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RANT OF THE DAY: Scents I am sick to death of seeing

So it goes without saying that since the great and powerful Slatkin bid a (probably not so) fond farewell to BBW, the quality has gone downhill. Gone are the days when we could expect a slew of newness each season. Nowadays we just get the same ol shit over and over and friggin over, this year being the worst offender with folks calling 2015 "the year of repackages". It wouldn't be so bad if old scents from 2012 and beyond were being brought back in rotation but nope it's just the same scents that BBW keeps pushin on us ad nauseam. That said, here are some scents (repackaged or re-rotated/rereleased) that I loathe seeing in stores from least annoying to absolute most.

Gourmet Espresso/Winter CafĂ©/Harvest Coffee/Espresso Bar - Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this scent a lot but not enough for it to be repackaged with different names every season. Keep the name "Gourmet Espresso" and either keep it as a core scent or put in a collection that works.…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2015 Scents Take Three

So very soon we're gonna see yet another scent collection for spring...a very pointless and unnecessary collection - the "Hawaiian collection" *sigh Yes, despite already having the same kind of collection last spring/summer, we are being treated to another one

So four of the candles are going to ombre colored frosted glass a la Coastal Cool from last summer. Those scents will be...

Big Island Bamboo: The exotic trees of the South Seas are celebrated in a blend of tropical green leaves, crystal blue water notes, and a hint of pink coral.(fresh water, bamboo, driftwood) (I'm guessin this is either Amazon Falls or maybe Island Waters)

Honolulu Sun: Enjoy the warmth and wonder of Honolulu Sunshine in a happy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and sweet island nectar. (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun)(so this is based off of last year's popular soap...real talk, I have no idea what that soap smelled like cuz I tend to avoid coconut-y scents like the plague)



Products: candle & wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - mid-March

Description: Put a twinkle in someone's eye with a flirty and festive blend of cranberries, pears, frosted citrus and a hint of holiday greenery

Missing notes: spruce, rosemary

Around this time of year I start to get really tired of typical winter scents (pine and spices) but at the same time, I'm not at all ready for the heavy floral or tropical fruit scents that we see in spring. That is why I was sooooo happy that Merry Mistletoe came back this winter cuz it's a nice compromise/happy medium.

So for awhile it was performing like a boss. But then once it hit mid range, it started nubbing out. It still managed to maintain a deep wax pool though. I'm so glad they changed the wax color from the boring white wax that it was in the past to this beautiful emerald/jade green. The throw has been decent, I'd say medium-strong-ish; it did manage to fill my apartment

And now the sce…

HOT MESS AWARD: Be Daring ~ Spiced Saffron & Redwood

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: end of January - mid-March 
Description: I be daring. Dare to be inspired by Spiced Saffron & Redwood's blend of ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California redwood

As far I was concerned, this collection was a big bust for me. Be Daring was the only scent that I was intrigued with and wanted to buy. Even my bf liked tand bought one. I was soooo lookin forward to burnin this bad boy and was excited once I did light it up. That excitement would eventually turn into utter disappointment.

Performance-wise, it was a hot shitty mess! This has been one of the worse burning candles ever! This was Mahogany Teakwood / Blackberry Grapefruit bad! It tunnneled like crazy! I even had to do the cotton ball trick and I haven't had to do that in I don't how long!

This is some bullshit!

If I didn't like the scent as much as I did, I'd return and exchange this mess!

Scent-wise, this is definitely one of…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria

 Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - 

Description: I wine down. Make the stresses of the day disappear with Pomegranate Sangria's effervescent blend of wine, apples and a hint of juicy pomegranate seeds 

Well as you might know it's Carnival time back home in New Orleans with Mardi Gras day just around the corner. That said, around this time of winter, I move away from the pine/spice scents of the holidays gravitate to more winter/dark fruit scents and/or something alcohol-ey - like for example I've had Cranberry Pear Bellini and the test scent Sugarberry Spritzer in the past. This go round I wanted to try something new so when my bf brought this home in his $8 haul, I thought it would make a nice Carnival time scent.

Performance-wise, it was a boss bitch! It had high steppin flames, there was always a deep and even wax pool, and it threw it's ass off - the warm throw was really strong filled my apartment.

Now there has been m…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Happy Home (and other leftover spring scents)

Since the weather was surprisingly sunny and warm (-ish), I thought I'd take advantage of this nice break and make a trip after work to my fav store in the city to get my sniff on. I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't gotten to sniff the muthaeffers and my curiousity was killin' me!

So first let's rap a taste about the miscellaneous ones

Papaya Sunrise - This was supposed to be an "unicorn candle" exclusive to White Barn but it looks like it slowly started to trickle into all stores. Honestly I wasn't all that excited about this one despite the "newness" factor and was even less excited once I sniffed it. It smells a bit like Mango Coconut Cooler from Summer Sips with a hint of Pineapple Lychee Smoothie. I'm not entirely sure but I think this is a repackage of Sunset Beach from last summer's Coastal Cool ; they basically have same notes - papaya, pineapple and sugarcane. Anyhoo, this is just another standard clich…