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NEWNESS UPDATE/NEW IDEA: Destinations 2015

So as yall as may or may not know, we're getting round two of Destination candles. Thankfully these don't have those god awful  cartoony "It's a Small World" labels.

Returning scents include Amsterdam (Flower Shop), Istanbul (Sensual Amber) and London (London Calling)

Some of the old Destinations are back with the same name but as newly repackaged scents...

New York is now Spiced Apple Toddy
Hawaii is now Honolulu Sun
Italy is now Tuscan Lemon Tart (no it's not Limoncello)

The remaining few are "new"

Swiss Alps = Ski Lodge
Caribbean = Pineapple Mango 
Tahiti = Master Bath/Bergamot Waters

Anyhoo, so this is all well and good. Here's the problem...the Destination candles are being marketed as..wait for it...CHRISTMAS SCENTS!!!! They're being called "Destination: Holiday Edition", the pictures have various locales with either fluffy white snow or Christmas lights and on each candle is a sticker that says " Joy to the World"



"Should hot ass summers be forgot and never brought to mind Should hot ass summers be forgot for it is autumntime!" (I made that up myself lol)


Well it is now officially fall and I could not be happier. What was a pretty blisteringly hot as balls summer (and that's comin from an ex-New Orleanian adapted to swampy humid sub tropic heat), I'm lookin forward to brisk crisp autumn days...although due to El NiƱo, it looks as though thi fall and winter are gonna be strikingly warm...though anything is better than 90 degree + heat..but I digress

I dunno about y'all but I'm ready to get my basic bitch on, tis the season after all. Bring on the foliage watchin, cider sippin, PSL chuggin, doughnut munchin, pumpkin carvin, apple pickin, sweater wearin and, most importatntly, candle burnin!

That said, let's talk about my favorite falls scents which have sorta changed over time, especially from when I first started this blog. So from least to…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Winter 2015 Test Scents *UPDATED*

So winter scents have started appearing in test stores... Oy vey! I predicted that the holiday scents were going to be as lackluster as the fall scents were and that we were gonna see a lot random and bizarre repackages...and I was right! I've talked with a handful of IG buddies who saw and sniffed all these in stores and told me what they thought these were repackages of. So, here they are...

Alpine Cheer - Add cheer to your winter with the crisp fragrance of mountain balsam, cedarwood bark and snow white cranberry (this could possibly be either good ol Winter Garland or Apple Spruce aka White Barn Christmas aka Apple Garland)

Winter Sun- A blend of sparkling citrus, vetiver leaves and creamy musk inspired by glowing sunlight breaking through snowy trees (I thought this was gonna be either Summer Bonfire or failed test scent Vetiver from '12 but nope. Apparently its very similar to Coastal Sun and Pomelo Paradise...dafuq?!!)

Returning scents include  Winter, Fresh Balsam, Fresh…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Fall '15 Scents (And What I'd Replace em With)

So as I've stated in past posts, I think this fall lineup is a hot mess. In a combination of annoyance and boredom, I thought if by chance I to to work in BBW's marketing department and had the opportunity to redo this fall lineup, what would I keep and what would I replace?

Let's start with the pumpkin collection

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - So as everyone knows I LOATHE SCP with a white hot passion so of course this would be the first scent to go (and cause thousands of basic bitches across the country to spontaneously combust) Here is my issue - it doesn't belong in this collection, it's not a bakery/confectionary/beverage scent; no (normal) person just eats pumpkin pulp even if there is sweet cinnamon involved. And now that we have a actual genuine pumpkin pie scent, there is absolutely no need to have SCP in the lineup at all

REPLACEMENT: Roasted Pumpkin Butter - this scent has failed twice. So many fall test scents have become staples now ie Sweater Weather and Blu…

NEW IDEA AND RANT OF THE DAY: Dog Days of Summer Candles

I meant to post this yesterday buuuuuut yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

The dog days of summer have been over and Labor Day has already passed. And even though the autumn equinox is still a couple of weeks away, summer is pretty much over. People have been burning fall candles for well over and month and we're supposed to seeing more fall scents come our way (supposedly) this week. And the winter holiday scents are gonna be testing soon...I'm sure most you have heard about that debacle. I can't even think about all of that cuz Im still in summer mode.

That said, it would be nice if there was a small summer themed collection of scents for those of us who love fall but just aren't ready for fall yet. It doesn't have to be anything new, not necessarily beachy, definitely nothing tropical

For this collection, I nominate the following...

Summertime Soda - I will never understand why this was never brought back despite it being an underground hit. A lemon lime soda scent …

WALK 'N' SNIFF: White Barn Fall Exclusives Part Deux

So my bf's parents are in town and one of the places that we went was GSP...and you know I had to bring them to WB. This go-round the store had all the scents that it didnt have the last time I was there

Golden Cinnamon - well this one isn't an exclusive anymore as it has appeared online already. For whatever reason the last time I was at WB, they had this hidden in the drawers. Anyhoo this one is a little strange as different people have been smelling different things. Some swear that they smell a little hint of Cider Lane while others get more French toast or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I got..wait for it...Summer friggin Bonfire! Now I totally got the cinnamon - its borderline red hot spicy but still sugary; think Cinnamon and Clove Buds mixed with Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts. However underneath all that cinnamoniness I kept getting Summer Bonfire. I even smelled different ones just to make sure but nope, I kept getting the same thing. It is possible there may be different ba…

RANT OF THE DAY: Go home BBW, You're Drunk!

Is it just me or is BBW doing some really weird, random and downright bizarre things lately? Granted BBW has been doing out the box things since Slatkin left but I feel like lately it's gotten worse. And so far this fall season has been chockfull of several wtf moments.

First of all, the fall candles came out WAAAAAAYYYY too early, like earlier than usual and there was no rhyme or reason as to what was being released first; stuff just showed up randomly both in stores and online. I never understood why the various collections don't appear separately and in order - for example, Wine and Cork in August, then Harvest in September, then Pumpkin and Halloween stuff in October...nope not so much. Then you had all these various scents available, but no sale so nobody was buying anything. Which leads me to my next point...

BBW thru a curveball and released the new and improved Aromatherapy candles and got everyone and their grandma's excited. And people, myself included, were wait…