RANT OF THE DAY: Fallgasmic News, Predictions and Wishes

I dunno about y'all, but I'm ready for fall!

I have never been a big fan of summer...the heat, the mosquitoes, the summer storms/hurricanes, the tourists..

Moreover, home fragrance wise, summertime is a bust! I can only take so much coconut and mango and pineapple and orange... and friggin watermelon lemonade! I much prefer the scents of autumn; give me apple, give me pumpkin, give me cranberries, give me deep heavy woods and autumn spices!

I never really looked forward to spring or summertime scent-wise at BBW. Granted I get to burn favorites like Lilac Blossom, Spring and Island Margarita but I don't get nearly excited as I do when I get to burn Leaves or Cranberry Woods or Apple Crumble or Sweater Weather. Moreover this spring/summer was beyond a hot mess, just nothing really exciting. With a few notable exceptions, everything was either a repackage or the scent throw was borderin on nonexistent. And this SAS was just the cherry on the hot mess cake!

I need a...FALLGASM!

Now unless you're living under rock with no earthly knowledge of either Facebook or Instagram, you saw the pic posted by loveforlushncandles and reposted by Tess/LifeinsidethePage of the Fall Preview as well as more pics of the new Fresh Picked/Fresh Market candles by Cia/CiaPinkPumpkin..all of which got everybody's mouths waterin..including mine!

So according to these two ladies, it looks like for this Fall Preview, we'll see Leaves *has fallgasm in chair* and Pumpkin Apple *shrugs indifferently* as well as a (possibly) new scent called Green Apple Orchard *falls out of chair and convulses in fallgasmic pleasure*. Oh and there's a 3 layered "WE LOVE FALL" candle similar to 3layered pumpkin scented candle we saw last year.

As far as Fresh Picked goes, it seems to be a mix of old favs and new releases. We'll see Farmstand Apple, Eucalyptus Mint and Lemon Mint Leaf as well as Heirloom Pumpkin (Pumpkin Carving?), Harvest Peach (Market Peach with fall spices?) and Autumn Mums...as in chrysanthemums (candle version of the Autumn Bouquet soap from last fall?)

Lastly, I heard thru the grapevine that we may see some fall standards in stores relatively soon - Leaves, Fresh Balsam (grr, this is not a fall scent, keep that in winter!), Cranberry Woods, Sandalwood Citrus (ugh, why?) and Bergamot Woods (again, why?)

I'm sure we'll see the usual fall scents as well - Cider Lane, Spiced Cider, Autumn, Autumn Day, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Cupcake, etc.

Due to their popularity, I predict we'll see Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Carving and Pecan Pumpkin Waffles as well.

I hope BBW brings back Apple Crumble and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut...please no Cider Donuts!

Maybe bring back some Slatkin era scents like Caramel Apple, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Brandied Pear, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

Maybe we'll see more new autumn themed bakery/gourmand scents; a pie scent (pumpkin, apple, sweet potato or some kind of berry) would be nice as would a straight up non-spiced cranberry scent, or a nice coffee scent with some cinnamon or hazelnut or hot spiced candied walnuts or pecans.

How about redoin that revoltin godawful nausea-inducin hot mess Thanksgiving candle and actually have it smell like spiced sweet potatoes/yams? Throw in some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla and maybe some marshmallow fluff and you'll have everybody's heads explodin and panties flyin!

I'd also like to see more outdoorsy, woodsy *sigh* "cologney" scents. Y'all already know that Black Pepper Bergamot *fallgasmic sigh* and Mahogany Teakwood will be back with a vengeance. And I dunno why they keep pushing Sandalwood Citrus and Bergamot Woods cuz neither are very fall-ish. And Fresh Balsam in my opinion is a WINTER scent, not a FALL scent; we already have Autumn which has balsam in it, so the balsam bases for fall are covered. I would like to see Oakmoss and Vetiver return, that was a nice fall-ish cologney scent. Give Tailgate another chance, that was such a super sexy scent. And as far as a real outdoorsy/piney/mountain or forest trail scent, give poor Pinecone/Autumn Snow another chance but give it another name; it's all in the marketing, look at Sage&Cedar/Black Tie! Or try Forest Trail from the Lakeside/Summer Lake collection. Or make a candle from last year's Montana Mountain Air soap - pine berries, spearmint, and cedar; that was my jam!

Ok I can't talk about any more fall stuff or I'm gonna autumn all over myself!!!!

for more fall info, check out Lifeinsidethepage's most recent post..


  1. I was never a huge fan of fall :( boo. I'm only looking forward to reading about newness, picking up a couple of Leaves, and probably hoarding bakery scents haha

    1. How can you not like fall?!

      Gotta luv Leaves! While I'm not a big bakery fan, I do enjoy the bakery scents in fall


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