As 2014 draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to sit  back and reminisce on the scents that came our way throughout the year from the spring to this winter. So if y'all will indulge a bitch, I'd like list my favorites of 2014!

Fleur de Provence
This was really the only scent in the Destination collection that spring that I liked. It was the perfect union of my two all time favorite scents - verbena and lavender. While on cold throw it did smell a little like Fruity Pebbles, the warm throw was total relaxing aromatherapy goodness

Lavender Marshmallow
The rare and mysterious failed test scent that had everybody's coochies exploding. Not too too sweet and not too too herbal, just a perfect blend

French Lavender
Everybody knows that my love for lavender scents runs deep. While there have been several lavender blends there hasn't been a straightup lavender (well technically there as in '12 but it didn't go wide. Anyway, FL came along and all was right with the world. It got a lot of hate from the anti-lavenders but us lavender lovers rejoiced. French Lavender, je'taime toujours!

Pomelo Grapefruit
This was a nice sweet juicy semi-tart citrus-y fruit scent, a nice change from all of the super sweet (or tropical) fruits scents that we get assaulted with during the spring. This was nice to burn on a spring/summer weekend morning

Lemon Cucumber
While I adored this scent, many did not hence why it didn't go wide. It just didn't have the sappy fruity sugary sweet diabetes inducing goodness that has BBW'ers losing their proverbial shit. It was fresh, it was refreshing, it was zesty, it was tart - a perfect scent to burn on a hot spring/summer afternoon

Island Waters
As you all know, I love me some fresh watery/oceany scents and I gotta say this is probably the best one of the all..despite it being a repacakage (Sunrise Lagoon from '11) It was watery with being salty or *eyeroll "cologne-y", sweet without smelling like candy and a tiny dash of floral without smelling a flowershop or old lady. It was just a perfect tropical watery scent for summer.

Black Sands
This was a strange one, people either really liked or hated, no in between. I loved it and my bf really loved it. Though there's no denying that it was kinduva strange blend - think Black Tie mixed with Euclyptus Mint and Rain.

Garden Party
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of floral scents..but I LOVED this one. Usually my go to scent for spring is, well, Spring but Spring can be (and was last year) super-duper strong. I do believe Garden Party may be replacing Spring as jam for springtime. It's a nice floral scent that won't attack your sinuses with (like Spring) a dash of juicy dewy green apple/pear. It's a very elegant scent to have for the season, it totally makes you feel like you're attending a garden party.

Beach Day
Y'all know I LOOOOVE me some "cologne-y" scents and this one is no exception. It's a nice crisp refreshing aqua type cologne scent, think something along the lines of Acqua di Gio or Cool waters...actually after smelling way too many colognes at Macy's, it deduced that it actually smelled like Lacostes. Anyhoo, this was nice fresh clean scent for the bathroom in the summer and honestly (besides Coastal Sun and Turquoise Waters) the only one in the Coastal Cool collection I liked.

Nectarine Green Tea
Finally, green tea scent and no one was more overjoyed than I. Now there were some who were a little leery of the green tea note but once they smelled, they changed their tune. It was such a soothing, relaxing and tranquil scent, just made me wanna start meditating or get a massage.

Peach Cilantro Twist
My second favorite scent in the Summer Sip collection. It was just perfection - sweet, a little tart, juicy, refreshing, vibrant! I could not and can not hype this scent enough. I'm not the biggest fan of peach scents but the addition of mango and especially cilantro made me fall head over heels in love with scent

Spiced Pumpkin Cider
I took the plunge going out of my comfort zone and tried pumpkin scents this past fall. All of them greatly disappointed except this bad boy. If it were not for the addition of apple cider and mandarin, I would've not even have bothered giving this scent any attention. This was the perfect fall scent and do hope that it keeps returning.

Autumn Nights
I am sticking to my guns here despite all of the naysaying, this was Autumn Day..period. No one can/will tell me otherwise. It was an updated version, more intense, more woodsy and more smoky. It totally made me think of being in front of the campfire in the woods on a cool...autumn night. Even though the burn was craptastic, I still enjoyed AN a lot and it has official become my bedroom scent of choice for fall..watch out Black Pepper Bergamot, you have a rival!

Ski Lodge
One of the few truly new scents this winter and I am in love. It's so complex which I love - woodsy without smelling like cologne (eyeroll), sweet without smelling candy/bakery-ish, smoky without smelling like a dirty chimney/fireplace. It's so elegant and sophisticated, especially compared to the other winter scents this year. It makes you feel like your sitting a classy hoity-toity winter ski resort.

Fresh Sparkling Snow
I've been paraying to the BBW goods to finally make a candle version of my favorite winter soap and pocketbac and they answered my prayers. I'll admit on my initial first sniff, I was a little disappointed - it was so fruity and melon-y, it came across too much as a summer scent. But it has grown on me and I'm grateful that it exists.

Pumpkin Gingerbread
Despite my intense hatred of pumpkin and bakery scents, I decided to give this SOB a try and I found myself really liking it. It was the perfect blend of Pumpkin (I still wanna know what pumpkin has to do with Christmas) and gingerbread. So much better than the original Frosted Gingerbread of the past. Sweet, warm, inviting and spicy without being intensely red-hot a la Cinnamon and Clove Buds/Cinnamon Frosting. It was a welcoming addition to the collection and made me appreciate bakery scents.

Be Daring
This was the ONLY scent in the entire Perfect Wish collection that I liked. Its very *eyeroll..."cologney". Its heavy, rich and sensual - woodsy yet vibrant with a hint of fruit and spice. Think Villa Bergamot mixed with Flannel (without that sap note) with a hint of Autumn Night. In my opinion, its a standout - not cutesy girly fruity candy bakery cupcakey bs, but rather a nice, thoughout sophisticated high end blend which is rare at BBW nowadays

So yeah those are my favorite new scents of 2014. I'm looking forward (and is a little leery) of what 2015 brings up scent-wise.

That said, y'all have a very happy and safe New Years!!!!!


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