SHOP 'N' GO: June '14 SAS Haul

So SAS this time around was..well..a hot mess! No surprise there. If last year's SAS was any indication, I knew it was only gonna get worse...and it did. No good deals or bargains, home fragrance only being half off, random DODs, little no hidden gems or MESS! However, I decided not to be a Negative Nancy and go in being optimistic that I'll some goodies..and I did


Haul 1
So on the very first day of SAS, my bf and I went to the test store in Paramus/Garden State Plaza. Now you would think this place more than any other would have the hookup and chockfull of goodies...yeah no, not so much. There were no other test scents besides the failed test scents from this spring. There were little to no old fall/winter scents; the store only had winter version Red Velvet Cupcake (seems like several stores across the country had surplus of this one, not surprising), Pumpkin Hayride, Harvest Coffee and lone pathetic Applewood Bonfire.  Needless to say I was quite disappointed. However, my bf decided that since we were there, we might as well make the most of it and get something. So we got...

  • 1 Citron shower gel
  • 1 Paris body spray (I'm usually an Ocean kinda guy but I always wanted to try this)
  • 1 White Citrus body spray (my bf really liked the WC shower gel last SAS so he wanted to try the spray)
  • 1 Pacific Cool Breeze deep cleansing soap (basically smells like Dancing Waters and Ocean Citrus)
  • 1 Citrus Sunshine deep cleansing soap (it's Coastal Sun in soap form)
  • 4 Pomelo Grapefruit (which wasn't online anymore and eventually this store ran out)
  • 1 light up wallflower plugin
  • 5 Mahogany Teakwood scentportables (one of which my bf is using in the car now)
= $54 (after $10 off coupon)

Haul 2
A couple of days later, my bf and I went to an outlet to get some stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond for our apartment. We realized that there was a BBW at this particular outlet and decided to check it out and see what it had...which was nothing. There was nothing 75% home fragrance-wise. No rare gems, no hidden treasures, no oldiebutgoodies. As for fall/winter stuff, that store only had Pumpkin Carving wf bulbs and a couple of 2packers - Winter, Tis the Season, Autumn, Kitchen Spice, Apple Crumble, Fresh Balsam, etc. Again, we decided to not to be despondent and make the most of it. With that said, we got...

(we got these 3 1wicks for my bf's sister in law who loves candles but has never tried ones from BBW)
= $27 (after $10 off coupon)

Haul 3
The week after out of boredom, I took a train into "The City" and walked to the BBW store in Manhattan. This place was TINY and packed with people. Again, this store didn't have anything too exciting. The had one 75% table for home fragrance; it had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. This particular table was very picked over; I dunno if they had other fall/winter candles and these were the ones that were left or if those two were the only ones they had. I was going to give up and just go but two things caught my attention that I haven't seen in any store

  •  1 Autumn 2pack
  • 1 Fleur de Provence 3wick(Even the test store in Paramus didn't have this one! And it was just there all by was a sign, it was meant to be mine *hysterical laughter)
  • 1 Lemon Zest shower gel (again, I haven't seen this any store!)
= $24

Haul 4
There was Deal of the Day with $2 wf bulbs so I made an online order. When I got back from NYC, they had arrived at my apartment. I ordered...

= about $25 (I dunno why I didn't use 20% coupon, clearly wasn't thinking)

Haul 5
That same night, my bf and I went the GSP test store cuz that day 3wicks went down to $10. I had a gift card that had about $60 on it so I want to use it up. I just assumed the store wouldn't have any other fall test scent candles so I decided I'd just use my gift card to stock up on regular candles from this spring to use next year. While the store didn't have any fall/winter, they had a crapload of fall/winter wf bulbs - Harvest Gathering, Leaves, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Apple, Winter Fig, Sugared Lemons, Cinnamon Tea and Mulled Cider. And for some reason, they had a surplus of Boathouse Rows. When I saw that as well as those other wf bulbs, I completely lost my mind!
  •  1 French Lavender 3wick
  • 1 Black Sands (it was either this or Lemon Cucumber but I decided to get this one cuz my bf loves it)
  • 1 Watermelon Lemonade 3wick
  • 1 Garden Party 3wick (will be replacing Spring for next spring)
  • 1 Bloom 3wick
  • 2 Boathouse Row wf bulbs *orgasmic sigh
  • 2 Black Pepper Bergamot wf bulbs *another orgasmic sigh
  • 2 Pumpkin Apple wf bulbs
  • 3 Leaves wf bulbs (dunno why I got 3, I like even numbers)
  • 1 Mulled Cider (dunno why I got this one cuz it's basically a watered down Leaves)
  • 1 Mango Dragonfruit (again, I dunno why I got this)
As you can see, I wasn't thinking straight and made some random choices!

= around $90; used remainder of gift card and paid the rest myself
* I did eventually wind up exchanging Mango Dragonfruit for a Pomelo Grapefruit and the Mulled Cider for a Harvest Gathering. I also got a Cider Lane and a Winter

Haul 6
After my last haul, I say that I wasn't going anything else...yeah right. The next day, someone posted on Facebook that Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts had magically appeared online. My compulsion switched on - "I have to get this now before it disappears!" I thought to myself. So....

= $23 (with 20%)

And with that said, I'm not buying a damn thing else; I'm officially over SAS! Bring on fall!!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure, here's my Youtube vid!


  1. My SAS hauls have been pretty scant. My first haul was 3 candles Suntan, Beach Grass, White Sand and 5 packs of Coconut Leaves wallflowers.

    My next haul was not even a real haul. Just two more packs of Coconut Leaves wallflowers.

    Yesterday I got an email saying that all 3-wick candles were $9 and I nearly lost my mind! I ended up getting:

    -Summer Boardwalk (which I might return for another scent)
    -Beach Grass
    -2 Eucalyptus Mint
    -Mahogany Teakwood
    -Tiki Beach
    -5 Pink Bubblegum minis (maybe if I burn them all at the same time, I can get a decent throw LOL)
    -2 Coconut Leaves
    -Rainforest Sugarcane
    -Laniaki (sp?) Coconut.

    I dont think this sale is as good as the one in December and I didnt think that one was that good at all.

  2. Very nice haul! Looks like you got yourself some good stuff!

    Yeah SAS just gets worse and worse every year. Bbw hasnt been the same since Slatkin left *sigh


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