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Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room (weekends)
Time Period: whenever

Description: A refreshing new twist on a classic cocktail and a frozen dessert arrives in bright notes of Key limes, sea salt and crushed ice

2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
Pinch of coarse sea salt
Hint of Agave nectar - CHA CHA CHA!!!

When I first heard about this scent, I was so friggin excited! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE lime scents! Sadly BBW doesn't have a good track record with lime scents...look at the last lime scent we had...blegghhh. Of course, because this was a scent that I really wanted, it didn't go wide. Luckily my White Barn had a bunch of these, so YAY!!!

Now I'm sure y'all all heard about the very confusing kerfuffle about this scent. So they kept LGM as a White Barn exclusive and in it's place released Island Marg. IM is a more safe, mainstream, consumer-friendly scent so it makes sense. Now they changed the name yet kept the notes from LGM (ke…

CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: White Sand Beaches

Products: candle and wf bulb 
Area used in:  bedroom 
Time Period: end of July - mid August

Description: Escape to your dream beach with an airy mixture of coastal tiare flowers, sun-kissed driftwood and bergamot leaves

So I've ready ranted and raved how sick to damn death I am of all of these Hawaiian/tropical/beachy scents. That said I pretty much ignored this whole collection... except for this scent. I was only intrigued by it cuz it sounded...cologney. Honestly it was a desperation buy cuz I needed cologney yet summery/beachy scent for my bedroom. Betwixt yall and me, the candle is almost done and frankly I won't miss it.

Performance-wise, it was a dream, I never had any burn/wax issues. The flames were always nice and high and the wax always consistently melted into a nice deep amber colored pool. And the throw was pretty decent; I'd describe it as medium-strong. It filled my bedroom with no problem.

Sounds all to the good right? Here's the problem, I don't reall…


Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room (weekends)
Time Period: end of July - mid August

Description: The fragrance of freshly sliced pomelo grapefruit blends beautifully with notes of mango and sunny papaya

So basically, I bought this scent out of desperation. I wanted a summery fruit scent that wasn't super heavy on the mango and wasn't bogged down by coconut. And I was a bit bamboozled by the name and notes. After sniffing it in the store several times, I was very unimpressed but again, I was desperate.

So performance-wise, this candle was aiight! Nothing special! No mushroom tops, but the flames were still relatively high. No tunneling, no canyoning. You can't really see the progression of the wax pool because of the frosted colored tumbler, but I assume it was deep.

And now onto the scent...sigh

First of all, what is BBW's obsession with pomelo?! This was the summer of pomelo, it's in friggin EVERYTHING! Candles, soaps/pocketbacs, bodycare, pomelo pomelo POMELO…


Products: candle 
Area used in:  bedroom 
Time Period: end of July - mid August

Description: The perfect summer night at the beach comes to life in notes of warm woods, orange blossoms and green leaves

Every once in awhile BBW marketing/scent-making team really gets their creative juices flowin and in mad scientist like fashion creates a Frankenstein-ian scent that is so different, so out there, so weird that after one sniff, you turn into Scooby-doo...

AROO?!!! Summer Bonfire is one of those scents! Much like last year's Snap Peas (another really weird scent), I kept going back and forth sniffing and resniffing. My bf really liked it so I decided to just get it for him. It eventually became our go to weekend afternoon nap candle. After a couple of burns, I found myself actually enjoying it. So much so, that I eventually bought another one. Performance-wise, it burned like a mutha-effin BOSS. Huge mushroom tops, super high steppin flames, a constant deep and even amber-colored pool...a…

NEWNESS UPDATE: New and Improved Aromatherapy collection

So we all woke up to an unexpected yet pretty amazing surprise online this morn...


They've updated the old standard Aromatherapy candles! Look at those wax colors! Look at those lovely labels! So much better than the old Aromatherapy candles we're so used to...

My bf is OBSESSED with Orange Ginger; he LOVES the lotion and the shower gel and at one point had a 4oz 1wick waaayy from '10 or '11. He has ranted and raved that there hasn't been a 3wick of it in years. Meanwhile I've scouring thru Evilbay for one only to find a handful, all of which over $40+!!! Ain't nobody got time  fa dat! Needless to say he was very excited when I showed him the new one online.

Meanwhile I'm freaking out about the Eucalyptus Tea candle. As far as I know, there has never been a 3wick of it back in the day. Out of all of the aromatherapy body care, ET is by far my favorite. I love to use the shower gel for bubble baths in fall which I would normally pair with Sweat…

NEWNESS UPDATE: Fall 2015 Test Scents

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's about that time again - stores are testing the upcoming fall scent collections. Instagram has been blowing up with pictures of pretty much all of the candles in the lineup giving everyone a major fallgasm!

So it looks like we're getting 3 collections - we're getting classic conceptual fallsy outdoorsy collection with tinted/ombre tumblers a la Turquoise Waters, a very standard BBWian autumnal collection with a mix of old and new bakery and outdoorsy scents and of course..again..yet another all pumpkin and nothin but the pumpkin collection for the 3rd time in a row. At first glance, a good 80% percent of these sound and look new but then again, you never know until you sniff them.

Pumpkin Pie - Save room for this delicious autumnal blend of creamy pumpkin, whipped vanilla and flaky pie crust that's as sweet as your favorite pumpkin pie(Supposedly this is new and not Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or Pumpkin Carving)

Pumpkin Milkshake - Drink…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Destinations and Poptails

So out of sheer boredom, I went for stroll in Manhattan and made a pit stop to BBW.

 I was trying to be discreet
Despite the current $12 sale, I didn't buy anything; nay, I only stopped in to see what I could see and sniff what I could sniff. So let's get started...

The Destination collection...sigh. So as y'all know, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these is a repackage, not a new scent in the bunch! On the one hand, they brought back/repackaged some Slatkin classics but on the other hand, is it really too hard to come up with entirely new scents?!!!

So some of these aren't worth talking about cuz they're pretty obvious...

Paris French Daydream - Paris Daydream
New York - Black Tie/Sage and Cedar
London Tea & Lemon - London Calling
Istanbul Sparkling Amber - Sparkling/Sensual Amber

Let's talk about the less obvious one

Hawaii ~ Aloha Passionflower - this one is throwin me for a loop. At first I thought it might be an old Slatkin scent called Passionflower , cuz they have s…

SHOP 'N' GO: June '15 SAS Haul

First of all, let me apologize for being away so long; as I was writing this post, I realized that I hadn't written anything in over a month. Honestly I hadn't had anything to write about til now. At any rate, mea culpa!

So it's the last weekend of SAS and I for one couldn't be happier! This SAS SUCKED!!! It was, in my most humble opinion, the absolute worse SAS in BBW history! The sales were utter crap, no good discounts/bargains. There are (as for as I know), 8 stores in my vicinity and I went to 6... not a SINGLE ONE had any 75% rare gems/hidden treasures nor any scents pre- Spring/Summer. Utter BS!
Nonetheless, I still managed to get some goodies for the sake of stocking.

Behold my collective SAS HAUL!!!

So the very first weekend, my bf and I went to the new White Barn in GSP. I had a feeling that the store wouldn't have any goodies is it's fairly new...and I was right. But since I was there and I decided to take advantage of the $10 3wick sale at the time.…