Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room (weekends)
Time Period: whenever

Description: A refreshing new twist on a classic cocktail and a frozen dessert arrives in bright notes of Key limes, sea salt and crushed ice

2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
Pinch of coarse sea salt
Hint of Agave nectar - CHA CHA CHA!!!

When I first heard about this scent, I was so friggin excited! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE lime scents! Sadly BBW doesn't have a good track record with lime scents...look at the last lime scent we had...blegghhh. Of course, because this was a scent that I really wanted, it didn't go wide. Luckily my White Barn had a bunch of these, so YAY!!!

Now I'm sure y'all all heard about the very confusing kerfuffle about this scent. So they kept LGM as a White Barn exclusive and in it's place released Island Marg. IM is a more safe, mainstream, consumer-friendly scent so it makes sense. Now they changed the name yet kept the notes from LGM (key limes, sea salt, ice)..cuz, ya know, we're stupid and won't notice. I heard that there was a version with the name "Island Margarita" but it was actually LGM...so how would anyone know which version they're getting?! Meanwhile at White Barns, they had both LGM and IM..both with exact same notes! Does any of this make sense to y'all cuz it definitely doesn't to me!

So you're probably wondering "what's the difference between LGM and IM?"

I'll tell you! IM is waaaayyyyy more sweeter. Now it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I feel like this version of IM has been tweaked; it smelled less candy-ish and more salty. And there's no lime in IM at all, despite what the "new" notes suggest. LGM on the other hand is straight lime goodness; verdant, juicy, zesty, tart lime. LGM smells more like a drink than IM ever will.

Now as much as I would like to hype this scent up, I'm afraid I have some bad news! The performance kinda SUCKS!!! On the first couple of burns, it took forever to pool and it still left a little fingernail sliver of wax on the side. It took a couple of burns for it to correct itself. But even that I can deal with. My biggest issue is the throw, it's so slight that it's practically nonexistent. You have to literally stand over the candle, the flames singing your nosehair to smell anything. That said, what you smell that close smells AMAZING!

Now there has been some debate amongst us ol school BBW'ers/Slatkineers as to what this smells like. Because this was supposed to be an icy lime scent, the obvious choice was Lime Ice from waaaaaaay back in the day. The notes were lime, orange and mint...makes sense. I was talking about it with Josh/TTFT and he actually had one in his collection; he said it smelled similar but it wasn't a repackage. I and several others thought perhaps it might be another Slatkin classic, Sparkling Mojito (lemon zest, pomelo, orange zest, mint, sugarcane). I had some old wf bulbs of it and I gotta say, it's very VERY similar but again, not a repackage.

Compared to SM, LGM has more of a genuine legit lime note, more so than any other lime scent BBW/WB has ever released. There's no other citrusy note pretending to be lime - no pomelo, no lemon, no lemongrass; just straight up fresh, juicy, tart, zesty, mouth-puckering lime! And you can also smell sea salt which accentuates and freshens the lime note. But then there's an unmentioned mintiness thrown in, like spearmint; I suppose that mint was supposed to give that icy "granita" feel. Not so much. The mint just makes this smell less like a margarita and more like a mojito...I daresay a Sparkling Mojito! However there's no effervescence like SM but it does come across as a drink as opposed to the frozen treat that it was intended to be.

Now some people have complained that it smelled weird once lit, almost astringent. I can totally see that. With citrus heavy scents, BBW candles go in either one of two directions - candy or cleaner. LGM is definitely on the cleaner side. It's sweet for a lime scent but not sweet enough to make it candyish. The lime and mint combo definitely gives it fresh crisp cleaner/dentist office vibe a la Lemon Mint Leaf

Is LGM worth getting? Mmmmmmmm...I would say yes...for two reasons - it's the only genuine lime scent on the market (providing you actually like lime scents) and it's an exclusive. If you like lime, and it's at your local NEARBY White Barn (do not drive hours or make a day trip for this candle) and it's on sale, get it. However, be warned that you run the risk of it having low throw. Do not burn this in a big room; this is definitely a boudoir, small office or bathroom scent.   If lime scents don't appeal to you and you don't live near a White Barn, just stick to IM!

Check out Touchthefiretwice's Lime Granita Margarita comparison vid


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