RANT OF THE DAY: Over-rated Holiday Candles

This post was inspired by Shawn/Hearthandsoul's "Least Favorite Holiday Candles" vid. I myself also did a fall list back in the fall and wanted to do a holiday/winter list as well.

As much as I love burning candles during Christmas time, BBW has never really been the best with holiday scents nor do they have the variety that Yankee and Kringle has. And the quality and variety of scents have gone downhill in the past 2-3 years; it's the same scents over and over and over ad infinitum. The ones I'm about to mention are scents that that have little to nothing to do with the holidays and wintertime in general yet for whatever reason they pop up every year like a cold sore.

10. Mahogany Balsam - let's take "fan favorite" Mahogany Stankwood and mix in Fresh Balsam and we can make it a holiday scent..let's call Mahogany Balsam..bitches will cream their Christmas theme panties! Yeah no! It's lazy, cheap and uninspired! A Christmas tree doused with cheap cologne..that certainly puts me in the holiday spirit..not!

Replacement - Sleigh Ride

9. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl - first of all, this scent is basic as basic can keep be. Secondly, what does it have to do with the holidays? Third, we already have both Salted Caramel and Hot Buttered Rum both which in and of themselves disgusting, do we honestly yet another ooey-googey diabetes causing caramel scent?! Keep this mess in the fall!

Replacement - Cinnamon Frosting

8. Merry Cookie - Ok, MC isn't bad...but it's not all that good either. And let's just be real with ourselves - can you tell me that this scent actually smells like actual warm baked freshly made cookies and not cookie batter-ish plastic? So many people like it but I think people like for the sake of nostalgia as it is a throwback scent and not because it actually smells good

Replacement - Vanilla Shortbread or Snickerdoodle

7. Sparkling Icicles - again, this scent isn't bad..but it's not good either. It's a cologney scent, plain and simple and not up for debate..Acqua di Gio in a jar. My problem with it is it is NOT a holiday yet since it's debut circa '12, it's been marketed as a holiday scent. And there's nothing even remotely wintry about the scent despite the marketing department's earnest efforts ("holiday moss...really)

Replacement - Snow & Slopes

6. Peach Bellini - so backintheday this scent was always a spring/summer. Then for whatever back in 2012, they started releasing it as a winter scent for New Years. no, just no! And with Cranberry Pear Bellini and especially Champagne Toast, there is absolutely no need for PB to ever be released in winter.

Replacement -  Woodland Berry

5. Vanilla Snowflake - so this a fan fav and I honestly do not understand why. How does the combination of vanilla and mint and coconut can make anyone think of wintertime?! To me this always smelled like warm mayo, which is friggin gross and as far from winter and the holidays as you can get! If this was called something like "Holiday Macaroon" and marketed as a holiday treat..eh, maybe. But to call it "Vanilla Snowflake"..nope, I'm not buyin it

Replacement - Snow Day

4. Cinnamon & Clove Buds - So I wanna say backintheday it was released as a fall scent for awhile but I guess since most folks associate spicy scents with the holidays, BBW started releasing it as a winter scent. It's just so intense and red-hot, - it's not warm, it's not cozy, it's not smooth - it's you just snorted Hot Tamales or Atomic Fireball candy.

Replacement - Vanilla Spice or Creamy Nutmeg

3. Spiced Apple Today - ....it's straightup Leaves! Less musky, more apple...but still Leaves! I LOVE Leaves but I don't wanna smell after fall is over

Replacement - Holiday Pomander or Cranberry Cider or Cinnamon Tea

2. Vanilla Bean Noel  - ...you mean Vaguely Air Noel..cuz that's what it smells like...straightup air..if you're lucky. Just because a bodycare or soap is popular doesn't mean you should make it a candle...especially if every year it's guaranteed to be unscented

Replacement - Eggnog/Eggnog Cheer

1. Winter Candy Apple - oy friggin vey. I've never understood why this scent ever existed and BBW insists on pushing it in our faces every year for almost a decade. The bodycare isn't even all that good...unless you have the taste of a prepubescent girl. And riddle me this..what the actual f*** is a "winter candy apple"?! When has this EVER been a thing in the history of EVER?!

I am willing forgo all of the candles in this list but please, for the love of all thing holy..let WCA GO?!!! Think of the baby Jesus!

Replacement - Candied Sugarplum (not Sparkling Sugarplum) or Holiday Gumdrop or Snow Apple Mint

NEWNESS UPDATE: Rumor has it...

Rumour has it...rumor has it...

Rumour has it there's a lot more candles in store!

So lifeinsidethepage/Bathandbodyworksdailyfinds released a list of upcoming surprise candles and everyone, including myself, went apeshit! 

Okay so first of all, if you thought we were done with winter, think again. We're going (fingers crossed) see another Christmasy themed collection called "Home for the Holidays"..with a slew of returning Slatkin classics...

Cranberry Pear Bellini, Chestnut & Clove, CREAMY NUTMEG, Hot Buttered Rum, Merry Mistletoe, MINT CHOCOLATE, Red Velvet Cupcake, SPICE (The capitalized ones are scents we haven't seen in years)

As excited as I am to see so many Slatkin scents returning, I do have a concern... I'm hoping BBW brings back these back in their original form and not do a switcheroo and replace them with newer scents that smell similar. For example..

Cranberry Pear Bellini = Pomegranate Prosecco Punch or Pink Champagne
Merry Mistletoe = Holly Berry Balsam
Mint Chocolate = Marshmallow Peppermint or Mint Mocha Bark
Spice - Cinnamon Pinecone

That's gonna really piss me off!

In addition to these, it looks like there are gonna be add ons to the collections in stores.

Marshmallow Fireside and Mahogany Stankwood (for whatever reason) is being added on the sparkly label candles as well as a "new" scent called "Candied Pecans"...don't get excited, it's a repackage of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles/Pecan Praline Cobbler. There is also talk of another "new" scent called "Sweet Cinnamon Spice"..I'll be highly surprised if that isn't Shit Cinnamon Poopkin" Sadly it doesn't look like we're gonna see Chestnut & Birch or Cinnamon Pinecone

Also Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint and random ass Frosted Cupcake (again, for whatever reason) are being added to the New Years/Celebration/silver bow collection

With all of the seasonal scents arriving way too early in stores, you can expect to see spring scents in stores fairly soon...which is beyond ridiculous but that's BBW for ya

So you know BBW LOVES tropical scents for spring. That said we're getting yet another vague tropical collection called "Let's Get Away" Returning scents include...

Beach Cabana, Coconut Leaves, Mango Dragonfruit and White Sands

New scents are:  Jasmine Waters, Raspberry Lime Margarita (Raspberry Sun Tea?) and Tobacco Flower (Havana Heat?)

Lastly there's another collection in the works...and it's random as hell. It's called "Spa Day" - basically it's watered down non-descript version of the Ciao Italy collection last spring with even more randomly thrown together scents. And get this - theyre reusing labels from both the Ciao Italy collection and the Southwest collection

Scents include:Lemon Verbena, Indigo Sky, White Tea & Ginger, Eucalyptus Mint & Rain, Blue Ocean Waves and Mahogany Coconut

There are two "new scents - Vanilla Flower and Bergamot & Suede..sounds intriguing right. Think again, repcakages - Vanilla Beach Flower and Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods.

NEWNESS UPDATE: Fancy-schmancy Christmas Candles

Thought we were done with Christmas/winter candles? Think again!

Thanks to the efforts of Jenn aka @theshow78 and _scentsgalore on IG,  we have firsthand glimpses of whats in store.

It's another lidless fancy decorative colored glass tumbler collection with a sort of old fashioned Christmas vibe and at first glance, it seems to be half and half mix of old and new...the new being...

Caramel Sandalwood - Creamy Caramel, Luxurious Sandalwood, Fresh Cinnamon Bark, Tonka Bean (so right off the bat, it isn't Caramel Woods from this fall; it's leaning towards being possible newness. By all accounts it's a"cologney" scent with slight caramel flavor)

 Fireside Christmas - Firewood Bundle, Pine Needles, Crisp Eucalyptus, Smoked Incense (it's been said this has a Fresh Balsam/Vanilla Balsam vibe with a hint of smokiness..my money is on this being Winter Night from backintheday)

Iced Balsam - Iced Balsam, Aromatic Cedar, Bergamot, Snow-kissed Apple (sounds like Alpine Frost from '14 but nope. I thought it might be WB Christmas/Apple Garland but again, nope. The general consensus is it smells like Fresh Balsam with orange)

Returning scents include Spiced Apple Toddy (why?), Frosted Cranberry (again why?), Twisted Peppermint (really?!) This makes no sense, these are already out in another collection and frankly all 3 are not that great to be in 2 different collections. And none of these..well except maybe TP, are remotely Christmasy...Winter, sure. Fireside, sure why not. Evergreen, yass. Tis the Season..hell yeah..but SAT and FC? No and no!

This would've been the perfect opportunity to bring back some holiday classics from backintheday - Vanilla Spice, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland, Frosted Tree, Holiday Pomander, Holiday Gumdrop, Candied Sugarplum, Holly Wreath, Merry Mistletoe


Rant over!

So these are currently testing. No clue when or if they are being released. If they are, maybe end of November. Though they could be a WB exclusive collection or they might not be released at all. And if you're wondering about the price, wonder no more..make sure you're sitting down and not drinking anything..


NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Winter '16 Scents Part 2 (and what I'd replace em with)

I kinda took a little break for awhile, the election results really took the wind out of my sails. I was feeling very sangry (sad and angry) but I had some time reflect and I feel ready move forward. I had considered shutting all of my candle reviewing platforms down as there many people in the candleverse who voted for he who shall not be named but I realized if I stopped and gave up, they and he wins... ain't gon happen Cap'n! That said, lets get this party started. This posts and a few others are post I had planned on posting last week.

So as I have said in many posts, this winter is a shitshow with all kinds of randomness and truly bizarre choices. As usual, with some thought and consideration, I've come up with some better and more appropriate choices

Pumpkin Gingerbread instead of Spiced Gingerbread
First of all, isn't calling a gingerbread scent "spiced" a little superfluous and redundant? Isn't spiced implied? Anyway, this scent smells like a watered down version of Pumpkin Gingerbread anyway, why not just release that?!

Snow and Slopes instead of 
Snowflakes & Citrus
Really BBW? Midnight Citrus Blue..that's what you're going with?! S&S with it's notes of mint and citrus makes much more sense
Snickerdoodle instead of 
Maple Cinnamon Pancakes
WTF BBW?! Pumpkin Caramel Latte..really?! And who eats maple cinnamon pancakes on Christmas morn anyway?! Bring back Snickerdoodle, a Christmas treat that's actual a thing. Because it failed, not many people got a try it the first time. Give it a a second chance whydon'cha?

Snowed In instead of Flannel
No BBW, just no. Stop making fall scents winters scent please and thanks! Snowed in makes more sense - it's actual winter scent, smells outdoorsy and alpiney and it has the same resinous sap note that Flannel.
Candied Sugarplum instead of 
Winter Candy Apple
Attention BBW...NO ONE LIKES WINTER CANDY APPLE!!! And wtf is a "winter candy apple" anyway?! Just stop making this scent a thing! Sugarplums, on the other hand, is a thing and more traditionally Christmasy than a wca will ever be. And no BBW, not Sparkling Sugarplum!
Eggnog Cheer instead of 
Vanilla Bean Noel

Again, another bodycare based candle that has been appearing like herpes for almost a decade. No one likes it! And every year, it's unscented as hell. Give us some eggnog...you know, an actual beverage people drink at Christmastime! 

Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple both need to be retired. Does anyone really like either of those scents, especially WCA?! Either two things need to happen - a) retire them permanently and b)put them in their own collection or as stand-alone scents to go with bodycare and soap. Stop putting these 2 scents in a collection every year and make room for something either or classic!

Hot Cocoa & Cream, Marshmallow Fireside, Twisted Peppermint, Evergreen, and Tis the Season can stay

And now the Ribbed for your pleasure candles...

Winter Garland instead Juniperberry & Pine
Come the f*** on BBW! Fans has been begging and pleading for years for yall to bring back WG..which is sooooo much better than the cough syrupy mess that is JB&P

Ski Lodge instead of Smoky Vanilla
SV is just friggin weird. Don't get me wrong, so is Ski Lodge...but in a good way

Enchanted Woods instead of Roasted Chestnuts and Cherries
RC&C is kinda out of place in this collection as it's the only gourmand scent amongst outdoorsy conceptual scents. Which is why Enchanted Woods makes more sense. It has a woodsy vibe but is sweet enough to get all the bakery lovers on boards. EW also has chestnuts in it's notes.

Snow Day instead Frosty Air
Oh BBW, only in your twisted world does mixing eucalyptus and cotton make sense. And only y'all could make said blend a winter scent. Give the people what they want. It makes no sense why SD has yet to be brought back. And it smells more like "frosty air"  than Eucalyptus & Cotton ever will

Be Daring instead of Mahogany Stankwood
...... no comment

RANT OF THE DAY: BBW's Top 10 WTF-iest Repackages

So this post was inspired by Tinadivalicious' most recent video  about he thought were the worst offenders and I want to co-sign and add on to what he mentioned.

I am a not entirely anti-repacakages.. I'm ok with them as long as the makes sense. If it's a scent that tested and failed so it was brought back with a new name..sure. If it's a scent that was mildly popular but could use a makeover...go for it. If it was a (good) scent from many moons that few remember..bring it on. But more often than not the the scents BBW repackages, especially in recent years are just crap and makes zero sense!

Here's my list of I think are the most cringe-worth, head-scratch causing, faceplam inducing repackages

10. Snowflakes & and Citrus and Holiday Sparkle
Original Scent: Midnight Blue Citrus and Bergamot Waters

Both of these choices are equally absurd; they have nothing to do with the holidays nor are they remotely wintery.

Better Choices: Snow & Slopes and Sparkling Icicles

Original Scent: Electric Tokyo/Tokyo Petals

So this popped up last minute in the weird WB Market-esque collection back in the spring. Super last minute, totally random and didn't fit in the collection. It was a repackage of Electric Tokyo in the 2014 Spring Destination collection, then changed to Tokyo Petals for the nationwide release, then made into a Mother's Day candle and then have changed to Peony Petals in WB exclusive So Ugle, So Cheap collection. Not a good scent to be repackaged so often

Better Choice: Pink Petal Teacake

8. Pink Apple Punch
Original Scent: Passionflower

For whatever reason this popped up twice, first in the Summer Sips collection and again in the Poptails collection. Then BBW just went nuts and repackaged the hell out of it, adding little tweaks along the way - Wasabi Apple, Green Apple Champagne, Apple Picking and most recently Apple Flower. At the end of the day they all were cheap, generic, vaguely apple-ish scents that should'nt have existed in the first place, let alone repackaged to death

Better Choice: Apple Ale

7. Berry Pumpkin Strudel
Original Scent: Spiced Pumpkin Cider

It's repackages like this truly pisses me off - scents that are remarketed as something completely new and different; you smell it expecting it to be new and not only does it NOT smell like what the name and note suggest but it smells familiar as hell. Now BPS does have a hint (and I mean hint) of berry but at the end of the day it's still SPC. How does cider all of sudden become strudel?! If it was called "Berry Pumpkin Cider", that would make more sense

Better Choice: Blueberry Pumpkin Patch

6. White Barn Summer
Original Scent: Eucalyptus Mint & Rain

It started out as a failed test scent in the infamous Eucalyptus Mint &... collection in 2012. Then in 2013, it came back only to fail again as WB Summer...cuz lord knows EM&R smells like a trip to the farm in summertime *eyeroll. It would later be repackaged (with a twist) as Black Sands  and again as Eucalyptus Mint & "Waves"..dafuq? It would finally be brought with its original name last spring. But out of all of it's iterations, WB Summer was truly the most stupid one

Better Choices: Summer Orchard, Coastal Sun/Citrus Flower or Verbena Waters/Lakeside

5. Holly Jolly Christmas
Original Scent: Autumn Night

Oh Boy!

I did a whole rant video about this bastard cuz it made me so mad..my most popular vid at over a 1000 views.

So Autumn Night in and of itself was a repackage with a twist of Autumn Day and while AN was good, it wasn't good enough to repcakaged..especially as a Christmas winter holiday scent. And what really pissed me off about this candle was that notes were utter lies - mandarin, pomegranate and balsam...sounds friggin awesome right?! Wrong..you just got a noseful of AN. Nothing wintery about it, nothing Chritmasy about it, nothing even close to notes..it was like you got a dogturd disguised as coal in your stocking


4. Bright Bouquet
Original Scent: Sparkling Icicles/Paris Daydream

Ah Le Daydream du Paree..zee 'erpes zat just won't die!

Ok so it started off as as Flirt in 2011, was changed to Paris Daydream, was given a tweak and called Oceanside, was given yet another tweak and called Sparkling Icicles and recently the original PD scent was renamed Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies. But back in 2013, BBW had the brilliant idea to repackage PD as a Mother's Day candle..cuz every mother loves cologne. But at least they were kinda honest - the tagline when this candle was being sold said "if you like scents like Paris Daydream and Sparkling Icicles..."

Better Choice: Garden Party

3. Cotton Candy Marshmallow 
Original Scent: Strawberry Picnic

Okay so... started out as Saltwater Taffy, then Strawberry Picnic, then Strawberry Sorbet and finally this mess, TWICE! First of all, what the everluvin F**K is a cotton candy marshmallow?! And even if that was a thing, why Strawberry Picnic ?! It didn't smell like cotton candy or marshmallow but just straightup waxy ass strawberry chapstick. The sad thing is people bought it because of the name, label and eventually the wax

Better Choice: Lavender Marshmallow or Cotton Candy

2. Pumpkin Milkshake
Original Scent: Vanilla Snowflake
...I just can't, there are absolutely no words!

Better Choice: Creamy Pumpkin

1. Maple Cinnamon Pancakes
Original Scent: Pumpkin Caramel Latte

This quite possible the worst, most nonsensical, most insulting, most stupid repackage in the histoRy of BBW. Seriously how the f*** does "pumpkin caramel latte", a fall coffee-esque caramel flavored beverage all of a sudden "maple cinnamon pancakes", a winter holiday breakfast dessert. How I ask you, HOW?! And wtf are maple cinnamon pancakes in the first place?! That has never been a Christmas thing! And what baffles me if you have people (*cough cough basic) swearing up and down that smell maple syrup cascading over cinnamon dusted buttery flapjacks..are smellin the same shit cuz I smell PCL and nothing remotely mapley, cinnmaony, and pancakey. I suggest a trip to Denny's or IHOP cuz yall onviously don't know what pancakes with maple syrup smells like.

NO BBW, JUST NO! Go stand in the corner and think about what you've done!

Better Choice: Snickerdoodle or Apple Pumpkin Pancakes

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Collections for next Fall

So fall is pretty much over as far as BBW is concerned and it's officially Christmastime. Whatevs I'm still in fall mode; there will be NO decaorating or Christmas carols or peppermint mochas or eggnog until Black Friday.

So this fall wasn't a complete hot mess, expecially compared to last year. There were some facepalm/head scratch inducing randomness, but that's par for the course with BBW. The point is this fall wasn't that bad but it could'e been better. That said, let's talk about next fall. I've thought of some critiques and ideas that will truly make next fall fallgasmic

Ok so first of all, enough with the pumpkin; it's a marketing ploy you have overused for too long. For 4 years you've given us all pumpkin collection with a number of remarkably un-pumpkiny scents increasing every year. Just slapping the word pumpkin on candle does not guarantee success. And I've said before and I'll say it again, cinnamon does NOT a pumpkin scent make. I think for years of unpumpkiny pumpkin scents is enough.

Also contrary to what you might think and this gonna sound crazy if not controversial but not every one likes pumpkin/pumpkin spice scents. Some outright hate them. Lord knows I did for years. A good number of us autumnophiles and candleconnoisseurs are TEAM APPLE - whether it's apple cider or apple-cinnamon or caramel. Seriously what's fall without apple scents and these past couple of years, the number of pumpkin scents outweigh the apple scents...Can a bitch get some Apple Luv! And the thing is there are so many apple scents over the years to pick from

Cider Lane, Caramel Apple, Farm Apple Cookie, Apple Pumpkin Pancakes, Spiced Cider/Spiced Pumpkin Cider, Applewood Bonfire, Red Radiant Maple, Autumn Apple, Apple Ale, Warm Apple Pie, APPLE CRUMBLE

And there so many fun apple based bakery treats to experiment and create...

Apple Butter, Apple Fritters, Apple Ginger Cupcake, Cran-apple Tart, Apple Crumbcake, Apple Peanut Butter Cookies, Apple Spice Tea, Apple Raisin Cinnamon Roll, Walnut Apple Cluster

Another kind of collection I would like to see is a coffeehouse themed collection. People love coffeehouses, especially in the fall. You guys used to do coffeehouse collections but stopped in order to do these lame pumpkin collections. There's some many fun scents you can play with..

You can still have pumpkin scents - Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts (bleghh), Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, Pumpkin Caramel Latte

But also have some non-pumpkin scents to even the score - Spiced Biscotti, Chocolate Pistachio, Vanilla Chai, Cinnamon Tea, Espresso Bar/Gourmet Espresso, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding/Banana Pumpkin Muffin

Another collection I thought...and I'm surprised you guys haven't thought of it is a "back to school". Every store in the nation has something to offer for back to school, take advantage of that. And think about it... candles in this collection would perfect gifts kids can give their favorite teachers, teachers and school administrators can give them to each other, great for older kids, even high school and college students, nice gift for parents for work in the school system. This would be a fun collection to play with...

Autumn Apple (Apple for teacher)
Blueberry Pumpkin Patch (blueberry muffins)
Roasted Pumpkin Butter (Peanut butter sandwich /fluffernutter) 
Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade (strawberry jam)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
Pumpkin Woods - "Autumn Schoolhouse"

New scents could be - Orange juice or cran-apple juice, grape jelly, cereal milk, honeybuns, chocolate milk...the possibilities are endless!

I was so happy we had a Thanksgiving collection last year..despite most of the scents being lame  and not very Thankgiving-y. Bring it back and add some scents that actually have something to do with Thanksgiving

Harvest Gathering (come on!), Butternut Squash, Porchside Pumpkin, Spiced Autumn Wreath, Kitchen Spice, Pumpkin Fireside, French Baguette (hot buttered buns), Cranberry Cider or Harvest (cranberry sauce), Praline Pecan Cobbler (just call it pecan pie), Spiced Pumpkin Cider, Pumpkin Caramel Latte..PUMPKIN PIE (HELLO?!!!)

And of course, some newness - cranberry sauce/dressing, corn on the cob, red wine (not Wine Cellar), pumpkin creme brulee...SWEET POTATOES/YAMS WITH MARSHMALLOWS (AGAIN, HELLO?!!!)

Lastly, can we PLEASE get some NEWNESS?! I fervently believe that every single collection (maybe with the exception of the WB core collection) should be a mix of returning classics, fan favorites and newness. Here are some concepts I thought right off the cuff...

Hazelnut Coffee
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Apple Butter
Apple Fritters
Berry Crumble/Cobbler
Ginger Snaps
an "autumn rain" (eucalyptus, lavender and sage?)
a walk in the woods scets
Mountain hike/trail
something with plums
maple trees
fresh corn/cornfield
hayride/haystacks (not Pumpkin Hayride) 

And now some scents to consider bringing back cuz they're awesome and very missed

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Cranberry Pumpkin
the original test version of Tailgate
Apple wood Bonfire
Red Radiant Maple
Brandied Pear
Autumn Apple
Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
Spiced Pumpkin Cider
Autumn Night
Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Pumpkin Carving
Mountain Leaves
Porchside Pumpkin
Pumpkin Fireside
Spiced Autumn Wreath

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter '16 Scents Part Deux

So I heard that there was a WB store in the Bronx. I was feeling adventurous so I hopped on a subway and made my way to the Boogie Down. It turned into a very very long and confusing trip and I will never do again but I made it and it was truly an adventure.

So the store pretty much had all of the second phase of winter scents (except Cinnamon Pinecone and Chestnut & Birch) so without further ado, let's get started...

Juniperberry & Pine - so I was initially very intrigued with this scent as it sounded right up my alley. Curiousity got the best of me so I ordered the wf bulb last week during the 3.50 sale; I got it, sniffed it and hated it. Fast forward to today with me sniffing the candle finally..my opinion hadn't changed...HATED. I will say this, it gets points for accuracy cuz you do smell all of the notes - you get crisp outdoorsy juniper and the cranberry is the typical sweet Ocean Spray cranberry juice you get in BBW home fragrance. The pine is not your typical crisp astringent pine needle note but more resin from the bark and branches and the peppermint is the very last thing to travel up your nose. My problem with this scent is that there is too much going. Furthermore the blend suggests than outdorsy/alpiney vibe but it smells oddly sweet but not in fun way; the combination of cranberry juice with the juniper and pine sap note plus the sweet peppermint gives the scent a syrupiness that's kinda offputting; it almost smells medicinal like cough syrup or a throat lozenge. It's just all kinds of wrong! To me JP&P  smells like the Snowed in candle mixed with generic cough syrup, not cute!

Smoked Vanilla - yet another scent that sounds promising but is just a tumbler full of NOPE. Right off the bat, it's not Marshmallow Fireside/Summertime S'mores nor Cozy Cabin/Ski Lodge nor Vanilla Firewood or Toasted Vanilla Caramel or Pumpkin Fireside. Despite what the name or notes might suggest, there's no vanilla. The name should've been just "Smoke" cuz that is pretty much all you smell; think smoke and ash from a doused out campfire. Speaking of campfire, back in summer 2013 in the Lakeside/Summer Lake collection there was a failed test scent called "Campfire Cookout" that smelled like straightup smoke and I'm thinkin that's what this is a repackage of. I'm waiting on candle guru Touchthefiretwice to confirm as he owned and reviewed that candle.

Roasted Chestnuts and Cherries - man, just one disappointment after the other! So thought this might be a repackage of Toasted Pistachio Delight from 2011 and I went back and forth in the store..but I don't think it is. So it looks like this is new...but don't get your hopes up, the scent is nothing exciting. So I just got a noseful of crushed pistachios, no chestnuts roasted or otherwise. It's vaguely bakery-ish, like a pistachio biscotti or some kind of treat with crushed pistachio. And there is a cherry/amaretto note but it's so faint that you gotta huff and puff to get just a hint of it.

Frosty Air - so BBW randomly released a wf bulb called "Eucalyptus & Cotton"...and then they repackaged it as Frosty Air. So it smells exactly the way it sounds - Eucalyptus Mint mixed with Pure White Cotton. It's not frosty nor is it airy and there's nothing remotely wintery about it.

Snowflakes & Citrus - straightup Midnight Blue Citrus...doesn't make sense to me, doesn't make sense to you

Spiced Gingerbread - so backintheday there was a scent called Gingerbread, later renamed Frosted Gingerbread...I don't think this is that..which is good cuz it was weird; it wasn't so much gingerbread as it was corn chips. To me, SG smells like a watered down, less robust version of Pumpkin Gingerbread

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes - oy vey...I dunno where to begin with this sonuvabitch! So don't let the name fool you into thinking it's newness; it's a straightup repackage of..wait for it...PUMPKIN CARAMEL LATTE. There's no fluffy buttery flapjacks drowned in maple syrupiness...just straightup caramel milk! How, BBW, how the actual f*** does a fall beverage suddenly become a winter sweet breakfast? How the actual f*** does caramel suddenly become maple and pumpkin latte into pancakes?! And what the actual f*** does "maple cinnamon pancakes" have to do with Christmas anydamnway?! BBW has repackaged some cringeworthy facepalm/headscratch-inducing repackages but this takes the cake, the pancake to be exact. It's stupid, lazy and downright insulting. And the sad thing is Desperate Daisies and Clueless Claras who don't know any better nor care are gonna buy this lame ass candle just for the name and label alone!

Hot Cocoa & Cream - I'm not a huge fan of chocolate in any capacity and with the exception of Chocolate Bacon Cupcake and Mint Chocolate, I've disliked BBW's various takes on chocolate. That said I initially had no interest in this candle. However so many people were hyping this candle up on social media tgat I became intrigued and I gotta say, after smelling it I can say without a shadow of doubt that it's most definitely worth the hype - this is the SHIZNIT!!! Now let's get real for a sec - if you're expecting this to smell like a hot steaming cup of rich smooth decadent chocolate a la Starbucks, you will be dissapointed. This definitely more of the Swiss Miss variety..but it's sooooo spot on! It really smells like you just opened a packet of Swiss Miss powder with the dehydrated mini marshmallows. And there is a creaminess..which normally BBW seems to eff up and always ends up smelling sour (*cough *cough Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake)..no expired milk here thank gawd. Backintheday circa 2011, there was a Hot Chocolate candle ; I can't confirm if it's a repackage or not but by all accounts it is albeit updated/revamped.

Holiday Sparkle - repackage of Bergamot Waters...NEXT!

Berry Vanilla Bean - this one is really strange. First of all, it's not Blueberries & Creme or Blueberry Twist! Secondly, completely disregard the notes cuz it's BS! There is a vague berriness (blackberry/blueberry?) that almost comes across smelling like Sangria Berry Freeze..which to smell in winter is kinda bizarre. The vanilla isn't vanilla bean as the name suggests nor is it a cream or marshmallow type vanilla; it smells oddly buttercream frosting-ish and doesn't mix well at all with the berry notes. I dunno what the scent is supposed to be or represent or conjure, it's just there with no purpose. And there's absolute nothing wintery or holiday-ish about it all. Total waste of a scent. Don't be suprised if pops up in spring or summer.

Winter Spruce & Pine - I already did a review on this

In case you missed it, here's the WALK N SNIFF review of the first phase of winter scents