How it all began......

I am addicted to Bath and Body Works. Not their body sprays or lotions but their CANDLES!!!! Can you say obsessed?!!! I wasn't always. In fact for the longest time I avoided the place. I always assumed that BBW was only for bored housewives and teenage white girls. Moreover the combination of all the fragrances sold inside created a miasma more powerful than 10 Macy’s perfume counters  that would seep into the mall sending everyone’s allergies into a frenzy. With that said, I admit I was quite ignorant of what they actually sold inside. I was familiar with that that god awful Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray and lotion that every girl on the planet seemed to possess as well as the Cucumber Melon body spray and lotion that my grandma had(which was my jam!)...but that was it. I didn't even know that BBW sold candles.

Fast forward some time later when I met the man who would eventually become my boyfriend. When he and I first started dating, I noticed that his apartment always smelled lovely, not at all like the “single man livin by himself/foot and ass” aroma I expected. I later found out that the lovely fragrance that filled his apartment was all due Bath and Body Works products. (btw it was the "Winter" candle and wallflowers). Then, knowing that I love to take baths and I love the smell of lavender, he bought me the Lavender Chamomile Aromatherapy kit which piqued my interest. Months later, I went with him to Bath and Body Works for the very first time. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. To my utter amazement, it wasn’t just girly lotions and sprays but candles…oh so many lovely smelling candles. Needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with that store and its candles ever since.

Every couple of months or so, my bf and I will shop for candles and matching wallflower bulbs…BUT only during a sale; that place is expensive!!! However, every so often BBW will have the infamous 2 for $22 sale and we go nuts! And we ALWAYS use coupons so despite how much we buy, we always wind saving so much money. Meanwhile, I’m online looking a new products and what line of candles are coming out in the future. And being the anal retentive Virgo that I am, I even schedule what candles and wallflowers we’ll use in the upcoming months; I'm fervent believer in burning candles that fit the seasons.

I am, as I later discovered, not the only one obsessed with BBW candles. There is a whole community out just as addicted, if not more. There are people with a whole collection of candles, some very old and discontinued that are treated like old antiques. Some have boxes full or piled up like a brick wall in their closets. Many order candles from test stores (places BBW send candles to see whether or not they’d be popular before they’re sent out to the general public) People even trade candles like baseball cards or Beanie babies. There are several Facebook groups (Scentizens being my favorite) as well as blogs with all kinds of information. Moreover, there are folks on YouTube who do reviews on candles..what the wicks are like when lit, how it smells, how far the throw is, etc. (big shout out Littleballadeer and TouchTheFireTwice who have amazing and very informative review vids with many many many subscribers.) This all inspired me to create this blog.

I could easily just make review videos to post on Youtube but I feel like there are sooooo many of them already (plus I hate the sound of my own voice. Besides I am a better writer than I am a speaker) While there are plenty of blogs concerning BBW candles, they're mostly informational; products, promotions, coupons, sales, etc. Either that or bloggers post about their hauls and collections. Very few post actually reviews and things like that. With that said, this blog will focus on candles/wallflowers that I've bought and what I think of them; how they burned, if they were duds, my opinion of what they smell, etc. I'll only be reviewing stuff that I got since January 2013.

So yeah, there ya have it...


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