CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: I say Cider Lane, you say Warm Caramel Cider

If I had a dollar for everytime so BBW newbie said something along the lines of...

"Cider Lane smells so's smells like Warm Caramel Cider..."


First of all my dears, Cider Lane came out FIRST! It made it's debut in 2012 and came back again in 2013. Warm Caramel Cider came out in 2014. If you're gonna make that comparison..flip it and reverse quote Missy Elliot!

So when CL first came out, I actually didn't like it. I was militantly anti-caramel scents at the time (although I did like Caramel Apple but it was more brown sugar glaze than caramel) so the fact that CL had a caramel note instantly turned me off. And there was something about the cold throw that just did not appeal to me at all. Now everyone and their grandma claimed that the warm throw was better than the cold throw but I had my doubts.

Then it came back the following year... and again, I just could not get past that cold throw. And I remember at one point during Winter SAS, I had it in my hand ready to but but ended up putting it back on the shelf..which I totally regret.

Then in 2014, we got Warm Caramel Cider and I decided to take the plunge. I found myself really enjoying which made me regret all the more turning my nose up at CL.

So you're probably wondering what is the difference between CL and WCC? Well I'll tell ya...

So I dunno how exactly they pulled it off, but CL had an outdoorsy element to it. I dunno if it's a wood note or a leaf note, but there's something about the scent that gives it an outdoors vibe, making it more conceptual rather than gourmand. That's probably why Slatkin decided to call it "Cider Lane" cuz "it's like you're drinking cider while walking down the lane" You also get the peel of the apple as the meat/pulp and juice which adds to the outdoorsiness.

WCC doesn't have that outdoors element - it's just straight up spiced cider and caramel; Cider Lane without the "lane" The blend is watered down and de-intensified with a bit more emphasis on the cider.

When it come out, I kinda preferred WCC over CL...or rather what I remembered of CL. But now, after finally having CL in my possession, my opinion has changed and I like CL more.

There's been a lot of hype concerning CL on social media...and I don't know if they hype is genuine and people truly LOVE this scent or are people hyping this candle strictly for the sake of hype and to be one of the cool kids. Whatever the case is, I hope BBW is paying attention and will continue to release CL is a fall staple like they used to.

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Late Arrivals

So Sunday afternoon I was in the City running errands and since I was a few streets away BBW, I wondered whether I should go and see if they finally had Cider Lane. However I was tired and it hot and muggy and about to rain and I really didn't feel like schlepping there for nothing. I called the store and asked if  they had any and sure enough they did. As soon as I hung up, I ran like Usain Blot to the store. And there they were....

Chocolate Pistachio - there must be something wrong with me and my sense of smell, cuz despite everybody and their grandma going absolutely batshit crazy over it, I am not feeling it at all! It's so generic and basic. Everyone has been describing it the same way and, to a certain degree, I agree - peanut M&Ms. You get a powdery malty cocoa note with a nuttiness I guess you could call pistachio. And it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I smelled a tiny hint of mint lurking in the background. Overall, it's just not as exciting as everyone is making it out to be; a scent like this should be rich and decadent and's not. It's slightly sweet and powdery to point of smelling ancient - to me it smells like crushed peanut M&M and Whoppers remnants at the bottom of a your grandma's purse,

NOTE: Some people are saying it's a repackage with a twist of Malted Pistachio Truffle while others say it's completely new. I've no clue as I have never smelled MPT and don't really want to. A few have even said that theirs smelled like Mint Mocha Bark.

Mahogany Apple - I almost bought the one lone one that the store had but decided not to. It's smells like straightup Mahogany Coconut with red apple and a hint of lavender...and it actually doesn't smell as bizarre as it sounds. My problem is because it smells so close to MC, I can't make myself perceive it as a fall scent, even with that hit of apple. I don't see the point of this candle's existence at all, totally unnecessary.

Autumn Sunshine - I already did a review so there's no use talking about it. Although I will say that every single person that I've talked to who has bought and burned this candle all say there is absolutely zero throw. That said, buy at your own risk!

Cranberry Woods - here's a review I wrote a long time ago from the last time it was in a collection. All I'll say about CW is, like a couple of other returning staples, it has been tweaked and it doesn't smell quite the same. I dunno if BBW is using low grade frangrance oils to cut costs or they're de-intesnifying scents to cater to basic bitches' delicate senseibilities but they need to stop. They've made CW so bright and sweet - it's like artificially flavored cranberry punch or concentrate with a pinch of cinnamon. The blend has lost it's darkness and crispness and outdoorsiness. Why BBW, WHY?!!!

Cider Lane - saving the best for last! There's no need to go into much depth about this scent cuz most should know or remember what it smells like. For those who haven't, the blend is pretty straightforward - red apple cider mulled with cinnamon and nutmeg with a creamy decadent brown sugar based caramel drizzle. Think Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice   . And I don't know how they do it, but there's an outdoors element to the's like your drinking cider while walkin down the lane

NOTE: Many newbies have compared it to Warm Caramel Cider from '14...which is a repacakage with a twist of CL. The two are not quite the same, there is a noticeable difference...which I'll discuss in another post

So I ended exchanging two candles for 2 CLs and I bought another CL. I'm a very happy man!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Seaside Escape (2012)

Products: candle   
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid July - September

Description: Go seaside with a tropical island blend of luscious guava and passionfruit, infused with juicy watermelon and rich tonka bean

Missing notes: strawberry, pineapple

Trivia: first released in 2010

So I know a lot of folks are in full on fall mode or are gearing to be...not me. With the blistering heatwave sizzling the Northeast like eggs on a griddle, I'm not even thinking of fall. As much as I would enjoy a little reprieve from the heat, I'm not quite ready to give in to fall mania and have been holding on greedily to these last couple of weeks of summer. That said, I've been thoroughly enjoying this now long forgotten summer classic.

So I've talked about this before - back in th early days of my burgeoning candle obsession, I completely ignored tropical beachy summery fruity scents. I remember the last time I ever saw it stores - summer SAS 2012. BBW brought back a crapload of Slatkin era tropical scents - Tropical Spice, Passionflower, Caribbean Salsa, etc. I remember smelling SE and putting it back down...very stupid on my part. My tastes have changed over tge years and I've become more open-minded; that said, to make up for my willful ignorant indifference, I've been finding scents that I turned my nose up backintheday to give them a second chance..such was the case with SE.

So performance-wise, it was pretty shitty. Candles from spring 2012 had notoriously craptastic burns and this one was not the exception. The wicks totally stubbed out with wimpy flames and white ashy crap instead of mushroom tops...

I had to do that cotton ball trick at least 3 or 4 times which such a waste of wax. However it was worth putting up with all the crap. The throw was an absolutely knockout; it filled my entire living room and the scent lingered hours after a blew the flames out.

Scent-wise, it's kinda difficult to describe..typical of Slatkin's classic scents. Like most of his popular scents, it's a blend of scents that you would think wouldn't go together until you smell it.It's so wonderfully complex despite how simplistic the notes sound.  It's an exquisite and surprisingly high-end melange of fruit notes yet it's obnoxiously sweet. The main note that you get is a fresh crisp sweet watermelon note that's neither Jolly Rancher-esque nor seawatery. And you have pineapple that adds to the juiciness and wateriness. Then you get from deep juicy creamy passionfruit and guava and the tonka bean gives it some depth and adds to the creaminess. It's so smooth and crisp and refreshing - to me when I smell this, it makes me think of being on the beach drinking ice cold fruity alcoholic beverage while listening to the waves crash on the beach. My black readers will get this reference but SE kinda reminds of Blue Magic hair grease which takes me back to my childhood hanging out with my girl cousins in the summer.

SE is far cry from the crap that we usually see for summer - it's not based off a bodycare, it's not candy sweet, and there's neither mahogany, gardenia or coconut. It's a perfect scent to cool you down on a sweltering summer day like we've been having lately. And what I love about this scent is that is transports you and makes you feel like everything is alright with the world. It's really one of the best tropical/beachy/fruity I've ever smelled. BBW really needs to bring this scent back!   

RANT OF THE DAY: Go Home BBW, You're Drunk Part Deux

Ohhhh BBW, why can't you get your proverbial shit together?! I had such high hopes for this fall but you've disappointed me. Once again, as usual, it's a shitshow!

First of all, yet again we have another season of batch variances! 6 candles have batches that smell one way in one store and something totally different different in another store...6!!!

And then you have candles that for whatever reason has been tweaked and doesn't quite smell the same or don't have the throw strength that it used

The Cider & Vine collection is just weird and random at best. Thank gawd for Spiced Pomegranate Cider and updated redone versions of Black Cherry Merlot and Sparkling Pear Riesling cuz the rest of the collection is lame!

And the Pumpkin Collection... Now I have begrudgingly tolerated the all pumpkin nothin but the pumpkin collections THE PAST THREE YEARS cuz it was a nice mix of fan favorites and new hits. This year, not so much - just the same generic basic crap we see year after year and repackages, none of which have pumpkin in them! Pumpkin Pie is the ONLY candle in the ENTIRE collection with actual pumpkin notes. When will guys ever learn...



And the Bright Leaves collection...Replacing Pumpkin Caramel Latte that actually smells like a hot beverage with Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte that smells like body lotion? Was that really a good idea?

Mahogany Apple..really BBW, REALLY?

Cider Lane and Cranberry Woods.. *deep calming breaths

I do not understand why you guys are being so secretive and clandestine and random with these 2 scents! It's not like they are new test scents, they're both fall staples and Slatkin classics that have been around for years. hey're right up there with Leaves and Autumn and Sweater Weather. So why aren't they going wide? Why are test stores and newly opened White Barn stores only getting them? Now there are rumors of them hitting stores possibly next month...emphasis on the word "rumors". Even if that were the case, why? Why are they being released late?! It makes no sense! Why can't the WHOLE collection be released TOGETHER? What possible good does releasing these a month or so after the initial collection release gonna do you? Would you prefer people buy these and other unreleased candles off of Evilbay or Mercari cuz that's what people are doing! Do you want your candles being sold over the asking price from third party sellers and money that could be going in your pockets going into theirs instead? That seems to be the case!

The Halloween guys finally listened and made a Vampire Blood candle. Purrfect's not Pumpkin Carving but it'll do. But Boo...Vanilla Bean Marshmallow...really BBW?! Not Blueberry Pumpkin Patch, not Autumn Night or something completely new and autumnal but Vanilla Bean Marshmallow..why? Aren't you guys tired of kowtowing to the basic bitches of America?! Which brings me to my next point...

The Desert candles..y'all create a collection of conceptual scents (which is extremely rare nowadays) that's not tropical or beachy and based on American territory (again, rare), inspired by a region of the country you've never utilized before. What's more...there's no coconut, no gardenia, no mahogany, no frosting, marshmallow! HALLELUJAH!!! Everybody, myself included, we're going apeshit. So what do you guys do? You shelf em saying that due to quality issues, they're going to be released at a later date. BULLSHIT! Isn't you're motto that you have perfectly burning candles with handpicked that your thing? You release crappy performing candles all the time left and right all year long...what made this collection so different? I think you were scared to release them lest the basic bitches of America and the teenyboppers and clueless housewives would be turned off by it's sophistication and un-generic-ness.

And to add insult to injury, y'all have the audacity to release these Desert-esque candles...all of which repackages. And to gild the layer, you have pretty glasses with Navajo inspired fake lids and the wax looks like pretty mutilayered multicolored sandboxes...all to the disguise the fact they're all $29.50 each! Seriously, when are you guys gonna learn your lesson. You do this time and time again, these expensive collection never do well; people wait until there is a sale..NOBODY buys them fullprice. Hell only a handful of people buy your regular candles full price! Honestly, who the hell do you think is gonna buy Eucalyptus frggin Mint for $30?! GTFOH with that nonsense! You're not Harry Slatkin,  you're not Henri Bendel. Nothing you currently sell in stores is worth $30...NOTHING!


NEWNESS UPDATE: Halloween Candles

So it seems BBW is not done with us for fall. We'll be treated to a trio of scary blood-curdling spine-chilling fragrances. BEHOLD!!!!

Courtesy of Lifeinsidethepage 

Vampire Blood - Blood Red Strawberry, Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Dark Transylvanian Plum (as you know, this based off the popular Halloween soap)

Purrfect Pumpkin - Purrrfect Pumpkin, Black Cat's Clove, Ghostly Vanilla, Batty Brown Sugar (repackage of Heirloom Pumpkin with, according to my gurl Jenn S/@theshow78, a lot of clove)
(based on the Halloween soap and pocketbac Purrfect Potion maybe?)

Boo - Moonlit Marshmallow, Eerie Vanilla, Terrifying Tonka (total repackage of Vanilla Bean Marshmallow...because well, of course! Possibly inspired by the Boo pocketbac)  

A little kitschy, a little campy but kinda cute

As you know, BBW does not have a good track record with soap based candles, they just never smell like the soap...I'm lookin at you Crisp Morning Air. However the few people I know who have sniffed/bought/burned it said that it smelled exactly like the soap. Miracles can happen!

Heirloom Pumpkin (aka Pumpkin Carving with more spice) is welcome return although we did just see Heirloom Pumpkin this past SAS. They should've just brought back Pumpkin Carving last year and call it day.

I was really hoping Boo would be the return of Blueberry Pumpkin Patch...which would make sense. But of course, BBW has to cater to the basic bitches of America and repackage the much over-hyped VBM.

Anyhoo, the 1.3oz minis have been popping up in non-test stores so keep your eyes peeled. 3wicks are supposedly gonna be released at the next floorset but don't quote me on that

SHOP 'N' GO: BOGO Fall Haul

So as I said in my last post,I went to WB at GSP to take advantage of the BOGO sale. After sniffing around, I knew exactly what candles I wanted.

First I did 3 exchanges...

  • Indigo Sky for Autumn
  • Cashmere & Oak for Sweater Weather
  • Pumpkin Banana Muffin for Sparkling Pear Riesling

After that I bought...
  • Leaves 2x (of course)
  • Autumn Day 2x
And of course, I used a 10off30 coupon so it came out to $35

I was really hoping to buy 2 Cider Lanes and 2 Cranberry Woods but alas WB didn't have neither. Apparently they didn't want spending more money...I'm okay with that!  those two come out, I'm good on candles until the holiday candle time or if there is anything good Halloween or Thanksgiving collection

Enjoy my Youtube vid of my BOGO adventure...