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THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peach Cilantro Twist, Nectarine Green Tea, Pomegranate Spritzer

So as y'all already know, my bf and I went to the GSP test store in Paramus and I bought 3 of the still testing Summer Sips candles. With my candle collection still in storage, I 've only had these three lovely wax babies to keep me company. So since I bought these, I've been burning each one off and on. I didn't really feel like writing single review post on each candle so I'm gonna do them all at once. I'll start from least to most favorite

Pomegranate Spritzer
Product: candle
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: April -

Description: A fun and fizzy blend of lush pomegranate and juicy guava that adds sparkle ot any and every event

I was super intrigued when I heard about this bad boy as I LOVE pomegranate scents and BBW hasn't really done one in years. So when I saw it the store, I had to get it. My excitement kinda wore off once I started burning it. After a couple of burns, I found myself not liking it as much. In fact, out of the three I've been burning …

WALK 'N' SNIFF (TEST STORE EDITION): Garden Party & Summer Sips

So ladies and gentlemen...I've been to Promised Land!!!!

*deep breath

Yesterday I went to the test store in Garden State Plaza in Paramus!!!

* girly scream * does flips, somersaults and toe touches

It was AMAZING!!! When I stepped in, I swear I heard an angelic choir and there heavenly lights. It was like I found the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant!

The store had friggin' EVERYTHING!!!!

It had all of the Destination candles, except Magnificent Milan and Café Italia

It had the 4 new random floral Fresh Picked - Majestic Rose (old ancient dusty old lady perfume), Lily of the Valley (Lilac Blossom 2.0), Golden Sunflower (Villa Bergamot mixed with Sage&Cedar) and Farmstand Freesia (NOT Garden Freesia, just straight up freesia)

It had the one Aloha Hawaiian candle that didn't go wide, White Orchid Lei which I thought I would like cuz there's melon in the blend but it smells strange, like Tropical Starburst with a hint of random floral.

It even had some Sweet Shoppe candles…


Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: March -

Description: The luscious lemon scent of the plant that grows on country roads in Provence inspired a sunny blend of verbena blossoms and lily if the valley leaves

So first of all I have some news. I made this announcement on Facebook but haven't talked about it here on my blog. So recently, a couple of days ago to be exact, my bf and I moved from my hometown of New Orleans to Newark New Jersey. Quite a jump to say the very least but both of us needed a change and an adventure and there are more opportunities up here for both of us than down there. We're only about 20-30 minutes away from NYC by train/subway and , what has me even more giddy with excitement, we're about 30-40 minutes away from Garden State Plaza in Paramus which means.... *fanfare



So get ready for all kinds of fun posts and re…

THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: French Lavender

Product: candles (eventually the bulbs too)
Area used in:  main bathroom, living room and bedroom
Time Period: end of March -

Description: Never-ending fields of lavender are the essence of Provence and are recreated in a transporting blend of wild lavender heightened by hint of vanilla

So as you all know, recently BBW was practically giving French Lavender away; not only was it being sold for $10 online and in stores but BBW Insiders posted/shared a coupon code that let you get one for free! I myself took advantage of both options by buying one $10 one and getting another for free. However, this "too good to be true" deal seemed in the eyes of a discontented few to be truly too good to be true. A lot of folks flat out didn't like it! Not only were folks complaining about French Lavender's smell but others with no intention of buying it or bought it to be exchanged seemed to have carte blanche to bash lavender scents in general. I briefly talked about all the lavender ha…

RANT OF THE DAY: Lavender Lovers Unite!

So with the recent giveaway of French Lavender, multitude of lavender haters have come out of the woodwork! Not just hatin on French Lavender itself but of lavender period!

Well ya know, eff the haters! Lavender is friggin AWESOME!!!

I am comin out of the closet as an out and proud lavender lover! *cue Diana Ross' "I'm comin out!"

I LOVE French Lavender and (with the exception of Lavender Vanilla), I love all of the lavender scents that BBW has released...candles, rooms sprays, bath/shower gels, pocket backs, etc! I love lavender tea, lavender syrup, lavender home fragrance..I just love lavender period!

I think BBW should have more lavender. In fact I'll even take it further should have a whole line of nothing but lavender goodness!

Remember back in '12, there was a line of "Eucalyptus Mint &..." candles testing but never went wide... EM& Apple, EM&Rain, EM&Herbs, EM&Guava, etc etc? Well, why not do the same thing but...wait fo…

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Fleur de Provence ~ Lavender Verbena Bouquet

Product: candle
Area used in:  main bathroom
Time Period: March -

Description: A very French blend of lavender buds, verbena and vanilla that conjures up a walk through a field of flowers. Escape to the South of France!

When I first heard that BBW was releasing a new lavender candle, I almost crapped my pants I was so excited! And then when I heard that this new lavender scent was blended with verbena, my other top favorite scent, I fainted cuz it was just too much for me to handle. Lavender and verbena - it was too good to be true. So I waited and waited with bated breath to see if it would go wide. And of course it didn't...which was bullshit cuz this was sooooo much better than the new Destination candles that went wide , i.e. Sydney Harbor and especially Tokyo Petals. How disappointed was I?! I HAD TO HAVE THIS CANDLE! So I decided to do a Customer Relations phone order..and Mon Dieu, they had it! And it finally arrived, it was love at first sniff! Ah, l'amour toujours!

I have…

SHOP 'N' GO: Spring Haul Part Deux (FreshedPicked/Aloha Hawaii/Provence)

So despite me proclaimin that I'd be on a strict candle ban lately, I gave in to the siren like temptation of 2for 22 sales and have bought a few candles from the various spring collections.

On the every first 2for 22, the Fresh Picked candles were in demand. I went into the store simply to get my sniff on with no intention of buying anything...year right? I wound up buying 3 candles

Pomelo GrapefruitSnap PeasMahogany Teakwood (cuz my bf really likes this one) Then as y'all know there was yet another 2for22 sale for the release of the Aloha Hawaii candles. Again, I went in only to sniff but would up buying stuff. I bought...

Rainforest SugarcaneIsland Waters2x Black Sands So why 2 Black Sands? Here's why... So as yall know I had a Spring candle and wf bulbs
 that were makin my bf and I sick. So I went to the store (the same day I bought these Aloha Hawaii candles) and exchanged the bulbs. But I totally forgot to exchange the candle. Moreover I picked up a Black Sands instead…