HOT MESS AWARD: Mahogany Teakwood

image source: Bath & Body Works
Product: candle only
Area used in: living room (sometimes bedroom)
Time Period: Mid-January - February

Description: The scents of the fine woods- mahogany, cedarwood and oak – highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to cozy library on a chilly fall day

This was yet another semi annual sale purchase bought out of desperation as there were hardly any candles in the store. My bf loves this candle…me, not so much. Mahogany Teakwood is definitely a love it or hate it scent among the BBW community. However, one thing that everyone agrees on is that it smells EXACTLY like Abercrombie and Fitch’s cologne called Fierce! I remember walking past that store in the mall and the scent from inside stopped me dead in my tracks. I thought to myself "wait a minute...this smells like Mahogany Teakwood!"

Anyway, I won't beat around the bush....this candle was a hot mess! When my bf and I lit it for the first time, there was NO smell whatsoever and it took FOREVER for the wax to melt! I mean it tunneled like nobody's business! FINALLY after the second day, there was an even wax pool and the throw was ridiculously strong. Unfortunately that didn't last long; it started canyoning like crazy. Needless to say, I was so glad when this candle finally burned out. If my bf didn't like the scent so much, I would've exchanged it for something else!

On to the scent.... If you smell it up close, you can kinda get the mahogany and oak notes. Geranium and, not so much; I think they added those two notes in the description just to get the ladies on board. *sigh I can kinda get the vision BBW was trying to capture. If you close your eyes, you can kinda get the image of an older man in his study room or a dusty library reading an old book. If I wasn’t so familiar with the Abercrombie and Fitch cologne, I probably could’ve liked this scent. However, because I am so familiar with it, MT  just reminds me of a young skinny twink at a gay bar.

*Much like Black Pepper Bergamot, this will become a year-round scent due to its popularity. There will be candles, wallflowers and room sprays.


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