CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Paris ~ Pink Champagne

Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: mid-February - mid-March

Description: Light up your holiday festivities with a sparkling blend of French Champagne grapes, nectarine and a pop of black currant inspired by the City of Light

So for Mardi Gras, I like to have juicy bubbly dark fruit based candle. I've played around with scents in the past - Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria, Sugarberry Spritzer and of course the classic Cranberry Pear Bellini..which oddly was missing this winter. I had absolutely no interest in CPB's replacement, Pomegranate Prosecco Punch but I didn't have any other options. I contemplated getting a CPB off Evilbay when lo and behind Paris made it's grand appearance in the Holiday edition Destination candles. It was kismet - it was a dark fruity alcoholic-ish scent so it was just what I was looking for. And it's a French themed candle and Mardi Gras (and New Orleans in general) has French roots so it worked. But by the time I made this realization, it had disappeared online and few stores near me had them anymore; luckily I found some in a store in NYC.

The performance has been aiight, nothin  to throw a parade over..get it?! *rimshot

The wicks were kinda puny yet the flames were still high. It kinda took awhile for the wax to pool out completely but once it did it was beautiful; this is a lovely candle to burn especially at night. The scent throw was kinda weak, medium at best.

And now the scent, which has been a matter of debate amongst candle connoisseurs. Some say it was straight CPB while others said it was Champagne Toast. I agree with both as I smelled both. Actually to me it smelled like a hodgepodge of every wine scent that's been on the market. I got a little bit of the orange and blackcurrant notes from Champagne Toast as the base notes. I was get dark sweet yet tart frosty pomegranate notes from Wine Down. And now the CPB aspects that people kept picking, I get it...mainly the pear. What I actually get is an old scent from 2013 called Bellini Cafe from the Italian Piazza collection; the notes were apple, berries and grapes...all of which I smell in Paris.

So Champagne Toast + Wine Down + Bellini Cafe = Paris

I can't make up my mind as to whether or not this blend is inventive or lazy. It's certainly not anything exciting or groundbreaking. Honestly, it's just aiight! If you missed out on this one, you're really not missing much!



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