HOT MESS AWARD: Be Daring ~ Spiced Saffron & Redwood

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: end of January - mid-March 

Description: I be daring. Dare to be inspired by Spiced Saffron & Redwood's blend of ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California redwood

As far I was concerned, this collection was a big bust for me. Be Daring was the only scent that I was intrigued with and wanted to buy. Even my bf liked tand bought one. I was soooo lookin forward to burnin this bad boy and was excited once I did light it up. That excitement would eventually turn into utter disappointment.

Performance-wise, it was a hot shitty mess! This has been one of the worse burning candles ever! This was Mahogany Teakwood / Blackberry Grapefruit bad! It tunnneled like crazy! I even had to do the cotton ball trick and I haven't had to do that in I don't how long! 

This is some bullshit!

If I didn't like the scent as much as I did, I'd return and exchange this mess!

Scent-wise, this is definitely one of those scents that smell better on cold throw than on warm throw. On cold throw it smells like a sexy wintery/spicy cologne. Simplistically speaking, you can say it smells like Flannel (without that off smelling unmentioned sap note) with a little bit of Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods with a hint of Autumn Night. Once it's lit however, it smells odd...good but odd. My bf said the same thing. When lit, I think the redwood note comes out more - just a very intense dry acrid "freshly sharpened No2 pencil" wood note. There's a sweet fruit note; the notes claim cranberry but I don't get that. Then on top there's that Eastern spice a la Autumn Night/Cardamom and Suede - a very heavy sharp earthy saffron that goes well with the already warm heavy redwood note. And I swear I smell bergamot or rather BBW's take on bergamot which always makes scents smell cologne-y" Maybe that's why people thought this was a repackage of Flannel (or Villa Bergamot in my case)

The wf is pretty strong but like the candle, that pencil-y redwood note comes out more.

I had high hopes for this scent. If the notes were blended better and the candle didn't friggin tunnel, I would be in love. This is yet another scent that if it didn't come back in the nearby future, I wouldn't miss it.


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