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RANT OF THE DAY: New Notes. Same Candle

Gone are the days of long superfluous verbose narratives of BS disguised as note descriptions on the bottom of the candles. Starting this fall, the descriptions were whittled down to bare minimum. However, the notes given in some cases are still seemingly untrustworthy; BBW has always played very loosy-goosy with the notes and the simple notes we have now are no exception. Still for the most part there are small diamonds of truth buried in crap. Often times, especially with older Slatkin era scents, the notes seem at first glance inconsistent if not erroneous. Sometimes with these scents, BBW picks out notes that used to be mentioned or weren't ever mentioned at all to use in the new description which often leads folks (*cough cough newbies) to utter confusion. So many times I've seen people post on Instagram that they were confused about the new notes and wondered if it were a new or tweaked scent...


What you see on the bottom of candle is NOT all that is in the fra…

CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Fall Candle Reviews of Yore

RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: The Bronzeblogger Fallgasm Tag

Favorite part about fall? Burning fall candles
Favorite fall month? September, it is my birthday month after all
Favorite Starbucks drink? PSL all the way...though I'm also partial their Caramel Apple Spice drink
Favorite fall treat? Donuts, especially Cider donuts from farmer's markets. I also love Dunkin Donut's pumpkin donut and last year's Pumpkin Cheesecake Square
Favorite bbw candle? Leaves all the way
Favorite Yankee candle? It's a toss up between Autumn Leaves, Harvest and Nature's Paintbrush. I also like November Rain
Favorite fall soap? I used to love Warm Apple Cider from backintheday. I also liked Weekend Apple Picking which is also gone and forgotten. Nowadays my jam is Crisp Morning Air
Favorite fall activity? Going to farmer's markets and fall festivals
Fondest fall memory? Going to my friend's farm in the woods in Pennsylvania Going apple picking for the first time last year
Favorite fall tunes? Origa's album from the 90s, Illusia Sailor Mo…


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Description: Sugared Spruce, Crisp Winter Mint, Green Pine, Frosted Lavender

So my gurl Jen S @theshow78 once again hooked me up again!

So, with the exception of Hot Cocoa and Cream, this was really the only new scent in the upcoming holiday lineup that I had my eyes on. I had been talking about it with her and Josh aka TouchtheFireTwice who both had it and loved it. Jen was worried that it might not go wide and she really wanted me to have it so she graciously and thoughtfully sent me.

So when most of us first saw this candle on social media and read the notes, we all assumed it was a repackage of that beloved one hit wonder Snow Day... NOPE!

Then there's that "frosted lavender" note..could it be a repackage of or similar to Peace ~ Iced Vanilla ? Again, big ol NOPE!

As far as I know, this could possibly be a new scent... *faints

So it's easy to write this off as just a piney scent but it's so much more complex than it …

RANT OF THE DAY: A Candle for each Month

A fellow candle enthusiast made an interesting post in IG - what candles do you associate with the 12 months of the year? It made me think, "hmmm, what would I choose?" Most of what I picked were more based on attached memories or invoked moods as opposed to scents that are must have burns (of which there are only 3)

January - Winter 
I've talked about this before - this scent always reminds me of when my bf and I started dating after New Years. Well Winter is more of holiday scent in my opinion, because it is crisp and fresh, you can keep this scent going past mid-winter
New Year's - Champagne Toast

February - Merry Mistletoe
While this has always been marketed as a Christmas scent, MM always strike me as a late winter scent. I think its the combination of winter fruits with piney notes. MM does have an old-fashioned antique like festive feel to it which works perfectly in February as it's Carnival/Mardi Gras time back home in NOLA
Valentine's Day - Pink Petal T…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Future Fall Collections

OK BBW, it's painfully clear that you guys are in a slump. Never fear, the Bronze Blogger is here. Here are some ideas right off the type of my head...

Ok, so you need to a good summer to fall transitional collection. Th Cork & Vine collection in '15 was cute in theory, this year's Cider & Vine is just random and all over the place. Let's just let that collection die in peace. I've said it before and I'll say again, you guys need to have a summer fair collection to bridge the gap from summer to fall.

Let's call it... "Autumn County Fair" or "Fun Fall Festival"

There are so many scents that would work in this collection

Bring back Funnel Cake and actually have a candle for itCotton CandyApple CrumbleApple Ale Summer BoardwalkChocolate Bacon CupcakeHarvest Peach (but call it "Peach Cobbler)Caramel ApplePumpkin Banana Muffin Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake

And speaking of pumpkin..can yall PLEASE stop with the all pumpkin collections?…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Holiday '16 Test Scents *UPDATED*

Well gang, it's about that time again..test stores are getting in their holiday scents!

So first off, it looks we're getting another expensive fancy-schmancy lidless collection, this time with fall forest theme and wood panel -esque tumblers . Now I'm assuming this is gonna be a transitional collection from fall to winter, it may even be taking the place of last year's Thanksgiving collection but DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT

White Birch - Crisp Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Birchwood(according to my gurl Jenn aka @theshow78, this a total repackage of Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods)

Applewood Spice - Red Delicious Apple, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Stick(possibly a repackage of failed test scent from last winter, Merry ~ Mulled Holiday Cider  )

Golden Amber Oak - Golden Amber, Pink Peppercorn, Black Rose Petals(I got nuthin)

Sunkissed MapleGolden Maple, Smoked Caramel, Roasted Chestnuts, Teakwood(Enchanted Woods? Bonfire Maplewood?)

Returning scents include Woodland Forest and Sandalwood &a…

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Leafy and Marbley Collection (and what I'd replace em with)

Ok, can we all agree that both of these collections are random as f***?! Seriously, what was the thought process of picking scents to put in these two collections? Was there a thought process at all cuz it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. Just random ass scents thrown together all higgledy-piggledy and helther skelter. Any sense of cohesiveness and flow was thrown completely out of the window. And to distract folks from realizing how basic the chosen scents were, they gilded the proverbial lily with mercury decopage and faux marble glass. And speaking of marble further add insult to injury, BBW has the sheer audacity and unmitigated gall to charge 29.50...

Let's talk about the leafy candles... So Heirloom Apple smells like pear candy, Caramel Woods is basically Salted Caramel without oak instead of salt, Leaves is already in another collection, Autumn Sky is lame as hell and Chestnut & Clove is lovely, it is not/never has been/never will be a fall…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: "Leafy" and "Marbley" Collections

I was out running errands and stopped by Starbucks to get my first PSL of the season (cuz in my mind fall has officially started) and BBW was right down the street so I decided to see if they had anything new. Sure enough they had all 5 of the mercury modpodge candles. And much to my surprise (and indifference) they had all of the marble candles as well...

Heirloom Apple - *said in my best Linda Richman Coffee Tawk voice "Heirloom Apple" is neither an heirloom or an apple, discuss!" I get straightup green pear...more to the point, I get a pear that is extremely similar to Prickly Pear Sugarcane. It's smells like PPSC with a basic generic marshmallow...which first of all, enough with the friggin marshmallow already! Secondly, wtf does marshmallow have to do with heirloom apples?! I guess in BBW's world, heirloom apples smell like Laffy Taffy-esque candy. Overall this scent is mediocre at best and totally misnamed

Caramel Woods - again..yet another candle with an ov…