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NEWNESS UPDATE: Fall 2017 Candles Part 3 *UPDATED*

I feel like I haven't written on here in soooooooooo long! My schedule has been a little hectic and I've had little to no time to write anything. And to be perfectly honest, things have been so boring with BBW lately that even if I had more time, there's really nothing to talk about...until now

Things have been a little strange with BBW lately. This fall has been one head-scratching facepalm inducing wtf moment after the next and based on what I've seen so far of what's to come, expect things to be even weirder.

Ok so first of all, let's talk WB core candles. Peppered Plum and Cider Lane have indeed gone wide (Spiced Coconut Milk has been rumored to have made random appearances as well The Original); I do not know why BBW/WB insists on having late releases/additions after a certain collection has already made its debut. More candles have been scheduled to be released soon and they make absolutely no sense as none of them are fall scents. The additions are...