NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Winter '16 Scents Part 2 (and what I'd replace em with)

I kinda took a little break for awhile, the election results really took the wind out of my sails. I was feeling very sangry (sad and angry) but I had some time reflect and I feel ready move forward. I had considered shutting all of my candle reviewing platforms down as there many people in the candleverse who voted for he who shall not be named but I realized if I stopped and gave up, they and he wins... ain't gon happen Cap'n! That said, lets get this party started. This posts and a few others are post I had planned on posting last week.

So as I have said in many posts, this winter is a shitshow with all kinds of randomness and truly bizarre choices. As usual, with some thought and consideration, I've come up with some better and more appropriate choices

Pumpkin Gingerbread instead of Spiced Gingerbread
First of all, isn't calling a gingerbread scent "spiced" a little superfluous and redundant? Isn't spiced implied? Anyway, this scent smells like a watered down version of Pumpkin Gingerbread anyway, why not just release that?!

Snow and Slopes instead of 
Snowflakes & Citrus
Really BBW? Midnight Citrus Blue..that's what you're going with?! S&S with it's notes of mint and citrus makes much more sense
Snickerdoodle instead of 
Maple Cinnamon Pancakes
WTF BBW?! Pumpkin Caramel Latte..really?! And who eats maple cinnamon pancakes on Christmas morn anyway?! Bring back Snickerdoodle, a Christmas treat that's actual a thing. Because it failed, not many people got a try it the first time. Give it a a second chance whydon'cha?

Snowed In instead of Flannel
No BBW, just no. Stop making fall scents winters scent please and thanks! Snowed in makes more sense - it's actual winter scent, smells outdoorsy and alpiney and it has the same resinous sap note that Flannel.
Candied Sugarplum instead of 
Winter Candy Apple
Attention BBW...NO ONE LIKES WINTER CANDY APPLE!!! And wtf is a "winter candy apple" anyway?! Just stop making this scent a thing! Sugarplums, on the other hand, is a thing and more traditionally Christmasy than a wca will ever be. And no BBW, not Sparkling Sugarplum!
Eggnog Cheer instead of 
Vanilla Bean Noel

Again, another bodycare based candle that has been appearing like herpes for almost a decade. No one likes it! And every year, it's unscented as hell. Give us some know, an actual beverage people drink at Christmastime! 

Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple both need to be retired. Does anyone really like either of those scents, especially WCA?! Either two things need to happen - a) retire them permanently and b)put them in their own collection or as stand-alone scents to go with bodycare and soap. Stop putting these 2 scents in a collection every year and make room for something either or classic!

Hot Cocoa & Cream, Marshmallow Fireside, Twisted Peppermint, Evergreen, and Tis the Season can stay

And now the Ribbed for your pleasure candles...

Winter Garland instead Juniperberry & Pine
Come the f*** on BBW! Fans has been begging and pleading for years for yall to bring back WG..which is sooooo much better than the cough syrupy mess that is JB&P

Ski Lodge instead of Smoky Vanilla
SV is just friggin weird. Don't get me wrong, so is Ski Lodge...but in a good way

Enchanted Woods instead of Roasted Chestnuts and Cherries
RC&C is kinda out of place in this collection as it's the only gourmand scent amongst outdoorsy conceptual scents. Which is why Enchanted Woods makes more sense. It has a woodsy vibe but is sweet enough to get all the bakery lovers on boards. EW also has chestnuts in it's notes.

Snow Day instead Frosty Air
Oh BBW, only in your twisted world does mixing eucalyptus and cotton make sense. And only y'all could make said blend a winter scent. Give the people what they want. It makes no sense why SD has yet to be brought back. And it smells more like "frosty air"  than Eucalyptus & Cotton ever will

Be Daring instead of Mahogany Stankwood
...... no comment


  1. Glad you didn't quit! The BS that is politics ruins enough of people's lives that it shouldn't spoil our hobbies too. And AMEN for Snickerdoodle!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Last week I just wanted to quit everything :(
    But, we have to stick together. Thank you for not stopping. Hang in there!

    1. Thank you for this, I really really appreciate it!!!


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