated cinnamon (not a repackage of Roasted Pumpkin Butter)

Artisan Collection (Aug 4)
Wasabi Apple - Tempted to try something new? Sweet, crisp apples get a real kick from sizzling hot hot Japanese Wasabi root (ummm wtf?! or rather, なんじゃこりゃ)

Cayenne Caramel - Some like it hotter...with a  blend of Cayenne peppers, rich salted caramel and a touch of brown sugar (again I say, wtf?!)

Blackberry Bramble Tea - Sweet and fragrant blackberries combined with a hint of sugar and spice (not a repackage of Blackberry Spice; supposedly smells similar to Blueberry Pumpkin Patch)

Vanilla Chai - Savor the fragrance…

RANT OF THE DAY: The Test Scent Blues!!!!

It's been a awhile since I've written anything on here. Quite frankly, due what's been goin on lately I haven't felt inspired to write anything...until now. Let's start at the beginning.

So as most of you already know Garden State Plaza, the mecca of all things test scenty second only to Easton, is no longer a test least that's what the word on the street is. The week after SAS, GSP had nary a test scent to sell yet Easton was chockfull of them. Naturally some folks like myself were a bit concerned. Time went by and rumours started circulating that GSP had stopped being a a test store though few folks were skeptical - it made absolutely no sense why such a huge store in huge mall in a prime location where there aren't many BBW/White Barn stores in the region would suddenly quit being a test store sans logic or reason. However over time, it was starting to look like the rumours were true. When folks called the store, SAs would rudely and without pr…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Holiday Inspired Candles

So 4th of July is tomorrow and I was thinkin to myself "what's a good candle to burn on that day?" I couldn't think of anything. There wasn't anything released in past few months that seemed appropriate. That got me to do some thinkin. While BBW has candles for various seasons, they don't really have candles for specific holidays. Well that's not entirely true..back in 2012 there was Thanksgiving (which was STANK) as well White Barn Christmas... that's it!
I think it would be a cool idea if there were candles inspired by a specific holiday and released right before said holiday. Or a small little group of scents inspired by different aspects of a certain holiday.

Let's start with the 4th July

BBW could have a patriotic themed 3layered red, white and blue candle like Yankee's America the Beautiful candle ; red = strawberry, white = almond/vanilla frosting or whipped cream or lemon meringue and blue = blueberry/blackberry

In addition to that or …