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Description: Sugared Spruce, Crisp Winter Mint, Green Pine, Frosted Lavender

So my gurl Jen S @theshow78 once again hooked me up again!

So, with the exception of Hot Cocoa and Cream, this was really the only new scent in the upcoming holiday lineup that I had my eyes on. I had been talking about it with her and Josh aka TouchtheFireTwice who both had it and loved it. Jen was worried that it might not go wide and she really wanted me to have it so she graciously and thoughtfully sent me.

So when most of us first saw this candle on social media and read the notes, we all assumed it was a repackage of that beloved one hit wonder Snow Day... NOPE!

Then there's that "frosted lavender" note..could it be a repackage of or similar to Peace ~ Iced Vanilla ? Again, big ol NOPE!

As far as I know, this could possibly be a new scent... *faints

So it's easy to write this off as just a piney scent but it's so much more complex than it sounds. You get a sweet blue spruce note that's very reminiscent to Snow Day. Add to that warm resinous Evergreen-esque pine notes. The mint is definitely a sweet spearmint variety that gives the blend an almost very Doublemint gum vibe. The lavender is very faint; you really have to huff to get it. The note is right in the middle of being astringent a la French Lavender and sweet and floral a la Paris ~ Lavender Macaron.

Now lets get really in depth. My nose is definitely picking up notes that aren't listed. There's a smooth creaminess to the blend...sandalwood maybe. And there are more herbal notes hanging out in the background other than spearmint and lavender. One note than I think might be in this is a rosemary; rosemary is often used in pine scents (Merry Mistletoe) and is combined with either mint or lavender scents (Lavender Linens). There's also a bright piquant herbal note lurking around. It could be a hint of bayleaf which, like rosemary, is often used to holiday piney scents (Winter). And/or it could also be a hint of thyme...which I'll talk about that in a sec. Lastly, TTFT mentioned in his review vid that he picked up a "frozen melon" note similar to Fresh Frozen Snow. I picked that up to; there is something fresh and wet that adds to the coolness of this blend besides the mint. That said, I wonder if this scent is a repackage with a twist of/similar to/shares basenotes with a now forgotten Slatkin era scent called Honeydew & Thyme..which most agreed backintheday that it smelled like Doublemint gum.

In conclusion, I'd be lying if I say I wouldn't be thrilled if WM&S were a repackage of Snow Day or a repackage with a twist of Peace. However, I am glad the scent turned out to be something different and I appreciate it for it's uniqueness and complexity. I like to think of this scent as a mature, sophisticated, higher end version of SD - SD for grownups. I think folks will like this one. It's of the same fresh cool day outdoors vibe as Fresh Balsam or Sweater Weather or Autumn. It's a decent scent for the holidays and you can keep burning it straight on past New Years thru the rest of wintertime. Fingers crossed this candle goes wide!


  1. I'm definitely intrigued! Thanks for the amazing reviews as always!

  2. If this doesn't go wide, I'll be pissed. Especially with the messes we had last year going wide (snowflakes and spruce and winter sun). On point review.

    1. I'm pretty sure it's gonna go wide. With the exception of Sandalwood and Suede, everything this fall went wide. But you never know with BBW. I'll be pissed if it doesn't go wide too

  3. This wouldn't be a repackage of test scent Snow & Slopes from 2014, would it? Always appreciate your input.

    1. I'm pretty sure it isn't. I remember S&S being more bright with a hint of citrus and didn't have the Pine and herbal notes that WM&S has


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