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NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer Test Scents Part Deux

Well ladies and gents, we have more newness testing in stores. This time we have Summer Sips-esque  scents called the Poptail Collection - essentially boozy cocktail inspired icy treats. Lookwise, they pretty much like Summer Sips - a simple label with a artsy drawing of the corresponding frozen treat and a "recipe" of said treat only this time its on the lid. And a couple of them, 2 or 3, actually 3 tiered wax colors like the 3colored fall candle.

New scents include....

Limoncello Poptail - Sweet and zesty lemons, Italian limocello liqueur and sparkling sugar blend into an amazing citrus blend (obviously this has to be Limoncello or possibly Lemon Gelato)

Twisted Caramel Gelato - A mouthwatering blend of sea salt caramels, vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur that's oh so sweet (I'm wondering if this similar to or a straightup repackage of Pumpkin Caramel Latte)

Banana Kiwi Colada - A fragrance that's sure to delight, blends notes of tropical bananas, New Zealand k…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer 2015 Test Scents

Thought we were done with scents from spring and summer? Think again! We have some new scents headin our way!

As you may know, sometime in May, BBW will be releasing a new signature scent called Tahitian Island Dream or somethin like that. There's talk of that new beachy collection that was in exclusive to White Barn being released but that's not set in stone.

And, as per tradition, we will be seeing a Mother's Day candle. This year it's a repackage of...wait for it...FIRST BLOOM!!!! A Mother's Day candle that actually kinda makes sense?! Mindblown! I still say Flower Shop or Garden Party or Pink Petal Teacake would be better candidates however First Bloom is an awesome scent so I approve!

Movin right the moment, there are two collections currently testing in some stores. The first collection is... The Seaside Summer Collection!

This collection is interesting; theme-wise it has very nautical, beachy, summer in New England feel to it. Look-wise, it has ki…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

After a long miserable day at work, I took a trip to my new found BBW store in Brooklyn to brighten my spirits. Actually I needed a wf bulb and a pocket bac but rest assured that I took some time to get my sniff on.

As y'all know, this collection was supposed to be White Barn exclusive; I'm guessin they saw the folly of keepin this collection to a small cluster of stores. Furthermore, it's just nice to have some new scents that aren't tropical. And being the Southerner that I am, I couldn't help thinkin that this collection was sho nuff cute y'all!

That said, ya'll sit on down here and my lil ol review!

I'm not gonna waste y'all's time or mine talking about Watermelon Lemonade,Lilac Blossom, and Honeysuckle and Sundress (which don't even get me started on why, with the exception of Sundress, these are in this collection)

Beautiful Day
As y'all know, this based on the body care of the same name. The candle version smells slightly different…

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: Bloom and Garden Party

 I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents - to me they're either too overwhelmingly powdery or too "old lady" perfumey. And, like with pine-y scents, I prefer floral scents to be blended with other notes, preferably fruity - lemon/lime, apple/pear etc...although, like with pine, I've been slowly coming around. Now for springtime, my usual go-to floral scent is Spring however last year's version, for me anyway, was a hot mess so I wanted to branch out and try new floral scents. That said around the same time there were two floral scents in World Garden/Garden Party collection that I wanted to try - Garden Party and Bloom. I already had other scents to use up the time so I decided to hold off and burn em next year. Fast forward to this spring where it was still cold as hell and I need some good spring scents to cure the winter blues. Moreover neither scent came back this spring, which is a shame, and there were/are no good floral scents besides the same borin…