RANT OF THE DAY: BBW's Top 10 WTF-iest Repackages

So this post was inspired by Tinadivalicious' most recent video  about he thought were the worst offenders and I want to co-sign and add on to what he mentioned.

I am a not entirely anti-repacakages.. I'm ok with them as long as the makes sense. If it's a scent that tested and failed so it was brought back with a new name..sure. If it's a scent that was mildly popular but could use a makeover...go for it. If it was a (good) scent from many moons that few remember..bring it on. But more often than not the the scents BBW repackages, especially in recent years are just crap and makes zero sense!

Here's my list of I think are the most cringe-worth, head-scratch causing, faceplam inducing repackages

10. Snowflakes & and Citrus and Holiday Sparkle
Original Scent: Midnight Blue Citrus and Bergamot Waters

Both of these choices are equally absurd; they have nothing to do with the holidays nor are they remotely wintery.

Better Choices: Snow & Slopes and Sparkling Icicles

Original Scent: Electric Tokyo/Tokyo Petals

So this popped up last minute in the weird WB Market-esque collection back in the spring. Super last minute, totally random and didn't fit in the collection. It was a repackage of Electric Tokyo in the 2014 Spring Destination collection, then changed to Tokyo Petals for the nationwide release, then made into a Mother's Day candle and then have changed to Peony Petals in WB exclusive So Ugle, So Cheap collection. Not a good scent to be repackaged so often

Better Choice: Pink Petal Teacake

8. Pink Apple Punch
Original Scent: Passionflower

For whatever reason this popped up twice, first in the Summer Sips collection and again in the Poptails collection. Then BBW just went nuts and repackaged the hell out of it, adding little tweaks along the way - Wasabi Apple, Green Apple Champagne, Apple Picking and most recently Apple Flower. At the end of the day they all were cheap, generic, vaguely apple-ish scents that should'nt have existed in the first place, let alone repackaged to death

Better Choice: Apple Ale

7. Berry Pumpkin Strudel
Original Scent: Spiced Pumpkin Cider

It's repackages like this truly pisses me off - scents that are remarketed as something completely new and different; you smell it expecting it to be new and not only does it NOT smell like what the name and note suggest but it smells familiar as hell. Now BPS does have a hint (and I mean hint) of berry but at the end of the day it's still SPC. How does cider all of sudden become strudel?! If it was called "Berry Pumpkin Cider", that would make more sense

Better Choice: Blueberry Pumpkin Patch

6. White Barn Summer
Original Scent: Eucalyptus Mint & Rain

It started out as a failed test scent in the infamous Eucalyptus Mint &... collection in 2012. Then in 2013, it came back only to fail again as WB Summer...cuz lord knows EM&R smells like a trip to the farm in summertime *eyeroll. It would later be repackaged (with a twist) as Black Sands  and again as Eucalyptus Mint & "Waves"..dafuq? It would finally be brought with its original name last spring. But out of all of it's iterations, WB Summer was truly the most stupid one

Better Choices: Summer Orchard, Coastal Sun/Citrus Flower or Verbena Waters/Lakeside

5. Holly Jolly Christmas
Original Scent: Autumn Night

Oh Boy!

I did a whole rant video about this bastard cuz it made me so mad..my most popular vid at over a 1000 views.

So Autumn Night in and of itself was a repackage with a twist of Autumn Day and while AN was good, it wasn't good enough to repcakaged..especially as a Christmas winter holiday scent. And what really pissed me off about this candle was that notes were utter lies - mandarin, pomegranate and balsam...sounds friggin awesome right?! Wrong..you just got a noseful of AN. Nothing wintery about it, nothing Chritmasy about it, nothing even close to notes..it was like you got a dogturd disguised as coal in your stocking


4. Bright Bouquet
Original Scent: Sparkling Icicles/Paris Daydream

Ah Le Daydream du Paree..zee 'erpes zat just won't die!

Ok so it started off as as Flirt in 2011, was changed to Paris Daydream, was given a tweak and called Oceanside, was given yet another tweak and called Sparkling Icicles and recently the original PD scent was renamed Fresh ~ Spring Blue Skies. But back in 2013, BBW had the brilliant idea to repackage PD as a Mother's Day candle..cuz every mother loves cologne. But at least they were kinda honest - the tagline when this candle was being sold said "if you like scents like Paris Daydream and Sparkling Icicles..."

Better Choice: Garden Party

3. Cotton Candy Marshmallow 
Original Scent: Strawberry Picnic

Okay so... started out as Saltwater Taffy, then Strawberry Picnic, then Strawberry Sorbet and finally this mess, TWICE! First of all, what the everluvin F**K is a cotton candy marshmallow?! And even if that was a thing, why Strawberry Picnic ?! It didn't smell like cotton candy or marshmallow but just straightup waxy ass strawberry chapstick. The sad thing is people bought it because of the name, label and eventually the wax

Better Choice: Lavender Marshmallow or Cotton Candy

2. Pumpkin Milkshake
Original Scent: Vanilla Snowflake
...I just can't, there are absolutely no words!

Better Choice: Creamy Pumpkin

1. Maple Cinnamon Pancakes
Original Scent: Pumpkin Caramel Latte

This quite possible the worst, most nonsensical, most insulting, most stupid repackage in the histoRy of BBW. Seriously how the f*** does "pumpkin caramel latte", a fall coffee-esque caramel flavored beverage all of a sudden "maple cinnamon pancakes", a winter holiday breakfast dessert. How I ask you, HOW?! And wtf are maple cinnamon pancakes in the first place?! That has never been a Christmas thing! And what baffles me if you have people (*cough cough basic) swearing up and down that smell maple syrup cascading over cinnamon dusted buttery flapjacks..are smellin the same shit cuz I smell PCL and nothing remotely mapley, cinnmaony, and pancakey. I suggest a trip to Denny's or IHOP cuz yall onviously don't know what pancakes with maple syrup smells like.

NO BBW, JUST NO! Go stand in the corner and think about what you've done!

Better Choice: Snickerdoodle or Apple Pumpkin Pancakes


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