NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2015 Scents Take Three

So very soon we're gonna see yet another scent collection for spring...a very pointless and unnecessary collection - the "Hawaiian collection" *sigh Yes, despite already having the same kind of collection last spring/summer, we are being treated to another one

So four of the candles are going to ombre colored frosted glass a la Coastal Cool from last summer. Those scents will be...

Big Island Bamboo: The exotic trees of the South Seas are celebrated in a blend of tropical green leaves, crystal blue water notes, and a hint of pink coral. (fresh water, bamboo, driftwood) (I'm guessin this is either Amazon Falls or maybe Island Waters)

Honolulu Sun: Enjoy the warmth and wonder of Honolulu Sunshine in a happy blend of fresh island coconut, Pacific palm and sweet island nectar. (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun) (so this is based off of last year's popular soap...real talk, I have no idea what that soap smelled like cuz I tend to avoid coconut-y scents like the plague)

Guava Colada: The intoxicating fragrance of sweet guava mixes with golden passion fruit and a rich Pacific island vanilla. (pink guava, peaches, coconut husk) (I'm guessin Pink Passionfruit/Red Lava Guava?)

Oahu Coconut Sunset: Relax at the end of the day with a sunset inspired blend of coconut blossoms and exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber (tropical fruits, coconut, gardenia) (so this is inspired by the same named body yeah, I got nothin...maybe this new? *guffaws loudly)
The remaining four will just be in a regular unfrosted tumbler

Hawaiian Hibiscus : Experience an island getaway with the fragrant hibiscus, Hawaii's native flower, combined with creamy coconut and jasmine notes (pink grapefruit, mango, hibiscus flowers) (the same scent from the Aloha Hawaii collection last year)  

Pineapple Palm Grass : A fresh tropical fragrance inspired by the beautiful pineapple fields and exotic green foliage of the Hawaiian Islands (juicy pineapple, sweet oranges, green grass) (the same scent from Aloha collection)

White Sand Beaches - Escape to your dream beach with an airy mixture of coastal tiare flowers, sun-kissed driftwood and bergamot leaves. (fresh blue water, sprigs of lavender, soft woods) (I'm gonna go with Pacific Coast Highway from Coastal Cool or worse, Ocean Driftwood aka Mahogany Woods)

Sweet Maui Mango Transport yourself to a beautiful field of mango trees with a blend of mouth-watering mango, mandarin orange slices and ruby red pomegranate seeds (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit) (Mango Dragonfruit?)
Ok real talk, what is the point of this collection?! First of all, don't we have more than our fair share tropical scents at the moment? Must we be assaulted with coconut/pineapple/mango/passionfruit bullshit?! Furthermore, and this bears repeating, WE ALREADY HAD A HAWAIIAN COLLECTION LAST YEAR! And I'm sure it was part of marketing game plan that dazzle folks with the pretty ombre frosted glass to distract from the fact this is just a bunch of lazy uninspired repackages - gilding the proverbial lily. Needless to say this collection will be an uneasy pass for me. If you're super intrigued and can't wait til March for these to debut, they are ALL available on Evilbay.
Now there may be a few collections coming after this Hawaiian mess makes it's grand whether we will actually see them or they're gonna be a bunch of White Barn exclusive unicorn scents remains to be seen......  


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