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WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Pt. 3 ~ Candy Coated, Chrome and Camp Winter 2.0 *UPDATED

So I went to one store last week while running errands but it only had a handful of the new stuff. Then I went to a different store today as it was the start of the new floorset and everything (except Smoked Birch) was out. A SA in an attempt to be helpful kept badgering while I was sniffing and once SAs do that, it just makes me wanna hightail out of the store; that said, some scents I didn't get a chance to get the batch number. Anyhoo, on with the review...

Blueberry Sugar (7261K3A2) -  So this is a total repackage with a twist last year's Blueberry Twist. The blueberry note is less tart and more sweet. And there's smooth vanilla-like creaminess in the background though I'm hesitant to say to there is actually vanilla in the blend. Brown sugar..nope, not so much. Graham cracker...yeah right, absolutely not. It's just straight blueberries and sugar; to me it smells artificially flavored cotton candy or maybe a blueberry pie filling. This one is just marketed all k…

NEWNESS UPDATE: More Winter 2017 Candles *UPDATED

You thought BBW was done with winter? Nope, think again!

As this fall was a huge epic colossal fail and utter shitshow to end all shitshows, BBW is focusing all of their time, energy, and "creativity" in winter to make up for it. That said, despite all of the hoopla, the upcoming influx of winter scents aren't very exciting

So first it looks like the Camp Winter collection are getting some add-ons, a Camp Winter 2.0. These candles have wood grain tumblers. Scents include...
Cinnamon & Clove BudsMarshmallow FiresideSnowflakes & Citrus (aka Midnight Blue Citrus) And there appear to be 3 "new" new scents as well
Patchouli - Patchouli and Cedarwood(straightup patchouli from what I've heard)
Coconut Snowflakes - Cooling Peppermint, Fresh Spearmint, Coconut Water(this sounds suspiciously like Fresh Mint & Coconut)

Winter Sage - Clary Sage and Juniper Essential Oil (I'm hoping this is Snowed In but it could also be Holly Wreath)

White Woods
 - Oak, Cash…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Part Deux

In case you missed it, here is PART ONE of my Winter 2017 candle review. This review will cover all of the scents that weren't in the store the last time I went (I went to two different stores to smell all of these scents btw).

Ok so I'm gonna start with the new random honey mason jar candles. This'll be quick cuz  honestly found them all disgusting; I do NOT enjoy the smell of honey, especially in home fragrance

Coco Shea Honey - just smells like straight up coco shea butter

Cinnamon Honey Apple - this smelled familiar, like some apple cinnamon bakery scent from the past couple of years... Holiday Apple Crisp maybe, something like that

ADDENDUM: this actually be a repackage with a twist of Harvest Pear

Warm Vanilla Honey - I think this is Honey Vanilla

Smoked Honey Woods - this smells like one of the recent caramelly/woodsy candles, kinda Caramel Woods-esque

Sweet Honey Bee - pretty sure this is the same Sweet Honey Bee, but more honey-ish maybe

ALL but Cinnamon Honey Apple ma…

NEWNESS UPDATE: The "Fragrance Lab" Collection

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed that BBW is going in a very weird direction - they've become obsessed with aromatherapy. In a desperate attempt to become the next Body Shop or LUSH, they're pushing body and bath care with natural ingredients. And this aromatherapy mania has seeped in the declining home fragrance market with an emphasis on "essential oils"; from the Elements candles to the newest Aromatherapy 2.0, the hippy dippy Practical Magic candles and the latest Coco Shea candles all boast having natural or essential oils. It's even popping up in regular seasonal non aromatherapy candles; the overhyped Campfire Donut has "cedarwood essential oil"...really BBW?!

If you think this essential aromatherapy fad is just a phase, think again. In test stores now is a new collection, the "Fragrance Lab" collection boasting notes commonly found in aromatherapy to promote emotional/mental/spiritual health. Look-wise t…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles ~ Elements and White Barn Core

I passed by BBW store than I don't typically go in hopes of sniffing the infamous Campfire Donut to see what all the hype was about; no such luck but much to my surprise the store did have random White Barn Core and winter edition Elements candles

Peppermint - so this basically Twisted Peppermint... x100. If you liked TP but wished it was more ya go!

Pomander - so I was really hoping this Slatkin's Holiday Pomander from backintheday ..which smelled AMAZING. Unfortunately this is not it; it's a new scents as far as I can tell but not a particularly good one. It's a lot zestier than I imagined it would be..which is kinda to be expected considering a what a pomander is. It's an orange based scent, peel/rind/oil and juice and maybe a bit of lemon-lime that comes off a little like cleaner; it reminds me a lot of Murphy Oil soap which as you know is orange oil based. Then get mulling spices - mainly clove with cinnamon and maybe allspice. I liked this at fir…