NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Holiday Inspired Candles

So 4th of July is tomorrow and I was thinkin to myself "what's a good candle to burn on that day?" I couldn't think of anything. There wasn't anything released in past few months that seemed appropriate. That got me to do some thinkin. While BBW has candles for various seasons, they don't really have candles for specific holidays. Well that's not entirely true..back in 2012 there was Thanksgiving (which was STANK) as well White Barn Christmas... that's it!
I think it would be a cool idea if there were candles inspired by a specific holiday and released right before said holiday. Or a small little group of scents inspired by different aspects of a certain holiday.

Let's start with the 4th July

BBW could have a patriotic themed 3layered red, white and blue candle like Yankee's America the Beautiful candle ; red = strawberry, white = almond/vanilla frosting or whipped cream or lemon meringue and blue = blueberry/blackberry

In addition to that or separately, you could have a group of Independence day inspired scents

an apple pie candle would be nice (and no, not a repackage of Apple Crumble or Cider Donuts)
maybe a lemonade scent (and no, not Limoncello or Watermelon Lemonade though I suppose both are popular scents so either could be repackaged.)
Better yet, bring back friggin Summertime Soda for pissakes!
and you gotta have a barbeque/campfire could use Campfire Cookout or even Summertime S'mores/Marshmallow Fireside if you're desperate. Your best bet would probably be Vanilla Firewood from last winter cuz it really did legit smell like barbeque sauce and mesquite chips

You could do conceptual scents...

have a fireworks themed candle and it could smell something like Fireside. Or a military themed one which could be a repackage of the more manly cologne-y scents - Whitewater Birch, Sage and Cedar or, probably the best choice, Boathouse Row.

Let's move on to the other holidays...

This fall, BBW is releasing 3 Halloween themed candles - Toil and Trouble
Trick or Treat, Vampire Blood. I'm sure 2 of these are a repackage of Spiced Cider and Pumpkin Carving

In 2012, there was a Thanksgiving candle and it was absolutely repulsive, like instant mashed potatoes just added to cold unboiled water. You have the chance to revamp and make it actually good. Use an actual sweet potato/yam note with lots of vanilla, brown sugar and autumn spices and creamy butter with spiced candies walnuts of pecans and maybe cranberry.

You could also have other side items as candles - a pumpkin pie candle (Pumpkin Carving/Heirloom Pumpkin), cranberry dressing (Cranberry Cider or Cranberry Harvest) and dinner roll candle (French Baguette)

On to Christmas. Again in 2012, there was a Christmas candle that was released on Black Friday special; it was a repackage of Apple Spruce/Apple Garland...nothing special! Again, you have the opportunity to revamp it and make it better. You have soooo many choices - Tis the Season, Winter Garland, Winter Wonderland etc

Also back in day, Slatkin had fancy sets of holiday themed candles - The Perfect Christmas or something like that. One was Winter/Spice/Tree/Frosted Cranberry and another was Fireside/Winter/Evergreen. We can have a new set this time

Tis the Season                              Tis the Season                             Winter
Fireside                                        Twisted Peppermint                     Fireside
Evergreen                                     Evergreen                                    Evergreen or Fresh Balsam

or bring back old Slatkin Era scents..
Winter Garland
Winter Wonderland
Sleigh Ride

Slatkin also had a fancier holiday set, Holiday Garland (Tis the Season)/Holiday Pomander/Spiced Chestnut (Winter Cabin/Chestnuts&Cloves) Bring that beat back. It could be super fancy with an old-fashioned Christmas feel or even better, a Victorian/Dickens/Christmas Carol type feel. You could use scents like - Winter Garland, Holiday Pomander, Holly Wreath, Chestnut&Clove, Sleigh Ride and Frosted Tree.

And for New Year's, have Champagne Toast be the official New Years candle

For Valentines Day, you could have a nice rose scent. Or repackage the old Aromatherapy Passion candle; I think the notes were rose, black pepper bergamot. Or maybe a chocolate covered strawberry candle... How sexy would that be?

I also think Lavender Marshmallow should be the official Easter candle. Maybe have that with Garden Party or Green Grass as well as a new chocolate candle.

Mardi Gras = king cake scent or even Cinnamon Frosting

St. Patrick's Day = Emerald Isle Destination candle

Cinco de Mayo = Island Margarita or Mango Margarita or Mango Cilantro

Mother's Day = Flower Shop, Garden Freesia, Pink Petal Teacake

Father's Day = Black Pepper Bergamot or Oakmoss Vetiver

Just something to think about BBW...


  1. These are some really good ideas. I wish they would do more candles specifically for the holidays.


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