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RANDOM: Fall Candles Inspired Cocktails

Leaves (highball)
Apple Cider

Pour brandy over ice ( you can also use whisky or applejack. Then pour one drop of Cointreau (you can also use Triple Sec) Top with (preferably pre-mulled/spiced) cider. Add a dash of cinnamon and stir.

Could also be drunk hot as a toddy, just add hot water

Autumn (Tom Collins)
Pama Liqueur
Pomegranate juice
Angry Orchard (Crisp Apple)

Pour in Applejack first, then Pama liqueur and pomegranate juice. Top with Angry Orchard then add one dash of bitters

Cranberry Woods (highball)
Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry (or Cranberry Pomegranate)
Pama Liqueur
Darjeeling Tea
Cinnamon Syrup

Prepare your homemade syrup (cook and reduce sugar, water and a cinnamon stick and brew your Darjeeling Tea (regular black tie or Orange Pekoe would suffice if you can't find Darjeeling) Pour in your Pama over ice, then your tea after it has cooled down a bit, then top with cranberry juice. Slowly add in your syrup and stir

Sweater Weath…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2014 Candles Part Deux

Let's talk about the Holiday tradition and Martinis and Mistletoe candles shall we....

First of all, how friggin cute are these Holiday Traditions candles, with the little animals?! Anyhoo, I won't talk about Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candle Apple, Evergreen and Vanilla Bean Noel cuz E'RYBODY should know what those all smell like.

This SOB came out back 2012, replacing Slatkin's go to holiday spice candle Spice and has been a Christmastime staple ever since...I dunno why cuz it ain't all that! If you like red hot spicy cinnamon scents like Cinnamon & Clove, then you'll probably like Holiday - they both smell very similar. Holiday also has bergamot in it which you think would give it a very aromatic citrusy kick but nope not so much. It makes the blend for some reason smell very ancient and dusty/musty smelling, like an old person's home. Holiday makes me think of old dusty/musty cardboard boxes of Xmas decorations in your grandparents' attic…

WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2014 Candles Part One

Hey e'rybody! Let me first off apologize for bein MIA lately. I've had a lot goin lately, including a new job, so I don't have nearly as much free time as I used to. Furthermore, up until today, I hadn't had much to talk about B&BW-wise; I had nothing to review that I hadn't reviewed already and I haven't been inside a B&BW store until a few days ago. After work, I visited my favorite store in the city and it had all of the winter scents so I decided to get my sniff and mentally note which scents I was going to eventually get.

Because there are so many scents to talk about, I decided that instead of making one long ass post that Id split it into two parts. Part one will be the Ski Lodge/Snow and Slopes and Home Traditions candles and Part two will be the Holiday Traditions and Martini and Mistletoe collections. So let's begin...

So everybody should know what Fresh Balsam, Winter, Tis the Season, Vanilla Snowflake, Marshmallow Fireside and Mahogany T…