WALK 'N' SNIFF: White Barn Core/Ciao Italy

The bf and I decided to take a trip out to GSP to advatage of the 2/24 sale and to sniff/buy some new candles. They didn't have the Southern/80's wallpaper collection (oh well) or the Hawaiian collection (again, oh well) and Mediterranean Melon (once again, oh well) was the only scent missing from the Ciao Italy collection.

Ok, let's begin with the White Barn Core exclusives...

Black Pepper & Bergamot - omg..OMG...MY BAE IS BACK!!!! As elated as I am for its grand return, I must bear ever so slightly sad news....it's not exactly the same. The notes all smell the same
but there's something different. Perhaps BBW used different or cheaper oils for this version but just doesnt smell as robust and bright as the old version. However other than that, its pretty much the same scent that I know and love!

Spring - another amazing Slatkin era scent that I love that has made a grand entrance after an unexcusably long absence. But again, much like my bae, there's something different. Again, maybe its due to cheaper oils but it just doesn't have the same robustness and vibrancy. But other than that, it smells the same.

Golden Grapefruit - unfortunately this is not Pomelo Grapefruit but it's quite similar - think PG but without the mouthpuckering sourness and juiciness and added intense sweetness, like grapefruit flavored hard candy. And there's an added tartness that smells like lemon zest/lemon peel. I don't get blackcurrant at all. They really should've just brought back Pomelo Grapefruit cuz that's so much better.

Suncrisp Apple - straightup repackage of Farmstand Apple...such a waste!

Cashmere & Oak - so right off the bat, this is definitely a "mandle" and a very familiar smelling one. At first sniff I thought it was The Original...it definitely isn't. Then I thought maybe Be Daring... close but no cigar. What I think it might be as an unfamiliar mandle calles Alpine Suede based off of the men's signature body care. Unfortunately there was no candle of it but the bodycare was there and after sniffing it, I'm pretty sure that's what this scent is. It's a very wood heavy scent - some oak, some sandalwood, maybe some some cedar too. I also get hint of a vetiver. I also get some pine/pine needles this gives this scent a fresh alpiney vibe. All in all, its very similar to The Original but its much better. As much as I like this scent, I think its an odd choice for spring as it does seem more like a late fall/winter type scent.

And now for the new candles in the Ciao Italy collection...

Sand & Sea - this one is really strange! It has a cologney mandle type vibe but I can't say that I like it. It has an intense sage note which I usually like in home fragrance but not in this one. It's really sharp and does not mix with whatever other notes are in this. There's definitely some musk action and some earthy dirty notes and salt - on the whole it kinda smells like a man's musty sea salt encrusted swimming shorts covered in sand and kelp. It definitely lives up to its name!

Coconut Sandalwood - oh boy, what a waste of a scent this is! Why does this exist?! Tiki Beach is already in this collection, Mahogany Coconut is in other and then Coconut Leaves is yet another. And it's not like this is a kickass coconut scent cuz it ain't it, in fact this may be the worst one. First of all, there's more sandalwood than anything else and it just gives this scent ol lady perfumey vibe...and who likes sandalwood?! It almost smells like Vanilla Sandalwood but more perfumey. There's a Vanilla Coconut like coconut note that's surprisingly light but it doesn't mix well with that damn sandalwood. Think a super musky perfumey feminine version of Mahogany Coconut..which isn't as intriguing and pleasant as it may sound!

Indigo Sky - yep, so this is definitely Baltic Black Pearl from Intrigue & Opulence. It's an odd yet pleasant high end cologney scent, a little too high end for this collection. It has a vaguely oceanic vibe like Oceanside and Sea to Santorini. And there's an interesting mix of mandle type notes - sandalwood, vetiver, and black pepper. On top of that, there's an odd but pleasant powdery orange blossom note. And I usually loathe amber in home fragrance but I like it in this; the amber gives it a very sensual and exotic Eastern vibe. They should've kept the name "Black Pearl" cuz it's more fitting; Indigo Sky, not so much!

Seaside Citrus - time to throw some shade. So I've seen at least 4 or 5 different people review this scent and all of them said all kinds of things about it except the obvious... IT'S A FRIGGIN REPACKAGE!!! And it's not like it's a repackage of something ancient but something relative recent - SUNSHINE aka LEMON VERBENA!!! They even have the EXACT SAME NOTES!!! There's a  very slight difference - the citrusy tartness from the verbena is more prominent but other than that, its pretty much the same.

Sundrenched Mango - Ok so I sniffed this one at 2 different stores and there were definitely two different versions. One version is a repackage of last year's Guava Colada...why I don't know. The second (and decidedly better) version is a repackage of Barcelona ~ Mandarin & Mosaics aka Caribbean Salsa. It a juicy and sweet melange of fruit notes - mango, peach, orange, pineapple all sweetened with a hint of creamy vanilla.

These are what I wound up getting!

And please watch my Spring Haul video!


  1. It does seem that the notes on Spring and your babe are less distinguishable as previous blends. I can smell each individual note in my '13 blends but they are not as separate in the current state. I returned, a few weeks back, the sand and sea because it's really hard for me to get anything but sage and I was hoping that once the oils sat that it would open up slightly but to no avail. As always, I love to read your blogs and can't wait to read your walk n sniff on the wallpaper collection... Cuz it's gonna be funny.

    1. Right?! I'm glad I'm not the only one that picks up a difference

      Sand and Sea is not what's up, PU!

      I can't wait to read that wallpaper collection to filth!

    2. I feel like with the Spring candle they may have toned down the original scents maybe to make it more customer friendly? As was stated, it has the same notes,but just not as strong and not as distinguishable. I always loved the Spring candle, so I am excited for it's return, but I also noticed a slight difference that both of you noticed too!

    3. ohhh, I hadn't thought of that. You could be on to something there. Spring used to be quite potent back in the day and I ccan see a lot of newbies complaining that it's too strong

  2. Is there a way to purchase any of the whitebarn exclusive candles online? There isn't one anywhere near me and I would love to get my hands on a BP&B :(

    1. That's why i hate that there are exclusives because of folks like you who don't live near a WB. There was talk awhile back of an online store like BBW's but I guess that's night gonna happen

      Honestly you have only two options to get it - a) befriend someone in the BBW candle community and ask if they will sell and mail you one or b) look for it on Ebay but you'll end up paying full price

    2. They are missing out on an eager audience to sell to! The costs of creating a site and shipping will easily be funded and profited by the many folks who would love to purchase their candles... plus you'd single-handedly drive business their way with your detailed and passionate reviews (btw, I LOVE your blog... THANK YOU).

      (sorry, I had to rant)

      Ok... time to go make some friends with WBs ;-)

    3. no please, rant away! I absolutely agree with everything you said

  3. Indigo = ba!tic black pearl? Bbp is my jam! Love love love!

    1. Nope. *sniffles* I was burning bbp last few nights & iS burning now. Nothing even similar about them. BBP is smokey, dark, musky & Spice & masculine. iS feminine, sharp & bright screechy & citrus....


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