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RANDOM POST OF THE DAY: Bronzeblogger's Fall Scent Wishlist

Well SAS is finally almost over..thank gawd; it's the main reason I haven't written on here lately cuz I just haven't had anything to talk about. We're slowly but surely approaching that time when fall scents start to appear in test stores...which brings me to the main point of this post - past scents that I would love to see this fall.

Apple Crumble  Last Seen: Summer SAS 2014 online Review
It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever why BBW keeps sleeping on this scent. Apple Crumble is both autumntastic and fallgasmic; one whiff well instantly put you in the mood for fall. And there are some of us who aren't on the pumpkin spice bandwagon and prefer to give apple cinnamon more love and AC delivers! You get a nice green Granny Smith apple note (when's the last to you've sniffed that at BBW), just the right amount of spice and a dollop of whipped, creamy vanilla to smooth and mellow things out. Those of you who loved Warm Apple Pie, ohhh this is soooo much better…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: First day of SAS ~ Drink Collection and Destinations Collection

So as you may or may not know, WB stores started SAS a day early. Since neither of us had stepped inside of a WB in ages, we thought we'd have a day of shopping and give the mall a visit. I guess word hadn't gotten out that there would be an early start to SAS cuz the store wasn't busy at all. Since it was the first day, I wasn't expecting any surprises or hidden treasures - a lot of leftover spring stuff, a few scents scattered around from this past winter and random overabundance of Wisdom candles . They've brought back the Camp Winter collection and the Test Lab candles were all at 75% (BTW they're 75% off at ALL WB stores) but none of that really interested; what did interest me was finally getting to sniff the Drink and Destination candles.

So without further ado, lets get into it starting with the Drink candles

Banana Split Milkshake (8127M8A1) - so this is the one "new" scents in this collection..and I say "new" with parentheses becaus…