NEWNESS UPDATE: Hawaiian Candles

Oh great, we're getting more Hawaiian themed candles...yaaaaaayyyyy! *eyeroll

It looks like we're getting a trio of Hawaiian scents. The first group have really pretty tropical themed illustrations for the labels. Scent-wise it's half new scents (which seem to be inspired by soaps/bodycare) and half returning scents. New scents include...

Tiki Mango Mai Tai -Drink in a tropical blend of mango nectar, jasmine flower and sunkissed who wants to hula (I'm assuming this is inspired by the Maui Mango Mai Tai soap/pocketbac)

Golden Pineapple Luau - Enjoy the fragrance of an island sunset and a Maitai in a blend of Maui pineapple, tropical hibiscus and luscious papaya (this could be White Island Pineapple..or the Pineapple Palm Grass candle.. or even Pineapple Punch from back in the day. As long as it isn't Pineapple Mango, I'm good)

Waikiki Beach Coconut - Dream of a Hawaiian beach escape with the fragrance of fresh coconut, saltwater breeze and sunbleached woods (obviously based on the bodycare)

Fiji White Sands - Sail away to a South Seas paradise in a fragrance made from fresh cut sugarcane, white nectarine and sundrenched sandalwood (obviously based on the soap)

Returning scents Rainforest Gardenia, Honolulu Sun, Mahogany Coconut and Hawaiian Hibiscus

Then there's a group with colored decorated tumbler glass like last year's Thanksgiving candles. Nothing new in this collection - Sunset Beach, Black Sands, Ocean Driftwood, Honolulu Sun and Coconut Leaves.

Finally there's a group of candles with "ribbed for your pleasure" tumbler glasses..and SIGH, they're lidless. The new scents sound intriguing and high end but I'm sure they're all repackages of something

Island Hideaway - Slip away to your very own island hideaway with this exclusive blend of amber, rich vanilla and a hint of pear (I don't usually think of pear as tropical but hey, what do I know? Could this be Fresh Picked Pear? Or Brandied Pear? It could even be a return of Prickly Pear Sugarcane)

Blue Ocean Waves - Be inspired by breathtaking blue ocean waves captured in a sea spray, creamy sandalwood and fresh citrus breezes (Turquoise Waters all the way)

Vanilla Beach Flower - Stroll along the shore and breathe in the fragrance of vanilla flower petals, sheer coconut and soft beach musk (Tiki Beach? Meet me in Tahiti? Coconut Vanilla? Aloha Vanilla?)

Mango Shores - Discover beautiful new tropical shores with the scent of fresh mango, creamy coconut and Caribbean Island blossoms (if this isn't Mango Coconut Cooler, I'll be highly surprised. It would be amazing if this was a repackage of Mango Beachwood )

Returning scents include Ocean Driftwood, Coconut Leaves and Oahu Coconut Sunset)

I believe these will be later this month...but don't quite me on that though. And I have no earthly idea if this various candles are all coming out at once or separately. And I don't if any of these will be WB exclusives

Check out +Stephanie Marie (Stephan1eMar1e) for pictures


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