RANT OF THE DAY: First Day of Summer: My Summer Picks

Well it is officially summer!!!

Time to head to the beach!

Today is also the first day of Pride up here in NYC and various other cities!

So I usually start with my summer scents in May when the temperature and humidity starts rising. My top summertime candles are

  • I love Verbena Waters so friggin much - it's a nice transitional scent from spring to summer. It's so fresh and intense as hell! It had something to offer for everybody - peach for the sweet lovers, verbena for the floral lovers, musk for cologne lovers and a watery dewiness for the fresh lovers. It's a shame BBW never brought this sucker back..although they did repackage it as Lakeside..and it was super weak and watered down. 
  • I miss White Citrus. For me, it was a nice early summer scent. It was quite refreshing and zesty - I think the notes were something like lemon zest, grapefruit, ginger, freesia and lily, something like that. This really should a summer staple scent.
  • Island Margarita is my jam!!! It's definitely in my top ten all time favorite scents ever! Last year, I started the tradition of burning this scent from the week of Cinco de Mayo thru June. For me, IM is the perfect summer scent; it's just such fun, refreshing and zesty scent.
  • In the beginning of summer, I like to have tropical cocktail like scents in my living room, ie Island Margarita. My second choice for best cocktail scent for the summer is Pink Sangria. The name was misleading as it didn't really smell like sangria but rather pink lemonade; I don't know for sure, but I think it might be a repackage/repackage with a twist of Pomegranate Lemonade. There's no denying that the two smell very similar.  Anyhoo it's sweet, zesty, fruity, efferverscent, again like IM, it's a perfect summer scent.
These two are honorable mentions as they are candles I've always wanted to try but never did

As you know, I do like to use wf plugins to pair with candles. In the summer, I tend to go with fruity/cocktail scents in the living room, watery/oceany scents in the bathroom and musky scents in the bedroom. These are the usual wf scents that I like to use

  • Ahh Verbena Waters, sooo good. Soooo strong, especially in wf form and I loved it. Once upon a time, I had a gang of them but alas not anymore.
  • Fresh Linen is a nice fresh nondescript scent; it really does smell like laundry detergent/fresh clothes from the dryer.
  • I've already gushed about Island Margarita
  • Peach Bellini is another really nice scent for summer. I've been a fan of the candle but I do love it in wf form. It kinda smells like Pink Sangria but with peaches
  • I tried Tiki Beach for the first time this year; I've always avoided it cuz I hate coconut scents. I really do like this one - it totally smells like a melted pina colada.
  • Beach Cabana is usually my go to scent for  for the bathroom. It's kinda like a summer version of Fresh Linen cuz it does smell like fresh warm towels by pool or beach. It's a little watery and very powdery, kinda smells like deodorant or a body spray.
From midsummer til the autumnal equinox, it's a free for all; I usually experiment with the summer locale themed collections. Like for example, last year I had scents from the Summer Lake/Lakeside collection. This time around it's a split between the Aloha Hawaii and Coastal Cool (mainly wf bulbs and one candle)


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