WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Fresh Picked/Fresh Market

So yesterday evening my bf and I went to the movies (btw go see Xmen: Days of Future Past if you haven't already, so good!) Antyhoo, to waste some time we stopped in the BBW store just to see what it had this go-round and I immediately got mesmerized by all of the half off ol school wf bulbs. I greedily bought several that I really didn't need and afterwards I felt a bit guilty. So today I decided to go to the BBW in The City to return them.

So I was just moseyin around and surveyin the stock when unexpectedly I saw this....


The store had all of the Summer Sip candles (as y'all already know Pomegranate Spritzer, Clementine Crush and Pineapple Lychee Smoothie didn't make the cut). No wf bulbs though (although the outlet BBW store that I went to the night before had them hidden from view). It also had the same fall White Barn Candles that mysteriously appeared online today - Leaves, Cranberry Woods, Fresh Balsam, Bergamot Woods and Sandalwood Citrus. The store also had Spring Balsam from the Destination Line (which I dunno if it's a repackage of Fresh Balsam or Forest Trail from Lakeside last year) as well as the 3 of the 4 floral Fresh Picked candles - Farmstand Freesia, Majestic Rose, Golden Sunflower. However, the coolest part is the store had the fall Fresh Market candles! I for one was not expectin to see any of these soon so I was quite excited to smell em. Let's just say the excitement wore off very quickly.

I hate to be a Negative Nancy but I just wasn't impressed!

So first, let's talk about the old candles they brought back

Lemon Mint Leaf
Why?! Why does BBW keep pushin this damned scent so hard?! We've seen LML in rotation for 3 years, twice in the fall. Attention BBW - LML is not a fall scent..I repeat..LML IS NOOOOOOT A FAAALLLLL SCEEEENNNNNNT!!! Keep this crap in the spring please and thanks! Don't get me wrong, it's a nice scent..I personally think it smells like a toothpaste/dentist office but it's not offensive or stank by any means. However, it's very inappropriate for fall!

Eucalyptus Mint
Again, why?! Why is this back?! While it's slightly more appropriate than LML, I feel this was an unnecessary choice. BBW could've brought back anything instead of this mess - Spice, Blackberry Spice, Woodland Berries, Pear/Heirloom Pear. Or better yet, something NEW!!! So many fruity fall harvest notes to play with- cranberry, plum, figs, nuts, corn/maize...the possibilities are endless!!! This was an unadulterated lazy ass choice and it kinda pisses me off!

Farmstand Apple
Y'know, I want to like ol FA but I just can't make myself do it. First off, it doesn't smell like an apple fresh out the orchard like the notes suggest; it just smells so artificial and home frangrancey. And that damn oak note just makes it smell so off and strange. I feel like the apple note in say, oh I dunno, Apple Crumble or Spiced Cider or even Cider Lane smells more authentic than this. What BBW needs to do is retire this mess and bring back Autumn Apple instead.

And now for the new stuff...

Harvest Peach
*Juices peaches are at the heart of this sweet blend of cinnamon and autumn spices

At first I didn't know what to think of this one. Part of me was a little optimistic and was hoping this would smell warm and sweet and ooey goeey like a hot peach cobbler;  Pumpkin Carving or Blackberry Spice but with peach. However, I had a nagging feeling it was gonna wind up smelling like Market Peach with cinnamon...and that's exactly what it smells like. It's a mix of Market Peach and a hint of Springtime in Provence with the same burnt cinnamon/burnt pumpkin note from Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. It's so friggin disgustin and it pisses me off cuz this was such a wasted opportunity. This had the potential of being a fall hit and people would love it just for the newness factor but again BBW decided to be lazy and just threw crap together.

Autumn Mums
*A floral blend of soft mum petals, amber and a hint of sandalwood

When I first heard about this I kinda thought for sure this would be a candle version of a soap that came out last year called New England Autumn Bouquet. I'm about 85-90% sure that that's what it is. It also kinda smells like Provence Garden from the Provence collection. Like the soap, it definitely has an old lady perfume vibe to it. Like Provence Garden, there's an odd fruity like sweetness, thanks to the pear blossom note which again goes back to the Autumn Bouquet theory as apple was in the notes and in BBW world apples notes and pear notes are interchangeable. Anyhoo this candle is nice but far from exciting. I feel like this should have been a body fragrance instead of a candle as it does really smell like a fall inspired perfume or body spray for women.

Heirloom Pumpkin
*The perfect autumn pumpkin, celebrated in an invitingly warm blend of fresh pumpkin, creamy nutmeg and rich brown sugar

And now the star of this collection...and I'm using that term loosely. This was the only one that I liked and that says a lot cuz by and large, I'm not a big fan of pumpkin scents. And frankly, the only reason I like this one is because it smells familiar. Yep, you guessed it...this basically smells like Pumpkin Carving! I'm not sure if it's a repackage or a repackage with a twist; there is a very slight difference. I wanna say this smells slightly sweeter than Pumpkin Carving and doesn't have quite of the same earthiness. And it's a bit more nutmeg-ier.. I dunno, I wish there was a Pumpkin Carving in the store for me to compare. At any rate, there's no denyin that the two smell very VERY similar.I have two theories - this is either a repackage with a twist of Pumpkin Carving or it's a repackage of the elusive and mysterious Pumpkin Woods candles from last year...which basically has the same notes as both PC and HP.

So ummm yeah, not impressed! It's really disappointing cuz I like the look of these - they're super cute and antiquey and down homey. It's really a shame that the scents are boring and uninspired. I'm really hoping that this is just a preview of sorts and that we'll see more BETTER scents in this collection in the coming months. If this is any indication of what this upcoming fall season is going be like at BBW, than I have a bad feeling it's gonna majorly suck! Then again, it's too early to tell. With that said, keep the faith!


  1. Harvest Peach, to me, is barely a scent to associate with fall. Peaches come out in late July and mid-August, NOT the fall. It should be part of a summer line. Bath and Body makes some odd decisions. I agree with you about Lemon Mint Leaf. Seriously, WTF are they thinking?


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