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I wrote this post on the same night of the $8 candle sale but just forgot to post it

So I stepped in my fav store in NYC so not expecting to this collection but lo and behold there they were in all of their glittery glory. And when I tell y'all, folks (mainly girls) were goin on absolutely apeshit over these SOBs. I on the other hand was nonplussed; I've been by and large indifferent about them cuz none of them intrigued me scent-wise and it takes more than glitter to grab my attention...sometimes. Anyhoo, despite my indifference, I decided to give them all a sniff...

Live in Sunshine ~ Fresh Blossom - As I soon as I first saw the notes and the wax color, I knew exactly what it was going to be a repackage of. As soon as I sniffed it, I totally called it .... it's First Bloom. It's a very heady sweet almost body spray-like floral scent.

Sparkle Everyday ~ Confetti Cupcake - Yep, you guessed it...it's Frosted Cupcake! Actually it's more like Frosted Cupcake x10; it's soooo sickening diabetes inducingly sweet. The buttercream notes is killer; you get a noseful of straightup frosting. I'm sure this one is gonna have all y'all bakery sweetie lovers' coochies exploding.

Go with the Flow ~ Bergamot Waters -  It's similar to Turquoise Waters from the Coastal Cool collection - aka Sea Spray with a twist from '11. It's a watery/aqua ( cucumber/melon) scent with slight dewy floral kick  and citrus in the background.

Light up the Room ~ Green Apple Champagne - this seems to be the star of this collection; people have raving about this candle on Facebook. I liked it (cuz I do love apple scents) but honestly I wasn't impressed. It's basically Wasabi Apple from the fall without the wasabi. Its a green Jolly Rancher/ Sour Apple Pucker with an fizzy effervescence similar to Cranberry Pear Bellini.

Dance Til Dawn ~ Tropical Tango - this is another one that everyone has been losing their proverbial shit over. I wasn't a fan. If you liked Coconut Mango Cooler from the Summer Sips, then this will be right be right up your alley. It's essentially the bastard lovechild of Coconut Mango Cooler and Champagne Toast.

Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria - I had high hopes for this one as I love pomegranate but, not to my surprise, it's a repackage. Now a lot of people keep saying that it's Sundrenched Vineyard which was a repackage of Cranberry Woods....I personally don't think so. Unfortunately most of you didn't get to sniff this as it didn't go wide but it's basically Pomegranate Spritzer from Summer Sips. It's a sweet dark pomegranate scent with dark fruits (ie guava), a little lemon and a nose tickling effervescence

Be Daring ~ Spiced Saffron Redwood - ironic yet far from surprising - this is the ONLY candle from this collection I actually liked (and the only one I bought) and it's the only one E'RYBODY has been hatin' on for the same reason - it's "cologney". The hate on cologne scents drives me berserk! Anyway, yes this is...cologney. Yet its surprisingly sweet for a woodsy cologney scent. I smell something a bit fruity through I can't say it's cranberries as suggested in the notes. While I dont think this is a repackage (*faints), it does smell familiar. It's kinda like Villa Bergamot mixed with Flannel.

Dream Big ~ Lavender Clouds - E'RYBODY (myself including me) was praying their asses off that it would be a repackage of the rare and elusive failed test scent Lavender Marshmallow. Unfortunately it isnt (though it should've been). It was the only scent not in the store so I can't give you a proper sniff review. And I've reading conflicting reviews - some say it smells like a generic lavender detergent/fabric softner while other say it smells like Nighttime Tea and they get a " tea" note. *shrugs I dunno, I got nuthin...

All in all, this collection really pisses me off. For the most part, they're almost all repackages, blatant repackages. With the exception of Be Daring, this whole collection is just really unispired and boring and mainstream and safe. People are getting all seduced and beguiled by all the glitz and glitter and the sweetie lovers are creamin their panties that there are so many sweet and fruit scents and most dont seem to be even slightly perturbed by the blatant repackages but I'm not easily bamboozled. I like scents that are well thought out and complex and different. BBW is losing more and more of their edge and are afraid to be inventive lest they lose their new customers who don't know any better and the sweetie lovers who are happy with anything sweet/bakery/fruity. It takes more than glitter and repackaged sweet scents to get more on board. As a long time fan from the good ol Slatkin days, this collection is straight up insulting!


  1. I'm with you on this collection honestly. I liked the Dream Big candle but I didn't get one. It was the only one in the set I would have truly thought about buying. I've been less and less impressed with their candles these days. I got a Fresh Sparkling Snow the day of the $8 sale and don't get me started on the burn time. I burned it ONCE for about 5 hours and the candle was literally half gone, I kid you not. I noticed that when I burned a couple Coastal Cool candles over the summer and hoped it was a fluke ... NOT! B&BW needs to get it together with their candles already!


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