CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Frosted Cranberry

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  living room (candle) guest bathroom (wf bulb)
Time Period: mid-February mid-March

Description: The yer's first frost captured in a sparkling mix of white cranberry, juicy peach and red, ripe raspberries

Missing notes: vanilla, pink currant, apples, strawberries

This scent has been around for years (2009? 2010?) and I have always ignored it. I always wrote it off as a basic scent and could never see myself buying and burning it. I didn't think I could get into a cranberry scent that wasn't blended with pine or spice. Lately I've been trying to go outside the box and try scents that are always around but I always ignore thus I decided to give FC and try...and I gotta say I'm really glad I did!

The performance on this badboi has been STELLAR! UTTER PERFCTION! First of all it burns like a friggin dream - high stepping flames that melt that the wax into a gorgeous crimson pool. And by some kind of miracle, the wax has not been going down as drastically as candles usually do nowadays; it actually has been melting and hardening they way candles were before the burn time was shortened. This is how ALLLLLL of BBW's candles should burn. Throw-wise it's pretty strong; definitely not knock you out strong but it still does the trick. The wf bulb is SUPERB! So far, unlike most wf bulb lately, it hasn't lost any of it's potency.

And the scent...y'know, it's very easy to write this scent off as a standard run of the mill basic cranberry scent; I did for years! Having burned it, the blend is definitely more complex. The top note is obviously very tart cranberries. Underneath you get this juicy and luscious melange of dark berry notes - mainly currant and raspberry with the tiniest hint of strawberry. And lastly there's a splash of (white) peach and red apple rind. I don't get vanilla at all, I think that was just to get the bakery/sweetey lovers on board. I just smells like a frosty glass of Ocean Spray blended cranberry juice. And speaking of frosted, it definitely has an icy frosted feel to it and don't really know how BBW achieved this. Normally they just add mint/spearmint to make a scent seem chilly but I don't think that's in this...unless it's a faint bottom note.

So may be wondering why I haven't given this scent my "THIS IS THE BOMB.COM" title as I seem to be gushing over it. As much as I like this scent, I'm not in love with it and at the risk of sounding snobby, it's just not complex enough for me. However I am really enjoying it and I can see myself possibly repurchasing this in the future. That said, I do recommend this one; it's a perfect late winter scent when you're sick of the holiday scents but not ready to move on to floral or tropical fruit scents. It's a fruity blend that a) isn't obnoxiously cloying or candyish and b) still manages to have a wintery feel to it.  If like me you've ignored it, the next time you see it doat least give it a sniff. 


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