NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Destinations '16 (and what I'd replace em with)

Ok sooo, I dunno about y'all but I am sick to damn death of Destination candles. This collection just gets lamer and lamer and as usual catering to the basics. As usual, I've thought of better more fitting options...

Brazil - this isn't going wide but still I think we can do better than friggin Mahogany Coconut

REPLACEMENT: Rainforest Sugarcane - this was kinda weird but still nice...and it just makes more sense. Brazil is none for their rainforests...hello the Amazon! And there were note blends that were very similar to Brazil's nation drink - the caiprinha

Hawaii ~ Oahu Coconut Sunset - I dunno why BBW is pushing this scent so hard. And why didn't they name this candle after a city instead of the whole country like the rest of the candles in this collection. Very silly and lazy.

REPLACEMENT: Pineapple Palm Grass - instead of catering to the basic bitches of America buy repackaging a bodycare based candle, release a candle that actually has something to do with with Hawaii. And I could be wrong but I feel like Hawaii is more known for pineapples than coconuts

Paris ~ Lavender Macaron - ok, applause to BBW for not repackaging Paris Daydream again! And I also applaud BBW for creating a new blend. And as good as this scent is, it is kinda basic and is only there to cater to the pink cutesy-cutesy girl-girl bakery lover

REPLACEMENT: Fleur de Provence - a scent that combines two famous/popular fragrance aromatherapy notes from France - lavender and just makes moer sense. Plus the scent didn't go wide when first came out in '14, bring it back and try again!

Amsterdam ~Spring Tulips - don't get me wrong, Flower Shop is the bomb! However we've seen this scent as Amsterdam 3 times already. And FS just doesn't really convey what this candle is trying to convey

REPLACEMENT: Pink Tulips - hello, the candle is talking about tulips...why not use the actual tulips candle?!

Tahiti - applause for BBW for not bringing back Passionflower cuz it's not all that. And the "new" scent is nice but nothing special

REPLACEMENT - Seaside Escape - come the eff on BBW, this scent is AMAZING!!! And we haven't seen since this bad boy in years..bring this sucker back!

Capri - now I do enjoy Freshwater and Seasalt/Sea to Santorini, but were starting to see it way too much. And it's already in the core line, it's not that good a scent to have twice

REPLACEMENT: Suntan - the Beachside repackage from the Nantucket collection last spring. A little old lady-ish but there's something so summery and beachy about it; makes me think of rich old heiress getting her tan on at her private beach resort

Istanbul - I am OVER Sensual Amber...period

REPLACEMENT: Morocco Market - I think this scent captures the mystique and exoticness of Istanbul way more than Sensual Amber

London Calling - I'm sure what I'm about to say will incur many people's wrath but...I am sooooo over LC, over it officially! It has been done to death. And it doesn't even smell like the proper tea a true Londoner would sip, it smells like ice tea...which is consider sacrilege across the pond!

REPLACEMENT: Boathouse Row - for some reason, this scent reminds me of London or more to the point, men in London - a proper gentlemen walking down Savile Row, a sexy bloke hanging at Picadilly Circus or even better, a hot guard standing outside Buckingham Palace

Aruba - Oceanside? Really? How original!

REPLACEMENT: Calypso Sun - one of many Slatkin classics that has not seen the light of day in years. It's tropical, it's fruity, it's juicy, it's refreshing..what more can you ask for?

Havana - so this is the only one I wouldn't change. But can this finally go wide now?! It's failed 3 times so far - once as the original Havana Heat then again as Ski Den and again as Leather &!

Can y'all bring some old Destination candles back? Bermuda Break...Emerald Isles...Sydney Harbor...South Beach Sun

Futhermore can we get some new more exotic (more ethnic) locales?!

Shanghai or Hong Kong -  Green Tea and White Pear, Lotus Flower, Orange Clove

Osaka or Kyoto - Nectarine Green Tea or Fresh Bamboo (no more Tokyo and no more "cherry blossoms")

New Delhi or Dubai - Mango Cilantro or Vanilla Chai

Jamaica - Tropical Spice or Paradise Daiquiri

Nairobi - Jungle Kiss or Verbena Waters

Cairo - Morocco Market or Vanilla Birchwood

Or instead of all of these international locales, can we have an American Destination collection? Places tourists would probably go to in spring summer...

New Orleans - Southern Magnolia

Houston - Tailgate...the old Tailgate

Miami - Sparkling Mojito

Malibu - Suntan/Poolside

Washington DC - Peony Petals

Seattle - Espresso Bar

St Louis - Vanilla Firewood

Chicago - Renew & Refresh


  1. Oh man, calypso sun.. Mandarin, peach, and mango. Sigh. Simple yet nice and effective (the way it used to be). I used my last scent portable a month ago from '11.


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