Products: candle & wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - mid-March

Description: Put a twinkle in someone's eye with a flirty and festive blend of cranberries, pears, frosted citrus and a hint of holiday greenery

Missing notes: spruce, rosemary

Around this time of year I start to get really tired of typical winter scents (pine and spices) but at the same time, I'm not at all ready for the heavy floral or tropical fruit scents that we see in spring. That is why I was sooooo happy that Merry Mistletoe came back this winter cuz it's a nice compromise/happy medium.

So for awhile it was performing like a boss. But then once it hit mid range, it started nubbing out. It still managed to maintain a deep wax pool though. I'm so glad they changed the wax color from the boring white wax that it was in the past to this beautiful emerald/jade green. The throw has been decent, I'd say medium-strong-ish; it did manage to fill my apartment

And now the scent. On a very simple and basic level, you can say that MM smells like Cranberry Pear Bellini with a little Fresh Balsam. You get that same fruity sweet cranberry/pear combo from CPB without the dark wine-like blackcurrant note and the effervescence. And there's an added albeit slight orange note in the background. Then finally you get this double whammy of spruce and rosemary (the "holiday greenery") that kinda reminds you this is indeed a winter scent) Spruce, compared to other pine/evergreen notes tend to be more sweeter and brighter and blends with the other more vibrant fruit notes. And the rosemary adds to the piney/wintery aspect and kinda gives this scent a very old-fashioned, antique-y and ol school vibe to it. Now in the past, I've heard reviewers describe this scent as a little ..."cologne-y" and I never understood that. Having burned now, I kinda see why people would say that; it definite has a somewhat slightly masculine feel to it. I can see some company making a winter body spray for men with the same notes. Maybe that's another reason why I'm so drawn to this scent. I still don't think this smells like a straight cologne though.

The wf bulbs are nice and strong, much stronger than the candle. I have 4 in my living room (as I usually do) and this is one of the few scents I had recently that I could smell outside on the otherside of the door in the hallway.

This scent is just perfection. It has a lil some'n some'n for e'rybody - it has all of those bright fruit notes for the sweety lovers and the wintery green notes for the woodsy/outdoors lovers. And even though this has been marketed as a "Christmas" scent, I think it's more of a post-New Years - end of wintertime scent; it has the piney notes of winter without smelling like a Christmas tree and has (non-tropical) fruits to transition you to spring. However there is something old-fashion-y about MM that it can be used for Christmastime and stand up to the more popular holiday standards like Tis the Season, Winter or Evergreen. MM is just a classic amazing scent and I hope it stays in the winter holiday lineup from now on.


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