RANDOM: Fall Candles Inspired Cocktails

Leaves (highball)
Apple Cider

Pour brandy over ice ( you can also use whisky or applejack. Then pour one drop of Cointreau (you can also use Triple Sec) Top with (preferably pre-mulled/spiced) cider. Add a dash of cinnamon and stir.

Could also be drunk hot as a toddy, just add hot water

Autumn (Tom Collins)
Pama Liqueur
Pomegranate juice
Angry Orchard (Crisp Apple)

Pour in Applejack first, then Pama liqueur and pomegranate juice. Top with Angry Orchard then add one dash of bitters

Cranberry Woods (highball)
Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry (or Cranberry Pomegranate)
Pama Liqueur
Darjeeling Tea
Cinnamon Syrup

Prepare your homemade syrup (cook and reduce sugar, water and a cinnamon stick and brew your Darjeeling Tea (regular black tie or Orange Pekoe would suffice if you can't find Darjeeling) Pour in your Pama over ice, then your tea after it has cooled down a bit, then top with cranberry juice. Slowly add in your syrup and stir

Sweater Weather (mojito)
Sweet Vermouth
Soda Water

Muddle mint leaves with sugar and lime juice in cocktail shaker. Add ice. Pour in your gin (Blue Sapphire if you have it) and sweet vermouth. Shake contents. Pour into glass over ice and top with soda water

You could substitute mint with rosemary to give it a more woody, piney, outdoorsy taste

Cider Lane (martini)
Caramel Apple Pinnacle Vodka
Apple Cider

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the CA vodka. Add one dash of amaretto. Top with (spiced) cider, add dash of cinnamon and shake

Pumpkin Carving (martini)
Pumpkin Pie Pinnacle Vodka
Pumpkin Pie/Spice creamer
Pumpkin Spice
Brown Sugar

Pour your PP vodka over ice in shaker, then the creamer (preferaby Bailey's). Then add about 2 teaspoons of vanilla, about a table spoon of brown sugar and one dash of pumpkin pie spice. Shake and pour into glass

You can line the lime with pumpkin spice with sugar or just brown sugar or both

Spiced Cider (toddy)
Apple cider
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Pour the Captain Morgan in mug and then pour in the cider. Sweeten with honey and add a splash of lemon juice and a healthy dash of clove. Add hot water and a stir.

If you're adventurous, you can mull your own cider with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, lots of clove, vanilla and star anise. Then just add the Captain Morgan (or brandy to be fancy or whiskey to not be fancy)

Cinnamon Sugared Donuts (shot)
King Cake or Cinnabon Pinncle Vodka
Cinnamon Sugar

Pour in either King Cake or Cinnabon vodka into shaker over ice. Add the Rumchata. Shake and pour into shot glass, which the rim should be prelined in cinnamon Smith

Apple Crumble (martini)
Whipped Cream Pinnacle Vodka
Apple Cider

Pour WC vodka over ice in shaker. Top with cider. Add a teaspoon of vanilla, a dash of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. Shake and pour. Decorate with a slice of Grannie Smith

Farmstand Apple (Tom Collins)
Absolut Pear
Apple juice

Pour your Absolute Pear over ice in glass. Add a splash of brandy then top with apple juice (or cider) Drop in a slice of Grannie Smith, Honeycrisp or Fuji apple

Nutmeg &Spice (highball)
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Tazo Chai concentrate
Kahlua Caramel

Pour your concentrate in glass first,then the rum, then the Kahlua. Add about two dashes of nutmeg and stir


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