SHOP 'N' GO: $8 Candle Day Haul

So there I am at work, counting down the hours til it was time to go so I could get my shop on finally. And of course, the day went by so agonizingly slow. Finally it was that time and I ran like The Flash out the door, hopped on the subway and ran some more to the store. I got there and the joint was mob deep, packed like crazy! I didn't let this deter; I knew exactly what candles I wanted and found them all with ease. But oy vey, the lines were excruciatingly long. Luckily there were roaming SAs with awesome handy handheld portable debit/credit card machines. I did two transactions with two $10 off $30 coupons and as soon as the super sweet and patient (and pretty) SA girl finished my transactions, I ran out the door before it got anymore crowded.

So ladies and gents, this is what I bought....

  • 2 Ski Lodges
  • 1 Champagne Toast
  • 1 Winter
  • 2 Merry Mistletoes
  • 1 Gourmet Espresso
  • 1 Be Daring

Then later that same evening, my boyfriend came home with a nice candle haul. He bought...

  • 1 Fresh Balsam
  • 1 Tis the Season
  • 1 Sparkling Icicles
  • 1 Spiced Apple Toddy
  • 1 Fresh Sparkling Snow
  • 1 Wine Down
  • 1 Tropical Tango
  • 1 Be Daring
16 candles total. All in all, I think we both did pretty damn good. We both got all of the candles we wanted (well my bf wanted a Evergreen and a Gourmet Espresso but the store he went to didn't have them) and all in all we're both equally satisfied with our purchases!

Now enjoy my Winter Haul/$8 sale Youtube vid


  1. Yessss! Great haul boys! $10 candles in Canada, I picked up 2 x evergreen, 2 x ski lodge, 1 x cranberry woods, 1 x mint mocha bark, 1 x pumpkin gingerbread, & 1 x blackberry tea one with the purple wax. No fresh balsam to be had & I left topaz waters behind. I also bought some pocket bacs & used $10 off $30 & split my transactions ÷3. Sweet!! 😏

    The next day, it was soap deal day & I bought 17 x $3 = $51 - $20 off $50 coupon. Got some back ups of iced blackberry, & fss in foam & DC. Also Black Cherry Merlot, peach belini, winter, cocktails & confetti and carribean mistake- er- I mean escape! 😇😣😇 Just to name a few.

  2. OMG! I just bought that luminary today! I freaking love it!!

  3. Love adore love adore. In the great white north, known as Canada, I figure I can use it October thru March! Also got the green metal box lantern thing...I like it very much


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